Evil Queen – 2

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Chapter 2

Megamind and Minion watched in disbelief as Roxanne nearly ran from the shop. They were field testing their new portable disguise generators when they stumbled across her inside the coffee house near Evil Lair. They tried to walk out, but she called them over to be social, then she bolted.

"Did that meeting seem peculiar to you? And Sam? Really? Do I look like a 'Sam' to you?" Megamind asked his disguised friend once they saw Roxanne pull away from the store.

Minion grinned playfully and gave Megamind a quick glance up and down, "Let's see… Caucasian male, American accent… Why yes. You do currently look like a Sam." He then looked a little sheepish and continued, "I almost slipped and 'Sam' was the first S-name I thought of for cover."

"Good catch, I don't think she suspected anything," Megamind complimented then continued thoughtfully, "Why do you suppose Miss Ritchi was in the area?"

"Do you think she was looking for us, Sir?" Minion asked.

"It sure seemed that way. But why? We just kidnapped her a few days ago. Why would she need to talk to us now? Or at all? It's not like our meetings are mutually agreed upon." Megamind replied. He absently pulled Minion's pastry out of the bag set in front of him and took a bite.

"Do you think it has something to do with her missing work? You know she's usually tied up with the six o'clock broadcast right about now."

"Hmm… you may be on to something there. She wasn't on the news the last couple of nights either. I just assumed she took a few days off." Megamind furrowed his disguised brow in thought. "Go ahead and follow her. If anything looks amiss, grab her and bring her in. Let's see what she wants if she is indeed attempting to hunt us down."

"Yes, Sir," Minion agreed as they stood up to leave. They left the coffee shop and headed back to Evil Lair. Megamind would need to get things ready for Roxanne's visit while Minion went to collect her.


Minion got in the invisible car and shot a quick glance at his deactivated disguise generator. It was very neat and he could see how it would help them move around discretely, but it was still disconcerting to have a fleshy-looking body. Sir actually wanted him to attempt to eat in the disguise to test its spatial-compatibility properties. His theory was that if Minion ate something in the disguise it would somehow bypass his bowl and enter his mouth. That sounded a bit too science-fictiony to Minion and he was just sure it would make a mess instead.

He engaged the invisibility field and pulled out of the lair. Once he was out of the building, he activated the computer screen installed in the dash. He pushed a couple more buttons then flipped a switch. A rudimentary map of the city popped up on the screen with a blue dot that represented the invisible car and a red dot that was several streets away that represented tiny GPS tracker located under Miss Ritchi's vehicle. Several years ago now, he had spent over fourteen hours scouring the city for Miss Ritchi for a kidnapping. Come to find out, she had left town for a conference earlier that day. After that, they had installed tracking devices on Miss Ritchi's personal vehicle and on several of KMCP's news vans so they wouldn't lose that much time again. Minion maneuvered the car in her direction.

Eventually he spotted her car ahead of him and it was easy to trail her after that. About ten minutes later, he followed her into the parking lot of a mid-priced hotel located close to her apartment. He waited for Miss Ritchi to exit the car, but she didn't seem to be in a hurry. Shifting position slightly allowed him to see in her car window. She was resting her head against the steering wheel and then she lifted her head to look at the roof of her car. She reached up and wiped her eyes. Was she crying? Miss Ritchi doesn't cry.

Something was definitely 'amiss,' as Sir put it. He opened the glove box and pulled out the Knock-out Spray. He gave the can a little shake to mix up the ingredients. It rattled loudly reminding him it was almost empty; he'd have to remember to refill it before the next kidnapping.

Miss Ritchi exited her car after another face rub then turned and headed for the hotel. Oddly she didn't have any luggage with her. Now was probably the best time to grab her since she was all alone in the parking lot. In a well-practiced procedure he quickly pulled up next to her, rolled down the window, extended the aerosol can to her face and hit the nozzle. Unfortunately, nothing came out when she turned to look at him.

