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Jade POV

We're arrived at school. Still no sign of mom. Oh well, at least we're early. Beck parked the car next to Shane's, well actually it's my car, I just let my brother borrow it for a while. We sat down at our usual table, waiting for the others to arrive.

A few minutes later, Andre and Tori and her sister, Trina came.

"Hey guys! Good morning" Tori greeted us, with a bright smile on her face. Suddenly her look changed when she saw Shane and Mandy beside me. While Andre and Trina followed her. Trina's face lit up when she saw Shane.

"Hey" I greeted. Beck waved at them.

"So, Jade, who's your friend?" Tori asked looking at Shane with a wierd look.

"Guys, this is my brother, Shane and my bestfriend Mandy" I told them. Andre smile at them, so did the Vega sisters.

"I'm Andre Harris, pleased to meet you Shane, Mandy" Andre said, holding out his hand for Shane, and Mandy. They gladly took it.

"I'm Tori Vega and this is my sister Trina" Tori said waving at them.

"Hey! I know how to introduce myself!" Trina piped up. Looking pissed at Tori, then turned to look at Shane, her face suddenly softens. Trina held out her hand for Shane.

"I'm Trina Vega, singer, actor, dancer... Nice to meet you Shane" Trina said, her voice trying to sound sexy, but failed.

I chuckled a little bit. Beck stiffened a laugh too. Then Cat and Robbie came up.

"Hi everyone! How's every- Oh my Gosh! Mandy!" Cat said,running towards Mandy then hugged her tight. Cat turned to look at me.

"Jade! Oh my gosh! Mandy's here! She's here!" Cat said, happiness filled her voice.

"What's up my peeps?" Robbie said, with Rex... "Oh my! People!" Robbie said when he saw my brother and Mandy.

I shook my head at Robbie because he's so weird. I introduced them to Robbie, they already know Cat.

A few minutes later. My mom came with a bunch of people behind her.

Beck POV

Jade's mom came. With lots of people. Jade walked towards her mom, and I followed her.

"Hi mom!" Jade and Shane called in unison. Jade's mom looks like Jade. Long hair, pale white skin, blue-green eyes. She hugged her children then talked.

"Oh, Jade, Shane... You both look wonderful" Jade's mom said, and looked at me. "Well, who is this handsome young boy beside you Jade?" She asked, smiling.

Jade looked at me then smiled before answering her mother's question.

"Mom, this is Beck, my boyfriend" Jade said, hugging me. I kissed her head.

"Oh, well, Beck, glad to meet you, I'm Veronica, Jade's mom" Her mom said. Smiling at us widely. Then she hugged us both, then released us.

"Well, I think all of your friends are here. Let's start the shoot!" Veronica said and walked away. Then suddenly, a guy in a black suit came towards us. He has dirty blonde hair, quite tall, and looks like he might be a live version of a ken doll.

He stop right in front of us, then smiled. Then he turned to look at Jade, then hugged her. Then immediately released her.

"Hey Jade, did you miss me?" He said. I looked at Jade, who looked shocked.

"No Brett, because I don't care about you, you bastard" Jade hissed. Brett? The Brett Sampson? Jade's Ex?

"Now, now Jade... Don't need to be rude. I missed you babe" Brett said. Smirking at Jade. I pulled Jade closer to me. Brett's smirk faded. When he saw me pulling his ex-girlfriend, which is now MY girlfriend.

"Ummm, Jade, darling, who's this?" Brett asked. Glaring at me. Hah! Take that Brett! Jade smiled widely, hugging me closer.

"Brett, this is Beck" Jade said. What? She didn't introduced me as her boyfriend. That surprised me. Brett's face softens.

"Ohh, so that means, you-" Brett didn't finish his sentence when he saw Jade lean closer to me. Then kissed me, passionately. Then pull back, smirking at me, then turned to face Brett, who is now in shock. His expression is priceless.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you Brett, This is Beck, MY boyfriend" Jade said. The gang giggled. Shane walked towards Brett then patted his back.

"Sorry, my friend, I think you feel pretty stupid right now" Shane said while controlling his laughter. That made the gang laugh out loud. Brett glared at Shane.

"Oh well, No worries, I think it's better to have a competition, but remember this Jade will be mine" Brett said before walking away. We looked at the gang and bursted out laughing. Then after a few moment of talking. The stylist called us.

