Chapter 21

Megamind watched the screen, transfixed by watching Roxanne threaten the clerk and commanding the brainbots like she'd been doing it for years. He witnessed her running through the lair, like she said. Then her hiring her technical helper.

"Very sloppy kidnapping, Miss Ritchi. Would you like some pointers?" he asked her teasingly once he watched her escort her help to his computer room.

She pulled away from him a little, then lightly hit him in the shoulder. She laughed and said, "Shut up. It wasn't a kidnapping. Although, she didn't seem opposed to the idea when she momentarily thought I'd tricked her. I just hired her with stipulations."

"Stipulate-shions? Is that what we're calling it now?" he asked, still smiling at her. She grumbled good-naturedly and leaned back against him, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I think we hit it off. She wants to go out for drinks," she confessed and handed him a piece of paper.

He glanced at it, and that was indeed what it said. "What friends does she want you to bring?" he asked curiously.

"You and Minion. But I have a feeling that's a 'no.' At least until I get to know her better," she replied. "And I'd like to. I don't have many friends. My circle is pretty much you, Minion, and Wayne."

He hummed in response. She was not wrong about them not wanting to join them immediately. His entire life had made him weary of social interactions. Particularly with people he didn't know. Then he got distracted by watching Roxanne wade into the middle of eleven men and get the best of them to rescue Minion. Once the recording showed she was back in the car, he stopped the playback.

Roxanne nudged him and asked, "Ok, what'd I do wrong? I'm sure you have notes."

"Notes?" he asked in surprise. "Roxanne, you went up against eleven mostly armed men on your first solo outing and lived to tell about it! I don't have 'notes.' I'm impressed! And am currently planning several protective upgrades if you're going to continue to get guns drawn on you!" He lifted a suggestive eyebrow and said slyly, "And I particularly liked your parting comment-airy when you declared yourself the Evil Queen."

She blushed prettily and averted her eyes shyly. "Oh, stop," she muttered, obviously embarrassed.

He reached out, placed one hand over hers and used the other to gently tilt her chin back up until she was looking at him. "Never. You're incredible and I'll never get tired of telling you." He pulled her into a kiss which she enthusiastically returned. He pulled her closer and moaned happily when she rested a hand on the back of his head.

"Ugh, not this again," Minion's quiet, grumpy voice interrupted them.

They both pulled away from each other, looked down at him and exclaimed, "Minion!"

"Are you alright?" Roxanne asked quickly.

Minion smacked his lips momentarily like he was trying to work a taste out of his mouth and answered, "Better, I think. Sir, can you help me to my spare suit?"

He smiled at his groggy friend and said, "Of course, Minion. But then you power down for the night. You need rest." He gently picked up his sphere.

"That was the plan, Sir," Minion replied tiredly as they relocated to the aquarium room, where he kept his spare suit.

Roxanne walked with them and gently placed her hand on the sphere and asked, "Do you need anything, Minion?"

"Just rest, Ma'am. I'll be right as rain in the morning," he softly answered. She smiled gently down at him in response.

They entered the room with the spare suit and he turned to Roxanne. "Can you hold him while I get his suit ready?" he asked and held Minion's sphere out to her, in a gesture that he had never done before. And he didn't even pause to consider it. If that wasn't the universe telling him that she was the one he was supposed to be with, he didn't know what was.

"Of course," she said simply as she took the sphere from him. He gave her a soft smile and was internally melting over the love-filled look she gave him in return.

He quickly turned to the spare suit sitting on the ground and began prepping it for his henchfish. As it began circulating the water inside, he picked up a salinity measuring tool and approached Minion again to test the salinity of his sphere. It kept in tune with Minion, even when he wasn't residing inside it, so the water salinity was always the precise amount he needed when he was switching between cycles. A piece of technology from their home planet that he'd never been able to recreate using Earth tools. He tested the salinity of the sphere, then went to adjust the water in the suit to make it suitable. Add salt, circulate, test, and repeat until multiple tests came back with the same salinity number. The last thing he wanted to do was give Minion another shock to his system.

Finally, it was ready. He turned and motioned for Roxanne to bring Minion.

"Ok, Minion. Ready to transfer?" he asked his oldest friend. Minion bobbed an affirmative and he helped Roxanne lift the sphere over the open hatch on dome of his suit. Minion's ridge lit up and he swam from the sphere into his suit. Once he was out of the sphere, Megamind gently placed it on the nearby shelf for safe keeping.

