A FrozenxWicked Crossover Fan Fiction

Part Three:

Her Story

"I like the open gates."

"We are never closing them again!"

"Because I knew you, I have been changed..."

"No one mourns the wicked!"


As the day began to come to an end, the summer ice rink emptied. Even Anna had gone inside once the party became small and her feet began to hurt.

Elsa stayed, however. Sitting on the castle steps, she looked fondly over the ice rink that covered the cobblestone. With a happy sigh, Elsa skimmed her fingertips over the surface of the ice and watched as the ice began to disappear and float into the twilight sky and out of sight.

The summer instantly penetrated to courtyard with it's warmth. Inhaling deeply, Elsa tried her hardest to take it all in. After such a nightmarish past couple of days, or decade really, she was absolutely euphoric.

Elsa stood to return to Anna, but as she turned to enter the castle she was stopped by a voice behind her.


She turned around in surprise as the swirling green portal appeared in the air, right in the middle of the courtyard.

"Elphaba..." she muttered. Part of her was still bitter about what the green woman had said to her the other day, but another part knew that the way she had acted wasn't all that great either.

With a heavy sigh, Elsa approached the portal once again and entered the vortex.


Elphaba and Fiyero escaped to the mountains surrounding the land of Oz. After the staged melting, Elphaba was filled with a bittersweet feeling that nearly made her nauseous. Leaving Glinda thinking she was dead tasted rancid, but leaving Oz was sweeter than anything. The wicked witch of the west may have melted in her dark fortress, but Elphaba was free and with the man she loved.

Just ahead of her, Fiyero forged ahead with a stolen map of the mountains. "Elphaba!" he called back to her, "there's a clearing just a little farther up! We can set up camp there for the night. Your bear friends at Strawberry Peak are going to have to wait another night."

"Alright." Elphaba sighed. They had been in the mountains for days. Dorothy had taken her broom, so their only mode of transportation was on foot. She promised herself she would never use magic again unless the situation was dire.

Forcing herself to push forward, Elphaba stumbled over a tree root. She had to wrap her arms around the tree trunk for support.

Fiyero heard her stumble and ran back to her through the trees. "Are you alright?" he asked, offering an arm which she gratefully took.

"Yeah, I'm fine." she muttered, looking up at her lover's face. A scarecrow never looked more handsome.


Fiyero saw the portal first. "What is that thing?!" He asked, concern coloring his voice.

Elphaba had turned and was staring at the portal in shock. It had been so long since she had seen the swirling vortex. She began to wonder, what had happened to the snow queen, Elsa? Were things better? Were they worse?

"Stay here..." she said, her voice distant.

"Elphaba..!" he started to protest, but she had already entered the portal.


Elsa didn't see Elphaba as she flew through the green vortex. She seemed to have traveled longer than the last two times, and when the portal finally rejected her, she wasn't in the meadow. She was standing in a flood of people wearing strange clothes and there was light all around, but the sky above revealed the night.

The lights were in bright colors, some of them flashing with words of advertisements. She looked up at the building that she had landed in front of. Lights spelled the words "Gershwin Theatre" and her heart stopped when she saw a large poster depicting a green woman with a familiar, black, pointed hat; a blonde woman in white whispered in her ear.

Suddenly Elsa noticed a change in her apparel. She looked down at herself and was shocked and embarrassed to discover she was wearing pants. However, as she looked around she became somewhat less embarrassed when she saw many women were wearing the same sort of strange, blue pants.

In awe, Elsa approached the bright building. Brushing a lock of hair from her face, she noticed that on her hand was written in dark ink: Look in your pocket.

Slightly taken aback, she did as the note said. In the pocket of her pants was a slip of stiff paper. Pulling it out, she read what it had to say: Admit one Wicked the Musical at Gershwin 8:00 pm Thursday, October 30, 2003 starring Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenowith, and Norbert Leo Butz Section A Row 4 Seat 12.

The first thing that nearly made Elsa swoon was the date. 2003?! But rather than let it bother her too much, she entered the building with the ticket clutched in her hand.

As she entered the huge entry hall, Elsa fell in line with the crowd as they waited to go... Somewhere. She watched carefully as people handed their slips of paper to the usher and either walked up a set of stairs or into a second corridor.

It took quite a while for Elsa to reach the front. She handed her ticket to the usher and his eyes widened with shock.

"Your majesty!" He exclaimed quietly with shock.

