"Do promise me again you will do nothing but sit here and ready your book while I practice?" Boromir's tone was stern and I knew I had no way of wiggling around this one. I was just happy to be free from me room. I just nodded eagerly and smiled serenely. Boromir shook his head slightly in amusement and continued down the path to the practice field with me in his arms. He briefly kissed my temple in a light show of affection.

After my little trip to the stable Lord Elrond had agreed to let me out of my room. As long as I was supervised with Boromir and I would allow him to carry me. My crutches had disappeared from my room so I couldn't go anywhere even if I tried. I had no problems with Boromir carrying me as long as I could be free of my room. It also let me have a closeness to him that we hadn't shared since I woke up in Rivendell. Not that I would be able to do much at the moment. One bump on my leg and I would be gasping from the pain and in tears. When we made it to the practice field's I was beginning to wonder if this was a good idea. Every Elf we passed had turned to stare at me in curiosity. I feel a blush creep onto my face every single time it happened. I hated being the centre of attention. I'd much rather fade into the background to go unnoticed. At court it wasn't hard for me to do as long as I wasn't attached to Boromir's arm.

Boromir sat me down on the bench gently and without a word walked over to one of the rings where his opponent was already waiting for them. The bench was a high backed one with sides so I could easily prop my leg out in front of me and lean back against the sides. Lord Elrond has been very firm in that I needed to keep my leg elevated and straight. Not that I had much of a choice in the latter as it was bandaged with so many layers I couldn't bend at the knee. I had seen Boromir practice many times so I opened my book and began to skim over the pages. I hadn't actually looked at the book before we left, I just grabbed the first one off the unread pile. To my horror it wasn't written in Common but beautiful slanting Tengwar. I flicked through a few more pages hoping there would be something in Common. But there wasn't. I slammed it shut in frustration and glanced up.

I nearly jumped clean off the bench as I realised I was being watched. One of the twins was standing over me with an amused smirk on his face.

"Lady Devera, how lovely to see you out of bed," the voice I knew as Elrohir greeted me.

"Trust me, it is lovely to be out of bed," I said with a wry grin motioning for him to sit down. Elrohir shook his head politely.

"I'm on my way to either beat or be quite thoroughly beaten by Lord Boromir," Elrohir explained. "I just wanted to say good morning before I potentially embarrass myself."

"Then I shall enjoy watching then," I said rather cheekily. It only made the Elf above me grin.

"Is your book not to your liking?" Elrohir motioned to the book now sitting in my lap.

"I'm sure it is, however I can't read Tengwar," I said trying to cover my disappointment. "I never learnt despite wanting to, there was never enough time."

"Ah," Elrohir said, looking quite like his father with the thoughtful look on his face. "Perhaps since you will be staying awhile then you can learn while you are here?"

"Are you offering your tutoring services Lord Elrohir?" I asked jokingly. Despite my joking words I hoped there was some truth behind his question. I had come to terms, though quite begrudgingly, I would be spending quite some time in Rivendell. It had only occurred to me that it might actually work to my advantage in doing something with my time. I was not one to sit idle pining away to be back in Gondor. Despite the pangs of homesickness I felt occasionally.

"I fear I would be a terrible tutor," Elrohir said with a small shake of his head. "Archery and sword lessons would be more my style."

"Well I'm terrible with a sword," I admitted with a small smile. I don't think having an Elf as a tutor would change that. "However if I can borrow a bow some archery lessons would be most welcome."

"I've heard stories of your aim, I hardly think you need lessons," Elrohir said with a genuine smile "Though when you stand I would quite happily lend you a bow and shoot with you."

"On horseback?" I could feel my eyes light up at his words.

"Not on that beast of yours," Elrohir scowled briefly no doubt remembering the bite Axis landed on his arm. "However that privilege would have to fall to Lord Glorfindel, I'm a much better shot on the ground not on horseback. Have you met Lord Glorfindel?"

"Yes in the stables yesterday," my voice trailed off slightly. I didn't know if he had been told about my little jaunt yesterday. But by the every growing smile on his face I knew he had been told. I could feel a light blush brush my cheeks at the smile on his handsome face. Why did Elven males have to be so attractive?

"Ah yes I believe I lost a bet with my brother on how long it would take you to become bored and get out of bed." Elrohir's eyes were twinkling with contained laughter.

