A/N- Plenty of you have noticed and approved of changes I've made thus far. Some big ones appear in this chapter. And yes, muggle football = soccer to my fellow Yanks ;-) Harry and Hermione wouldn't use the term soccer given where they grew up, so I'm not writing it into the story. I've broken up the charges on the Weasleys. The goblins are a vicious warrior race so I'd imagine if you stole a knut they'd cut off your hand; forge a betrothal contract and...well I don't want to give it away. But no they're not cutting off body parts. At least not that I wrote in...

Anyone who knows anything about Greek and Roman mythology will get the joke about me calling the super-powered birth control potion Zeus' Hindrance. Ooh, previously I had a vampire named Lestat. I changed his name to Raphael. Still the same character, just a different name :D

The next morning they went over the runes of Poseidon's Plunder together before heading to a café for breakfast. Harry bought a paper as they waited for their food. "Anything interesting?" Hermione asked.

"You mean anything about us? Not yet. So far just things about Spain's upcoming elections and some news from the Muggle world; they don't sell the Prophet here. Maybe Fawkes could get us a copy."

Hermione scanned the front page while Harry flipped through it, "You know, it's becoming very apparent that the magical world outside of Britain enjoys including Muggle things. Here's scores for Muggle football."

"Have you ever been to a game?"

"No," he shook his head, "sports never really were followed at the Dursleys. I think because Dudley sucked at them."

Hermione nodded, "My dad likes footy. My mum got him tickets to the Manchester derby one year as a birthday present; he loved it." Harry smiled and put the paper to the side as their waiter arrived with their food.

"I think the married life agrees with us," he said before sneaking a bite of her omelet.

She rolled her eyes, "I think you're saying that because you want to eat off my plate."

"I'll pout," he offered.

"Give me the puppy dog eyes," she requested. Harry obliged and she let him take her toast. "I love you."

"I love you," Harry let her swipe some of his fruit, "anyplace you want to go before we take her out on the water?"

"No not at present. Right now I'd love to be on the water."

"Woman after my heart," he grinned.

She shook her head, "I already have it, Harry. I don't have to fight for it anymore."

"Hermione, love, you never had to anyway."

Taking the ship out onto the water was everything Harry had expected. It moved to his will. "I think this ship might be the perfect fit for me," he said, watching her settle into a lounge, "How about we make our way around Portugal and head into the Mediterranean Sea? We could go play near Ibiza."

She smiled and nodded. "I like that idea. If I lay out will you get distracted and run us aground?"
"I can behave myself on occasion. I have tremendous willpower, you know."

Hermione laughed, "Lately your tremendous willpower has been exerted getting our clothes off and our bodily fluids on any surface we can find, Harry. Not that I'm complaining, of course."

Harry grinned at her before turning his gaze back to the ocean. She did have a point. But on the other hand, they'd been sleeping together for a month and a half in secret with nothing more than a quick peck on the cheek or lips to tide them over. That had been torture. He felt her hands slide his tank top off, "Harry Potter, I love you and you need to quit beating yourself up for being so aroused by me. That month and a half was hard on me too," she kissed the back of his neck, "You look better with less clothing on."

"I feel the same about you," he grinned.

That night after dinner Hermione sat on Harry's lap, "I think this lifestyle of happiness and relaxation is very good for you," she ran her hands through his hair, "you just have this aura of calm."

"Well I think all the sex helps."

"Of course you do," she teased, leaning in to kiss him. "Let's go swimming together." Harry pouted until he saw the bikini she was wearing. Instead he leaped over the side of the boat after her.

Their arrival in Ibiza two days later was fun. Harry enjoyed her hands rubbing suntan oil into his body. "All mine," she nipped his ear before applying it to his head carefully. "I'm a lucky witch."

"I'm the lucky one," he turned his head and kissed her, "I'm lucky you didn't hex me before I took that necklace off of you."

"Ron's lack of ability with charms helped with that," she smiled. "He never has done well in that class."

Harry laughed and moved behind her, "I'm glad we're having this private day, just us on the boat. We haven't had a day to just relax and do nothing. Not really."

"Love, on the days we've done nothing we usually end up in bed together."

"Only because you're so sexy," he kissed the back of her neck. Harry shifted to lay on his stomach to read a book, "I can't imagine either of us being with them. It'd be like a nightmare."

"I wonder how things are going for them," she said, lying on her back. "Probably not as great as things are going for us."