Elsa's head jerked back a little. How did he know?

"I'm terribly sorry about the wait... You should've gone to will call... Here, let me take you to your seat."

Thoroughly confused and somewhat disgruntled, Elsa followed the young man who was babbling on about some place called Norway and similarities between her and Idina Menzel who apparently was the star of the "musical" she was about to see.

Once they finally entered the main theatre, Elsa's jaw dropped in amazement. Hundreds, maybe even a thousand red, velvet seats filled it up to high balconies near the ceiling.

Then she saw the stage.

"Ehem..." the usher cleared his throat, trying to get her attention.

Elsa looked at him briefly, but quickly returned her gaze to the green-lit stage as she moved to her seat. "Woah..." she whispered.

"Amazing, isn't it?" the usher replied with a smile. "Enjoy the show."

The stage was dominated by a large map bathed in green light. It was a map of Oz.

In the hall, the overhead lights flashed twice. "Ten more minutes!" Elsa heard the excited statement all around her, and sure enough, about ten minutes later, the lights faded into darkness in the house and the stage became all she could see. An unseen orchestra began to play an overture. The show was starting.


When Elphaba was ejected from the portal, she found herself in a world that wasn't her own. All around her were moving vehicles and strangely dressed people. Her eyes widened with fear. These people were probably less accustomed to green people than the Ozians! She watched the people carefully, but no one seemed give her a second glance, even in the broad daylight.

Confused, Elphaba looked down at herself and was shocked to discover that her skin was no longer the deep, emerald green that it was in Oz. Instead, it was... normal.. a lightly tanned cream color. Her clothes had changed as well. She was now wearing a black tank top and a strange pair of blue pants.

Once she was less overcome with surprise by her transformation, she noticed a note written on her hands in dark, black ink. Look in your pocket.

Somewhat wary of the turn of events, Elphaba reached into her pocket and drew out two pieces of paper, one was stiff and looked like a ticket and the other just appeared to be a note. She read the note first.

Elphaba, I apologize for the change in appearance. It is necessary that you go as unnoticed as possible. It will not last. Once you leave this world, you'll revert back to your normal appearance. The ticket is to see the film Frozen. The building across from you is a theater. Follow the directions of the person you give your ticket to and find a seat. Don't freak out. In your other pocket there's a pair of sunglasses. Put them on. You bear a remarkable resemblance to a celebrity in this world.

Confused, but unsure of anything else to do, Elphaba reached into her other pocket and put on the sunglasses.

Coming from a warm afternoon, entering the theater was like walking into a freezer. Elphaba watched as a group of people handed their tickets to a man in a red vest and she followed suit.

"You'll be in theater 7 to your left." the man said in a bored voice with a half-hearted smile.

Elphaba smiled back awkwardly as she took her ticket stub and followed his directions. Next to the theater she was sent to, Elphaba saw a large poster that dropped her jaw. On it, was a strange, drawing-looking picture that resembled Elsa exactly with another, red-headed girl standing next to her. "What the...?" She began to exclaim, but she stopped herself quickly, not wanting to draw attention to herself. Suddenly very uneasy, Elphaba entered the theater.

She stopped short when she saw the screen. Don't freak out, the note had said. Now she knew why. There were pictures on the screen. And they were moving. With sound. "Sweet Oz..." She muttered. What magic was this?

In the semi-darkness of the theater, she had to take the glasses off to see. She found an empty seat at the end of a row up toward the back of the theater and sat, watching the pictures in awe.

Suddenly the theater darkened so that it was dark all around but for the screen. A beautiful vocalized song began to play as snowflakes began to fall.



Never had Elsa felt so much sadness and heartbreak for someone than she did for Elphaba as she watched the performance. The music was beautiful and the message was inspiring, but from scene one to curtain call tears came and went between the comedic points. This was a girl she knew. A girl she cared about.

Guilt built on itself as the show went on. She had been so selfish.

As Elsa left the theatre, she was still wiping away tears, desperately clutching the playbill in her hands. Would she ever see Elphaba again? Would she get the opportunity to apologize? She sat dejectedly on a bench outside the Gershwin until the crowds had finally emptied from the theatre. She was completely alone.


Her head jerked up quickly. The portal had reappeared right in front of her, the vortex seeming to beckon to her. Looking around quickly, Elsa approached the portal. Behind her was the hustle and bustle of the city, but no one noticed as the woman disappeared into the portal.