He frowned and shook the empty can again as her face brightened, "Minion! Stay there, I'm coming." He heard her feel around for the door handle on the back door. She quickly found it and slid into the back seat. "Am I glad to see you!" she said excitedly as she closed the door.

Minion turned around in his tank to face her, "Miss Ritchi!" he protested. "This is highly irregular!"

"Hey, not my fault your spray didn't work," she replied with a shrug. "So, I need to talk to Megamind. Can we relax the whole kidnapping protocol today and just make this a social visit? And that was fast! You've never picked me up twice in a week before."

"Uh…well," Minion stammered. "We…um…heard you were looking for us?"

She gave him a confused look, "How did you hear that? I didn't tell anyone."

"Y...you didn't? Um…well…I…" Minion felt cornered and attempted the spray again. Again nothing came out. Miss Ritchi swatted the can aside and smirked. "Oh, Sir is not gonna be happy about this. I can't take you back while you're aware of your surroundings, Miss Ritchi."

"Look, I'll close my eyes, ok? Now how did you know I wanted to talk to you two?" she asked again.

"Uh… Minion's Intuition?" Minion guessed at a good answer.

"Minion…" she drew it out in a playfully warning tone. Minion frowned a little harder as he tried to think of something.

"Are you sure you didn't mention something to someone. In passing?" Minion suggested.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I told a couple guys I was looking for some friends of mine, but I never mentioned names," she replied then seemed to look thoughtfully at his eyes. Minion recalled the one bug they hadn't worked out on the disguise generator and quickly turned back around to put the car in gear. He couldn't give away the disguise generator; he would never live it down.

"Come into the front seat, Miss Ritchi, so I can make sure you have a blindfold on," Minion told her while making sure he was driving away from the lair.

Miss Ritchi sighed, but got up and wiggled into the front seat. She took off her light jacket and draped it over her head then asked, "How's that?" Minion pulled over and checked that she couldn't see. She could probably make out shapes near her but she wouldn't be able to identify anything out the window. He made a couple adjustments to make sure then declared her good. He pulled out again and eventually turned the car in the general direction he wanted to head. He would have to take the super-scenic route to keep her turned around, but the gas tank was full so no problems there.

They sat in silence for a little while and he heard a couple sad sighs emanate from under the jacket. He eventually heard her sniff loudly. He couldn't help it and broke the silence, "Miss Ritchi, are you alright?" he unconsciously echoed his disguised self from earlier and gently placed a metallic hand over her fleshy one.

He saw the jacket move slightly back and forth as she shook her head. Then a small voice very unlike the Miss Ritchi he knew came out from underneath, "No, Minion, I'm not. I…I was fired a couple days ago, and…and…and no other station will even look at me. And th…then this afternoon, I was robbed," Miss Ritchi had gotten quieter while she was talking. "Oh, Minion…What am I gonna do?" she quietly asked and leaned her head over onto his furred shoulder and started silently crying.

In shock, he parked the car and patted her gently on the back. His mechanical body wasn't exactly built to comfort other people so he had to be extremely careful. He really didn't have experience with people crying. The last time Sir had cried was when he was six and upset about school-yard taunts. That's when he started pushing back instead of showing weakness. Minion gently removed the jacket from over her head since they weren't currently moving and he thought it would be more comforting to her without it.

"Shh…it'll be ok, Miss Ritchi. You'll see. It's just a minor setback. You'll get him next time!" Minion realized he slipped into old patterns then quickly tried to cover with something else, "I mean-" he stopped when he heard her snort a tiny laugh at that. He decided to roll with it to see if he could cheer her up and attempted to recall what he repeated to Sir when his plans didn't work out. "Don't worry, Sir, you were very impressive. Your next plan is sure to work. He was just lucky that the laser malfunctioned, Sir."

Miss Ritchi was softly laughing now and she pulled back from his shoulder smiling slightly but with tear-stains running down her face. "Thanks, Minion," she said quietly as she sat back down in her seat. She drew her legs up and put her arms around them. Occasionally, she'd bring a hand up to wipe her face.

