So this is sixth year! Again this is just something I typed up when I couldn't sleep. I hope you guys enjoy it.

"I know it's him! I just know it! These are the exact tactics a slimy bastard like him would use!" Harriet threw a plate in her rage and watched as it shattered against the wall above the fire place.

"Why does no one ever believe me?" she whispered quietly.

"We believe you miss." A small voice brought Harriet out of her trance and she looked behind her to see the hoard of small creatures that had been watching her through her tantrum. Huh. She could have sworn there were only two a couple of minutes ago. A guilty look crossed her face as she realized that once again her raised voice woke the rest of the house elves.

"Oh I'm so sorry guys I didn't mean to wake you…again." The witch looked back at the shattered remains of the plate and when over to repair it when she found herself herded back to her table by Dobby and Winky.

"No, no, no let the others take care of that you need another cup of hot chocolate." Hearing Dobby's voice caused another wave of guilt to crash over her.

"Oh man Dobby I'm so sorry! Here I am ranting about Draco Malfoy and I didn't even consider your feelings! I'm sorry if I brought back any bad memories."

"Don't you be worrying about that Miss Harriet Potter ma'am" The excitable elf said as he placed a fresh mug of cocoa in front of her.

"It all be in the past now and Dobby has friends now instead of mean Masters."

That was the worst Harriet has ever heard Dobby speak about the Malfoys and she warily watched the nearby plates and cups to see if he would start to hit himself with them. When nothing happened she relaxed and let the cocoa do its job in calming her. She was normally never so violent but apparently that's what happens when ones best friend is poisoned. She knew Draco was behind it somehow but she had no way to prove it. He was already suspicious of her from that stint on the train and was being extra careful around her.

"If miss would like we could keep an eye on Mr. Malfoy." The little house elf that was probably her favorite next to Wink and Dobby looked up to her hopefully.

"I can't ask you to do that Kipsy. Merlin only knows what he would do if he found out." It was a good idea but she would never forgive herself if somebody else got hurt because of her. With a pang in her chest she thought of Sirius and her resolved hardened. She would protect all of her friends no matter how small.

"But we's be offering miss!" Kipsy exclaimed and the other elves nodded vigorously. However, no matter what they said Harriet remained firm in her refusal. As the door closed behind her all the elves looked to each other and nodded.

They would spy on Malfoy and do anything else they could to aid and protect their Miss Harriet Potter ma'am.

Later, Harriet would wake up to little notes about Malfoy's movements and conversations and with a rueful smile she realized who they were from.

But in the end it wasn't enough.

Harriet cried over Dumbledore's body as students and staff raised their wands and dispersed the Dark Mark.

The next one should be longer whenever I get around to actually writing it. I'm having a lot of feels tonight and might I make a suggestion to call your friends and loved ones and tell them how much you love them, it might be just what they needed to hear.

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