Harry Potter the Visored

This chapter will be a lot of flashbacks mostly. It's important to the plot so please bear with it.

Note: This story will have a slightly manipulative Dumbledore and the Visored will be slightly OOC.

I'm undecided wether to have Ron bashing in this story, so advice would be helpful.

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At the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore was in a panic. He had been enjoying a cup of tea, when the devices that he used to monitor Harry's location went dead. He had jumped to his feet, his cup shattering on the ground, and ran over to check on the devices.

To his relief, the devices monitoring Harry's wellbeing showed him as alive, but he was perplexed as to why he couldn't get a reading on Harry's current location. The wards around the Dursley's residence wouldn't block…

Cold fear swept through him as he rushed to check the instrument that monitored the blood wards he had set up. To his horror, the wards were gone. That would mean that Harry no longer lived with his muggle relatives!

Dumbledore sank into a chair. His plan to use Harry to take down Voldemort was falling apart and there was nothing he could do.


It had been a few months since Harry had begun to live with the Visored. His presence also had been a positive influence on all of them. Shinji and Hiyori got along a bit more, Lisa read less of her dirty manga, Kensei trained less and became more social, and Mashiro even matured a bit. Harry saw all of the Visored as family. Shinji was his protective older brother, Mashiro and Hiyori were caring older sisters, Rose, Love and Hachi were Uncle figures, and Lisa was a caring Aunt. They had begun speaking in English around him, but made an effort to teach him Japanese as well. However, his normal life changed the night of the first day, when Hachi used his powers to make sure Harry was healthy.


Harry stood within one of Hachi's barriers. He had referred to them as Kido, though the term just flew over his head. The Visored had told Harry that they wanted to give him a check up to make sure he was healthy. The results of Hachi's diagnostic Kido surprised him so much that the Visored actually got to see what Hachi looked like when enraged.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?" he roared, scaring Harry a bit.

"Calm down Hachi," said Lisa as the barrier dropped. She picked up Harry and held him in her arms to calm him, "what's going on?"

"I am sorry," said Hachi, "if you could put Harry in his bed, I will explain."

Lisa took Harry to a bed that they had set up in a room of the warehouse that they had turned into a makeshift bedroom for Harry and tucked him in. Once their young charge was asleep, Lisa went to join the other Visored to hear what Hachi had found.

"So what did you find Hachi?" asked Shinji.

"It appears that the boy's previous guardians were worse than we thought they were," said Hachi grimly, "the child shows signs of beatings, overworking, malnutrition, and mild starvation, and that's not the worst of it."

The visored were shocked at the treatment that young Harry must have had to endure, and were shocked at Hachi's declaration that there was worse.

"You mean that treaing the like some sort of slave isn't the worst of it?" growled Kensei.

"Unfortunately no," said Hachi, "my kido detected something akin to a spiritual parasite attached to his soul. It resembles a mutilated human soul fragment and is the reason for the scar on his head."

"What can we do about it?" asked Shinji?

"I believe we will need the help of some old friends."

xXflashback endXx

After that talk, Harry had been taken to a small candy shop in Karakura. Once there they had need greeted by Kisuke Urahara, a man wearing a green outfit with a green striped bucket hat and wooden clogs, carrying a cane, and Tessai Tsukabishi, a tanned, muscular man wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, and a blue apron.


"Shinji," said Kisuke, "to what do I owe the honor of your group visiting my humble shop."

"We need your help," said Shinji seriously as Rose walked up with Harry in his arms.

"My my," said Urahara as he opened a paper fan and hid his mouth with it, "I never expected you to have a kid..."

"Cut the crap," growled Hiyori, "we found him on the street after he was abandoned by his relatives and we need your help dealing with an ailment he has."

Urahara snapped his fan shut and lost his carefree attitude, "Alright. Tell me everything."

The visored then recounted to Kisuke and Tessai the events that had occurred and Hachi's diagnosis of Harry.