"Are…are you ok, now, Miss Ritchi?" he asked a little nervously. "We can stop and get ice cream?" he offered. Upset women liked ice cream, right?

"Can we?" she asked while ignoring his first question.

"Of course, Miss Ritchi," he agreed. "What flavor do you prefer?"

"Cookies 'n Cream," she mumbled. "Thanks."

"No problem. I'll wait to stop until we get a little closer, ok? No need letting it get all melty," he informed her cheerfully. That was really only one reason though. The other was that way he could visit the corner store that Sir had cut a deal with. They had deals with a couple businesses near them, and a couple not quite so near, that they would frequent as themselves and not worry about the employees calling the cops. And in exchange, the stores were protected from the criminal element. The corner store he wanted to visit was also where Minion ordered all their groceries in the back-room. His shopping took more planning than the average person's, but he got what they wanted in the end.

Minion put the car in gear again and started driving. He decided not to make Miss Ritchi wear the modified blindfold until after he picked up her ice cream. Not that she was looking out the window anyway. She was just staring into space.

Finally, he arrived at the corner store. He parked and turned to Miss Ritchi, "No driving off while I'm inside," he warned her.

"Don't worry, Minion," she said dully and sighed. "I don't have anywhere to go."

Minion looked at her sadly and gave her a pat on the hand before leaving the car. He had made sure that he was the only customer on the premises. Just because they had a deal with the workers, didn't mean that the other customers would abide by it. He entered the store and waved to the clerk. Jose' was working today and was always friendly. Jose' waved back and hit the custom-made switch that turned off the surveillance system. Minion walked to the back to the ice cream box but then used his watch to call his charge.

"Sir? There's a problem," he said into the watch.

"A problem? What problem?" Sir's voice asked.

"Well, Sir… I ran out of spray so Miss Ritchi is conscious. She willingly came with me though and I have her blindfolded," or he will in a few minutes anyway, "She's very distraught, Sir. I think she should stay with us for a few days."

"What? No! Minion, are you nuts? We can't have her using her nosy reporter skills around Evil Lair!"

"Those skills won't really help her right now, Sir. I'm afraid I have to insist," Minion told him firmly with a slight wince. Normally the only thing Minion 'insisted' on was 'you need to eat now, Sir,' so he was hoping that would pull a little weight.

"Why won't those skills help? And what do you mean, insist, Minion?"

"Sir, I know you know what that means. We'll be there in a few minutes. I'm picking up ice cream, do you want any?" Minion talked around Sir. Otherwise he would be talking to his wrist all night long and never get anywhere.

"Rocky Road. And we'll talk about this when you get here," Sir warned.

"Of course, Sir," Minion said to mollify him. Once he talks with Miss Ritchi, Sir would see that he was right. Minion picked up a couple pints of each requested flavor and then one for himself. He also made a quick run of the store picking up some overnight items for Miss Ritchi to use, like a toothbrush and a hairbrush. After grabbing some toiletries for her, he picked up a couple magazines and some crosswords. He brought everything up to Jose' at the counter and checked out with the typical thirty percent hush money tip.

"Don't forget to turn the cameras back on, Jose'," Minion reminded him as he gathered up his bags. "Oh, and tell Fred that I'll have a grocery order in sometime before Friday."

"Ok, Minion, I'll tell him tonight. Hasta luego, amigo!" Jose' said as Minion left with a wave. Minion put his groceries in the back seat and then slid back into the driver's seat

"Ok, Miss Ritchi, I'm afraid you'll have to be blindfolded now," he told her gently. She just nodded and draped her jacket over her head again. He heard her sniff again and said, "Oh, please don't cry, Miss Ritchi. We're almost there." She didn't say anything, but he saw the jacket bob up and down. He put the car in gear and made his way to the Evil Lair.

/\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\

Roxanne was quiet on the way to the Evil Lair. She was trying to sort out her thoughts about what she wanted to say to Megamind. She had already lost it once in front of Minion and she didn't want to do it again. Although he was sweet; trying to make her laugh while comforting her. He had probably said all of those things at one time or another to Megamind. But it was hard keeping control after she cracked opened the floodgates.