"That's not even possible. This is perfect."

It had all been very simple. Molly would demand an annulment since Ginny wasn't of age, Harry would come back to England to fight it, and they'd slip him the love potion again. Once he was under Ginny's control she'd give him a lust potion and then Ginny would get pregnant. Harry would then be anchored to England and Molly could buy all the things she'd always wanted but never been able to get before. She could let go of Hermione Granger; the little slag wasn't really worth it and was too smart for her own good. But Harry was the prize. All those years of patiently playing the good wife while her husband stupidly obsessed over Muggles, an obsession that cost him countless promotions; Arthur Weasley had no political aspirations. He was dull as a door knob to boot. As soon as Ginny got her hooks into Harry then she'd have all the money she wanted.

Instead the bloody ICW had stepped in and made sure that Britain obeyed their laws. As far as Molly Weasley was concerned, only the laws of Britain mattered. It was how you kept magical beasts in line. It was how you made sure that vampires and werewolves and goblins knew their places in life. It was how those arrogant mudbloods learned that they were inferior to purebloods.

But Molly Weasley always had a plan. She figured if she doctored up a betrothal contract she could at least get some of Harry's fortune for breaking the contract. But the little bastard had managed to figure out her love potion scheme and reported it. No betrothal contract, real or otherwise, would ever hold weight now.

So now Molly Weasley sat in a jail cell with her daughter Ginny in a cell down the way and son Ron two floors below. Arthur had been fired from the Ministry for his wife and children's actions, as had Percy. The Weasleys had always been poor; now they were penniless. Their house was taken from them, as well as their land. Orders of Merlin had been revoked and in the course of just a week and a half they'd become public enemy number one. Rampaging mobs chanted at the Ministry to give the Weasleys over to be dealt with by them. And the Minister had the gall to actually consider it!

The only Weasleys that had made it out cleanly were Bill, Charlie, and George. All of them were gone from England. Not a trace was left behind. To boot the three prisoners all suffered from painful facial blisters that were leaving pockmarks all over their faces.

The ICW and the Potters' attorney, Lazarus the scumsucking vampire as Molly called him, had presented their case. It was surprisingly solid. The memories of the phoenix were particularly damning. The full Wizengamot panel had found all three Weasleys guilty. All three were sentenced to time in Azkaban, with Molly receiving the heaviest sentence of 25 years for her part in the plots. Ginny and Ron both received 10 years.

When Harry and Hermione docked in France they were both excited. Shopping together had become very, very fun for them; even if it was for clothes, which normally Harry hated shopping for. Instead he let Hermione dress him, and he would always approve of any clothes she purchased.

Shopping, a spa day, and romantic dinners filled their first week there. Then Harry had taken her to the Louvre. Hermione's joy and gratitude had nearly broken their bed when they returned home that night. They also found loads of books, Muggle and Magical, to add to their shelves. Their photo album was filling up nicely too. "Harry this bikini leaves little to the imagination."

"I don't have to imagine what you look like nude, love. I already know what you look like nude," he opened the dressing room door and entered it, "Wow," he whispered.

Hermione shook her head, "I don't think I can pull this off."

"I would say otherwise," he pulled her against him and leaned in to kiss her, "you look incredible. I'm so glad you never showed off your body before we got married. Otherwise I'd have had to kill to get to you."

"I would always choose you over everyone else," she smiled. Harry grinned and leaned in to kiss her again, "Harry we should finish up we've got things to do before we see Bill and Fleur this weekend."

"Mmmhmm," Harry mumbled as his mouth moved to her neck. Her eyes fluttered closed and Harry pressed his advantage.

"Not in the dressing room again."

"You're so beautiful," he slid his hands over her hips, affectionately squeezing at her ass before moving to kiss her again.

Hermione had enjoyed their first encounter in a dressing room but they really had to finish up. They had errands to run. "If you stop now I'll get this suit, okay?"

Reluctantly Harry ceased his actions and she pushed him out of the stall so she could get dressed. "She has me well trained," he mumbled to himself as he debated pouting or using the puppy dog eyes.

When she exited she leaned down and kissed him, "You're getting a speedo."

"Okay," he nodded, his eyes a bit glazed over. She smiled. He was so easy to manipulate sometimes.

