PersonaQeminod1: Hello, it me again and would like to talk about my earlier update and post. For those who read about it, I have talked about doing one-shot crossover story that if it get enough people to like it and request to continue it, I would make it to a series till people either you get tried of it or I ran out of idea to work with. For those who did, then your read my update, for those who haven't then go back and read, since it important. I'll give you a second... are you done? Good, now moving on. I have now change and improve my story line up, the rules are still the same, which I would put up to remind all of you.* Open a set of red curtains and as glass window with a paper inside*


1) It must be a crossover of a TV, Video Games, or Anime/Manga. I don't know if I'm able to pull of any Cartoons yet.

2) I must have at least read a few books on Manga in order to do a crossover of a specific crossover. It's dumb to do a crossover of something I never read or heard of.

3) I must at least seen a few episode of the Anime since like I said before in number 2, it dumb to do something I never done before.

4) I must either see a let play, played the game, or series of a game in order to do crossover of a Video Game. Video Game has so much secret that it best for me to find those secrets by watching someone on YouTube doing it, experience it. That also mean any sort of rumor of new Video Game are NOT ALLOW TILL THEY ARE RELEASE INTO THE PUBLIC AND I HAVE EITHER PLAYED IT OR EXPERIENCE IT.

5) In not question of what I'll say from this, NO POWER RANGER! I can instead TV shows like Arrow, the Flash. Doctor Who, and Kamen Rider. I will allow Super Sentia instead.

6) Do not count that I'll do a Lemon on any of this story, not because of the rating, but I'm not good at do any. Sorry.

PersonaQeminod1: Their been a few changes and some include how I did the list and my update on my statues of the mange I read, anime watch, and game I played/watched. Some of the original ones I listed have been cross out though.* Points behind me*

Fairy Tails (Alvarez Empire Arc)

High school DXD (Excalibur Arc)

Persona (4/Golden or Q)

Megaman (Star force 1, 2, and 3)

God Eater Burst (1)

Soul Eater (Series of magna finished)

Kamen Rider (OOO, Drive, Decade, Ghost, Fourze, Den-O)

Bayonetta (1 and 2)

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V (Season 2)

Yu-Gi-Oh GX (Entire series finished)

Tokyo Ghoul (Manga complete and Re)

PersonaQemniod1: If your wonder why no Naruto, it simple. TOO MANY PEOPLE DO THAT AND FREAKING USE NARUTO ON EVERYONE SINGLE CROSSOVER! AT LEAST MAKE SOME WITH THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE WITH NARUTO, LIKE ONE WITH SAI, SASUKE, OR EVEN ROCK LEE!1 BUT NOOO! IT ALWAYS NARUTO AND I'M GETTING SICK OF CROSSOVER WITH NARUTO BEING THE FREAKING MAIN CHARACTER AND TURING HIS WHO HISTORY OR POWER TO OVER POWER TO THE POINT PEOPLE LEAVE A SMALL DESCRIPTION THAT SAY 'OVER POWER' OR 'GOD-LIKE'! I CAN'T STAND IT! ... Sorry their, lost myself their. I might have went too ahead of myself, but seriously, can it kill to make some more crossover with no Naruto as the main character, not because he be use too many times... it that I don't like how even in the most serious battle where one false mistake can kill everyone, he freak screw of and do another transformation Justus that he use in the first episode that got everyone to clarified that he a pervert.

? So you have pervert character as the main character? * Behind PersonaQemninod1 was Xaragn*

PersonaQeminod1: Only if they do it so many time, like the main Character of High school DXD, I can be okay with a character that has bad luck and end up see things that he shouldn't since it not his fault that happen. Putting that aside, the last news is that I'm putting Nobody's Blazblue and Mark of NOL on hold for a bit.

? What! * Behind PersonaQemniod1 was the entire cause of the story he done so far*

Xaragn: What the meaning of this!

Vura: Me agree with Nice Guy! Vura not have no Vura time!

PersonaQeminod1: I can explain, due to how close the new Kingdom Hearts Chi and 3 coming out and the many rumors of when it coming out, I been thing if this well cause any change to my story, and to add more salt to the wounds, a new Blazblue Game been announce with new character, meaning more thing to be added into the story.

Jin: Basically... your original idea won't work anymore?

PersonaQeminod1: Yup. In short, till either Kingdom Hearts 3 come out or the new Blazblue game come out, this story well be in hold for a while and that why I decide to ask people one their opinions on this list I created for future crossover story.

Nu-13: But that not fair! I haven't been in the story yet!

PersonaQeminod1: Okay, how about this, I do one more chapter before the end of the year for both story and then it an official halt for this story progress, happy?

Nu-13: ... can I be in the story?

PersonaQeminod1: N- * dozen of float sword appear near my hear* -ow that an easy task to do, just give a moment to find a way to do so.

Nu-13: Ya! * leave the room*

Tager: You just let her threaten you?

PersonaQeminod1: Would you mess with a yandere?

Hakuman: He got a point.

Ranga: Ya and some of us had that the hard way...

Noel: Now what?

PersonaQeminod1: Leave and do what we usually do in our regular days. See you guys next time.

Sorry, but it seem like I might have made a mistake and didn't realize the date on when the chapter was suppose to happen, I hope no one hate me for it and I would have fix it sooner, but I have a life beside this, sorry and I hope this doesn't cause any sort of problems.