Nobody's Blazblue

Chapter 1: Day 1, Awaking

Author's note: I do not own any of the Kingdom Hearts or Blazblue at all and only own this story and the OC'S characters enjoy!

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"What is a heart?"

"Is it something to be born with or to earn?"

"Can we live without it?"

"Can I still be the same person even without a heart?"

"Who am I?"

In a place of unknown, was boy who stood their looking at remaining pieces of a church that was being burn down. His eye show no emotion of what so ever and did nothing, only stand in place of where he at.

Then, a strange black swirl like oval shape door appears in a few feet in front of me. A person then step out of the strange black swirl and the black swirl disappears. This person was wear a coat with a hood, gloves, and knee-length boots with silver trimming and high concave indentations in the top, which had the same color, black. His face could not be seen since the hood cover it, but the boy saw in was a tan skin person and orange eyes, that was deciding what the boy was or who he was.

"You seek answers." spoke the mysterious person with a calmness and deep authority voice that shown no sigh of emotion of any type. No sadness, happiness, or any other sigh of emotion.

Then, the person wave one of his arm and golden letter appear around me, and then started to move around me and went faster.

"I could give you purpose!" as soon he said those the words, the golden words stop and said "XARAGN"

"Xaragn." Boy said as he looks up to the words.

"That right, the new you, now follow me, if u want to have a new life." said the stranger.

The boy, who now name Xaragn follows him, to a hill near the burning church, to a cave near a lake. The stranger went into the cave as well as the boy and keeps walking till we reach a dead in. He wave one of his arm again, to form the strange black swirl like oval shape door appear again in front of use.

"Enter now." and as soon as the person said that, he went into the black swirl.

Xaragn decides to follow to the strange portal, unaware of role he plays into the world.

End of theme

Coolcarxyz1: Well, that end that first chapter of the story, and it went will than I-

* Xaragn barge into my office*

Xaragn: YOU!

Coolcarxyz1:* went pale* How did u get in here!

Xaragn: You and I are going to have a little chat!

Coolcarxyz1: See u again in the next chapter, if I can survive what going to happen to that is!