Debris from the shattered Bifrost and Observatory swirled down, down, down into the void. The handle of Thor's hammer was rough in his hand. He looked up at his father.

"I could have done it Father. I would have for you."


"No Loki."


Never loved.

The mask wore away as if it had become corroded over many, many years. There was no use of hiding that pain that had formed hundreds of years of being hated and rejected and cursed. Who knew that he could break from two words that would be meaningless to any other? He only wanted to be accepted. Was that too much too ask?

'Yes. Yes it was.'

Was it such a crime to want be an equal to Thor who had all the…love and acceptance and praise?

'You already know the answer. You already knew your fate.'

All the pain and rejection came down with only a single strike. What did the Midgardians say? "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." It was the second greatest lie the mortals ever told besides the words. "I'm fine." A lie that made him wish to be that mortal who was able to say that. To be able to brush off harmful words and know that he didn't have to pretend like they were tiny daggers stabbing at his skin because they didn't. They did though but it was justified. He was a monster.

But was that all he was? Odin said he was his son. 'Not Odinson. Laufeyson. That destiny was to die cast upon a frozen rock.' He was but a stolen relic to flaunt in the faces of Asgard and Jotunheim. Was he to be a hero? They wouldn't let him. His many of sacrifices and many hardships over trivial things made sense. Why Sif hated him over hair even though he almost died to get it back. Why everyone appreciated Thor even though he always saved the lives of the soliders so that they could go home to their families. Who was he?

He was…the scapegoat. The one who dealt with the faults of the imperfect world so that it could be made perfect then left him as an outcast for he was the one to blame.

"He made me do it Father.''

''No I-''

"You did this?"


"Stop lying!"

"I didn't do it Father!"

"Silence! For doing this as well as lying you will be punished!"

He was the one who told the truth in a pit of liars and shown the shadows beneath the gold. He was smart while they were brutes. He was the sacrifice so that their perfect world would remain perfect.

'Is this madness?'

It very might be. The horrid shrieking of words of hate and cries of rage rang in his ear. Who was he? "Ergi… Tricker… Liar… Monster… Destruction … Murderer… Failure…"

'Do I deserve it?'

A simple truth but didn't he have many? His first lies were just truths that everyone did not like. So they played ignorant and foolish. They fell into the web that never entangled him. Until now when all the lies and truths of the past made an appearance and tangle him tightly as the spider comes ever closer.

Yes, it was a simple truth but one all the same.

He was Loki whose whim brought Asgard crashing down. He was Loki whose tongue was an anvil where the sharpest lies were forged. He was Loki and he had thing to say that they must know. He was Loki who no one trusted.

He had played the game as long and as hard as he could. But in the end, the house always wins. He could say that we would come back. Those words were just a pretty lie. He would die. It was beyond his power to changed fate even though fate changed him. It was time to swallow the lie. He was sorry but not enough.

Never enough.

So Loki let go. And fell into the darkness.

Why? Only he knows. The others know but push it away with all of their faults because there is no one to blame anymore. Besides the family, who grieved and mourned what they had done and how that they could never right it.

It was the Day of Judgment and Asgard had failed the one they needed most.

There were no second chances. Thanos was coming.