"You and your brother seem to gamble a lot," I laughed lightly to cover my mild discomfort. "And it seems to me over me lately."

"Well it's not every day we get visitors from the south in such a dramatic fashion," Elrohir explained, still looking amused. "Especially when we find out the messenger is actually the stubborn woman we meet many moons ago."

"Then I'm glad to be an amusement and source of losing money between you and your brother," I chuckled a little. My attention drifted back to Boromir who was now lying flat on his back with a sword pressed to his throat. He was plastered in sweat and had a look of wry amusement on his face. Elladan offered him a hand which he took gratefully. Elrohir's eyes followed my own and he let out an overly dramatic sigh.

"Wish me luck my lady," Elrohir said dramatically. "For I fear Lord Boromir's anger over being beaten will be transferred to giving me a thorough hiding."

"Good luck Lord Elrohir I fear you are right" I tried to sound as sincere as possible without breaking into giggles. I wasn't being very successful and a strangled and unlady like snort came out. Elrohir simply smiled at me and sauntered over to the practice ring. A few Elves had gathered around and were watching curiously as Boromir twirled his sword with ease. Even I had to admit that he was an impressive sight. Without the pressure of daily life in Minas Tirith he seemed to have lost that strained look of weariness that so often followed him. In the short time we had been in Rivendell he was starting to look his age had put on the weight he'd lost on the trip up here. Every morning he was freshly washed and shaven. It was more than I could say for myself. I looked older than my 25 years. Despite the amount of sleep I was getting I still had large purple circles under my eyes. My entire body seemed pulled too tight over the bones. I couldn't help but notice the more than generous portions I was always sent at mealtimes. It was more than I could ever finish, which of course did not go unnoticed. Whoever came to clear my food tray always inquired if I wanted anything else, or if I was sure I was finished all of my meal.. My blonde hair lay limply in a simple plait and I yearned for a hot soak in a bath to wash it thoroughly.

"May I sit?" A polite Elladan interrupted my thoughts and I jumped slightly in surprise. It was enough movement to jolt my leg. I winced in pain but maintained my own polite smile.

"Of course, I would need to sit down after a work out like that as well," I smiled. It earned me a cheeky grin from the Elf who plonked himself down on the bench. I tried not to shift nervously as Elladan said nothing more. While I was at ease in the company of his twin, I wasn't sure what to make of Elladan. Since the night I had first woken up in Rivendell he had maintained a polite, yet distant profile with me.

"Is the book not to your liking?" Elladan asked gesturing towards the book. It struck me at how much the twins really were identical. If I hadn't known it was Elrohir in the practice ring, getting thoroughly beaten by Boromir. I would have sworn it was the same person.

"Your brother asked me that same question before he left to get beaten," I chuckled somewhat nervously. I reached up and started to twirl a strand of escaped hair around my finger as a nervous gesture.

"And isn't he getting quite the thorough hiding," Elladan chuckled as he shot me an amused grin. I grinned back feeling more at ease.

"I hate to say it, but yes he is," I smiled as Boromir made his final move and sent Elrohir's sword flying across the ground. The Elf looked at his hands in dismay.

"And the book is written in Tengwar and I don't know how to read Tengwar, let alone speak Sindarin," I continued before I lost my train of thought watching Boromir. "I'm not even sure what it's about."

Elladan took the book from my lap in such a swift movement I barely saw it. He opened the first page and scanned it briefly before pulling a face.

"A book on the Years of Trees," Elladan screwed his nose up slightly. "Why would you want to read that?" "I like history," I said feeling a bit defensive. "Well I like to read, it doesn't matter the topic."

To my surprise Elladan laughed.

"You really are full of surprises Lady Devera, I would have never picked you for the book type."

"Oh?" I raised an eyebrow still feeling defensive "What would you have picked me for?"

"A sword swinging Shield Maiden, one whom doesn't want to conform to the confides of what is normally expected of a maiden your age in Gondor," Elladan was still chuckling. "For it's clear to see what you're not born in Gondor."

"No you are correct, I was born in Rohan and moved when I was a small girl." I felt a bit miffed at Elladan's sudden change in demeanour around me "But I can't swing a sword to save my own life if you really must know."

"Then it's a good thing you can shoot," Elladan recovered enough to stop his chuckling. "I'm sure I could teach you to swing a sword."

