Adventure on Jewel's Island

It has been two years since the war with Sir Crocodile, and Alabasta has been prospering ever since. The citizens always held a grudge against pirates except for a certain pirate crew that helped them win the war, the Straw-hats; in fact Alabasta would never have won the battle against Sir Crocodile if they didn't help.

A quiet spring night it was with the soft cool breeze blowing gently throughout Alubarna's corners while the people slept peacefully except for a certain blue haired royal beauty. Vivi stared at the moon from her room's window, thinking about the news she heard about her friends. It has been a while since I heard anything about them' she lowered her gaze to her bed and stared silently at Carue, not really acknowledging his presence. 'Looks like the New World is a place full of adventure.' Thought the princess again, but was interrupted by Carue's stretching and yawning. She smiled at her pet duck and yawned when she felt the sleep creep to her eyes, so she closed the window and went to lay beside her pet. "Do you miss them too Carue?" she whispered to her duck, but all she received was "quack" she smiled at his cute answer "Goodnight Carue" she spoke softly. She turned to lay on her back and stared at the ceiling, thinking about the time she spent with her pirate friends; she thought about the adventures they had, the late night talks she had with Nami, the sweet compliments that Sanji showered her with, and finally, she thought about a certain green haired swordsman. " " she whispered quietly to herself and blushed when she remembered the time she walked on him on the Dojo while he was exercising shirtless. She giggled softly and closed her eyes to sleep.

Meanwhile on the Thousand Sunny, the straw hat ladies were having their usual night chats "Ummm… Nami, there is something I want to tell you." Spoke Robin with an upset tone. "What is it Robin?" asked Nami worriedly. "The last island we've been to, I heard a group of pirates talking at the bar." Answered the black haired woman "They said something about the princess of Alabasta." Continued Robin. Nami sat up straight and looked at Robin with scared eyes "What did they say Robin?" asked the younger woman with terror in her voice. "Well, they said that they'll have to be ready within a week, because a week from now, Vivi will be in Jewels Island for a meeting with the island's king." Answered Robin. "So, do you think these pirates are planning to hurt her?" asked Nami her eyes widening in fear as she imagined Vivi being hurt. "I don't know Nami, I am not sure what do they exactly want." Answered Robin. "Fine then! As soon as the sun rise, I'll navigate us to Jewel's Island." Stated Nami.

On the next morning, the princess of Alabasta got ready to travel to Jewel's Island "Finally! Father gave me a chance to prove that I'll be a strong queen" whispered the young princess to herself. She was excited about her first mission as a royalty. She was interrupted by a knock on the door, she turned her face to the door and spoke politely "Come in ". "Vivi-sama, are you ready to…ehm ehm…ma….ma…MAAAAA !" said Igram. "Yes I am." Replied the princess with a polite smile. "Your dad wishes to have breakfast with you before we leave." Continued Igram. "Of course, I'll be there in just a minute." Replied the princess as she brushed her hair gracefully. "Oh Vivi! You look like a queen." Said Cobra, astonished with his daughter's beauty. "Thank you father." Replied the young princess. He hugged his daughter and kissed her forehead "Though I have a bad feeling about this trip, I trust your ability to accomplish it perfectly." Spoke the king seriously. "I won't let you down Father, I promise." Replied Vivi smiling warmly at her father. They sat at the table and started eating breakfast when Cobra spoke suddenly to his daughter "I am sending security with you." He said before swallowing his food. "Koza, Pell, Igram, and Chakka." Continued the king. "But father, don't you think this is too much." Said Vivi jokingly. "No Vivi it is not" replied Cobra sternly. "Vivi, you know how important Jewel Island is to Alabasta, and you know that our enemies won't let us ally with them." Continued Cobra. "Don't worry father, I'll do my best to get their alliance." Said Vivi with determination. "Soon, the young princess will set sail, so get ready everybody." Spoke Igram loudly to the sailors outside the dining room. Cobra sighed. "Father, everything will be fine I promise." Said Vivi holding her father's hand tightly. "Vivi-sama we are ready to leave." Said Pell, standing at the room's door. Vivi bid her father goodbye and followed Pell to the ship. As soon as she got on board, Vivi couldn't stop thinking about the days she spent with the Straw-hats.' I hope I'd meet them during this trip.' Hoped Vivi silently.

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