Minion had his suit standing up by the time he turned back around. "Oh, it's nice to be mobile again," he commented as he wiggled his mechanical fingers.

Megamind smiled, once again glad he'd created mechanical suits over the years to give Minion mobility and some autonomy. He asked, "Is the water ok?"

"Very ok, Sir. I'll power down now. Goodnight, Sir. Goodnight, Ma'am," he told them as he brought up his castle from the interior of the suit. He squeezed in and let it all drop back down.

Roxanne leaned on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "He just wanted to get away from us mammals and our noisy mating rituals."

That was so unexpected that it startled a laugh out of him. "Roxanne!"

"I can still hear you, you know," Minion's voice echoed grumpily up out of the suit.

"Sorry, Minion," he apologized.

"We're leaving. Sleep well," Roxanne said and pulled his hand until he was following her out of the room.

Surprisingly, she led him to the kitchen. "I'm starved," she admitted as she dropped his hand and opened the fridge. "I don't know about you, but I only had a few crackers at lunch in between packing and I don't even know how long ago that was."

He answered absently, "Assuming you mean noon, then it was over fourteen hours and twenty minutes ago. And prison food isn't great, so if you're making something, I can eat."

"Well, it won't be Minion-quality, but I think I can do better than an unopened can of beans," she shot him a smile over her shoulder.

"Which I am obviously ok with, so whatever you make will be wonderful."



"And don't you forget it," she pulled some eggs and cheese from the fridge.

"How could I possibly? You're breathtaking," he told her dreamily.

She laughed disbelievingly and said, "Me? Have you taken a look at yourself recently?"

He plucked at the orange jumpsuit he hadn't changed out of yet and replied, "I hardly think this outfit does me any favors. Yours on the other hand… I can't stop watching you move."

She glanced down and winced. "Oh, right. I shouldn't be cooking in this." She looked over at him and smirked. She unclipped a couple buckles, pulled her arms out of the sleeves, and let the dress slip off of her and pool on the floor around her feet. She was left in the black, skin-tight undersuit that Minion had made for her. She stepped out of the dress, picked it up and handed it to him. "Go put this up for me?"

He took it from her absently and she dropped a kiss on his forehead.

"I'll be right back, my love," he told her as he stood, holding her villainess dress.

She smiled brightly at him and replied, "I'll be here."

A short while later and he was back in the kitchen, now in his black pajamas. She glanced at him and he felt a jolt of disappointment.

"W-what's the matter?" he asked worriedly. What did he do?

She huffed and shook her head before saying, "This bond… ok, so I was looking forward to peeling you like an orange out of that jumpsuit, so I'm a little disappointed that you beat me to it." She set a plate with scrambled eggs on it in front of him then one for the seat next to him before sitting down.

He smirked and said, "Then you really missed your chance. That's the longest I've stayed in that jumpsuit once I've arrived at Evil Lair in years. I usually have the brainbots get me changed as soon as I arrive."

"Hmm," she hummed thoughtfully. "Guess I'll just have to beat them to you next time."

They ate in silence for a moment before she set down her fork, looked over at him and said, "Megamind… I needed you today. Can… Is there any way we can use this bond thing so I can tell you I need you? Now. For emergencies? I know I must've been sending worry and frustration all day long."

"And that's why I came," he tried to reassure her. "I wasn't planning to break out until tomorrow."

"I know. But you still didn't get here until I was in a state of worry for hours! What if… what if Minion didn't have those hours to wait? What if next time I don't?" Roxanne said worriedly.

It-he did take a long time wondering what she was upset about. It was only when it hadn't lessened for hours that he suspected that something was wrong. And then he had to find the opportunity to escape. Despite what he usually claimed, he couldn't actually escape at any time.

A thought struck him and he said, "Use the knockout spray on yourself. I'll come." He'd be frantic and wanting to kill anyone who'd possibly hurt her or get in his way, but he'd come. He still vividly remembered when he couldn't feel her anymore.

"Really?" she asked with her head tilted in confusion. "Why the spray?"

"Roxanne, when Hal kidnapped you, he used the spray, yes?" She nodded and he continued, "When you went unconscious, I couldn't feel you." He tapped his head for emphases. "I knew something was wrong and had to find you."

"Oh! That's why you found me so fast. That was before we were even scheduled to meet, so you shouldn't have even known I was missing yet. And why I felt your panic when I was waking up."

"Yes, exactly."

