They are black and white.

White - the colour of purity, truth, innocence, and - at times- arrogance. Ginji's seemingly simple nature is a study of contradictions. The blonde emanates a sense of naivety that both draws and dispels friend and foe alike.

Black -- the colour of absolutes, omnipotence and taint. Nothing escapes the notice of Ban's calculating nature. Nothing except Ginji Aomato.

Together, they fall somewhere in between; yet there is no ambiguity. Unwaveringly determined, they complement each other's weaknesses. Steadfast where the other falls short, unflappable where the other falters, they put the "S" back in Get Backers. GB. Ginji and Ban. Like fire and ice, it is their starkly different nature that is the key to their collaboration, gives the team its edge, so that no matter how inequitable the odds, they will always complete the mission. It is an output far greater than its individual components, and together, they can make the impossible happen, set the world ablaze. To them, understanding the other is as intrinsic and impossible as understanding themselves.

They are, after all, the same shade of gray.

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