That day they also went to a few Muggle music stores. Poseidon's Plunder had a CD player installed in it and so Harry and Hermione had decided to go find some music. Unlike Hermione, Harry had never really listened to music growing up; the Dursleys didn't tolerate music. Hermione's musical tastes had been influenced by her parents, but Harry rather liked most of it. He quickly realized that he liked rock the most and Hermione picked out loads of Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Queen for him and from there Harry started looking for other music. He found he liked The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Black Sabbath too. Hermione found plenty of music she liked too and then they got some binders to organize them all.

Hermione put on a Led Zeppelin album before finding Harry trying on the speedo she'd demanded he buy. "Well I like that," she smiled.

"Now I know how you feel," he leaned in and kissed her, "I love you Hermione."

"I love you too Harry," she slid her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder, "I asked Sophie about getting the paper delivered. She said as long as were in the Mediterranean that WWN will deliver to us. I picked up today's since the delivery starts tomorrow."

"Anything about Britain?"

"Yes," she nodded. "I'm going to go start dinner. Anything in particular that you want?"

"We got that beautiful fresh fish today. Let's use that."

She kissed him sweetly, "Go read the paper. Then you can help me cook dinner." Harry nodded and went to sit down on deck with the paper. This was nice. He was looking forward to seeing Fleur and Bill that weekend. Not as much as he was looking forward to sailing leisurely around world with the love of his life, but then he didn't think anything could compare to that. He saw a large picture of an angry looking Molly, Ron, and Ginny Weasley in handcuffs and glanced at the article:

Guilty on All Counts!

By Celine Dufresne

At what could be considered the trial of the century all three defendants were found guilty of the crimes of administering (and making) love potions and casting compulsion charms on Harry and Hermione Potter. Under Veritaserum-compelled testimony Molly Weasley stated the following: "Harry Potter was supposed to fall in love with Ginny, get married to her, and produce an heir. Once they were married Ginny would make him sign over all of the accounts to her only and then she'd give me access. I could get the house I deserved and then You-Know-Who would kill the little bastard and we'd have all the money."

Mrs. Weasley seemed ignorant that, should Tom Riddle have killed Harry Potter, all of Britain would have ended. She also became enraged when asked about Hermione Potter and accused the young woman of foiling her well-laid plans. Terms of slander peppered her speech as she talked about the brilliant Muggleborn witch.

It became quite clear throughout the trial that Molly Weasley saw the boy merely as a pot of gold, and admitted to attempting to create a betrothal contract so that she could get his fortune. Harry and Hermione Potter were not present at the trial; their lawyer was there on their behalf. Lazarus had this to say when asked for a comment, "My clients were horrified when they realized what Molly Weasley was doing but were reticent to actually file charges. When they finally did it was to the revelation that Molly and Ginevra Weasley were seeking to annul their marriage. The Potters would have been happy to leave England and never return. However the Weasleys pushed and so they were prompted to respond. The Potters want simply to live their lives together. They only request to be left alone."

Ginevra Weasley claimed that she was entitled to Harry Potter, who she viewed as an object. She echoed her mother's disparaging remarks for Hermione Potter, who she accused of 'stealing' Harry from her.

Ronald Weasley was arrogant in court and his mother berated him for ruining their plans by ceasing his efforts to separate Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and his locket of compulsion charms being able to be overcome by a simple summoning charm. Lazarus shared his clients' memories, which revealed that Harry Potter worked everything out shortly before the end of sixth year when the Weasley missed a dose of love potion they were to give him. After that he took to drinking from flasks sent to them by the Granger parents rather than any goblets as he worked out just how to best rescue Mrs. Potter (at the time Miss Granger) from the compulsion charms. He succeeded on the Hogwarts Express as it headed back toward London.

Toward the end of his sixth year at Hogwarts Harry confronted Ginevra about the potions, which Ginny denied and accused Hermione of dosing him with a love potion. Several weeks later Ginny Weasley appeared to suffer an intense bout of acne that was incurable. Mr. Potter has confessed to that deed, claiming partial credit goes to Mrs. Potter for giving him the spell in the first place.

These revelations culminated with guilty verdicts for all three Weasleys. Molly Weasley was sentenced to twenty-five years and her children to ten each in the wizarding prison Azkaban. The goblins are eager to get their hands on the two Weasley females at the end of their sentence for the crimes of falsifying a betrothal contract and fraud. Both carry life imprisonment in the Goblin mines.

Harry sighed. They were free. It was over, finally. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the lounge chair. This was nice. He changed back into his shorts and a t-shirt before heading to their kitchen to help her cook dinner. "Are you okay?"