Roxanne Ritchi, star reporter, does not cry. Roxanne Ritchi, frequent kidnap victim, does not cry. But apparently, Roxanne Ritchi, unemployed ex-reporter, does cry… on occasion… She took a cleansing breath and slowly let it out. She did this a couple times before she felt the car slow to a stop and heard the motor cut off.

"One moment, Miss Ritchi, I'll come around. No peeking just yet, ok?" came Minion's friendly voice just as she heard the driver's door open. She heard him talking to someone then the back door was opened and she heard rustling as he removed the plastic bags. "Put this bag in the freezer and these bags on the table. Got it?"

"BOWG, BOWG," she heard the brainbots acknowledge Minion and the back door shut. That sucks; she was kind of wanting the ice cream now. She felt the door beside her open and she uncurled herself from the seat to get out of the car.

"This way, Miss Ritchi," Minion said as he grasped her elbow and started leading her off somewhere with the jacket still over her head. It was a thousand times better than the bag though. She at least knew when she last washed the jacket. "Sir, we're back," she heard Minion call out to Megamind.

"In here, Minion," she heard Megamind reply from somewhere in front of them. She made sure to school her face into her normal poker-playing expression. Minion led her somewhere slightly to the left of where she thought she heard the voice, then came to a stop.

"You can have a seat here, Miss Ritchi. I'll be right back with Sir. Please don't wander off," Minion told her gently as he removed the jacket from her head. She was surprised to see she was standing in front of an overstuffed, black leather couch. And she was delighted to see a pint of Cookies 'n Cream ice cream in the grasp of a brainbot in front of her along with a plastic spoon on top. She gave Minion a small smile and gently grabbed the ice cream before she sat down. Minion left the room and she took that first cold, creamy bite.

The only bad thing about ice cream was that it had become an emotional food for her over the years. She never really wanted it unless she was upset, therefore if she was eating ice cream, she must be upset about something. It was a whole vicious cycle really. Before she could lose her composure again, she overheard voices from the next room and listened in.

"Where is she?" Megamind asked.

"I thought it would be better if we all talked in the sitting room, Sir," she heard Minion reply calmly.

"But I got this room all ready," Megamind protested.

"So is the sitting room, Sir. And unless we call Metro Man in the middle of our talk, there isn't any need for that," Minion said. So next door was a kidnapping room, huh?

"And how do you know we won't?" Megamind asked a little petulantly. Goodness, he could be such a child sometime.

"Just call it 'Minion's Intuition,' Sir. Now come on, let's not keep Miss Ritchi waiting," Minion said. Roxanne smirked briefly before eating some more of her ice cream.

"Ahh, Miss Ritchi, we meet again," Megamind said grandly as he entered the room.

"Hey, Megamind," she replied and was slightly surprised at how dull and flat her voice sounded to her ears. Apparently, he noticed it too because the showmanship instantly dropped a couple notches. He sat in a high-backed chair across from her and opened up a pint of ice cream that she had overlooked earlier.

"So, my dear Miss Ritchi, to what do we owe the pleasure?" Megamind asked.

This was what she came here for. She took a deep breath and said firmly, "Megamind, I'm calling in a favor."

"A favor, Miss Ritchi? May I ask why you think I owe you a favor?" Megamind asked.

"Because I've been your kidnapping victim for nearly ten years now without major complaint or filing charges, and as such, I think I deserve some perks. As in, if the city's supervillain has repeatedly claimed that I am his victim, then no one else should mess with me. Criminally, that is. Do you agree?" Roxanne asked.

"Yes, I see your point. I have stated many times that you are my exclusive victim," Megamind easily agreed with a satisfied smirk.

"Good. Because someone didn't listen and my apartment was robbed today. I demand satisfaction and all my stuff back," she stated.

"What?!" he stood up angrily, spilling the carton of ice cream to the floor. "Someone dared to cross me?"