"I see," said Kisuke grimly, "I'm going to need to run some tests before I can give you any options. Completely harmless tests!" he hastily added upon seeing the glares of the visored.

The visored agreed and woke Harry.

"Harry," said Shinji in English, "this man is a friend of ours and he's going to run some tests on you to help you."

"Alright," yawned Harry.

"Don't worry," said Kisuke, "when you're done, I'll give you some free treats."

Harry nodded and Rose led him by the hand to a back room where Urahara set up his equipment and begun his tests. A few minutes later, Urahara came out and had Tessai take Harry to choose some snacks. Turning to the Visored, he took his hat off, a serious look on his face with no trace of his usual jovial attitude.

"Whatever that thing in his scar is, it is going to be near impossible to remove," said Urahara, "but I do have an idea."

"What is it Urahara?" asked Shinji.

"You must give Harry the powers of a Shinigami," said Urahara.

"But, he has no natural powers," said Love, "the Shattered Shaft wouldnt work."

"I wasn't talking about the Shattered Shaft," said Urahara.

Urahara suddenly found eight Zanpakuo at his throat.

"Hear me out," protested Urahara, "I've come up with a way for the process to succeed for sure."

"Explan," said Shinji.

Urahara pulled out what looked like a glass bokken.

"If all of you put some of your Reiryoku into this sword and stab it into Harry, he waill gain the powers of a Shingami," said Urahara.


"It's completely harmless," said Kisuke, "he won't be injured in the slghtest."

"Assuming that this will work," said Shinji, "how will giving Harry Shinigami powers help deal with that thing in his scar?"

"When his soul is changed to that of a Shinigami, the abomination within him will also be changed. He will become a Visored," said Kisuke.

"You mean that thing would become his Inner Hollow?" asked Lisa.

Kisuke nodded, "It's the only option other than ripping the thing out, and that could permanently damage his soul."

"Fine," said Shinji, "but I want Harry to be asleep when it happens so we don't traumatize him."

xXflashback endXx

After that, the Visored had told Harry that he needed to sleep so they could heal him, and due to the sedative candies that Tessai had slipped him, Harry was eager to obey. Once he had fallen asleep, the Visored each pushed some of their Reiryoku into the sword and pushed it into the sleeping boy's chest. Suprisingly, there was no resistance from clothes or flesh. Suddenly there was an explosion of energy.


Harry found himself standing in a crystal forest once he fell asleep.

"This is a weird dream," commented Harry as he looked around.

"This is no dream," said a powerful voice.

Harry turned to see a large dragon covered in redish gold scales that sparkled like fire. It looked at the young boy with a crimson eye and smirked.

"You have a brave soul," said the dragon, "I like that in a user."

"Who are you?" asked Harry.

"I am a part of your soul," said the dragon, "My name is ******."

"What was that?" asked Harry, "I couldn't hear you."

The dragon sighed, "It seems that the time is not right for you to hear me. It is time for you to wake, child. We will speak again later."

xXflashback/dream endXx

Harry had awakened to find himself wearing black japanese robes with a sword at his side. He examined it and was amazed at how beautiful it was. The sword had had a black sheath and a gold guard that was designed like a coiled dragon. When he looked up, he saw the rest of his adoptive family standing over him and was pulled into a group hug.


After the Visored had explained to Harry what had happened, and explained the nature and duties of Shinigami to him, he had been taken back to their home and was trained in the ways of a Shinigami. He was taught how to use Kido by Hachi, he was taught Hakuda (hand to hand combat) by Mashiro, Hiyori, and Kensei, he was taught Zanjutsu (swordsmanship) from Lisa, Rose and Love, and is trained in Hohō (high speed movement) by Shinji.

The Visored also enrolled Harry in the Karakura Primary School, with help from Urahara of course, where he met Ichigo Kurosaki and Tatsuki Arisawa and became their friends. Harry was quite happy. He had a family and friends and life was good.