"We had to do it," he said. "I don't regret it. They clearly weren't who we thought they were. That's not our fault."

"Very wise," she kissed him, "If we had to go back and do it over, I'd have hexed them harder."

"I'd have kissed you sooner," he grinned.

"Smooth talker," she teased.

"For you, always," he kissed her cheek.

Harry felt a skip in his step the next day, and he was certain only part of that could be attributed to Hermione. Another part of it was that Molly's plans had been exposed and destroyed and he now knew that he could sleep easily, without concern for them trying to attack himself or Hermione. He kissed his bride gently and slid out of bed carefully before putting on his boxers and going to the kitchen to put on a pot of water for tea. He looked through the mini-fridge and pulled out some eggs. Hermione liked crepes, and Harry knew how to make them. Breakfast in bed was something he'd like to give her.

He was pretty impressed with himself as he carried down a tray with coffee, crepes filled with fresh fruit, and eggs. Hermione woke to see her wonderful husband arriving with breakfast, "You, sir, are my knight in shining armor."

"Armor's too constricting," he grinned, putting the tray on the bed before sliding back into bed and kissing her, "Good morning my love."

"It certainly is. What did I do to deserve this?"

"You said yes when I asked you to marry me," he kissed her again, "and I never need a reason to do this other than simply loving you."

Hermione smiled and cut into her crepes, "Fresh berries. Oh I love you even more." Chuckling, Harry settled in to eat breakfast with her.

Harry had never known Hermione to just relax. She was always doing something. So having watched her over the past two weeks completely unwind was a complete astonishment. He dutifully applied some sunscreen to her back for her before handing over the bottle for her to do him. "Some things magic just can't accomplish the same," she whispered as her hands wandered over his muscular back, "you know how I always berated quidditch?"

"Yes," he nodded, confused.

"Well I apologize. It did wonders for your body." He laughed. And laughed. Hermione was amazed he was still upright, he was laughing so hard. "What's so funny Harry?"

"It's just…" he took a deep breath to compose himself, "Ron told me in second year you'd never say anything good about Quidditch ever. I bet him a galleon you would, one day." Now it was Hermione's turn to laugh. Harry turned and kissed her, "I love you," he whispered.

"That's not a secret," she kissed him and resumed applying the sunscreen, "don't whisper it."

"Well I just didn't want to make all the other girls here at the beach jealous."

She rolled her eyes and finished up, "There, you're all sunscreened up. Now leave me alone you jerk."

Harry handed her her book and settled on the blanket next to her, "I might be a jerk but I'm your jerk."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," she leaned over and kissed him. "We are so sweet it's almost sickening."

"We're newlyweds it's allowed," he ran a hand over her side.

Harry was taking a nap while Hermione was reading a book when someone approached them, "Excuse me are you Harry and Hermione Potter?"
She nudged Harry and glanced up before grinning, "George! Bill!" Hermione jumped up and wrapped an arm around each of them, "What are you doing here?"

Harry blinked a few times before seeing two familiar redheads, "Watch where you put your hands boys. She's mine."

"I'm married, he's gay. I think you're safe Harry," Bill teased. "You two look great," he hugged Harry once the other man had stood. "Looks like the married life agrees with you."

"We're enjoying it," Hermione smiled, "Are you here with Fleur and Oliver?"

"Just Fleur," George said, "Ollie has quidditch practice. Nice piece of beach you have here. We just arrived."

"Come join us," Harry said.

"We'll just go get our things and Fleur and come back," Bill nodded.

She looked at her husband after the two Weasleys had left, "They both seem happier."

"Britain is like a black cloud. Once you're out from under it everything is brighter and better." Harry reached over and kissed her, "I want to enjoy the last of my privacy with my bride."

"We're going to have the longest honeymoon ever," she mumbled before pulling him to her.

"Good we deserve it," he pulled her down onto the blanket and she rolled on top of him, deepening the kiss.

"Are we interrupting?"

The couple ceased their snog, both very aware of the bulge in Harry's trunks. "Yes but we'll forgive you anyway," Hermione answered, turning her head to look at them.

"No baby Potters on the way yet? With the way you two were kissing I'm surprised."

"Hermione brewed Zeus' Hindrance," Harry said, sitting upright but keeping her on his lap, "before we set off for our journey."

"Zat potion ees very difficult," Fleur said admiringly. "I have nevair heard of someone zo young brewing eet. Eet ees very expensive."

