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Saiya-jin Princess Chichi

When the Sun Sets

Chapter 11

Kakarot had been briefed by his older brother upon his arrival home, informing him of the progress and barriers that he had come up against. Raditz had already provided the orders to all of the troops and Generals both in the field and awaiting deployment that attacks were to cease immediately upon the King's orders. So far he reported that all was well and only a handful of men had been disobedient regarding their new orders and had been handled immediately. He didn't question how his brother had handled them, but he doubted that they would be capable of causing any further commotion among their ranks. While it was not his preferred method of addressing unrest, it was most certainly an effective strategy; that he could not deny.

Nappa on the other hand had been keeping close eyes and ears on Vegeta's small council and the members of his father's previous council, while much of what he had heard did not ring treasonous to him seemed suspect to Vegeta and Kakarot. The older council spoke in such cryptic language that to Nappa of course it didn't seem all too dangerous. But to the younger men, this stuck a cord within them, they had something to conceal of course they wouldn't speak when loyal ears were present. They were much more equipped to be investigating the possibility of treason than Nappa, but when they could not be present he was the next best in line to assist with the matter.

Well laid plans had been made behind closed doors prior to the arrival of the royals of Saturnia, Vegeta's Royal guard would be the ones providing direct protection to the Queen and her advisor, from the moment they entered the Saiya-jin territory and throughout their stay here at the palace. Vegeta trusted them with his life through and through, and therefore they were the only one whom he could trust with the two women most important to both of their kingdoms at this time. It had been determined that Raditz himself would stay with the women whenever Vegeta or Kakarot could not be present. This would not only ensure their safety from outside attacks, but from any of their own that might choose to rebel against the new alliance.

Vegeta and Kakarot were well aware that the women wouldn't be pleased with being babysat, they were independent women who were capable of handling themselves and they made this clear many times. Kakarot had pointed out that Chichi barely tolerated her own guards within her own lands, she was sure as hell going to give his older brother a run for his money when it came to overall defiance and stubbornness, which entertained Kakarot to no end. Vegeta was aware that Bulma would comply with the orders if she thought it best for her liege, but it didn't mean that she would actually be pleased with it. But this had been determined as the safest course of action, considering the disaster with their security at the coronation ball, he wasn't about to trust them to care for the women on his own territory.

Besides, Kakarot had verbalized his extreme distaste for the head of the Queen's royal guard. Vegeta was glad to see the younger male finally acting like a proud Saiya-jin and placing his claim on what was his, not only in battle but in everyday life as well. He had begun to worry that the younger male would only serve as a good warrior and would never take a mate, as was also his duty to the kingdom as part of the royal court.

With the preparations finally in place, the visit of the noble women rapidly approached. But for the two of them, it could not possibly come soon enough.

Chichi sat in the carriage, finding herself completely and utterly bored with the long road trip. She couldn't quite comprehend why they needed to travel by land if the Saiya-jins had the capability of flight and could make it shorter, let alone she herself was capable of it enough to make the trek by air. Bulma had read her the riot act regarding her lack of patience and something about etiquette and needing their luggage with them as well. Chichi understood the need to present well, especially when this would be her first introduction to the Saiya-jin people as an ally and to make an impression on the small council. But she couldn't help her impatience. She wanted to be there and she wanted to be there now, her exasperation had finally piqued.

It had been three days, and as they crossed the territory, Chichi almost sighed in relief. She could hear the guard that had been sent to escort them greeting the driver of their carriage and stuck her head out of the window to catch a glance. At the front of the group of 10 men was a tall man, his long wild black hair falling almost to his ankles, his defined jawline and facial features clearly Saiya-jin without a doubt.

"Your Grace." He called out his greeting to her.

Chichi unceremoniously hopped out of the carriage despite it still moving and the protest of Bulma ringing out in her ears. She dusted off her skirts and stretched her arms over her head, feeling her joints pop in relief of the freedom. Following alongside the carriage she approached their greeting party. Her long skirts floated elegantly around her with every step despite the weight of her cloak over top of her clothing, the hood of it shielding a majority of her face from the sun shining between the canopy of the dense trees overhead.

"I assume you are the Queen? Chichi? My brother has spoken much about you. I'm Raditz, Kakarot's eldest brother." Raditz greeted her with a bow, finding himself understanding exactly what had enamored both of his brothers so deeply with this woman.

She smiled brightly and stepped forward to introduce herself, her eyes glittering with life and her face lighting up, taking a slight bow to him. He deserved as much respect as she would give Vegeta or any of his court members. Especially with him being Kakarot's brother.

"Indeed, but no need for such formalities amongst us. It's wonderful to meet you. I hope he's only had good things to say, otherwise he's in some trouble when I see him." Her voice was playful, raising an inquisitive eyebrow in response to the revelation that Kakarot had indeed been spreading the word about them to those that mattered.

