Chapter 3

Cate sat down and Kayla collapsed beside her. Cate put her head between her knees and tried to process what the man just told her. If what he said was true then her parents were not Trisha and Adam Morris, she was adopted. Her real parents were Four-Star-General Jack O'Neill and whatever-her-mother's-rank-was Samantha Carter-O'Neill. She vaguely remembered his promotion from when it had been broadcast on national television. It was out of pure summer boredom that she had watched it; he looked uncomfortable in the dress blues, she remembered. And something about them had seemed familiar; almost like she had seen them before. But who (and what the hell?!) was a Goa'uld?

TJ was puzzling over what he had just learned. He had said that Jaffa, (who/whatever those were) were not ordinary humans. 'Okay this means that if they're not humans then it is safe to assume that I'm not,' he rationalized. He glanced around to see that the others were in various stances. Claudia was sitting near him with Joe a few feet away and James was sitting near the door because he was on watch. For some reason there was little need for actual talking. His eyes shifted to where Cate and Ethan were sitting beside one another with Kayla nearby. Those two had naturally gravitated towards each other as though they had known each other forever. 'Like lovers,' He mused silently as James curled up next to him.

James was busy fighting the growing sense of panic that was getting bigger by the minute. According to the random dude he was the kid of two people from another galaxy. And if that wasn't crazy enough the others had parents who were well known scientists, one who wasn't actually human and the oldest girl's father was a Four-Star General!

He started to grin; this was actually pretty cool. Like a sci-fi movie.

Claudia could feel a headache growing. This was too much to comprehend at one time. Okay, checklist. One, aliens are real: check. Two: her "mother" was a host to an alien but was an ordinary human other than that and her father was from Earth, check. 'And suddenly life gets put into perspective,' she thought numbly.

Joe wasn't very surprised in all honesty. The strange guy's revelation just confirmed his suspicion; he was adopted. He was quite happy with his real name. "Zane John McKay," he whispered to himself, as if the sound of the name would soothe him. And it did.

Ethan sat down near Cate and Kayla feeling a slight headache coming. He focused on Kayla.

Apparently she was his little sister. And Ethan has now reached his limit of weirdness for the day.

"Someone's coming," James suddenly hissed.

The door opened again to reveal a young woman with short blonde hair. She opened the door a little wider.

"Come with me," she hissed.

Cate didn't hesitate to pick up and give the rest of them a 'well, come on' look. Ethan immediately protested.

"Are you insane?! We don't know if we can trust her!" He hissed.

"Does it look like we have any other options at the moment?" She snapped.

"Well no, but we could at least attempt to find out why else we're here." He tried to reason.

"Look I'm going with or without you." She retorted firmly.

"Fine." He muttered. "Come on guys."

They silently followed the woman until they reached a window.

Outside was an expanse of stars along with a few other ships of varying sizes.

"Holy Hannah," Cate breathed.

"That's an understatement," TJ whispered.

"Come on, the longer we stay here the better the chance we risk of discovery," she hissed, shocking the children out of their awe. They quietly skulked along the halls until they reached the cargo hold.

That's when the alarms started to blare.

"Aw crap," the woman swore as they sped up. They burst into what must have been a hold because there were more ships of medium and small sizes.

The young woman hurried over to one with them hot on her heels. She arranged the children in a semi-circle and hit a button.

A brilliant flash of light blinded them for a few seconds as the transport rings of an Al'kesh activated. Once their eyesight cleared up they took in their surroundings. It was very, golden, for a word. At the sound of the rings activating they scattered into hiding spots they found. But it was just the woman.

She led them into what appeared to be the main room with a control console and a massive window.

"Uhm, now what?" James asked nervously.

"You guys find something to brace yourselves against," she said as her hands flew along a keyboard type of thing.

"Uh, little difficult," Joe muttered to Kayla.

"No kidding," she muttered back as she gripped a protruding knob. Joe braced himself next to her by placing his hand behind hers and gripping tight. Cate was crouched under the window between two boxes, Ethan on her left, Claudia on her right, with TJ and James clinging to more knobs for dear life.

"Wonder what kind of speeds this thing can get up to?" James wondered out loud.

"Dude, this is so not the time for that!" TJ exclaimed.

"I'm just wondering!" James replied defensively.

"Fast. Very fast." The woman snapped.

"Cool," James said with large grin.

"You won't be saying that in a few minutes," she muttered under her breath.

TJ clutched his ledge tighter at her words. Cate gulped fear curdling in her stomach and welling up her throat when she realized that maybe they might not make it out of this as entirely as she hoped.