"Well Professor Snape had all the ingredients so I made it. I had to do something to keep my mind off of our living situation."

"She brewed Polyjuice our second year. She's bloody brilliant," Harry boasted before leaning up to kiss her, "I think we need to cool off."

"Carry me?" Harry grinned in relief at her suggestion. He wasn't ashamed of the erection caused by snogging his lover; rather it was the inevitable teasing by the other guys for getting one so easily. He stood with Hermione's legs locking around his waist and he headed to the water where they fell in together.

They surfaced and Hermione kissed him, "I love you," she whispered.

"You know before you I never thought I would be happy like this. Every time after we make love I thank Fortune that you waited for me, that you understood how I felt without me having to say it. And I thank any and every deity I can think of off the top of my head that we both made it through that last battle."

She hugged him, "Harry I knew you'd come back to me. You finally had what you have always wanted; someone who loves you for you and not for your money or your fame."

He kissed her, "I had the option to stay. I came back for you. Nothing else. Just you."

"Never let it be said that my husband isn't a romantic," she pulled him back down into the sea with her.

Eventually, after some splashing and teasing one another the couple went back to their blanket together, Harry picking up a towel to hand to her. "Did I mention you're a wonderful husband?"

"A few times," he grinned. Hermione kissed him and dried herself off. He looked at the others, "So how have you three been?"

"Pretty good," George said, "Ollie and I live in Paris and I'm opening the shop here. We're calling it Pranks R Us." Hermione and Harry both laughed before they settled on their blanket, Hermione sitting between his legs. "You two look so much better since I last saw you and it's only been like three weeks."

Hermione smiled, "Well we've been relaxing and just enjoying one another's company."

"Frequently," Harry added, kissing her cheek. "It's been fun, sailing together. Amazing how easy it is to relax when there's no dark lord out to kill you."

"And your best friend and the man you love's life doesn't depend on you being three steps ahead of the bad guys," Hermione finished. "At least outside of Britain we're mostly left alone. The ICW likes to be sure we're safe."

"Yeah they're great," Harry wrapped his arms around her, "Are you two okay with us having your mum and youngest siblings arrested? We were worried what doing that could do to our friendships."

Bill shook his head, "You two did what you had to do. What my mother and siblings did was unconscionable. They would have kept trying if you didn't report them. They really wanted your money."

Hermione shook her head, "Her plans were easily foiled. How's your dad?"

"He didn't defend Mum, but he didn't stand up for you two either. I don't think he knows what to do now," George said. "Ginny was his little girl. I think her being locked up was hard on him." Bill nodded his agreement and Harry could only imagine what they were actually going through as a family, even if they weren't letting it show.

"Onto happier topics now," Fleur commanded, "when are you going to 'ave children?"

Hermione looked at Harry, "What was the agreed upon age? Thirty?"

"Twenty-nine or thirty," he smiled. He looked at the Weasleys, "We want to have some time for ourselves. Ever since we met we've had to put childhoods, first romances, teen years, social conventions for teenagers all off to the side while we did things that were far beyond our age and capability. But we did them anyway."

She nodded, "We never got to go on dates, with each other or even with others. Voldemort always seemed to get in the way at the most inopportune times. And when that wasn't happening we were studying. Every year we thought, 'Finally, a normal year at Hogwarts' but that never happened for us. The closest we got was fourth year and that didn't end well."

Harry squeezed her against him, "So we're doing all those things we would have liked to do. We go on dates, we go to waterparks and amusement parks, we go to the zoo and to museums, we go shopping together, we come to the beach. We snuggle at night under a blanket to keep warm and look up at the sky and we enjoy snogging and shagging one another whenever the urge hits us."

"What are you going to do for your birthday?"

"Hermione already knows what I want for my present. I'm just patiently waiting for the day."

"No parties, nothing like that. It's just going to be the two of us on our boat."

Harry kissed her, "Sounds perfect to me. Privacy is very underrated if you ask me."

The rest of the day was spent very pleasantly. Harry got to dump Hermione into the ocean a few times, then got chased by her for doing so before she tackled him back into the water; they had fun. Bill, George, and Fleur were fun to just hang out with, although both of the Potters noticed some tension still between them. Harry and Hermione said goodbye in time for dinner, then headed back to their ship to change and clean up from their beach day. "Sand really does get everywhere," Harry muttered as it fell out of his hair, "we should make a spell that removes sand from your body."