"No, no, nothing but good, but hell I can see why he chose you. You're quite the spitfire aren't you?" Raditz took her hand and kissed her knuckles, earning a small smile from her in return, clearly attractive and brazen men were the norm in their family, not that she would complain one iota.

"If you say so, many a man has been burned by me I do suppose. How your brother has tolerated me is absolutely a mystery." She spoke with a smirk painted on her crimson lips, she would only speak of Kakarot though, unsure of if Turlis's past had been shared with the rest of his family yet.

Raditz smiled at her before his eyes were drawn to the blue haired woman hopping out of the carriage, a look of scorn on her face as she approached her Queen, much in the way a mother approaches her ill behaven child.

"Don't mind her at all sir, she's been a little impatient since we left on the road here. Although at this point, it's probably best for you to just fly ahead with her, it'll be the only thing that shuts her up, otherwise I'm likely to strangle her." The last portion was whispered by Bulma, forgetting that all the keen Saiya-jin ears could pick up on her hushed threats of violence against her crowned Queen, earning a snicker amongst the guards.

Raditz couldn't help but laugh out at the pair, they had clearly been in one another's hair the entire time and needed to stretch their legs. They would fit in just fine amongst them, that was without a doubt. "My lady, why don't I leave two of my men to escort the carriage to the palace down the road. And I and the rest of the guard can fly you two to the palace. I assure you that it's much quicker. King Vegeta would have my head if I left one of you behind."

Bulma fought off the smile that wanted to spread across her lips, but instead just diverted her gaze to hide her enjoyment at the request of the surly Saiya-jin King; of whom she had grown quite fond of. He may have been a stubborn man, much as her own Queen. But he was indeed considerate and protective of those he valued. It made her feel special to realize that she fell amongst those that he valued and cared for in his life. Although she doubted that he would ever say that aloud to her. His actions would simply have to speak for him.

"Fasha you can carry the Queen's Advisor, and I'll assist the Queen…." Just as Raditz had begun providing his orders, he was cut short by the black haired Queen standing before him.

"That's not necessary, but thank you. The only one who needs assistance would be Bulma. I'm relatively adept at flying, but she isn't capable of flying I'm afraid." Chichi had to hide her enjoyment at her advisors lack of capabilities in this area. It had been something that allowed her to get one over on her many times when she was still a child in her care.

Bulma almost pouted at her lack of skill being pointed out by her superior before she remembered that this was primarily a Saiya-jin thing and occasionally a human thing. Flying required life force, and it was something that her kind simply didn't possess. It was a fair trade off for the raw power and immortality that they did possess. It was fair that Chichi had acquired it from her father, and had been trained by her step brother. She had indeed gotten the best of both worlds.

"I'll fly with whomever is comfortable, I don't want to be a burden." Bulma responded delicately, finding her manners once again.

Raditz didn't leave her much more room for complaining or being considerate and scooped her up in his arms bridal style. "Like I said, the King would have my head if I didn't deliver his precious cargo in one piece."

It was said with a smile, and not meant to be an insult in the slightest. But Bulma would have blushed every shade of red if she had been capable. This left her friend and Queen smirking at her knowingly. Chichi had long since figured out what had been going on between her advisor and her Nephew, but was certainly not going to let the opportunity to poke fun at her companion slip by her. Bulma had spent much time making jabs at her over her relationships in the last couple of decades, but had really stepped up her game when Kakarot had appeared in their lives not long ago.

Chichi took to the air ahead of them, her aura flaring around her as she took flight, Fasha and Tora moving into action and flanking her closely before Chichi looked over her shoulder and shouted back. "Looks like my lady still has much to fill me in on, since this sounds a little less like battle strategy and a little more like romance doesn't it?"

"Oh hush you! I'll have no more of you talking like this in front of our hosts." Bulma scolded the royal young woman rushing ahead of her. At the moment she was all but helpless to physically shut her friend up, that would have to wait until later. Also she couldn't very well smack her crowned Queen upside the head for being a pain in her ass in front of their company.

Fasha smiled over at Chichi, clearly pleased with both the women and their relationships with the Saiya-jin males, speaking loudly enough for Bulma to hear. "Personally I don't mind it. I was beginning to worry that our Majesty and our dear little Kakarot would never take mates with as picky as they are."

Chichi grinned and nodded, leaving her advisor uncomfortably listening to the conversation being had about her. She had grown bored of the talk, and would nag Bulma about it later in private, she had yet to receive any of the details and she wanted to know all of them. Taking off ahead of the guard she pinballed herself between the trees boosting herself off of them and catapulting herself ahead of the group. Chichi looked down to see Fasha flying beneath her as she leaped between the branches in the canopy, able to almost match her speed. She was impressed at the short haired warrior and would have to mention the possibility of training with her to Kakarot during their stay.

The gates came into view and the party easily flew over the high walls, landing inside of the safety of the palace. Chichi's feet finding the solid ground and finding comfort in their arrival finally, whereas Bulma uncomfortably found herself only comfortable with her feet solidly back on ground where they belonged. Each being satisfied for their own different reasons in the moment. And while Chichi wished to rush ahead and seek out Kakarot, she did need to maintain herself as a royal guest, which meant her acting appropriately much to her disdain.