"Oof, I bet that didn't feel great. Your Roxanne-sensor going silent like that. Ouch," she commented sympathetically.

He raised an eyebrow at her and said, "No, it did not. And Roxanne-sensor?"

"Oh, well if I have a Megamind-sensor, then it'd only make sense that you'd have a Roxanne-sensor," she explained. "Since we have this thing," she moved her fork back and forth between their heads to illustrate the 'thing' she meant.

He just laughed incredulously. "That's what you've been calling it? Not 'bond' or 'empathic link' or 'weird thing my alien boyfriend unknowingly did to me?' But 'Megamind-sensor.'"

Roxanne calmly took a bite of egg, shrugged, and said, "Yeah? So? That's what it is."

He just shook his head and said, "Have I ever mentioned that I admire your ability to take things in stride."

"Hmm, seems to me that 'ability' used to annoy the cape off of you," she teased with a smile.

He chuckled and said, "It did that too. Here I was spending weeks on the ideal death-trap to inspire awe and fear in you and when I finally revealed my terrifying creation, you'd point out that the paint didn't match! Utterly infuriating."

"Should've matched your paint better," she replied with a grin.

"Oh, so you could point out some other little flaw?"

"I had a list."

"No, you didn't."

"I notice lots of things."

"Nosy reporter."

"Dramatic supervillain."

"Unflappable damsel."

"Evil Overlord."



The kitchen was quickly vacated.

/\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ - /\/\ -

The next morning, Roxanne woke up and was a little disappointed to find that she was alone in the bed. Again. Megamind said he didn't need as much sleep as she did, so he must've slipped out of bed a little while ago. She sighed, and decided if she wanted morning cuddles, she'd have to get dressed and go find them elsewhere in the lair. Hopefully she'd throw him off whatever he was working on. That was always fun.

She got dressed quickly and headed towards Megamind. She found him in his workroom, installing a new dome on Minion's broken suit. She decided not to interrupt him. This was more important than morning cuddles. She leaned against the wall and waited until he was in a good spot to acknowledge her. Snuggums brought her coffee without her having to ask. She took it with a smile and gave his dome a pat, enjoying the electric sparks that collected at her fingertips on the other side of the glass dome.

"Morning, my love. Just give me a few more moments," Megamind said while attaching the dome to the suit and never turning towards her.

"Don't rush on my account. We don't need that leaking or anything," she replied back and took a sip of her coffee. She silently watched as her boyfriend continued to work.

"And that should do it," he stood back and wiped his hands on a rag. He turned to her and asked, "Did you sleep well, Temptress?"

"Always do when you're with me, Evil Overlord," she said with a lazy smile. The smile he returned to her was one of those special ones she'd only seen recently, and she melted just a little bit. "How's Minion?" she asked curiously. She knew he would've checked on their friend as soon as he was out of their bed.

"He's in good spirits, and is making breakfast, I think. I'm sure he'll be calling for us soon," he answered her.

She tilted her head as she had a thought and asked, "Hey. So, is there a kind of glass that you can use for the suit that won't break like the last one did? I don't want that to happen to Minion again."

Megamind sighed and said, "We looked into several types of 'unbreakable glass,' which are all poorly named. Because they can break. They are either too thick, discolor quickly, cause poor visibility for Minion, or are just not suitable for aquarium use." He paused thoughtfully then added, "But it has been some time since we looked into it. Perhaps it's time to research again, or see if I can make something myself that would be suitable. But I do have plans to increase the effectiveness of the kinetic dampening field on his suit and our wearable devices."

He turned and quickly wrote something down, then tossed the paper in the air. A brainbot swooped down and caught it, then attached it to one of the many red strings hanging down from the ceiling. She let her gaze drift over the hanging documents. She'd glanced at some of them in passing over the last few weeks. As far as she could tell, it was a combination of notes, formulas, and pictures.

She'd been trying to respect his privacy, but she had to ask, "So, what's all this?" She gestured to the hanging notes.

He gave her a confused look and asked, "What? My idea cloud?"

"I guess. What is it?" she asked again.

He kept giving her that look, and she continued to pick up confusion and some nervousness from him, then asked hesitantly, "Y-you can't see it?"

"I see a bunch of paper hanging from the ceiling. I just want to know why," she replied. Then thought that maybe that was one of his secrets that she promised she wouldn't pry out of him so she added hurriedly, "Unless you don't want me to know. I don't want to push."

