Harry Potter the Visored

Chapter 54

"Zanpakuto Talking"

"Mental Talking/Parseltongue"



"Hollow/wraith/horcrux Talking"

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As Harry came to, he realized that he was, once again, in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing, this time bundled up under layers of blankets in an attempt to stave off what he recognized as the lingering chill of the Dementor's Miasma. Shifting in the bed, the young Visored tried to get up, but let out a groan as he was hit by a wave of exhaustion that he recognized from the last time he pushed his Mask training too far and drained most of his Reiryoku.

"I see you're awake," said a familiar voice, causing Harry to turn his head and see Professor Lupin siting by his bed, "you gave us quite the scare."

"Here," said the Defense Professor as he picked up a steaming goblet and helped Harry bring it to his lips, "drink this. It will help with the chill."

Harry nodded and carefully drank from the cup, the sweet taste of Hot Chocolate quickly pushing back the worst of the aftereffects of the Dementors' aura. Once he had finished, Lupin put the cup aside and wiped Harry's mouth before regarding the teen.

"I must admit that I had my doubts that we'd find you with your soul still yours when we made it back to you," said Lupin, "we definitely did not expect to find you in the midst of a brushfire with what looked to be burnt Dementor remains slowly turning to ash around you."

"The Dementors…are gone?" rasped Harry, the lingering exhaustion making him have to force the words out.

"They're gone," said Lupin, "and they aren't coming back. Dumbledore personally made sure of that, practically dressing down the Minister and representatives from the Board of Governors that opposed his position on the matter, making it clear that when the beings charged with his students' protection became that which they needed to be protected against, said beings would no longer be welcome or wanted within Hogwarts."

"He…said that?" asked Harry.

"Indeed," said Lupin, "Sirius and I have never seen that displeased with someone."

"Sirius Black…alright?" Harry asked as he tried to look around.

"Easy there," said Lupin, "Sirius is alright and is being kept in another room with several Aurors guarding him. He's getting some rest, and you should do the same. You really overdid yourself, leaving your Magical Core all but burnt out. What were you thinking taking on a swarm of Dementors all on your own?"

"It was me they were after," rasped Harry as he started to get his voice back, prompting Lupin to help him take another sip of the chocolaty beverage.

"I gathered as much," said Lupin, "though I have never seen such behavior from the creatures before your interactions with them. What did you do to paint such a target on your back?"

"It's not something that I can easily talk about," said Harry, "but they seem to view me as a genuine threat to their existence and therefore seek to destroy me."

"Something tells me there is more behind that story," said Lupin, "but I know better than anyone that sometimes secrets are best kept to oneself. Rest Harry. You're safe now."

Harry nodded and closed his eyes, letting sleep take its hold as he, once more, succumbed to unconsciousness.


While this was happening, another meeting was going on in the Headmaster's Office. After driving back the Dementor hoard and transporting Harry to the Hospital Wing, Dumbledore had made a call, leading to him now sitting across from Shinji, Lisa, Rose and Hacchi of the Visored as he disclosed the events that led to his message to them.

"Let me get this straight," said Shinji, "Harry was in a life-threatening situation and is now recovering in the Hospital Wing for the third year in a row?!"

"I understand your anger," said Dumbledore as he fought to remain calm under the glares the Visored were shooting his way, "and I wish there had been some way to prevent this."

"So you're saying you wanted to keep those soul sucking creatures away from this school?" asked Rose, "Why may I ask then were they here for so long?"

"I'm afraid it was out of my hands until just recently?" said Dumbledore.

"So you're saying that you couldn't keep these things out of your own school?" asked Lisa, "You are the Headmaster, aren't you?"

"I may be the Headmaster of Hogwarts," said Dumbledore, but I still must answer to certain powers. Namely the Hogwarts Board of Governors and the Wizengamont, and it was those two parties that overrode my decision to bar the Dementors from the grounds due to the fear and unrest caused by Sirius's escape. I assure you that I never wanted any harm to come to Harry or any other student and the Dementors will never set foot, or whatever they have for feet, on Hogwarts soil again so long as I am Headmaster here."

"In any case," said Shinji, "you could have just sent a letter telling us about Harry. Why call us here to tell us in person?"

"I wanted to talk about Harry," said Dumbledore, "mainly his current living arrangements."

"Oh no!" snapped Lisa, "He is not going back to those creatures that abandoned him to die! Not while I have anything to say about it!"

"I am in complete agreement," said Dumbledore.

"…Come again?" said Shinji as the Visored stared at the Headmaster as if he had grown a second head.

"You know of the prophecy," said Dumbledore, "and I still believe that the 'power he knows not' is still the power of love, but looking back on some past decisions I've made, I've come to realize that I owe you an apology. Harry's Uncle and Aunt truly had no desire to provide a healthy environment for any child raised within their walls, and I was wrong to try and request that he be returned to them. You have shown more love and compassion to the boy than many others ever would, despite him not being related to you by blood, and I see now that the best place for him is with you."

"You've given this a lot of thought," said Shinji, "and honestly, after all that has happened, our first instinct is to take Harry back to Japan and leave this crazy place well alone."

"But we won't," said Hacchi, "because one of the reasons we sent Harry here was so he could experience something that we could not provide: a childhood. He needed to come here so he could learn and make friends and experience the world that his parents came from. So, Harry will remain a student here, but we expect you to keep to what you said and cease all actions to manipulate our ward to your own ends. If we find that you've broken this deal…"

At this Hacchi scowled, his normally calm demeanor becoming downright terrifying, "then not even death will protect you from us."

"I understand," said Dumbledore, "I will not betray your trust."

"So," said Rose, "what will become of Sirius Black? I expect he'll receive a fair trial?"

"Indeed," said Dumbledore, "as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamont, I will personally ensure that this grave miscarriage of justice is rectified. To that extent, I would like to welcome you to attend the hearing as Harry's family and Guardians."

"We'll be there," said Shinji, "and we hope to see justice carried out."

With that, the four members of the Visored left the Headmaster's office, heading to check on their young charge. Upon arriving at the Hospital wing, the found Harry asleep in his bed, with Remus Lupin sitting in a chair reading a book.

"Oh, hello," said Lupin, "I wasn't aware Madame Pomfrey was allowing visitors at this time."

"She made an exception for family," said Shinji, surprising the Defense Professor as he now regarded the group curiously, "the name's Shinji and this is Rose, Hacchi, and Lisa."

"So, you're the ones who have been caring for young Harry," said Lupin, "I must say that you should be very proud of the young man you raised."

"Thanks," said Lisa, "we try to be the best family we can be for him, especially after all he's been through. We all have our own quirks, but that brings us closer."

"Then I must express my gratitude," said Lupin, "James and Lily, Harry's parents, were dear friends of mine, and when the Prophet revealed what had happened to their only child upon their demise, I was filled with remorse for my inability to protect him, and anger for how those creatures abandoned him. For rescuing Harry from whatever fate would have befallen him due to their actions, there are not words enough that can express my thanks."

"Think nothing of it," said Shinji, "Harry's been a light in our lives that has brought us happiness we didn't know we had lost. We're his family and he is ours, and we'd hope that you could stop by when you have the chance. I'm sure Harry would love to hear more about his parents."

Lupin smiled, "I think I'd like that. You live in Japan, right?"

"That's right," said Shinji, "but don't let that stop you. Just contact us beforehand and we'll arrange transportation."

Those gathered chuckled for a bit before the Visored turned to look at their young charge, "Now then," said Shinji, "do you think you could regale us with stories of Harry's school year?"