Brushing out the wrinkles from the skirts of her heavy dress she righted herself in preparation for what was likely to be a parade toward their destination, in which she and Bulma would end up being the spectacle of the show. It's not that it bothered her to be stared at, it was more so that she was a little worried about the reaction they would receive without the King yet by their side. But she had faith in his guard and knew that he would not have sent them to accompany them if they were not trustworthy or capable of handling the situation. She followed Fasha, Tora and Raditz with Bulma by her side, inspecting the palace hallways as they entered the main doors and headed toward their rendezvous with Vegeta and Kakarot.

Raditz pushed open the heavy wooden door to the main hall, holding it open for the women to enter the great room. Chichi and Bulma passed him, each nodding their heads in thanks to him for his delivery of them to their destination. Vegeta and Kakarot were each perched at a table close to the open floor length stained glass windows, with their plans and notes spread across the surface before them. When their presence was announced by Raditz both Vegeta and Kakarot moved from their seats with more enthusiasm than Chichi had expected as they stepped toward them.

Standing before King Vegeta and Kakarot, Chichi curtsied to Vegeta before he reached out and kissed her hand in proper greeting. Kakarot had followed suit greeting Bulma first. When he approached her, he barely maintained his composure as he gently kissed her hand, coyly looking up at her, a mischievous sparkle dancing in his dark eyes. The words unspoken between them hung thick in the air. She couldn't have been more pleased at her decision, at the fact that she was getting to see him again so soon, at the fact that there would be time for them to be alone despite the planning for battle that would be completed on their trip. His thoughts mirrored hers, in that he was beyond elated that she was not only here, but that she was his.

Vegeta interrupted their moment before approaching the Queen once again. "Your Grace, after you get settled in, we have a meeting with my small council. I would like you to meet those who have aided me in running my kingdom, but also so that you can meet those who have counseled my father and ill advised me in his passing. I intend on disposing of them as I see fit."

"I thank you for that opportunity Your Grace." Chichi struggled to keep the grimace from her features, but Vegeta's tone spoke for the distaste she had for them as well. It would give her a chance to confront those who had wronged her mother and her people so recklessly. Granted, she would allow Vegeta to handle them, as was his right as their King.

"Also there will be a feast here tonight in your honor, and in the honor of the alliance between our Kingdoms. It will be a good way for my people to see and dispel the lies that have been spread over the years for themselves. Besides you provided us with that honor, it is only fair." He had long since decided and put some of his trusted staff to the task to arrange the affair.

"You are too kind Your Grace. I am very honored by your gestures. Although I would very much like a chance to speak with you alone sometime today or tomorrow." Chichi addressed him, she wanted to gag at the formality dripping from her voice, but until Vegeta broke and behaved casually, she would maintain herself.

"Of course we will arrange that. Kakarot show your woman to her accommodations please." Vegeta waved Kakarot off with a flick of his wrist as his eyes darted between Bulma and the plans spread across the table before him.

"Yes your Grace, and her advisor as well?" The playful insinuation between them not going unnoticed, the joke hiding itself in Kakarot's questions itself.

"No I will personally be attending to her myself." Vegeta pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes, of course he was looking for a reason to get the woman alone, but it didn't mean he wanted to be called on it.

Kakarot nodded at the orders from his King and placed his hand on the small of Chichi's back, escorting her out of the room and into the hallway. They had barely rounded the corner before he had wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up, sweeping her right off her feet, this earned a squeak from her before her legs wrapped around his waist securing her spot against him. Her lips found his quickly as he pressed her back against the wall, his calloused thumb stroking her porcelain cheek.

"Did you miss me?" He asked her between the soft kisses he planted on her lips.

"Of course I did." The smile lingered on her lips as he continued with his affections.

Her feet found the ground once again as they heard the chuckling of another man as his footsteps receded down the long regal stone hallway away from the meeting room they had been delivered to. Kakarot didn't let her go quite yet, but did allow her to stand on her own feet as he rolled his eyes at the reaction they received. He had almost forgotten that his brother was present, almost.

"I assume you've met my older brother Raditz." Kakarot spoke dryly, irritation clear in his voice at his brothers prodding.

"That I have, he is quite sweet. Clearly that runs in the family." She chuckled lightly and smiled up at him.

"You're not related to him, that's easy for you to say." He chortled as he let go of her and held her hand tightly in his.

Kakarot lead her down the hallway and toward the guest quarters that had been cleaned and prepared specifically for her arrival, the hallway had been secured and only the private guard would be attending to this wing for the next two weeks that they were to be present. Although the other part of him wanted to become fidgety about it, he would much rather have her staying with him, where he not only knew that she would be safe, but also where he would be able to have his hands all over her all night long. Turning down the hallway, he cleared his throat.