He approached her and said, "No, no. It's fine. But, let's move this way some." He put an arm around her and guided her to a different spot on the floor. He gestured to the strings and asked, "Can you see it now?"

Puzzled, she looked at the papers again and just shook her head. There were just papers on strings. He pulled on her shoulders gently to get her to back up a couple steps, then she gasped. Standing in that one spot, all the hanging papers formed an image of Megamind's logo.

"Now?" he asked and she just nodded. She felt like this should give her some insight into how he thought, but to her it was mostly just chaos that only resolved itself if looked at a certain way.

She thought that he was expecting questions from her so she managed to come up with, "Does the idea cloud always look like that?"

He moved his hand in a so-so motion and admitted, "Ehh, it depends on what I'm working on. This is when I'm not working on anything in particular. If I'm concentrating on something major, it'll tend to take the shape of the end goal. Shows me what I'm working towards." He hesitated a moment, then asked, "Is that weird? It's weird, isn't it?"

She turned and put her arms around him and said, "If it works, then who cares? Nobody can tell you how you're supposed to organize your thoughts." He automatically put his arms around her in return but scoffed, obviously thinking about something from his past. "I'm serious," she chided. "Nobody can tell you how to organize your thoughts. And if they do, they're wrong. You're fine. Do whatever you need to."

He rested his chin on her shoulder and sighed. "Why are you so amazing?"

She smirked and answered, "I'm not really. You've just had years to get used to my annoyed side. That's what usually takes people by surprise and puts them off."

He chuckled, pulled out of their hug, and held her hand. "Come. Let's see how breakfast is coming." They started walking towards the kitchen and he said, "I'm aware it's not your usual style, but are you opposed to wearing a charm-type bracelet? I can fill the charms with small doses of knockout spray. That'll give you another weapon, and give you a dose to use on yourself if you need me. It'd only be enough to last for a minute or two, but that'd be time enough to get away or alert me if you need to."

She shrugged and said, "I'm not opposed to it. I just stopped wearing anything dangly that could get in the way of the ropes years ago. Like charm bracelets, earrings…" she sent him a sly look and added, "hair…"

"Oh, come now, Roxanne. You can't blame me for your professional haircut," he protested. "You cut it short before your internship was over."

She leaned into him and replied, "It was a significant point of consideration. Particularly after it got caught in Minion's elbow joint."

"We extracted you quickly from that predicament," he reminded her.

"And I made sure it wouldn't happen again," she said with a toss of her head. They entered the kitchen and saw Minion pulling something from the oven. "Morning, Minion. How're you feeling?"

"Oh, much better, Ma'am. Thanks for asking," he answered as he set a tray of muffins on the counter. "You two have a seat. I'm almost done."

They sat at the table then Roxanne turned to look at him and said, "Megamind? Let's go out today. We've been attempting to have the same date for a week now. The last date I went on was technically with Wayne."

He made a face then said, "Yes. Then I am definitely slacking in my boyfriendly duties. Where would you like to go?"

"Girlfriendly," she teased with a smile because of the Megan disguise that he ended up with at the mall when they stumbled upon Metro Man. "And it doesn't matter. As long as I'm with you," she continued.

He gave her a wry smile and said, "While I feel the same, we're still lacking a destination."

She shrugged and suggested, "We can just hop in my car and see where we end up?"

He laughed delightedly and said, "Make it up as we go along? Sure! Why break from our norm?"

She laughed lightly and said, "We have a norm? When was this?"

"Exactly!" he crowed with another laugh. When he stopped laughing so hard, he told her, "Oh, and I have a gift for you before we go." He still had to give her the glasses he made. There was plenty of evidence that she received the de-gun he designed for her.

She interrupted his thoughts by asking, "The de-gun? Minion gave it to me. I love it! Thank you so much for my very own ray gun!"

"Yes. I saw how much you enjoyed it last night. But that's not what I meant," he replied. Then remembered Minion probably didn't witness any of his own rescue since he was trapped in a sightless cooler. "Minion! You simply must get a chance to watch Roxanne's rescue of you. She took down eleven miscreants!"

"Eleven!" Minion echoed in a shocked tone of voice. "Ma'am! That was much too dangerous! You shouldn't have!" he scolded.

"Oh yes I should've!" she retorted. "I wasn't going to just sit around and wait for Megamind to break out of jail! I didn't know if you were hurt or not, and you were still kidnapped. You came after me, how could I do any less? And I know you don't agree with me about hiring Kim, but I needed the help!"