"Believe me many have tried and failed." I could feel the corners of my lips starting to quirk in good humour. All these offers I was getting today. If I had thought for a moment I would be bored in Rivendell, it was now sure I would be busier than ever if I took them all up. The thought of being in Rivendell all by myself wasn't sounding so terrible anymore.

"But none of those have been me." Elladan puffed out his chest in such a ridiculous manner I couldn't help but laugh.

"By all means you're welcome to try," I laughed. My attention was quickly pulled back to Boromir who had begun to spar with Elrohir again. This time Elrohir seemed to have the upper hand in the match. Although powerful, Boromir was not as fast as the Elf. Elrohir was using it to his full advantage this time. I winced as Boromir caught him with a glancing blow that seemed a bit too strong and caught them both off balance.

"Do you remember me?" Elladan asked suddenly.

"Pardon?" I turned my attention back to him. The question caught me off guard slightly. So was the gaze from his smouldering grey eyes. I felt myself flush slightly. He was looking at me so intently.

"From when you first rode to Rivendell?" he probed further.

"Oh," I laughed slightly breathlessly. Gods he must think me dimwitted. I wanted to smack myself in the head for my silliness. What is it with male Elves all being so breathtakingly handsome?

"Of course I do," I continued. "Although I still can't tell you apart."

"I often wondered if you made it back to Gondor safely," Elladan said before finally turning his gaze away from me. "Such a stubborn thing you are, I was sent out on guard duty for punishment that week and you certainly made it interesting. Camping right underneath my guard hut. You have no idea how shocked we were finding Boromir and then finding out you were back again."

"Punishment?" I echoed. I could feel my cheeks starting to turn pink with embarrassment. I was never sure how close I actually was to their guard hut. Since I couldn't see anything I assumed I was out of eyesight. And carried on as if no one could see me.

"You blush," Elladan stated. I could see a wicked gleam in his eye. He must have known exactly what line of thought I was going down with. Great now I had to contend with the knowledge both he and his brother had seen my naked behind. Many times in fact.

"What did you do to deserve such a punishment?" I asked steering the question away from my pink cheeks.

"Now that is a story which would ruin my good reputation" Elladan grinned.

"Well, than it's a good thing I know that your reputation is far from good and any story you speak about cannot do any further harm," I quipped, the words leaving my mouth before I could actually think about what I was saying. I mentally cringed, hoping Elladan wouldn't take it the wrong way. Thankfully I was saved the anguish and he laughed instead, looking genuinely amused.

"Have you met Lord Erestor?" Elladan asked once his laughter died down. I shook my head no and he continued.

"Elrohir and I thought one night it would amusing to slip him a sleeping powder in his wine glass. One that wasn't terribly strong and took awhile to take effect. Lord Erestor is far too serious for his own good, so we tied him naked to a tree."

"You what?" I thought my ears had failed me for a moment. But the ridiculous grin on Elladan's face gave it away that I hadn't misheard.

"Tied him naked to a tree, right outside his rooms of course but unfortunately Father was the one who happened to find him," Elladan clarified for me. I barely heard him though, I was laughing so hard I could feel tears welling in my eyes. I had to finally clamp my hand over my own mouth so I could actually breath.

"Pray tell what is so funny Devera?" Boromir's voice cut through my now muffled laughter. I raised my eyes to him and still couldn't find the words to tell him. Though for the first time in weeks my body came awake with desire looking at Boromir standing there, now shirtless and leaning casually against his massive sword. I could feel my cheeks heat for another reason entirely. I would never tire of the sight of Boromir shirtless, or naked for that matter. Curse my broken body at the moment.

"Elladan was retelling the story of why he and his brother had guard duty when I first rode to Rivendell," I finally explained to Boromir between my giggles. "It seems that I have just found the Elvish version of you and Faramir. He also volunteered to teach me how to handle a sword."

"Did he now?" Boromir's eyes were twinkling with amusement. I couldn't help but grin.

"How hard can it be?" Elladan shrugged with a smug air of confidence about him.

"Then I wish you the best of luck Lord Elladan," Boromir said with a mock grimness to his voice. I smiled sweetly at him. Shaking his head Boromir pulled his shirt back on much to my disappointment.

"Elrohir also agreed to ask Lord Glorfindel to give me lessons with my archery on horse back." I turned my sweet smile to the other twin who raised an eyebrow at me.