"Oh, they dared all right," she egged him on. "My doorman said they posed as movers and had paperwork and everything, so you know they had to plan it." She saw him grind his teeth as his green eyes flashed with anger at being crossed. Aww, she knew he cared. About his ego if nothing else.

"Miss Ritchi, I have to ask," started Minion while Megamind seethed. "Why didn't you bring this up with Metro Man? Surely he's easier to contact than we are."

"Oh, no doubt," she agreed. "But I want satisfaction, not justice, if you catch my drift. For that, I thought I'd ask Metro City's resident criminal genius and master of all villainy. I guess if Megamind doesn't want to help then I could ask him, but I'd rather not. He's annoying." Oops. She didn't mean to say that out loud. Damn overactive emotions. Keep the tears in and the frustrations spill out. There is just no middle ground here!

Megamind barked out a startled laugh at her slip up and smirked at her, "I always knew you had good sense, Miss Ritchi. He is annoying, isn't he?"

"I just got fired. And robbed," she stated flatly, and trying to cover for her slip-up "everything is annoying right now. So, you gonna help me or not?"

"If you mean, 'am I going to hunt them down and use them as an example of why you shouldn't encroach on a supervillain's territory,' then yes. It's simply a matter of principle, you understand," Megamind told her with a sly smirk while waving his spoon to make the point.

"Thanks," she replied dully. She normally would have replied with a sarcastic comment which would have led to their form of witty banter, but she felt physically drained. Now that she had his agreement, all the energy that had been sustaining her vanished. She stared morosely into her half-empty pint of ice cream. When had she eaten that much?

She missed the surprised look that her lack of response caused on Megamind's face. And the look he and Minion exchanged.

Minion said quietly, "Miss Ritchi, you said you got fired? What happened? If you don't mind us asking."

Roxanne sighed and put the lid back on her ice cream container before she ate any more. "I don't even know," she replied quietly. "My boss is from New York and thinks he's some hot shot and we never really saw eye to eye." She spotted a brainbot hovering near her and passed her half-eaten carton to it. The brainbot grabbed it, made its strange little barking noise, and flew off. She gave it a little half-smile and then continued while still not looking at anything in particular, "He accused me of being in league with you to fake those kidnappings so I would have time to get my nails done. Said I had 'rampant absenteeism' and didn't dress professionally." She sighed again as she thought about her bomb-ruined clothing. "Bomb stains. I tried arguing, but that just made it worse."

"Fake!" Megmind said incredulously, "How could he possibly think that your vital role in my schemes is fake? It wouldn't be very eev-il if I scheduled kidnappings now would it?"

Roxanne shrugged, "He's just a slimeball that thinks he knows everything. He's only been in Metro City for a few months." She stood up, "Hey, thanks for agreeing to help with those robbers. I'm bushed though. Minion, can you take me back to the hotel?"

"Miss Ritchi, would you rather stay here for the night?" Minion asked her sympathetically. "I'm sure you'll find our security is much better than a deadbolt and a small chain-lock on the door."

Honestly, she did. But she felt that would be showing too much weakness in front of these two. She already asked for help and had an image she liked to maintain too, after all. "No thanks, Minion. I'll be alright," she lied.

"Well, at least stay for supper," Minion insisted. "It's high time I started on that anyway. Any allergies I should know about, Miss Ritchi?" he stood up and started heading for the door.

"Uh, no… no allergies…" she replied. She saw Minion bob in his version of a nod as he walked out the door. She raised both eyebrows and looked questioningly into Megamind's intense green eyes. She pointed her thumb in the direction Minion just went and asked, "Did Minion just strong-arm me into staying for supper? I… I didn't see that one coming."

Megamind shot a glare in Minion's direction then sighed and replied, "Quite so, Miss Ritchi. I think it's his mission in life to make sure everyone around him is well-fed."

She looked at his normal villain attire and thought of another question. And hopefully it would start a conversation that would keep her mind off her current troubles. "So, you always dress like that, huh? I figured it was only for the cameras or Metro Man. I thought by dropping in I'd catch you in something different."

