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Elsa had taken to signing beautifully. Harald always gushed about how impressed he was with her because of how quickly she was learning. He'd only have to show her something one time and she never forgot it. He had only been coming for a week and already Elsa was able to sign in short sentences. The others - her parents and Kai and Gerda - were doing well, too, but they were usually given work to practice on before Harald arrived the next day, much to Elsa's amusement. She was never given assignments, but that didn't mean she didn't practice anyway.

He worked with them for two hours every day, just after lunch, while Anna was occupied with her own studies. Sometimes King Agdar had to slip in and out or occasionally miss a lesson entirely, but he tried to make sure he could be there as much as he could. He not only loved seeing the joy that learning to sign had brought to his little girl, but it was also important for him to learn for himself as well. Elsa knowing how to sign wouldn't do her any good if she had no one to communicate with, and more than anything, he wanted to be able to talk to her again. That was why he cleared the two hour block in his schedule as often as he could. The time he spent there was no less important than anything else that occupied his time. And considering Elsa was the heir and there were things he had to teach her personally, learning to sign was not only critical for the well-being of their family, but for Arendelle as well.

"You can still speak aloud to her while you sign," Harald explained one afternoon. "Just go slowly enough for her watch your lips form the words." He paused to scratch a note in his book and passed it over to Elsa before he went on. "Once they've mastered the ability, lip reading is extremely helpful to the deaf. Not everyone she'll interact with will be able to sign, but if she can decipher what they're saying, she's at more of an advantage than if she shared no communication skills with the person at all. And if one day she chooses to speak... Well, then it'll be almost like nothing ever changed."

While the adults were talking, Elsa read the page. "Elsa, from now on I want you to pay close attention to the way people's mouths move when they speak to you. I've instructed your parents to talk slowly, to let you try to see the words form on their lips. You can also practice by yourself in front of a mirror, if you'd like. Even if you don't feel comfortable using your voice, you can still work your mouth to make the words or sounds." When she looked up, Harald was looking at her kindly.

"Okay?" he asked, enunciating nice and slow for her. A shy smile pulled at her lips and she held up her little fist to sign 'yes'.

"Excellent!" He clapped his hands together once and addressed the others in the room. "If she can pick up lip reading as easily as she learns signing, I have no doubts whatsoever that this transition will be a smooth one for her." Elsa looked to him eagerly, ready for something new to learn. He smiled at his star pupil. "Now then, let's get to work, shall we?"

Harald was taking a few minutes at the end of the class to work with Elsa one-on-one when they were interrupted by the sound of two tiny fists banging on the bedroom door.


Agdar and Idunn glanced at each other uncomfortably. Whose turn would be it be to send her away this time?

"Elsa. It's me. Anna. Can I come in?" She jiggled the handle, but found it to be locked, as it had been for the last couple weeks.

"She must've finished early with her riding lesson," Agdar said.

Harald turned to the king and queen, not sure what they wanted him to do. Elsa looked confused, unaware of her little visitor outside the door.

"Please, Mr. Olsen," Agdar gestured towards Elsa, "continue."

The man nodded and turned his attention back to his student.


"I hate this," Idunn muttered. "I don't know what to do anymore. No matter how many times we've explained to her that Elsa isn't well, she still comes. It breaks my heart to see how hard this is for her."

"I've led her away from here as well, usually at least twice each day." Gerda added sadly.

"As have I," Kai admitted. "Although I've had to resort to bribing her with chocolate."

Gerda looked into her lap guiltily. "Me, too."

"She's no fool," the King smirked.

"Agdar, please," Idunn glared at him. "This is serious."

"Don't you miss me, too, Elsa?!" The little voice carried through the keyhole. "Come on! Let's go play."

Agdar sighed. He hated this, too. "Not today, Anna," he called.

"Oh!" She squeaked, clearly not expecting a reply from her father. "Okay... Bye."