"Did I now?" Elrohir chuckled.

"Of course you did, and Sindarin lessons too." I felt so smugly proud of myself.

"Ok time for you to go back Devera before you have all the Elves in Rivendell owing you something," Boromir chuckled and before I could protest he scooped me up like I weighed nothing. I gasped in pain as my leg just barely brushed against the bench. Any lingering trace of desire I felt before quickly vanished. I felt Boromir flinch.

"Sorry," he apologised. "Thank you for the spar my lords."

I hadn't realised how tired the little trip left me. Almost straight away I could feel my eyelids drooping despite my efforts to fit it. I wanted to make use of my time spent outdoors as much as possible. Not sleep all the way to my room. I smothered a yawn, which only made the cut on my cheek hurt. I sighed inwardly, when would my body ever stop aching? Or when would I be able to stay awake during the day without feeling exhausted? Part of me knew it was my body catching up on the many months of abuse I put it through. But the other part of me longed for nothing more to be able to be up and about. I wanted to spend time with Axis more than anything else in the world right now.

"Do you want anything when you go to your room?" Boromir asked me, breaking through my thoughts.

"You naked in my bed," I unsuccessfully tried to hide my yawn. Boromir chuckled, the sound vibrating through my body from the rumbling in his chest. I snuggled into the crook of his shoulder and closed my eyes. It was comforting being in his arms. Breathing in the scents all mixed together that just made him the man I knew.

"And what would I be doing naked in your bed?" Boromir asked as he walked up the stairs towards my room. He laid his cheek against my head and gave me a brief kiss. I smiled at the tenderness behind it. Behind that hardened warrior exterior, he could be awfully sweet when he wanted to be.

"You could be lying back while I ride you." My own voice was muffled by speaking into his tunic. "Or kissing me all over."

"Mmm that is a tempting offer," Boromir chuckled again. I felt him open the door rather than see it. I could already feel the corners of sleep tugging at me. It took all of my strength to not fall asleep.

"Then you should take me up on it." I managed to crack my eye open and tried to flash my best smile at him. He peered down at me with an amused look on his face.

"There is nothing in this world I would enjoy falling into bed with you." Boromir kissed my temple before setting me down on the bed gently. The motion was enough to wake me up slightly from the hiss of pain my leg brought me. I muttered curses under my breath at my broken body. When would I be free from this pain? My leg was a constant dull throb unless something disturbed it. Then it felt as if a knife was twisting in it. At least my arm wasn't terribly painful until I tried to use it. My hiss of pain didn't go unnoticed by Boromir. He sighed deeply and brushed my hair away from my face before cupping my cheek. I closed my eyes and leant into his touch. His hands were comforting, rough and calloused but I knew every bump on them.

"Once you can move without gasping in pain every time I touch you, I will lock this door and spend every moment in bed with you," Boromir kissed me lightly. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. Caught off guard Boromir nearly landed on top of me. Ignoring every ache and pain in my body I tried to wrap myself around him as much as I could. My tongue danced around his and met no resistance. Boromir groaned against my instant lips, his hands instantly gripping my waist. Not breaking the kiss I reached down and started to pull his shirt over his head. Boromir gripped my hands gently to stop my progress and reluctantly broke the kiss. He dropped his head on my shoulder and chuckled breathlessly.

"My naughty little vixen," Boromir lifted his head and smiled at me. I pouted that my efforts were so easily thwarted. My body was on fire now, not from pain but desire this time.

"I suddenly find myself missing those nights spend on the road with just you and me," I said wriggling around still half beneath Boromir. I knew the effect I was having on him. Though it was working on me as well.

"Me as well, stop it Devera," Boromir tried to scold me but couldn't get the mirth out of his voice. "I am going to have to make it back to my room quickly because I'm quite indecent now and it won't go away anytime soon."

"I have a suggestion then." My own body was on fire and there was no quenching it. Boromir raised a questioning eyebrow. Grinning I motioned for him to come closer to me. I whispered my suggestion in his ear. It only took Boromir half a second on contemplation before he was gently hiking my dress up, with my help.

"Once wince of pain and I stop," Boromir warned. I could only nod eagerly. Boromir didn't need any other encouragement.

