A Short, Frozen x Wicked the Musical Fan Fiction

Author's Notes:

Oh my god... I'm actually writing a crossover... What is WRONG with me? -shrug- Oh well. NOT Elsaba, but I do like the idea of Elsa and Elphie having something of a relationship/sisterhood through time and space.

I LOVE YOU, IDINA MENZEL (aka Adelle Dazeem... No, John Travolta, you will never live that down)!

I tried not to focus too much on only one of the girls... Tell me if I was successful in a review!

Oh, and yes, I should be working on FMK... But I've been working at an actual job a lot and haven't had time to get on my laptop and put a reasonable amount of effort into it, so I thought I'd just take a break and do something different. I wrote this exclusively on my phone on breaks and during lunch.

Best read if you listen to Let it Go from Frozen and Defying Gravity from Wicked first.

Part One:


"Let the storm rage on! The cold never bothered me anyway."

"And nobody in all of Oz, no wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna bring me down!"

And thus a queen and witch, two powerful women, became a pair with unlimited possibilities.


Elsa looked around her in awe at the palace of ice that she had created... her first beautiful act of power she had ever elicited. The chains that had seemed to bind her heart for those thirteen long years had fallen away, and in that moment she was no longer a queen, but a goddess.

A strange sound behind her put a slight damper on the perfection and happiness of the moment. Turning around slowly, Elsa saw a strange light phenomenon of swirling greenish blue hues. It almost looked as if a lightning storm was occurring within.

"I definitely did not do that..." Elsa muttered to herself as she cautiously approached the strange thing. She reached out a hand toward the light. The unknown beckoned to her like it was calling her name.


Startled and suddenly very scared, she pulled back her hand but instead seemed to be pulled farther into the vortex. As she fought against the force, ice formed with every yank, shooting into the vortex.

"No! No!" Elsa screamed as she was thrown into the gaping portal.

Elphaba couldn't help but turn to look at what she had left behind. She thought of Glinda left under the thumb of the corruption of Oz and the wizard, but she knew she couldn't go back. She made her decision, and Glinda made hers.

As the wind rushed past her face, Elphaba felt an exhilaration like she had never before experienced. Flying above Oz on her miraculous, levitating broom, she knew she was far above any of them in more than that sense. The sadness and fear was far away, left in the attic of the palace of the Emerald City.


It was just a whisper on the wind, but it was just loud enough for Elphaba to hear. She looked around her in fear. Was this one of the wizard's tricks? Suddenly her broom hit turbulence and she turned her face forward to straighten out, but what she saw caught her off guard: a swirling, green portal in the sky, and she was heading right toward it.

She tried to maneuver so it was out of her path, but some invisible force would not allow it. Gripping tightly to her broom and the spell book she "got" from the wizard, she gritted her teeth as the portal sucked her in.


Inside the vortex was a whirl of color and light. Elphaba peered around her in wonder as she managed to keep herself steady on the broom. However, she looked up and saw another woman with white blonde hair and an ice blue dress who looked like she was having a panic attack.

Elphaba held a hand up to her, reaching as far as she could without letting go completely of the broom. "Take my hand!" she called.

It was true; Elsa had a difficulty catching her breath between screams. Her eyes were squeezed shut, but when she heard a voice calling to her, she opened them and saw that she was in the midst of the green vortex that made her nauseous to look at, and underneath her was an equally green, young woman on a broom. Too scared to be disturbed by the woman's odd coloration, she took the outstretched hand and allowed herself to be pulled onto the back of the broom.

The white-haired woman's hand was ice cold as Elphaba pulled her onto the broom behind her. Even the broom started to become slick with ice. "What the..." Elphaba muttered as she reached inside her for power and used it to thaw out the broom, but it continued to freeze as she was melting it.

Elphaba turned her head to look at the other woman through the corner of her eye. Was she doing this? She had her arms wrapped tightly around Elphaba's waist and they were still freezing. She looked down at the pale, petite hands and was surprised to see a web of ice spreading from the woman's fingertips across her front.

Just as she was about to be concerned, the portal spat them out with such force that it knocked Elphaba and Elsa both off of the broom and they fell heavily onto the ground, now in a large field of wildflowers in god-knows-where.

When Elsa finally had the courage to open her eyes, she slowly picked herself up from the ground. Hundreds of flowers lay crushed and frosted where she landed. She looked around the clearing and realized that she clearly was not in Arendelle anymore. Then she noticed the green girl getting up from the ground with some difficulty a few feet from her. She kept tripping over her long, black cloak.

"Here" Elsa said, offering a helping hand.

Elphaba greatfully took the proffered hand with an awkward smile. "Thanks..." She got up and brushed herself off. "Um."

The strange looking woman walked over to her black, pointed hat that had flown off and landed next to her and placed it gingerly on her head before walking back and offering Elsa her hand. "I'm Elphaba" she said.

"Elsa" Elsa replied, gently shaking Elphaba's hand.

"Um, hi..."


The two women looked away awkwardly. No one knew what had happened. All they knew was that they both had just experienced the most bizarre turn of events and they were in some strange place with a complete and total stranger.

"So..." Elphaba began, rubbing the back of her neck and looking around the clearing and into the surrounding wood. "Where do you suppose we are?"

There was silence for a few moments while they both pondered the question.

"Not in Arendelle."

"Certainly not Oz."

They both had spoken at the same time.

"Where?" they asked each other, again in unison.

Smiling uneasily, they each chuckled at their own gawkiness.

