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Jade POV I'm on my closet searching for comfortable clothes that I should wear for today, For school I don't like the idea of going to school but I have to or else i won't get my trust fund from my parents, Jade thought.

I looked inside my second closet and got my red pumps and my blue dress on... Even though If I don't want to go there, I still want to make a good impression there. Just after I got into my car, I heard my phone ring. "Hey Cat, what's up?" Jade said.

Cat my bestfriend, I love her, I treat her like my sister, but sometimes she can get pretty annoying.

"Hi Jadey! Where are you? I'm at school, are you on your way? I'm waiting for you!"Cat told me. "Don't worry" I told her calmly.

"I'm on my way, I'm only a block away, see you." and then I hung up. I finally parked my car. 'it's kinda cool here' I thought. then I felt someone hugging me, I turned around to see Cat. I hugged her back.

"Yay! Jadey! we're going to school together! I can't wait for you to meet my friends!" Cat said. "they're waiting for you inside! I alrady told them about you!Did you miss me?" Hugging me tightly.

"Yes Cat, I missed you. Now stop hugging me, I can't breathe" I told her then she released me.


I'm waiting outside the school for Jade. I missed her so much she's my one and only true bestfriend. I looked around and then I heard an engine reving. I knew that's Jade's car because I knew her type of car. Sportsy type.

I rushed to the parking lot and went to Jade. She's wearing her red pumps and her blue dress. I realized that that's the dress I made for her last summer when I went to her birthday in New York.

I jumped in excitement and hugged her tight. She smells so great. I love Jadey's perfume. I feel her hugging me back. I smiled to that.

Then we talked a little while, then finally entered the building. I can tell that she's a little shocked. We went to my locker and saw my friends standing there not seeing us enter the school. I grabbed Jadey's hand and walked towards my locker. "Hey cat?" Jadey said.

"yeah?" I said. "Can you show me the restroom? I need to wash my hand, I think I touched your cupcake." She told me. "Sure! That's the bathroom!" I said while pionting her the way. " I'll wait for you in my locker" I informed her. "Okay, thanks." Jade replyed.

When Jade got inside the restroom, I ran to my locker where my other friends are.

"What's up little red?" Andre told me. "I thought you were going to bring your friend to meet us?" Robbie said. "Yeah! What's her name again? Jade?" Rex, Robbie's little mean puppet.

"She's coming, she just went to the restroom to wash her hands" I told them.

They just nodded. Tori on the other hand, searched for Jade, even if she doesn't know what Jade looked like.

"Ummm guys? When Jadey gets here please be gentle to her. She's sensitive, and her father is kinda strict she doesn't want Jade getting 'Physically Hurt'. her dad would freak out if Jade gets a scratch" I told them honestly.

"Okay Cat" Robbie, Tori, Andre and Beck said. "Physically hurt? Is she some kind of spoiled brat? Coz it sounds like she is." Rex said.

"No Rex, she's just being protected by her parents coz jade's family is really really wealthy. She's not used to getting hurt" I told him. Then I heard Jade's heels getting closer.

I turned around to see Jade looking at her phone while walking towards us...

Tori POV

Cat turned around to see her friend Jade. So I looked too. I can tell that she has an extreme sense of style. I walked beside cat to see her more. She's really beautiful, her skin is so white, her lips doesn't have any lipstick or gloss on but it looked really pretty. Her hair is so long, but just above her waist.

I thought to myself ' I wish she's nice' then she stopped in front of Cat so that means that she's close to me.

Robbie POV

Once Cat's friend stopped in front of her, she looked at us. I turned to look at the gang to find them staring at Jade.

Then I turned to look at Jade. Then Cat spoke, "Jadey! These are my friends, Tori, Andre, Beck and Robbie" pointing at us. Jade just smiled at us.

"Hey! Why didn't you introduced me?!" An angry Rex said.

" Because you're not my friend!" Cat spatted. I smiled at Cat and then glared at Rex.

Jade POV

"Umm, Cat are you alright?" I looked at cat, who seemed really pissed of with this puppet. She turned to me and brought her smile back to her face. I felt relieved.

"Yes Jadey! I'm sorry about that! heheh!"She told me.

"So..." Tori started and I looked at her. "Jade? Right? Welcome to Hollywood Arts!" She smiled and I smiled back. "Thanks" I replyed.

"Yeah Welcome to Hollywood Arts Jade, I'm Andre!" A guy with a keyboard on his hands told me. I nodded at him.

"Can we see your schedule? I'm Beck by the way!" A tan guy with amazingly fluffy hair told me. "Sure! here you go" I said getting the paper out of my purse. He took it and looked at it, and said "Great! You have 4 classes same with Cat,Tori and Robbie, 3 with Andre and all with me" He chuckled.

And Then the bell rang.

"We have to get to class, coming Jade?" Robbie asked me. I nodded and followed them having Cat beside me.

We entered a room who looked liked an Acting Class, I sat between Cat and Tori, while the boys sat on the back. I heard the door open and saw a man holding a coconut. And as he said, "Good Morning Class! I bet we have a new student here!" I smiled at him for return.

"New student! Mind getting here in the stage to introduce yourself?" He said. I walked up the stage and looked at Cat smiling at me. I smiled back.

"My name is Jade West I'm sixteen, I lived in New York for a couple of years then went here, because my father told me so. I sing, act, dance, write plays and directs" I told them.

The teacher clapped his hands for me, and then followed by the others. "Well everyone! I think we have some celebrity here at Hollywood Arts!" He spatted. I looked at him, confused.

Then he said, "I'm Erwin Sikowits, but you can call me Sikowits! I've seen your plays before Jade when I was on broadway, and also, I think I saw you twice on a billboard cover last month. Was that you?"

Cat stood up. "That was Jade! She models for big companies! Right Jade?" Cat said. I just nodded.

Then went to take a sit and listened to the teacher.

We finished all of our classes. And then I headed outside to see Cat standing with our friends. I walked towards them as I took my car keys out.

"Jade? Can I sleep in your house? My parents called me and said that they have to go with my brother to Idaho for his special treatment" Cat said touching my arm.

I looked at her, she seemed pretty sad. "Okay, we can have a sleep over at my house" I told her then she hugged me at her excitement.

Then I looked at the rest of the gang and said, "Do you guys wanna come to our sleep over?" They were suprised I can tell, but they all agreed to it.

Then they escorted me to my car when Robbie said, "This is your car Jade?" Looking at me with bewildered eyes. I nodded.

"You have a pretty sweet ride!" he told me.

Beck POV

I can't stop looking at Jade. She's laughing at Robbie's reaction with her car. When she looked at me we made eye contact. I grinned at her and I swear she blushed. And then I hopped in on my car.

"Beck?" Jade called.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Are you coming to the sleep over?" She asked me.

"Yeah Sure" I told her. "Okay, I'll text you my address!" She said to me. I just nodded.

'Man!I can't wait to get to the sleep over!' I thought.

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