After Boromir left that morning, I slept all day and didn't wake until day the next morning. My days were then filled with sitting by the practice ring with a book while Boromir trained. When Boromir wasn't training he would leave me in a garden but never be too far away. The days grew colder and the occasional snow would sprinkle. It never deterred me from being outside. Huddled in many layers of clothing I would sit and read the day away. I was rarely alone for too long. It seemed like every Elf in Rivendell would stop by and greet me. Most of the conversations were brief as my knowledge of Sindarin was still non existent. Most Elves didn't speak Common but I seemed to be able to muddle my way through a greeting now. A week and a half later I was sitting in one close to the gateway. It had been a rather long walk for Boromir to carry me there, and the 2 books I had brought with me so he had left me for the morning. This morning the gate was bustling with its usual activity. Rivendell was always abuzz with Elves. It wasn't unlike Minas Tirith in its preparation before winter. There would be thousands of jobs to get done before the snows set in. Especially being in this valley. It would only take one heavy snowfall and there would be no getting out until it melted. No one paid me any heed, as if I was a statue sitting there with my leg propped up.

An old man in tattered clothes strolled in out of nowhere. I barely noticed him, and would have kept reading if he had not abruptly come to a stop in front of me. I dragged my eyes away from the story of the Battle of Dagorlad. I looked up at the unkept old man in front of me.

"Lady Devera? The personal messenger of Denethor?" he asked me in a scratchy tone. His voice wasn't unfriendly. Just sounded surprised. I suddenly knew who I was talking to.

I never had to pleasure of meeting Gandalf in the few times he was in Gondor. Although I had heard many stories of him. Faramir loved regaling me in the tales when he visited. Boromir was never quite as keen on the wizard as his younger brother. Myself I was just curious, but still uneasy about meeting a real wizard. It seemed he had the same about me. Then again, how many very Rohirric looking females would be sitting in Rivendell right this very moment.

"Mithrandir, it is an honour and pleasure to meet you," I smiled politely feeling slightly uneasy. "Please excuse my rudeness by not standing, I fear my leg is rather badly broken."

"I can see that my dear, no need to apologise," the wizards eyes sparkled in good humour. His weathered face was kind and warm. I felt myself relaxing instantly.

"Pray tell what is the steward's personal messenger doing all this way north?" Gandalf inquired politely. Though the curiosity in his voice could not be masked.

"Lord Boromir and I travelled to Rivendell to seek answers," I explained. "I knew the way to Rivendell so Lord Boromir would not get lost along the way."

"And how did you become injured?" Gandalf asked leaning heavily on his staff. He looked like a very tired old man when he did that. Although those eyes gave nothing away. Years of wisdom hidden in those sparkling grey eyes. I felt looking into those eyes I would never be able to hide the truth from him.

"A party of Orcs attacked Lord Boromir and I when we were less than a days ride from Rivendell," I shuddered slightly at the memories loomed before my eyes. "One of them was riding a Warg and managed to unhorse me."

"Orcs this far North?" Ganda suddenly looked grave.

"We first encountered a party when we crossed Tharbad, Boromir and I sheltered for the night in a rain storm" I felt my voice trail off in uncertainty. Surely being so travel weary Gandalf wouldn't want to hear my prattling on about my journey. Gandalf looked at me in expectation about finishing my story.

"My apologises, I did not mean to hold you up," I continued shifting uncomfortably on the seat. "You must be travel weary."

"Not at all my dear," Gandalf smiled at me, though it never quite reached his eyes. "I think we shall have plenty to speak about soon."

And with a lift of his robes, Gandalf the Grey disappeared into Rivendell. I frowned slightly after him but went back to my book. The words were just tugging at me to shift my eyes down to read them. To get lost in the tales of a long ago battle. It only took moments for me to get lost in another time and completely forget about Gandalf's arrival.

I had only read through a grand total of 19 pages before a shadow loomed over me.

"I'm not done Boromir, come back later," I said with my eyes not even leaving the was only when the shadow snorted in a tone that was definitely not my lover I glanced up. Elladan was standing over me.

"Oh." I covered my embarrassment by smiling sweetly. "How are you today Lord Elladan?"

"Very well thank you Lady Devera," Elladan chuckled. "I'm not sure whether to be offended or delighted that you mistook me for Boromir."

"I suppose that would depend on whether he has beaten you in practice today," I quipped quickly. I felt much more at ease around Elladan these days. I found him to have the exact wicked humour his brother did. Though he was slightly more serious than Elrohir.

