"Oi Zoro! "Yelled Usopp "Vivi's ship is here!" continued the long nosed sniper as he knocked on the Crow's Nest door.

Zoro , annoyed by his friend's loud voice , woke up and rubbed his eyes lazily before opening the door.
"What is it Usopp? It's still so damn early." Spoke the swordsman, yawning.

"Vivi's ship is here & I know she spent last night with you." Replied Usopp frankly.

"WHAT! How did you …. I mean what are you talking about?" asked Zoro shockingly.

"You guys were really loud last night & I was at the kitchen so I heard you." Answered Usopp casually, it sounded like he expected that it will happen sooner or later.

"Does anyone else know about this?" asked Zoro, clearing his throat."No I was alone." Replied his curly haired friend honestly.

Vivi opened her eyes slowly & looked at the two men whispering at the door; "Is everything alright?" asked the blue haired girl.

Zoro looked at her with a ghost of a smile on his lips "Good morning, Vivi" he saluted her and leaned to place a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Your ship is here" said the swordsman quietly; putting an effort to conceal the sadness in is voice. "I'll leave you now, so you can get ready." Said Zoro and picked his clothes up off the floor.

"Oh Vivi! I'll miss you so much." Said Nami, hugging her royal friend.

""Me too, Nami" replied Vivi, tears already filling her wide eyes.

The princess bid the entire Strawhats goodbye, and walked to Zoro "Goodbye " she was now familiar with his name, but used his nickname to hide the tremble in her voice if she spoke his name. Zoro didn't respond, he only stared at her with cold eyes.

Vivi lowered her head and looked at her feet sadly. She turned her back at the green haired pirate and was ready to walk away from him when she felt strong hands on her waist grab her, and a pair of rough lips crash against hers passionately.

"Take care of yourself Vivi." Spoke Zoro huskily over her lips, as he rested his forehead against hers. Vivi only nodded weakly as tears started pouring over her soft cheeks.

Zoro smiled simply &wiped the tears of f her reddened face "I'll be back for you, when I become the best swordsman in the world, I'll be back Vivi, I promise." Whispered Zoro quietly to the princess, who sobbed hot tears against his half bare chest "I'll…..I'll miss you so much." She spoke weakly between her hard sobs. Zoro kissed Vivi's lips gently for the last time and sent her to her ship with Igram.

From the ship's board, Vivi stared at her lover with tears the rolled heavily down her cheeks.

Zoro stared at her, like she was the only thing he sees. He knew her departure would be painful, yet he couldn't help tremble finely at the agony squeezing his heart. Soon, the sight of his mistress vanished, and he turned to face his crewmates, who looked empathetically yet not pitifully at him.

"What are you waiting for?!" spoke the swordsman "We have an adventure to go on, get moving." Continued Zoro casually.

His friends said nothing but started moving to where they are supoosed to be, understanding the message sent in his casual tone; he wouldn't accept empathy, not even from them.

Zoro climbed to the nest and stared at the window, watching the blue horizon. 'I promise I will Vivi.' Thought the young swords master to him. He sighed and picked up his sword "Looks like we have one more promise to fulfill, friend." Spoke Zoro softly to the shinning blade, before staring back at the ocean.

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