Hermione contemplated this as she removed her bikini so that she could take a shower, "It should be simple. It'd be like a banishing charm but a bit more specific."

"Did you notice that Bill and George seemed…well…depressed?"

She turned the shower on and slid out of her bottoms, "I don't know exactly what has been going on in England, but I don't think that we're getting the full story."

He nodded and slid out of his trunks before joining her in the shower, "We should contact Lazarus and find out what really happened at the trial."

"We can call up Raphael and schedule a meeting."

"Sounds good," Harry washed her hair for her, "you think there's something they're not telling us?"

"The Weasleys? Most definitely. Those sentences were typical for their crimes, but the paper pointed out that Ginny and Molly would both get life in the goblin mines after they finish their stay in Azkaban. I've never heard of that happening before; usually you're convicted either by goblin or by Wizengamot. Something is going on, we just don't know what," Hermione leaned in to kiss him, "now let's just enjoy some time together and go out for dinner. We can call Raphael tonight." Harry liked this plan of action. Hermione was so good at making plans quickly. He found that useful throughout their schooling, and very comforting now.

They met with Raphael and Lazarus on Friday. They sat in the ICW embassy with them in a lounge. Harry held his wife's hand before asking, "What really happened in Britain with the Weasleys?"

"Wizarding law prevents them from being punished as heavily as they deserve since they're purebloods. So the goblins found the only other thing they could charge them with. Unfortunately Ronald can't suffer too heavily but maybe we'll find something. We're digging heavily into their lives. If there's more to find, we'll find it."

Harry accepted this, nodding. He just wanted it all behind them. "That's all well and good, but why are the other Weasleys so uncomfortable around us?"

"Guilt? Shame? Their family members did this to you both. George Weasley and Fred Weasley even sold love potions in their shop. I'm sure he feels particularly guilty about it."

Hermione nodded her head in agreement. That certainly made sense. Suddenly a thought occurred to her, "Mrs. Weasley once bragged that she ensnared her husband with a love potion."

Lazarus' mouth twitched at that. "While helpful, it doesn't help us with Ronald."

"No I meant that I'm concerned for Mr. Weasley." Raphael quickly made a note in a notebook about that. They hadn't thought that the man was under any love potions but it was still worth investigating.

Hermione gazed at the two vampires. They were holding something back. She was certain. She gazed at them, "How bad is what you're not telling us?"

The two exchanged a look before Raphael spoke, "Bad."

"Really bad?"

"Monstrous," Lazarus said.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "Tell me. Tell me because we need to know. Tell me while Harry's gone to the bathroom. I will decide whether to tell him and if it's as bad as you say then…well then I can tell you how to act."

They nodded and Lazarus began, "Molly's initial plan was arranged with Albus Dumbledore. She had a betrothal contract set up before Ginevra Weasley was even born. Albus assured her that he would not know a happy childhood and that even the simplest kind act was more than enough to gain his trust and affection. When Harry was at first drawn to you on the train Ronald Weasley informed her that it looked like Harry wanted to be your friend. She was outraged and viewed you as a threat. She ordered her son to be as mean to you as possible to try and make you leave Hogwarts. She was further enraged when Harry saved your life from the troll."

"She always tried to keep us separated," Hermione said, horrified at how close to death Ron had put her and yet understanding why she and Harry were never truly alone together save for Ron's temper tantrums that would make him hate them both for months at a time.

The vampires both nodded, "She had a deal with Dumbledore that with the Dursleys abusing Harry she'd be nice and kind and then once he was of age and betrothed to Ginny properly she would give Dumbledore 25% of his wealth. Love potions, compulsion charms, all were acceptable to make it happen." The implications of this enraged Hermione. He'd been betrayed so many times, by so many people; people who knew of the abuse by the Dursleys that he kept secret from her and did nothing to stop it. They were all counting on Harry to be a good person to fulfill their wicked greed while they manipulated and pushed him into dying at Voldemort's hand with less than minimal help provided.

Hermione gazed at Lazarus looking murderous, "I want the Dursleys arrested and charged with everything you can make stick. I want Ron's head on a stick. And I want to know the roles of every Weasley who wasn't arrested in this plot. If they were involved…"

"I understand," Lazarus nodded. "I will take care of it immediately."

"Remind me never to cross Hermione Potter," Raphael said to his colleague. The witch had gone from kind to vindictive in seconds; he wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of her wand.