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Spain entered the hotel, usual bright eyes dull in light of recent events as he made his way to the elevator he breezed past the receptionist who greeted him with a cheery hello. The old nation pressed the button and waited for the lift as he thought. It was a horrible thing... Romano... his Romano... he had never been this silent before... He would even curse him in his sleep. The memory of it brought a bitter chuckle to his lips as the doors slid open for him; The Spanish nation slipped in as Russia walked out. The larger nation not smiling for once Spain noticed as the silvery doors cut the towering man from his sight. The man gently pressed the button for his floor, causing it to light up as the box he was in dinged brightly before moving up.

He just leaned against the wall, looking into his own dead eyes reflected back at him. Spain acknowledged he looked terrible but the once cheerful nation couldn't bring himself to care as he stepped out into his floor. He walked down the hallway, passing Austria's room and feeling his heart break as the restrained sobs drifted through the door. The entire world was mourning... He mused tiredly as he passed doors with glittering numbers on them until he reached the room he and Prussia shared. He turned the door knob, walking in as Prussia opened his suitcase.

"Hey amigo-" Spain said softly before he was consumed by the blast with an ear shattering cry that matched Prussia's. The entire hotel shook with explosion before the sounds of panic rose along with the shrill cry of fire alarms. Nations and humans alike were fleeing the building as it was slowly consumed by flames, the soft drizzle falling from the night sky as the wail of sirens pierced whatever peace the night still held.

Not too far away a dark shadow watched the turmoil with mad glee, insane laughter hidden by the sobs of those who had lost and the screams of those injured as well as the all consuming wail of sirens that signified tragedy. Oh it had gone too well... oh too well~! Everything was perfect so very perfect. Not-Italy's too wide grin was perfected with his all consuming red eyes that glowed with sick glee.

"Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep~! Dreaming about the things that you could be~!" He sung as the firefighters swarmed the building, desperate to save any survivors they could, "But baby I've been, I've been working hard~! So no more counting bodies I'll be counting souls~! Lately I've been, I've been, losing sleep~! Dreaming about all the deaths that I could see~! But Baby I've been, I've been killing hard, so no more counting your stars, no you'll be counting your scars~!" He giggled as he sang, watching as the fire was being put out and the injured and dead were pulled from the building.

"Everything that kills you... Makes me feel alive!" He sang with a sick laugh before he turned and danced down the stairs, humming to himself as he made his way to his own hotel a safe distance away. Eager to continue his campaign of death. Giggling as two utterly mangled bodied were pulled from the burnt building, one with white hair and the other with brown curls. Ohhh yes... it was all perfect. The possessed nation turned and vanished into the dark night.

The next meeting was silent. The nations had moved into a new hotel but the horrifying results of the night prior were horrible. So many had been lost... human and nation alike and thus none of them spoke. For none of them had the will, those who were too injured to attend the somber meeting were in the hospital with Romano. Nations such as Canada, Belarus, South Korea, Vietnam, Bolivia and a few more nations but no one was worried about them... because... they were still alive after all. Liechtenstein stared at her lap, tears falling down her bruised face and onto bandaged hands. It wasn't fair... it wasn't fair at all... How come she was alive when... Switzerland... A small whimper left her throat and she leaned against America who was currently holding Sealand on his lap.

Everyone was suffering so badly from the losses; Sweden was staring into space as his fingernails digging into the burns and cuts on his hands. Only able to think of the blast as it took his wife's life... he could only see over and over as the ceiling from the room above collapsed onto the small fin without warning... He ruined his hands trying to dig him out... His fingernails now were nothing compared to that burning... The horrible ripping from yesterday and he could only wish that it had been him instead of the Christmas loving nation.

Next to Sweden sat Russia who had long since hid his face in his hands, despite his reservations against his... weird sisters he did love them so... Now... Ukraine... well... with recent events it wasn't hard to know what had happened but... he... couldn't accept it... And Belarus was now in critical condition in the hospital... The cold nation knew what the doctors were really thinking... they didn't expect her to make the next few days with how much damage she had taken. The largest nation could only hope that her tenacity to wed him would pull her through this... Violet eyes rolled to the empty seat next to him... Nations were being murdered so fast... it was so hard to believe it even.

Japan's eyes were also locked onto the seat next to Russia, he couldn't believe it... China... he had raised him... even though Japan knew no one could live forever... China had always felt like a constant in his life... always... He had been so strong... so strong... Now Japan could feel everything crumbling faster than before. They were dying. The worldwide economy was dropping so very quickly, the world was panicked and their people were making accusations... Whatever peace the world was grasping for was quickly slipping out of reach because of this horrific entity. The old nation feared that whatever nations survived Not-Italy would perish in war.

Hours passed and no words were exchanged, nations just held those that were close to their hearts and grieved. Some sobbed and others were quiet in their weeping, Japan was soon locked in a tight grip from Hong Kong and Taiwan as the mourned their mutual brother. America held Sealand and Liechtenstein as well as a large Russian that came over after some time. It was a sight... the entire world or rather the remains of it coming together if just for comfort... Even Turkey and Greece put aside their differences to mourn Cyprus and Egypt, just hugging each other in silence for once. Meanwhile Germany was being held by his elder Austria who held the taller nation and tried to silently sooth the wounds left by Prussia's death.

Norway was held by Denmark who had saved him from the blast as he came to visit him in his destroyed room, the two were leaning against the tall Swede as they mourned the loss of another Nordic. But one could say that it wasn't an unproductive meeting for by the end of it every nation knew exactly what they wanted... Revenge. For the first time in possibly history they all felt truly united in a purpose despite the turmoil in their hearts and people, despite the angry protests that rocked the streets they were all one now... And they were going to get Italy back. No matter the cost they were finally ready to eradicate Not-Italy and Norway knew as he locked eyes with Romania as everyone filed out of the meeting room to rest, that they would manage it. Somehow.

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