"The guest quarters have been prepared for your arrival and myself as well as my rest of the King's guard will be tending to you and your safety during your stay." He hadn't managed to hide his disappointment too well, his face and posture betraying him.

"I was honestly assuming that you would have wanted me to stay in your quarters with you, but I guess…." Chichi finished playfully trailing off.

Kakarot didn't even allow her the time to finish her sentence "Yes, please come stay with me instead, I didn't want to be rude."

"Rude? If you think that would be rude after the things that we have done with each other, you may need your head checked Kakarot."

He wanted to pout at her little jab at him, it wasn't as if he wanted to keep her a secret from anyone. It seemed that she was more than happy having their relationship be common knowledge among both her own kind as well as the Saiya-jins. He thought for a moment coming to the conclusion that she certainly was not the type of woman to try to preserve her "honor", she was not worried about being seen as a lady, she just commanded the respect of others and if she was not given it, she took it for herself. Where he had been worried, he was no longer, and now felt almost silly for entertaining the thought of staying away from her.

"Just have them bring my things straight to your room when they finally arrive. Although before we have to handle any of our official business, I would love to just get to be with you for a while." The intention hung not only in her words, but in the playful tone and the smirk falling onto her pink lips.

"And just what did you have in mind Your Grace?" He inquired, leaning closer to her and whispering huskily in her ear.

"Let's take a walk together, show me around, find new spots to steal away together, and if we have the time maybe we could spar."

Yup, he was most certainly falling head over heels for her and every little thing about her, and if she kept this up she would never be able to be rid of him, "I couldn't think of a better way to spend my afternoon."

He had shown her around a majority of the grounds of the palace from the living quarters to the dining hall and the vast library that belonged to Vegeta and his council. Kakarot had only been able to ramble things off to her while she marveled over the intricacies of the palace, obviously taking the time to memorize her way around. He had stood and smiled while she beamed with joy in the library and ran her fingertips across the expanse of each shelf feeling the worn spines of each book. Their tour had concluded with the garden, where she had taken the time to sniff every vibrant flower, skimming her fingers across the surface of the pond before finding rest on a bench amidst the topiaries.

There was nothing better in the world than seeing her light up the way she did while they spoke, but there was something even more spectacular about her as her eyes glittered and her pale skin illuminated under the bright sunlight shining over head. Reaching over he pulled the hood attached to her dress over her head to shield her from the sunlight.

"Bulma is right, you don't know how to do moderation do you?" Kakarot chided her.

"Excuse me for enjoying being out in the daylight! It's lovely outside, am I not allowed to enjoy all this?" Flicking her hood back away from her head, allowing it to fall back on her shoulders as she pouted at him indignantly.

"Of course you are, but I don't want you wearing yourself out." Maybe it was best that he left the lecturing to Bulma, he didn't want to ruin what little alone time they had together for picking at her.

"I'm not a child, I think I can manage." Chichi continued pouting and turned her head away from him petulantly, before she was distracted by the song of one of the colorful birds landing on a stone bath nearby.

Kakarot leaned closer to her if that had been at all possible, brushing her ebony locks away from her shoulder and tucking it behind her ear. He kissed her neck, letting his tongue taste her skin for only a moment before he whispered in her ear.

"All I'm saying is that I can think of much better ways to wear you out than having you simply sitting in the sun." His voice dropped, the husky seductive tone sending a shiver up her spine.

Chichi wouldn't have blushed at the idea, although a smirk graced her features as she turned to look him in the eyes, her lashes fluttering for a moment while she pondered on all the things that they could get into before their presence was required again. Glancing around she made sure that they were indeed alone before swinging one leg over his lap to straddle him on the bench.

"Oh really? And just what did you have in mind my little mortal?" She teased back softly.

There was no verbal answer, just his lips meeting hers in a heated kiss, one hand gripping her hip while the other buried itself in her hair allowing him to deepen the kiss between them. His hand grasped tightly into her hair, pulling her head back, earning him a little gasp and whimper before his mouth found her neck. Nipping and kissing his way up her neck, leaving little bite marks in his wake, finally whispering against her flesh.

"I suggest us going back to my quarters before I lose my self control." Kakarot's voice danced between a whisper and a growl.

Chichi nodded vigorously in response. While she wanted to be snarky and give him a run for his money, he had a good point, she wasn't sure how much she could contain herself either. And it would most certainly be inappropriate for her as royalty to be caught on her first visit necking with the Commander in the garden….. maybe on her second visit.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she reached down to the floor and pulled her panties back up around her ankles securing them as she stood, her tail slipping out the back and waving contentedly. She heard the growl coming from the man behind her and dodged away from the bed barely missing his attempt to grab her and drag her back into bed with him. While normally that would have been a very welcomed thought, right now she had to keep him in line as well as herself. Wagging her finger at him with a smirk on her face she stepped further away from the bed and from his reach.

"Kakarot, we have to go meet with your small council very shortly, which means that I need to be presentable. It would be highly inappropriate for me to look like I just got done being bent over every surface of your room dear." She giggled playfully at him and rooted through the trunk of clothing that had been packed for this trip.