"In point of fact, Miss Ritchi, I did send Minion after you, so I was aware of your pending arrival. If I do frequently attire myself differently, I would have had plenty of time to change," he replied. "Besides," he continued, "a villain must always be prepared to seize an opportunity or defend himself if the unexpected occurs."

"Oh, I see. Always be prepared," she nodded sagely and kept the smile from her face, "Just like the Girl Scouts."

"Yes," he agreed absently, "Just like the…GIRL SCOUTS?!" he shouted as he caught on. "Miss Ritchi!" he protested.

She half-smiled at his reaction before apologizing. No need to get him sulking and then the two of them start a pity party. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it," she replied.

"Although," he said thoughtfully with a slender finger resting on his chin, "you could argue that they are an evil organization. So, gender aside, I approve of the comparison."

She scoffed in disbelief, "What? Ok, how are the Girl Scouts an evil organization?"

"You mean besides the fact that they employ child labor to sell their cookies every year? And you know the money isn't going to the poor child that knocked on doors in shady neighborhoods. They also have regular meetings to plot their schemes. And they force conformity by awarding badges when the children do what they want them to do," he counted off smugly.

"You totally twisted that around to make it sound sinister. Don't think I don't recognize a spin put on something when I hear it, mister," she chided him. "You must have never had their cookies, or you wouldn't think they were evil."

A strange look quickly crossed Megamind's face before it vanished and he replied, "While it's true I haven't actually tasted any before, I still have valid points."

"Really?" Roxanne asked, slightly shocked. Then she remembered who she was talking to. "Oh, I guess you might have trouble getting some being the big bad villain and all. Remind me in February or March and I'll get you some Tagalongs." She smirked, "I'll be supporting one evil organization to help another. Since you share mottos and all."

"Since you put your own little spin on it, I'll take you up on the offer. Prepare to buy eev-il cookies at the start of the year." She saw him steeple his fingers in front of his chin and tilt his head so the shadows would make him look more ominous. It was probably an ingrained habit by now.

"Sure thing, Evil Overlord," she mocked lightly.

"My, I do like the sound of that," Megamind replied smoothly, ignoring her own mocking tone.

"How's that coming, anyway?" she asked curiously. She was also hoping he would spill something. Old habits die hard, after all.

He shook his finger at her, "Ah-ah, Miss Ritchi. Let's keep the business talk to our business meetings."

"Is that what you call them?" she asked drily. "Not exactly something that beefs up the ol' resume."

"Oh, oh!" Megamind exclaimed excitedly for some reason and leaned forward in his chair, "I can do this! It's like a word puzzle! Let's see… Oh, I know!" He started ticking items on his fingers, "Can keep calm under pressure, familiar with knots, has worked with exotic animals-"

"That were trying to eat me!" Roxanne protested.

"Spin, Miss Ritchi. It's all about spin," Megamind chided and then continued, "Oh! Not afraid of heights, will travel without prior notice-"

"That doesn't count when I'm being kidnapped!"

He studiously ignored her and continued counting on his leather-clad fingers, "Familiar with complex apparatuses. And I will reluctantly concede: good at problem-solving."

"Gee, thanks," she said drily.

"I would probably skip over the part about you being a terrible screamer if I were you."

"I'll do that," she shook her head and gave a little smirk at Megamind and his antics. She knew that hunting him down would do her some good. He currently had his face scrunched up in thought to give her another good resume item. She couldn't help but notice his brilliant green eyes seemed to be dancing with excitement, or possibly mischief, even as he was thinking. They were quite striking in an otherworldly way.

She realized that they had never had this relaxed of a conversation before and this was the first time she wasn't actually tied up in his presence. It was nice and surprising easy. It was almost like when she used to hang out with friends back in college. Before she could analyze that thought too closely, a couple brainbots floated in and got Megamind's attention.

"Ahh, it appears that Minion is ready for us," Megamind told her as he stood. As she stood up, he continued, "Shall we, Miss Ritchi?" and presented his elbow.