"Fear not, for he was the one who was beaten today." Elladan flinched a little. "Though not before he gave me a few bruises for my trouble."

I snorted in reply and felt my eyes drifting back down to my book.

"Father wishes to speak to you privately," Elladan said. My eyes snapped up from the pages of my book. I felt my stomach lurch in nerves. I only saw Lord Elrond when he was changing my bandages on my leg. Though we spoke, it was never of anything of importance. Had I done something wrong? "Don't look so terrified Devera," Elladan sounded like he was barely containing himself from bursting out laughing. "You are not in trouble, Father simply needs some questions answered about things that Boromir could not provide him with."

"Oh." I said for the second time feeling embarrassed, more so than the first. " I would be glad to be of assistance, but how am I meant to get there?"

"Well, I did consider leaving you to crawl there," Elladan said giving me a sweet smile. "Because in your stubbornness I'm sure you would do it."

"Elladan," I shot the Elf a warning look but he raised his hand for silence before I could continue.

"However I do not wish to spend the next 6 months doing border patrols, so I will carry you there."

"How kind of you," I drawled, hoping my voice would cover my nerves. No one but Boromir had ever carried me anywhere. Elladan good looks were enough to make me blush, let alone him touching me. I swallowed heavily hoping my nerves wouldn't show of my face. It didn't help that I near jumped clear off the bench when Elladan went to scoop me up.

"Did I hurt you?" He withdrew his hands so quickly, it was if I scalded him. I felt my cheeks heat and I knew I was blushing. He looked at me in confusion with a wry grin on his face.

"No, I'm sorry I normally don't let anyone else touch me besides Boromir, no one else has ever carried me before. I don't really like being touched," I blurted out, my brain to mouth filter not working in the slightest.

"I promise with all of my honour I will not touch you anywhere except for carrying you," Elladan looked as if he was trying very hard not to laugh at me. "That is unless you want me to. Then I would be happy to put my hands anywhere you wish it"

My embarrassed was very quickly replaced with laughter and this time I didn't flinch when Elladan delicately picked me up. He however seemed to have to adjust his weight rather quickly. I raised an eyebrow at him in question. This time it was his turn to look slightly embarrassed.

"I did not expect you to be so light," Elladan explained. I couldn't even think of a witty comeback to him so I just kept silent and let him stew in his own embarrassment for once.

It was strangely familiar, yet so different from being carried by Boromir. He had the same steel hardness beneath his clothes, it wasn't hard to imagine how well build he was. I had to stop myself from the unbidden thought popping into my head of what Elladan looked like without a shirt. Biting back a grumble I tried to relax as much as I could in his arms. Unlike Boromir's solid body, Elladan was much more lithe. It was almost like liquid how his body moved. I noticed for the first time he didn't make any noise when he walked. No wonder he could sneak up on me all the time. I shifted to get slightly more comfortable, which nestled me into the crook on Elladan's shoulder.

"Still thinking about my offer?" he said cheekily.

"No I was more thinking of your twin," I shot back just as cheekily.

"You could always have us both" Elladan said without missing a beat. The implied words behind such a casual sentence made my face turn bright red. It wasn't the first time I wondered if Elves could really read minds and he caught what I was thinking of just moments before.

Thankfully I was saved from making a retort by arriving at his Father's office. Elladan didn't even bother knocking, he just kicked the door open. To my slight horror it wasn't just Elrond sitting there, Gandalf was there as well. Gandalf looked as if he had come straight to Elrond's office after speaking to me. My previous nerves increased 10 fold at seeing them both sitting there. Elladan said nothing but sat my down gently in a chair and stool that was already prepared for me. I had to fight the urge to fidget. The fact Elladan left without a word didn't do anything to soothe my frazzled nerves.

"Please don't look so frightened Devera, despite what my son's say I will not bite," Elrond smiled kindly, humour heavy in his tone. He reached forward to pour a glass of wine. Despite his words, I couldn't find myself relaxing, but simply plastered a smile on my face.

"You wished to see me Lord Elrond?" I asked cautiously, taking the glass of wine now offered to me. I resisted the urge to gulp it down in 2 sips instead going for the lady like version I had so often drilled into me. I sipped it delicately before placing it back on the table in front of me. It was a stretch for my arms and I wondered for a moment if the glass would knock off.