Pulling out a simple cotton dress she nodded to herself, she could still feel his eyes on her backside, but she needed to be getting herself ready. While she would much rather stay in bed with him, she was well aware that there was an image that she was expected to uphold, especially with the tensions still running so high at the beginning of their visit. Kakarot certainly had no plans on making it easy for her to focus on the task at hand.

"But that's exactly what happened." The chuckle rumbled within his throat and chest as he reminded her that not too long ago what they had been doing, and doing very exuberantly at that.

Chichi rolled her eyes at the man behind her and proceeded to ignore him like a mother ignoring their petulant child. The dark crimson dress slipped over her head with ease and fluttered to the floor around her. The bodice hugged her chest and her torso tightly but comfortably, sitting delicately the cap sleeves almost hung off of her shoulder, the skirts of the dress parted in front starting at her hips and grazed the floor. Pulling the petticoat into place under the dress, finally covering the creamy expanse of her legs that she knew Kakarot was practically drooling over. Her petite feet slipped into the soft leather boots, and her fingers adeptly worked at tightening the laces to fit her calves. The last thing she removed from the trunk was the black front lacing underbust corset which she wrapped around her waist and began tying into place, constricting her midsection and making her breasts sit even higher than they did naturally.

She could hear the padding of bare feet approaching behind her and didn't even turn to face him. His hand slipped around her waist, splaying across the expanse of her stomach, his lips dipping to kiss the bare skin of her shoulder and her neck delicately while he held her against him. With a sigh her head fell back against his shoulder. She could feel his steady heartbeat pounding within the confines of his chest currently pressed to her back, the sound of the blood pumping through his body giving him life was soothing to her. While she was trying to be a proper royal, here he was making it difficult. She full well admitted to herself that it was preferential to just stay in his room with him all day and into the night, but today was not that day for that as there were responsibilities to be tended to.

"I'll get ready for the council, but tomorrow, you are all mine understand?"

"Are you sure that it's wise to give me orders? Don't you know how that usually goes for people, hmm?" She huffed in false defiance, her eyes still closed, reveling in his warmth.

"Yes, you're stubborn. But I think my charm can convince you otherwise."

Kissing her temple gently he took his arm from around her and stepped away to go put his armor on. Chichi plopped herself down in front of the mirror unceremoniously and fished through her small bag for the hair pins. Beginning the task of doing her hair, she started pinning half of her long relatively straight dark hair up on top of her head, leaving a few wisps to frame her porcelain features, the remainder of it draped around her shoulders and down her back. Looking back in the mirror she was pleased and decided that makeup was unwarranted aside from the simple lip stain that she applied.

Kakarot stepped forward and cleared his throat offering his arm to her to escort her to meet with Vegeta and Bulma prior to the council meeting. He was dressed in his more formal armor, the breastplate being primarily white, with the plate over the abdomen being red, the red crest of Vegeta-sai emblazoned on the left breastplate. The black spandex clung to him like a second skin. Standing from her spot, she gave him the once over, her eyes trailing his entire body, with an approving smile she took his arm and leaned closer against him. This was not something that either of them were truly looking forward to. But responsibilities were responsibilities and the merging of Kingdoms did not happen without work.

The group of four convened in Vegeta's study prior to the meeting, only a few words being exchanged regarding how this was to go. Chichi had assured him that despite any prodding or provocation on their part, she would keep her calm and allow Vegeta to handle matters until she was prompted to engage with things herself. It was something she could very readily respect, and would have requested much the same of him if she had anyone aside from her advisor who she met with any sort of regularity.

The Saiya-jin men had swapped off women, much to each of their dismay. But Vegeta was well aware of the importance of him walking in with the ruling Queen on his arm, and that he was the one to present her as well as their alliance to his council. He planned to squash any protest with her by his side, it was time to drive the point home and have these possible traitors understand the levity of the situation at hand.

Chichi placed her hand delicately through the arm he offered to her and allowed him to lead her through the hallways to the chamber. The guards flanked them from the front and behind and upon arrival relieved the other guards from their post, holding the doors to admit the royalty and their seconds in command to the meeting room. Vegeta watched as his entire council stood and bowed to him, while he father's prior council sat along the walls of the room with a strangely cold indifference, but still presented him with the same respect. The two chairs at the head of the table were for he and Chichi respectively, with one chair on each side of the table beside them for their second in command.

The gasps and grumbles were audible in the room as they approached the long table full of hardened war generals and other nobles who served him. Vegeta's jaw tightened as he fought with the urge to put each of these men in their places, but as he glanced to the side at Chichi, he found that his aunt's features were cold and composed, showing no sign that she acknowledged any of the protest around them; just as she had promised to do. He was pleased that despite her temper, she was more than capable of holding her tongue when needed, which was something that he himself often struggled with.

Standing before the head of the table his eyes roamed to each member before he finally spoke.