The day turned out well, Me and the gang were excused because of the photoshoot. It's fantastic. Jade and the girls looked hot, but nothing compares my beautiful, sexy girlfriend. It took a while, shooting with the girls. After a while it's the guys turn. The clothing line looked fantastic and classy and hot. We got dressed then took the photoshoot.

I hate to admit it but Brett has skills. He's good. But I think I can do better.

The day passed, the photoshoot were done. We were all exhausted, but it's fun and worth it. We all went home. Jade asked her mother if she can sleepover at my place. Gladly her mother said yes. Then we said our goodbye's and went home.

Tori POV

Today was fun. We met Jade's mom and brother. Jade's brother, Shane looked hot, but I think he's already with Mandy because of the way he looks at her, and talks to her. And I wasn't planning on flirting with him by the way, I have feelings for someone.


I think he likes Mandy, because earlier today, he flirted with her. And that got me sad. I like Andre, a lot. And I don't like it when he's flirting with other girls.

I don't want to confess him my feelings either, because what if he doesn't like me back, that'll ruin our friendship. And it'll be awkward.

Maybe I should tell him, or not, ughh, I don't know! Oh well, I think I'll just sleep it off.


Yay! Today was fun! I feel like a barbie doll! Heheh! I'm also glad because Mandy, Jade and I's bestfriend, is here! With Jade's big brother! Shane!

Mandy said she missed me, well I missed her too. We catched up and talked, and sang and danced today. It is so fun. It's a blast.

Oooh! I just remembered, I need to make a video for the slap tonight, about me talking to elderlies! Yay!

Once I got in my bedroom, I grabbed my phone from my bag and decided to text Jadey.

Hey Jadey! Today was fun! Are you at home now? Text me back! Bye!

I went to my dresser then changed my clothes. Hah! Today was fun!

Jade POV

We're inside Beck's RV, making out. When suddenly my phone buzzed. I tried to grab it but Beck won't let me, he keeps kissing me, pinning me down his bed. I groaned and tried to push him away, but he hesitated.

"Ignore it babe" Beck said, still kissing me.

"Beck, what if it's mom?" I told him. He pulls away, looks at me, then sighs, he grabbed my phone and handed it to me. I pecked his lips. Then checked my phone.

"Who is it?" Beck asked.

"Cat" I said, then I read her message.

Hey Jadey! Today was fun! Are you at home now? Text me back! Bye!

I sighed then texted back.

Hi Cat. Yeah, today was fun. And no, I'm not at home, I'm at Beck's...

Cat texted back, fast.

Heheh, okay, I'm making a video later! wanna know what it is?

What is it Cat? Wait, no, I don't want to know...

WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? You're so mean to me!

Sorry Cat, what is it?

I'm not talking to you!

I sighed and Beck chuckled. He's been reading my messages all along.

"Looks like you've got some problem there" He said, chuckling.

"Shut it" I told him.

"Sorry babe" He said, then kissed my shoulder. After a minute my phone buzzed, again. Guess who texted... Time's up! It's Cat!

It's about me talking to elderlies, I want to interview them. Heheh, I just remembered, elderlies has skin like prunes! It's wrinkley! Hahah!
I'm still not talking to you!

wow Cat, that's ummm, great. Also I want you to know that you're right, you're not talking to me. Because you're texting me...

Oh my gosh! You're right! I'm texting you hahah! So what are you doing?

Nothing, just sitting on Beck's bed with Beck and also texting you. Are we cool?

Heheh! Yeah, we're cool, I can't stay mad at my bestfriend! Well, bye Jadey, I'm gonna get some old people! Bye, nighty-night!

Night Cat!

Beck looked at me, smirking. I smiled at him, he's starting to lean closer, when I stopped him. My hand connected with his face. I laughed at him when he groaned.

"Not so fast, we need to change first" I told him, then pecked his cheek. He got up fast, walking towards his dresser, then changed immediately. I changed my clothes too, but slowly. He whined at my actions.

"Jade! change faster.." Beck whined. I laughed at him, then started to move a little faster. I got changed then went to bed with Beck. Beck smirked as I lay down. He lean in, I was facing him at first, but I decided to mess with him, I turned to my side. His lips connected with my cheek instead of my lips. He groaned but then laid down with me.

I faced him, and kiss him on the lips. He smiled. Then I pulled away.

"Good night babe" I told him. He cuddled with me, pulling me closer to him.

"Good night too, I love you" He said.

"Love you too" I said, then we both drifted to sleep.

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