"Kim?" Minion blinked in surprise. "Who's Kim?"

That seemed throw Roxanne off as she sat back a little in surprise before saying, "What do you mean, who's Kim? She's the person I hired last night to help find you. You were upset that I let her near the computers."

"I was? I don't remember being upset," Minion commented as he slid a plate in front of both of them.

"In the car?" Roxanne prompted.

Minion shrugged and said, "Oh, I really don't think so, Ma'am. I was pretty disoriented until I woke up on the couch. I apologize if I gave you that impression though."

She sighed and put her head in her hand and said, "Not your fault, Minion. I was feeling guilty for having to bring someone into the lair and I guess I thought you was blaming me too." Megamind placed his hand over hers that was still on the table, hoping to show that there wasn't anything to feel guilty about. She turned her head slightly towards him and gave him a small smile in return.

Minion attempted to console her, "No worries, Ma'am. You did what you needed to do. But, seriously? Eleven?"

She shrugged and replied, "It didn't really matter how many guys were there. I wasn't going to just leave you there. And if I got in over my head, I currently have a hero that owes me favors in my pocket."

"Oh, do you now?" Megamind asked her slyly.

She rolled her eyes and retorted, "He'd better. Do you have any idea how many stuffy parties I had to sit through with him? If that alone isn't worth a few favors, I don't know what is."

They continued chatting throughout breakfast then Minion shooed them out so he could get started on chores. They both gathered their things for a day out, then Megamind led Roxanne to his workshop so he could give her the glasses before they left.

He picked up the small ribbon-wrapped box from where he left it days ago, then handed it to her. "This was to go along with your de-gun, but of course Metro Moron interfered with my plans."

"He still would've let you 'slip away,' if you would've let me ask him. He even said so," she chided while holding her gift with a soft smile.

He shrugged and answered, "Perhaps. But it was an opportune moment to handle some business in prison and it also extended the amount of time I have before he and Metrocity starts to suspect I'm 'up to something.' This way when we leave for vacation, nobody is particularly looking for me." He waved that all away and said, "But that's all handled now. Go ahead and open it!"

She smiled and opened the gift. "Glasses?" she asked as she gently lifted them out of the box.

"A-a prototype really," he admitted as he momentarily prevented her from trying them on. "They instantly lighten or darken according to the brightness, and I'm considering adding a heads-up display but we'll need to discuss what information you'd like readily available. But mainly…" He trailed off as he stepped back from her and turned the dial on his watch to his Megan disguise. Then motioned for her to put them on.

She put them on and then gasped as she caught sight of him. "Oh my god! Megamind! I see you! And Megan!"

He nonchalantly brushed some invisible dust off his sleeve and replied, "Yes, well. At the mall you seemed upset you couldn't see through my hologram."

She laughed brightly and said, "You still sound like Megan." She threw her arms around his shoulders and said excitedly, "Thank you!" before she gave him a quick kiss. She ran her hand down his arm and commented, "I can still feel the hologram."

"Yes. Well. I could only make them see through the illusion currently. It will take some more work to get them to ignore the hard light hologram completely. That's why you can see Megan over me," he explained.

She stepped back and continued to look at him thoughtfully. "No, don't," she finally said. "I'm afraid if I don't see something, then I'll forget you're in disguise and call you Megamind when I shouldn't. Oh!" she gasped as she remembered something and started digging in her purse. She pulled out the small wrapped gift she attempted to give him the night she broke up with Metro Man. She hesitated then held it out to him. She winced and said, "I'm afraid it's not very relevant anymore. I got you this before you asked me to move in."

He took the present from her curiously and tilted an eyebrow at her. She just shrugged helplessly. He opened it and pulled out a single key on a key ring.

She explained, "It's um, a key to my apartment. It was supposed to show that you're always welcome in my home and don't have to break in. But now that we're literally living together…"

He grabbed one of her hands, pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. She made a little squeak at the suddenness of it, but she quickly hooked her fingers into the belt-loops of his holographic pants and pulled him closer to her before snaking her arms around him. He pulled away and rested his forehead to hers, feeling their connection engage and still holding her close.

"You have no idea how much you've melted my cold, black heart, Temptress," he sent to her.

She replied back, "Oh, I think I have some idea. My Megamind-sensor still works, you know." She held his bare hand, pulled back with a warm smile, and tugged his arm to get him to follow her. "Come on, let's go out on the town."