"I have made a treaty with the crown of Saturnia, the war between will cease, the bloodshed between us will cease. Moving forward they will be allied with our military to assist us in protecting both of our kingdom's and to remove the threat of the rogue's defected from their society." He spoke clearly, the tone of his voice harsh and leaving little room for argument.

"Introducing Her Majesty Chichi the first of her name, by the Grace of the Goddess, of the United Vampire Kingdom Saturnia of Earth, and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith."

Vegeta stopped and waited for her to be seated at the head of the table beside him before he took his seat as well, Kakarot took his seat to the right of him, while Bulma took her seat beside Chichi to her left. The men at the table scooting their chairs down away from the vampire women before the chamber erupted into chaos and madness. Kakarot had had just about enough, their King had given them an order and they were to follow it without question, he slammed his hand down on the table causing the glasses and items on it to rattle from the force of the blow.

"Your King has asked for your attention and given you an order. This is not up for debate! Now Silence!" Kakarot's voiced boomed throughout the room, surprising even Vegeta who nodded to him in silent thanks as the room fell into hushed mummers and grumbling.

"As I have said, we are now allies with the Kindgom of Saturnia for both of our good, this war is done and if there are any objections, voice them now, but they will not be considered!"

"But she murdered your father!" One dissenting voice from the elder council spoke out.

"This has been addressed between us, this has been a false claim for many years, perpetuated by traitors from his own court. Those responsible for it will be rooted out and handled by myself and Kakarot. Our blood ties will unite these Kingdoms whether there is objection or not!" Vegeta spoke as calmly as possible, despite the snarl that threatened to loose itself out of anger.

"Blood ties?! What did you allow her to bite you? Are you marrying the wicked creature?!" The disbelief evident in this next dissenting man's voice as he raised his voice toward his King.

An audible low rumble could be heard as Vegeta's lip twitched in agitation, a small ki blast materializing in the palm of his hand as he reigned his temper back in. He could feel it charging against his palm, the energy crackling and beginning to grow significantly with each moment that passed.

"How dare you question me!" He raised his hand toward the dissenting voice, only to find that Chichi had calmly placed her hand on his own and curled his fingers in toward his palm before bringing his hand back to the table, the ki blast dissolving and disappearing. Her eyes met his and she shook her head no, her gaze still calm, cold and well-schooled.

The man shook and stood to bow to his King, his voice quivering as he realized the fatal error he had just made "I'm sorry Your Grace! I have forgotten my place! It won't happen again"

"Good because this next time, I will not intervene for any of you. You should have respect and hear the orders of your King." Chichi's voice was cool, completely even without betraying any emotion as she looked around the table, allowing each one to meet her gaze before they faltered and looked away. Whether it was from fear or lack of respect, she did not know, nor care, but they needed to know that she was not going to be backing down from the likes of any of them.

"Our blood ties are familial. My Great Grandfather was her father. She was born into this family the same as I or Tarble. As my Great Aunt, and someone who has the experience of 185 years of life, she's a great asset to this family and this Kingdom." Vegeta spoke more calmly this time, despite that he could feel the vein in his forehead throbbing in agitation.

A slight nod from Bulma gave her the order that she had been waiting for. Taking the packet from her lap, she hoisted the heavy bundle up onto the table and unwrapped it from its protection. On the table sat a large book, bound in leather and clearly hand written and illustrated.

"This is not only a history of the Saiya-jin people, but of those of Saturnia as well. It contains our history, our bloodline and everything up until these last years between our people. I want each of you to take time learning this. Later each of you will be vetted for loyalty to the crown and the alliance." He turned and looked along the wall at his father's council members. "Those found to be complicit in maintaining this war knowingly will be removed from the service of this Kingdom and dispatched for treason."

Vegeta nodded his head to Chichi, her eyes meeting his for only a moment, giving her the go ahead to speak to the council. She acknowledged him and clasped her hands in front of her on the table before addressing the council clearly and with authority.

"Aside from this, we will be working on battle plans to attack and destroy any of the rogue encampments between the Kingdom's. I currently have scouts from my military infiltrating them to provide us with the tactical advantage. Myself, Lady Bulma, King Vegeta and First Commander Kakarot will be working closely to make sure that going forward there is minimal loss of life while ensuring us a victory." Her voice was steady, her face calm and clear of emotion, she would share this much with them, but when it came down to the tactical details, those would remain behind closed doors until they were ready to enter the battlefield itself.

"How do you know these are rogue's and not your own people?" It was a genuine question, and while she wanted to be frustrated, it was her duty to educate Vegeta's men on information on which they had previously been misled.

"These rogue's have made attempts on my own life, even in the presence of King Vegeta and the First Commander. They have defected from our society. As far as I know they have begun establishing their own colonies and militia's and have grown in both numbers and strength in the last 30 years. They do not abide by the morals and codes that my people follow. Some of them have removed themselves and others have been exiled for convictions based on any act of violence they have committed against any of the other Kingdoms by either my mother or myself. I have been unable to eliminate them thus far due to my military being distracted fending off attacks during this war." She took a breath and looked around the table, half expecting further argument, and found herself surprised when there was none to be found.