From the end of the opening musical number almost to the end of the strange, moving picture, guilt never ceased to mount in Elphaba's chest. She had no idea Elsa had gone through so much.

On top of the guilt however, was a deepening sense of a connection between herself and the troubled queen. She had never identified so well with anyone that she had known for years.

The end lifted her spirits though. Elsa didn't have to run away... Not like she did. Rather than feeling bitter though, Elphaba felt happy for Elsa. She had her sister and her kingdom.

Elphaba stayed in the theater until after Marshmallow found the crown which drew an amused chuckle from her. All the other people exited shortly thereafter, but she continued to sit in her seat, the occasional tear leaving a trail down her cheek.


Elphaba's head turned sharply to her right. The green portal seemed to just be sitting in the seat right next to her.

A group of voices came from the entrance of the theater. Hoping to find Elsa on the other side of the portal, Elphaba quickly stood from her seat and sat into the portal as if she were sitting on the seat it was resting on.


The journey through the portal was quick before Elsa and Elphaba were dropped off, once again, in the meadow. The grass was soft and green and a cool breeze rippled the trees all around them.

Elphaba looked down at herself. As promised, the deep green tone of her skin had returned. While part of her was sad for it, she was also relieved to be back in her skin.

Both realizing that they didn't see the other, Elphaba and Elsa turned to face each other. For a brief moment they stared at each other, appreciating the new understanding they had of their counterpart.

"Elsa..." Elphaba started, uncertain.

"I'm sorry..." Elsa interrupted. "I... I saw..."

"Me too." Elphaba replied, rushing forward and wrapping the queen in a tight embrace. "I'm glad you're okay."

Elsa smiled and returned the embrace, resting her head on her friend's shoulder. "I'm glad you're okay too. I hope things will get better."

Elphaba squeezed her tighter. "I'll be alright. I have Fiyero, and you have Anna..." She pulled away from Elsa so she could look at her properly, but kept her hands on her shoulders. "Thank her for me, okay?"

Reaching up, Elsa took Elphaba's hand and held it. "And thank Fiyero for me... You will see Glinda again... I know it."

Elphaba bit her lip. She really hoped Elsa was right. Pulling the queen close to her again in a warm hug, she whispered, "Thank you, Elsa."

"Alright everyone, sorry to cut the reunion short."

Elsa and Elphaba stepped away from each other and looked around the clearing in confusion. The voice was male with a strange accent and it seemed to come from nowhere.

"It's time. You both need to return to your own worlds, but if you wish to hug it out a little longer that's all right. However, if you would leave your tickets on the ground when you leave that'd be lovely."

The voice went quiet and the two women looked at each other with surprise.

"What was that all about?" Elphaba muttered.

With a sigh, Elsa pointed behind Elphaba. "Look."

The portal had reappeared in silence in the clearing. "Do you think we'll see each other again?" Elphaba asked, not really expecting an answer better than her own.

"I don't know..." Elsa looked back to Elphaba. "but I hope so."

Elphaba turned and stood next to Elsa as they watched the vortex gradually increasing in size. Time was running short.

"We should go..." Elsa muttered, pulling the ticket from her pocket and dropping it into the grass.

"Yeah..." Elphaba's voice was distant as she dropped her own ticket as well.

Seeing the hesitation in Elphaba's stance, Elsa reached to her and took her hand. "Together?"

Elphaba smiled and lightly squeezed the petite hand. "Together."

And together, the two women entered the portal. Though they were never to see each other again, they would always remember.


In the meadow, after Elsa and Elphaba had disappeared into the vortex, another miraculous object appeared. A tall, blue box seemed to fade into existence with a strange whir.

Once the whirring dissipated and the box was fully present, the door opened and out came a man. He was dressed in unusually formal attire and a tan trench coat with his hair spiked up in a myriad of directions. His face was lit with an almost crazed grin.

He approached the swirling, green portal and pulled an odd little device from his pocket. With a buzz, the tip lit up a bright blue and he ran it over and around the portal until it disappeared into the void of space and time from whence it came.

"Now that," the man said aloud to the empty clearing, tossing his sonic screwdriver into the air and catching it, "has to be the coolest thing I've ever done!"

Sweeping up the psychic paper from the grass, he headed back jauntily toward the awaiting TARDIS and disappeared into the Time Vortex.

The end.