"Yes I did, how are you feeling?" Elrond said. I glanced quickly at Gandalf, who's face gave nothing away.

"Much better now I'm free from the confines of my bed," I replied honestly, gaining a smile from both of them.

"Good, there is something we must discuss about that before we are done," Elrond said briskly, all of a sudden being business like. I glanced between the two of them, not feeling anywhere near at ease. I took a rather large gulp of wine for courage.

"What do you remember about the Orcs that attacked you?" Elrond asked.

I raised an eyebrow, that was not the type of question that I thought I would be asked.

"I thought Boromir would have been able provide you with those details" I said carefully.

"He did, however I just wish to hear your side of the story as well," Elrond said firmly, though not unkindly.

I bit my lip and looked to Gandalf who was studying me intently. Part of me didn't want to drag those memories up, I hoped I had buried them.

"We crossed Tharbad further downstream than normal as the bridge had broken, it was sunny while we were crossing then a great storm appeared from nowhere. We galloped, probably about 5 or 6 miles? The rain was pelting down and Boromir found us shelter on the side of the road. That night we heard noises outside the door, 5 Orcs and one Warg were there. I don't know what happened but in the morning there was a dead Orc outside the door."

"Can you describe anything unusual about the Orc?" Elrond asked cutting into my story.

I frowned and thought back to that morning. It seemed like another lifetime ago it happened. But I still remembered it far too clearly for my own comfort. The blood and gore of it's smashed in face would never leave my mind. Neither would the memory of it's insides trailing out on the ground. I forced myself to look closer at the memory. The only thing that really stuck out in my mind was the flecks of old white paint on what could be seen on its armour under all the gore.

"It had white paint on it's armour," I said frowning thinking hard. "The warg that chased me when we were close to Rivendell, its rider had a red eye on the armour. I don't know why I can remember that. At the time it didn't even process in my mind."

I didn't miss the look that Elrond and Gandalf both exchanged.

"When we stopped in Rohan there were rumours of riders in black crossing the Isen," I said before I could stop my own words. To my surprise, neither Elrond nor Gandalf reacted to this news.

"Yes, we have heard the same rumours," Gandalf said roughly "From the same lips that you probably heard from."

My ears perked slightly at hearing this. I had never seen Gandalf in my travels, I never knew he visited Rohan.

"Devera there are other things I must ask of you," Elrond put his elbows on the table and made a steeple with his fingers. "Being personal messenger to the Steward you would be privy to more information than most."

I felt trapped then, I tried to make my mouth form a few words but I couldn't get them out. I flushed thinking back to the day when we had met Eomer. The knowledge I carried so carelessly in my head was turning to be quite valuable. Though I'm not sure how Boromir's feelings would be to me sharing vital information on the currant state of Gondor.

"Lord Boromir has already told me you were the one to speak about," Elrond said as if reading my mind. "Though you are both frequently away, you are the one listening to all council meetings."
"Yes Lord Denethor has a chamber behind the main meeting rooms," I said unsure of how to keep going with this. "Though I'm not sure how much information I can be of to you. I usually take a book with me to read."

To my surprise Elrond actually smiled a genuine smile at me. Gandalf shot him a look of puzzlement.

"There is no surprise in that, however if you can help us with a few pieces of information it would be most helpful," Elrond said.

I found myself sitting there for a few hours after that answering what I knew. Most of it was things I had already shared with Eomer and Boromir so it was easy to remember. It was Elrond asking the questions, with Gandalf occasionally chipping in to clarify things. By the end of it the sun was setting and I felt exhausted. But ridiculously proud of myself for being of use.

"One last thing Devera before you leave," Elrond rose and walked to the back of his study. He came back a moment later with a pair of crutches. I had to stop myself letting out a girlish squeal of joy as he handed them to me.

"Be careful with them," Elrond gripped them tightly before relinquishing them to me. "If your wrist hurts stop using them."

"Of course," I grinned happily. "Thank you."

Elrond simply smiled and I took it was my dismissal. Gleefully I swung around on my crutches and headed out the door as fast as I could manage.

Authors Note

Wheeee long time between updates! Moving house sucks, especially when you move onto a property where you have to build things to make it liveable! I will also shamefully admit I got a bit carried away with writing chapters ahead on this story…..and working on one that has been a few years in progress.

As always thank you for reading!