Hi! I've finally decided to post here the drabbles I've been writing on tumblr (my url is thestagthatlovedthewolf), if you want to prompt something else

Until now, I have 18 drabbles, so I'll be posting three a day, I hope you enjoy them

I don't own ASOIAF... And English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for any mistakes

This first prompt is a response to Furious Winter (furiousfanfiction on tumblr), (9/July/2013): "For the three setence fic... Pairing, Gendrya. AU setting, (I'll be specific) Arya goes to a male strip club where she meets Gendry, a dancer. XD" - it turned out bigger than three sentences... and this was actually the first time I wrote Gendrya

Her sister was getting married tomorrow, so for obvious reasons Arya had been dragged to a strip club to celebrate Sansa's last night as an unmarried woman. When she entered the club she tried not to call any attention to herself, especially because she was under 21 and she really needed a drink.

This was until she saw him up there - black hair, blue eyes, hard pack of abbs... By the middle of the night she had seen him up close - courtesy of Margaery - and she knew where she had met him before - the mechanic who had fixed Needle last month.

And by the end of the night she knew she would drive Needle against the wall, just so she could see him again.