"We begin planning in two days' time. Our military has already been briefed and are waiting on their new orders, which will be put into place once Saturnia's forces arrive to join ours." Vegeta supplied and took back over control in the room, just as they had discussed.

Vegeta stood from his seat and offered his arm once again to Chichi who took it unquestioningly, she stood from the chair allowing it to slide back against the stone floor. This wasn't simply proper etiquette, he was making a show of solidarity, he was daring his council and his father's council to defy him, making them aware of the certain repercussions they would face if they did. She couldn't help but smile demurely when it dawned on her just how much like his Grandfather he was, it seemed to her that he was much more his Grandfather's child than he was his father's in personality and poise.

And for that her pride in her bloodline swelled.

The feast had long since begun in the main hall, the military leaders and their families in attendance as well as any of the court of Vegeta. Many of the men from his own council had entered dinner with a wary eye and leary mind of the new Queen in attendance. They glanced around the hall with suspicion painted on their aging and battle hardened faces, many of their wives rolling their eyes at them and dismissing their claims of heathens and murderers in their midst. The word had passed around the palace quickly, getting back to the women long before some of the men. The Queen had been seen about with her advisor, with their King, but most of all she had been seen out with the Commander. Her interactions with staff, guards and others had been nothing but amiable and joyous as her infectious smile had enchanted anyone who had come into contact with her; save those in Vegeta's council who had met the ruler, not just the woman.

Vegeta had offered to walk her into the feast and sit side by side with her, but she had caught his glances at Bulma throughout the day, looks of wonderment and lust tied together. Instead she had insisted that he sit beside her advisor and that she was more than happy to share the table with him and sit beside Kakarot. The flash of happiness was brief and easily missed, but she caught the subtlety that came across him and danced through his words of approval. She also hadn't missed the way that Kakarot's face had lit up with that childish grin of his when she had said this, and once again the giddy goofy laughter that came from him when she took his arm and began their trek to dinner together. Side by side, just as he had wished.

The doors to the dining hall swung open and Vegeta had entered with a stunning blue goddess on his arm. Her aquamarine dress accented with black lace and bodice work, complementing her hair beautifully and making her pale complexion seem that much more vibrant. For a moment he could have sworn that everyone in the room stopped breathing when he entered with his woman, and he fought back the arrogant smirk that tried to write itself across his features. Damn right she could stop anyone in their tracks with her beauty, and he planned on reminding her in a very different way after their social obligations were fulfilled for the evening.

Kakarot followed behind with Chichi on his arm, the angelic raven haired deity lighting up with a smile at a quip that he had made to her, uncaring of those around them hearing the conversation. Her cream colored dress fell in flowy layers to the ground around her making it look as if she floated with each step she took. The crimson accents on the cream color offset it wonderfully creating a stark contrast, the crimson underbust corset pressing her ample bosom up into the deep v-neckline where a simply ruby droplet rested just above them, her crimson sash hanging gingerly off of one hip accentuating her curves even further. Kakarot had about lost himself to her when she had gotten ready for the evening. Dinner be damned, he wanted to keep her to himself, she was his prize, why should he have to share her?

The group had taken their seats and began indulging in each of the portions that had been laid out before them, enough to satiate even the hungriest of Saiya-jins. Dinner progressed with the wine and spirits flowing freely, bringing a happy rosey color to many cheeks in the room. Although still sober, Chichi and Bulma continued to indulge while conversing with those around them. Chichi had made friends with many of the wives of the generals and the ladies of the court, happily answering their questions and allowing them to gossip to their hearts content with her. As a royal, she was by no means above gossip, while she didn't often indulge in it in her own court, if it made the ladies of Vegeta's court feel safe and happy with her being around, she was most certainly not opposed.

One of the ladies had of course brought up the topic of Kakarot, and Bulma had been quick to join the gossip at that moment to embarrass her monarch if possible. Chichi had certainly not denied anything when it came to them, although they continued to spill the secrets of the many women who had attempted to court Kakarot throughout the years and how they all inevitably failed one after the other. None of them lasting more than a few weeks in his company. Although many of the women at the table did still swoon after him despite their own husbands being attractive, Chichi indulged them with a few little details about him and their relationship, never delving deep into the salacious details of their encounters though. Those were between she and him, and anyone else who happened to hear them, whoever those may be she didn't know, nor did she care.

Each of their husbands had eventually been pulled into the conversation by their wives, none daring to refuse their warrior wives their requests for an audience. As the drinks continued to flow, Chichi found herself with a circle of drunken nobles sitting around her listening to her telling tales of her Kingdom and her life as the half breed princess who had indeed become the half breed queen. And while she maintained her sobriety for the most part she had no issue enjoying the social interaction that had become their evening. Kakarot had sat back with his drink in hand, watching her tame a group of drunk nobles and warriors without ever lifting a finger; well once or twice but that was to dip into her dessert as she spoke. He found himself amazed at her ability to enchant people, those who gave her the opportunity to open up couldn't resist her, although they would never know her the way that he did.