Figures. The first time in years anyone has acted chivalrous to her and it had to come from Megamind of all people. Oh, why the hell not? She paused only slightly, and then placed her hand in the crook of his elbow.

"What? No blindfold?" she asked as they started walking.

He cleared his throat a couple times which caused her to look over at him. To her surprise, the tips of his ears were a darker purple than she recalled and the cheek she could see was tinted purple as well, being a sharp contrast to his blue skin. He was blushing! Supervillains don't blush!

He interrupted her thoughts then by answering her question, "Uh, no. There aren't any secrets you can spoil from here to the dining room."

"Aww, shucks! Nothing to use my nosy reporter skills on?" she asked teasingly.

"Nope! This is a nosy reporter friendly area. Have a seat," Megamind replied as they entered a room.

Sure enough, they hadn't passed anything interesting. Unless you count the fact that she was actually seeing where he lived for the first time. Which she did. She had never really connected the thoughts of 'Megamind' and 'living spaces.' Like when she was younger and never thought about her teachers doing anything outside of the school. Why had she never thought about that before? That's a pretty big blind-spot for a reporter.

She took in the meager surroundings as she headed towards the small wooden table. The table and two of the chairs matched and a third chair had been rounded up from somewhere for her to use. She realized that it was her kidnapping chair. Of course… One of the matching chairs was heavily reinforced, so she supposed that was Minion's seat. She purposely walked past the reinforced chair and the kidnapping chair to sit in the other one. The walls in the room were bare except for a single flat-screen TV displaying Megamind's logo on a black background.

"Funny, I didn't take you for a minimalist, Megamind," she stated as he sat down next to her in the kidnapping chair. She felt a small surge of satisfaction at that.

Megamind opened his mouth to reply, but Minion entered the room and answered, "Oh, well we don't use this room much, Miss Ritchi. So I'm afraid it does have that bare bones feel to it." He was carrying a serving dish and was followed by a few Brainbots carrying dishes. The bots swarmed around him and set the table before Minion walked across the small room. He set the dish down on a potholder one of the bots set in the middle of the table. "Shrimp Alfredo," he presented with a small flourish.

"Thanks, Minion," Roxanne said as he dipped out some pasta for each of them. He gave her a toothy grin in reply and sat down in his reinforced chair. With a hint of amusement, she noticed that Megamind kept his gloves on while eating. They ate in silence that grew more and more awkward the longer no one said anything. None of them were used to their new dining partner. Roxanne just picked at her dinner and looked down at her plate. It was good; she just didn't have an appetite. Not to mention she just had that ice cream not too long ago. Eventually, she sighed and set her fork down, too drained to even move the pasta around on her plate.

"I'm sorry, Miss Ritchi! There's too much garlic isn't there? I was out of garlic powder and attempted to adjust the recipe and-" Minion started in a near panic before Roxanne interrupted.

"No! No, it's good. I'm just not hungry right now. Maybe next time?" she tried to placate the fish. Heh, next time. A kidnapping and a meal. That would shake things up. She looked up as she spoke and saw that Megamind's and Minion's plates were about empty. She glanced quickly in Minion's direction to see if she could see where he was putting the food. As far as she could tell, his dome was one solid piece. There went another missed opportunity.

"Oh, I see," Minion replied. "Finished, Sir?"

"Deviously delicious, as always, Minion," Megamind replied with his usual flair while waving a hand.

"Thank you, Sir. Why don't you and Miss Ritchi head to the viewing room. I'll just straighten up and be right there," Minion shooed them out of the sparse dining room as he started gathering up plates.

Roxanne blinked as she realized that she was calmly walking beside Megamind as they headed to another room. She narrowed her eyes as she thought about what was going on, "He's doing it again, isn't he?" she asked Megamind.

"Oh? And what's that, Miss Ritchi?" Megamind asked with a glint in his eye that Roxanne didn't recognize. On anyone else, she'd suspect playfulness.