"I'm sorry." Elsa brushed away the messy locks of white-blonde hair from her face and laughed a little. "Arendelle is my kingdom..."

Elphaba was slightly taken aback. "Your kingdom?" she asked incredulously.

"Ehem... Well, uh..." It was Elsa's turn to rub the back of her neck awkwardly. The 'my' just slipped out... She hadn't really wanted Elphaba to know. "Technically I'm the queen... My coronation was today."

This statement earned Elsa a wide eyed stare from Elphaba and a cocked eyebrow. "What do you mean you're "technically" the queen?! I thought if you were the queen, you were the queen!"

"Well... It's complicated." Elsa glanced away guiltily.

Elphaba rolled her eyes and smirked. "Well I have nothing but time. Just spit it out."

Sighing with frustration, Elsa crossed her legs and sat in the flowers right where she stood. "My kingdom doesn't seem too happy to find out their queen is a monster."

Now that was something Elphaba could definitely relate to. Suddenly all sarcasm disappeared and she sat down next to the sorrowful queen. She had to admit, the light blonde hair immediately reminded her of bubbly, happy-go-lucky, sometimes clueless Glinda, but the queen's eyes said she had experienced lot of pain in the past, and guilt. Elphaba now felt more like she was looking in a mirror.

"What do you mean?" she asked. She was about to rest a hand comfortingly on the woman's shoulder, but thought better of it.

Elsa shook her head with dark amusement, plucking a light purple flower from the ground and watching it frost over between her fingers. "They don't like it when something can't be explained." She waved a hand over the flowers, freezing and killing all within a foot radius. "Especially when it's dangerous and... difficult to control."

Awe and empathy filled the heart of the also misunderstood, green girl. Picking up one of the iced wildflowers, Elphaba offered it to Elsa.

Elsa eyed the flower suspiciously until it bloomed right before her eyes. Her jaw dropped and she looked up at Elphaba with surprise.

"I feel your pain, Elsa..." Elphaba muttered, and as quickly as it bloomed, the poor, abused flower burst into flame and fell as ash back to the ground.

A deep sadness welled inside Elsa as the flower ceased to exist, but she tucked it away as she looked to Elphaba once again with curiosity abounding. "Who are you?"

Elphaba smiled a little and chuckled. "Elphaba, remember?"

Chuckling a little in response, Elsa realized there were a lot more pressing matters to discuss. "Do you know what happened to us?"

"Not a clue." Elphaba looked around though, as if searching for an answer. "I was escaping the wizard when the portal appeared and sucked me in."

"Wait, you were escaping a wizard? Is magic common in Oz?"

"Well..." Elphaba had to think on that for a moment. "I suppose, in an uncommon sense... It's common in that, though it's pretty uncommon, it's recognized that the occasional person is born with it in some parts of society..." Trying to explain the prevalence and acceptance of magic in Oz made her head spin.

Elsa understood none of it, and the lack of apprehension appeared quite clearly on her face, but rather than try to wrap her head around it, she brought up another question that was on her mind. "Why were you 'escaping'?"


Elsa instantly regretted her question. Though her intent was honest, the fear and the sadness that spread across Elphaba's face stabbed at her heart like a dagger. She wanted to take it back, but Elphaba continued.

"I was ignorant and naive... I thought the society in which I lived was better than it was." The sadness slowly morphed into an underlying anger. "I thought the wizard was a man with morals." Her eyes darkened under the brim of her black, pointed hat. "I couldn't just stand by and watch the corruption once I learned the truth."

Chills ran up Elsa's spine. Between the powers and her integrity, this woman was clearly a force to be reckoned with.

There was another long silence.

"You know, Elsa..." Elphaba began, garnering the queen's attention once again from the mutilated flower stem in her hands. "I know we've only just met today and we're complete and total strangers and I don't even know you..."

"You're redundancy is redundant." Elsa interrupted with a smile and a little chuckle at her poke of irony. "Spit it out."

"Heh." Elphaba grinned, her white teeth startling against her skin. "I was just gonna say... I don't think you're a monster."

Elsa's smile softened. "Thanks... I appreciate that."

The two women smiled at each other for a bit, until that was too weird to continue. Elsa laughed. "So, don't be offended, please... But why..." She gestured toward her head with a waving motion.

"... Am I green?" Elphaba guessed. She wasn't offended, of course. It was a perfectly legitimate question.

"Actually, I was asking about your interesting and strangely stylish hat, but the story on your verdigris is probably fairly interesting as well."

Elphaba tried for exactly three seconds to contain her loud, appreciative laughter... and failed with a loud snort, followed by said laughter.

Amused by her new friend's amusement, Elsa joined in as well... though not with quite so much gusto.



The laughter died off quickly as the two women turned to see that the portal of greenish light had reappeared behind them.

Looking back to each other, fear was evident in both of their eyes. "I..." Elsa's glance flickered toward the portal before she grabbed Elphaba's hand urgently. "I'm not ready to go back..."

The portal started to pulse, growing larger with each pulsation.

"I think we have to, Elsa..." Elphaba took Elsa's hand firmly. "We'll go together, yeah?"

With another look at the portal, Elsa slowly nodded. They stood, each holding tightly to the other's hand, and they approached the portal until they were trapped in it's pull.

Elphaba looked to Elsa. Her eyes were wide with fear and her chest was rising and falling quickly, her breathing ragged. "It'll be ok, Elsa!" She shouted over the roar as the portal took them in.