A cocky smirk painted itself upon his face as he stood from his chair leaving Vegeta and Bulma discussing trivial matters and bickering between themselves in the company of some of the other guests who found themselves entertained greatly by the back and forth vibrant tempers of the two. Approaching Chichi he came up behind her, listening to her sweet voice as she regaled them of the tale of Kakarot's first break in to her home, garnering laughter from all involved. He perched himself on the arm of her chair and reached over to brush her hair away from her face and her neck intimately, leaving some of the women with a sparkle in their eyes. Afterall who could resist the charismatic Queen and her romantic Commander?

Glancing up at him she smiled and took his glass from his hand, downing the spirits very quickly before pouting into the empty chalice. "Shall we see just how much it actually takes me to get drunk tonight Kakarot? A little experiment, since I'm clearly so far behind the rest of you."

"I don't see why not, but I hope you aren't expecting to be carried back home tonight." His voice was playful as he retreated to get her another glass, this time bringing the bottle with him.

The conversation had continued well into the night, as guests tapered off a few of the women followed Chichi and Kakarot to the sitting room to perch in front of the fireplace. Fasha had finally been relieved of her post for the night and had changed out of her armor into something more comfortable before joining the group. The newcomer had of course gathered Chichi's attention away from the rapt crowd following her around, as soon as she laid eyes on her the conversation immediately went to sparring and training together, which Fasha exuberantly agreed to.

Remaining guests finally began to taper off for the evening paying their respects to their King before excusing themselves for the evening, each passing Chichi with a warm smile and well wishes for the night. She couldn't help but feel that something had changed for the better tonight and while she had entered with low expectations she had found herself pleasantly surprised with the outcome. All that remained were she, Kakarot, Vegeta and Bulma finally as the moonlight shined into the candlelit room leaving a peaceful lull of silence between them.

Chichi continued sipping at the spirits that Kakarot had provided to her, and finally as she was reaching the bottom of the bottle, she was finding herself feeling it's effects, her face feeling warmer than before and the tingling in her abdomen. She was absolutely unable to wipe the smile off of her face as she laid back against the chaise lounge by the window with Kakarot perched by her feet while she basked in the moonlight.

"You're drunk woman." Vegeta stated, despite his words the harshness that was usually behind them was lacking.

Chichi giggled and turned to look at him, finding him comfortably seated on the sofa with his arm around Bulma's waist, holding her protectively against him while her head rested on his shoulder.

"Not quite, but almost. It was a valiant effort. Closest I've been in many years to intoxicated." Her statement was punctuated by the lifting of her now empty glass, the final remnants of the bottle consumed.

"The last time I saw her drunk was maybe 50 years ago, she got into a competition with one of the guards to see if she could drink them under the table. She could not. The Saiya-jin in her still can end up drunk. Although collecting her that evening was quite entertaining." Bulma laughed lightly, her smile mischievously reaching her eyes.

"If I remember correctly I told you to fuck off and took my clothing off in the hallways long before you got me to my bedroom." Chichi recalled with a smirk painted on her lips.

"I was impressed that I managed to get you to keep your underwear on long enough to get you there. I wasn't so sure that was going to work out. But then again she hasn't done it since." Bulma redirected her statement to Kakarot with a smile on her face.

The loud laugh filled the room as Kakarot burst out at the thought. In the time that he had known Chichi aside from her temper, he had only known her to be well composed, albeit not well behaved. He felt the kick from the toe of her boot on his elbow and glanced up at her with a huge smile still plastered on his face. He couldn't help that he was entertained hearing of her antics long before his time.

"Well good thing is tonight, she's my responsibility Bulma. You just relax and enjoy your stay here." Kakarot gestured in the direction of the royal lazing about to his right.

Bulma simply nodded and relaxed back against Vegeta, he was right, she was going to enjoy her time here with minimal responsibilities. So far she had found herself to be treated as a Queen herself, receiving much the same as her own Queen did, although that was completely at the behest of Vegeta himself. While he was a gruff man and an authoritative ruler, he still tried to spoil her between their spats of bickering, especially when he found that no one was watching.

Chichi stood from the chaise and held her hand out for Kakarot helping him up from his seat with ease, finding him back by her side. His hand slid along her waist and pulled her closer, coming to rest on her hip where her hand found his, their fingers intertwining.

"And I think that this is my cue to call it an evening. Vegeta just send someone to retrieve me when you require my presence tomorrow, I'll be at the training grounds. Sleep well you two." Chichi would have faked a curtsy just to be snide, but she was beginning to wonder if she could maintain her upright position if she did that now.

Vegeta nodded and humphed his response, which was more than enough for the night. With that Chichi and Kakarot happily excused themselves for the evening.