"Minion!" she exclaimed and gestured back the way they came, "He's trying to get me to stay! I just bet that he 'dirtied every pot in the kitchen' and it's going to be a couple hours before we see him again. And then there'll be 'car trouble' or some-such that'll take him all night to repair. Next thing I know, I'm dozing on the couch and have stayed the night anyway!" she fumed as she realized she was being manipulated.

They entered the 'viewing room,' as she finished griping. Normal people would call it a living room, what with the seating and the televisions, even if there were five of them, but she had given up on 'normal' when she had attempted to track down these two particular villains. Megamind gestured at a black leather couch (of course) with a suspiciously convenient blue throw blanket folded across one of the arms and sat himself down in a high-backed arm chair. She glared at the throw as it just confirmed her suspicions and settled gingerly on the edge of the couch refusing to get comfortable.

"Now, now, Miss Ritchi," Megamind replied with a fake placating voice. "You've got it all wrong. We are merely biding our time until darkness has Metrocity firmly in its grip. Then we'll return to your apartment to see what we can find," his tone had turned more business-like and slightly colder as he talked. "And with that in mind, who all has had access to your apartment recently? It wouldn't do to unleash my might against your plumber. Unless of course, the plumber is the perper-traitor."

She snorted at the mental image that conjured up as she halfway noticed that he touched the side of his watch. "You're just covering for Minion. I recognize the little game." She frowned as she tried to recall who all had been in her apartment recently, and was disappointed in the short list. Which proved, once again(!), that she didn't have a social life. "The only people I can think of that have been in my apartment recently besides myself is Metro Man, and Hal, my cameraman. Oh, and I guess the two police officers that checked it out afterwards."

Megamind nodded with hands clasped, his index fingers steepled and resting against his lips. She noticed he was wearing a frown and his eyes were narrowed in thought. "Did you get the names of the police? And what's your cameraman's last name?"

"Hal Stewart. And I think the cops' names are on that paper they gave me. It's in my purse," she started to get up to fetch it, but Megamind raised a hand to stop her. He smirked as she settled back down then snapped his fingers. Immediately three brainbots dropped down from out of the darkness above them and were hovering near his head.

"You," he pointed imperiously at one of the floating mechanisms, "Fetch Miss Ritchi's purse from the car. Gently!" he shouted as it flew off to fulfill its task. "319," he pointed to another one, "my laptop and some paper. And 128! Fetch Minion. And tell him to bring some coffee, would you?" The last two brainbots gave a 'BOWG' sound, then rushed off to serve their creator. Megamind settled back a little smugly.

"Is that why you created those things?" Roxanne asked a little snidely, hoping to get back on normal footing, "To bring things to you that you could just as easily get up and get yourself?"

He kept that smirk on his face and replied smoothly, "Of course not, Miss Ritchi. I created them to bring terror into the hearts of the masses. This is just a benefit of having them around. And it keeps them from getting bored between my brilliant schemes."

"Getting bored?" Roxanne asked, puzzled. "How can a robot get bored? Wouldn't they have to have independent thought for that? What's it called? A.I.?"

"They are called 'brainbots,' Miss Ritchi," He said haughtily in a non-answer just as the first returned with her purse in its grip. "Ahh, here we go," he got the purse from the floating machine and handed it to her.

She warily took her purse from him and opened it to find the paper the police had given her earlier. She glanced at it, then handed it to him just as a brainbot brought his laptop. He quickly scanned the paper as he opened his computer.

"Oh, Lieutenant Murphy and Sergeant Brady! Excellent! I already have them on file," he said as he handed the paper back to her. "I wouldn't bother filing that if I were you. They won't really help get your stuff back, and it could cause complications with my own investigation." He began furiously typing something on his computer. A moment later, she heard a "BOWG! BOWG!" and saw a couple brainbots fly off, apparently on a mission. He closed the laptop with a satisfied smile, hit a button on the arm of his chair causing a television to switch on and said, "Now we wait."

AN: I wasn't aware that Girl Scout cookies had different names depending on what part of the country you live in. Fun Fact: In Michigan the cookies that I know as "Peanut Butter Patties" are called "Tagalongs."