At 5:24 AM the alarm blared. There was nothing creative about the alarm, she was always one to place practicality over comfort, so while her sister and cousin would turn down the music from their iPod or the radio and roll over to snooze, Elsa was always propelled out of bed so she could stop the obnoxious device. Today, however, she was already up and only had to take two steps to silence the alarm before she unplugged it, wrapped the cord tightly around it and packed it into a light blue and white, Nike duffle bag. She let out a sigh before exiting the room and walking across the hall to the door covered in flowers and pushing it open, not even bothering to knock first.

The room was dark and silent with a pink bed that jutted out into the middle of the room at the end of which there was a chest, a suitcase, two duffle bags, a backpack and a plastic bin, all of which were spread out so the packed goods almost touched the wall. Elsa sighed again before edging along the wall to the other side of the room where the curtains were pulled tightly across the window. She flung them open, letting the yellow rays of the sunrise creep into the room before turning back to the bed to see her sister on her side, facing the window as drool crept out of her mouth. Her red hair was literally defying gravity in some parts while a few strands were being blown back and forth as she breathed, kept tethered in her mouth only by the aforementioned drool.

Elsa walked over to the bed and gently shook her sister, "Anna. Come on, time to wake up."

"HNnnnghhhh" Anna moaned before coming out with any actual English, "No, five more minutes."

Her sister barely batted an eye before getting up and walking out of the room, "OK but I'll be back in five minutes and then you have to get up." She closed the door as she left the room before turning right into the bathroom to gather up the last of her things. Having already brushed her teeth this morning she had only left her tooth brush out so it could air dry. With that mostly completed she put it into its case and placed the case into a plastic bag that already contained a tube of toothpaste, a matching soap case with the soap already packed away and a travel sized shampoo and conditioner. Sealing the bag, she remembers how much her sister makes fun of her for needing a travel sized anything in addition to her full sized versions of the same product but, Elsa always insisted she needed it in case she traveled anywhere.

"But if you traveled anywhere you could just bring the full sized bottles with you." Anna argued, "besides they always have all that stuff in the hotels for free! Remember I stole a bunch of them that time the maid left her cart unattended. I got like fifty of them so we have absolutely no worries!"

"Yes, but then I wouldn't have as much room for other things if I packed the full sized ones, one. Two I like my toiletries. And three mom and dad made you give all of those back so we don't have them anymore anyway." Elsa reasoned back.

Anna crossed her arms defiantly but looked at her sister with a triumphant smirk on her face, "Yes, but it was so easy the first time I could probably do it 100 more times! And you need to not be so attached to trivial things."

She scoffed at this and continued packing, "Says the girl who still sleeps with a stuffed snowman."

"Hey I have to, Olaf likes warm hugs," she said moving to the bed and stretching her arms out like a starfish as she lay back on it, pigtail braids splaying out under her. "Besides you made him for me."

"Yeah when I was young and couldn't figure out how to sew something to look like a sphere."

"You still can't and that's OK because I love him anyway!"

Elsa smiled at her sister before pushing her off of the bed, "Come on you need to pack. Uncle Summer wants to have the car mostly packed tonight."

"I know but I'm taking a break!" She said getting up and rolling her eyes in a way that didn't match the upbeat tone of her voice.

"Then go take a break with Rapunzel" she responded, lightly pushing her sister out the door, "I'm sure she would welcome the break and I do have packing to do."

"Ugh fine," she said before skipping down the hall to their cousin's room.

Five minutes later Elsa was coming back upstairs after having brought the last of her bags, the duffle bag and her backpack, down stairs and putting it by the door to be packed into the car when she heard music start up simultaneously in both her cousin and her sister's rooms. At first both seemed to be competing in a match to blast out the glass from all the windows in the house but each started to quiet down immediately and the sounds of buzzing could be heard coming from her aunt and uncle's room briefly before it too fell silent. Elsa smiled sadly, first one up again, she thought as she made her way back to her sister's room knowing she would be the only one to have troubles waking up so early.

Again, Elsa just walks into the room, but this time she closes the door gently behind her and walks straight to the bed. She sits on the bed, careful not to sit on her sister whose left arm is now hanging off of the right side of the bed having fallen there after turning down the alarm which was now quietly playing "Accidentally In Love." Shaking her sister slightly, she encourages her to sit up, "Anna, come on it's time to wake up."

Anna rolls so she is completely on her stomach, making Elsa lose her grasp on her sister's shoulder and pinning her right arm under her, before mumbling into the pillow what Elsa could only translate to mean, "No, I don't wanna. I want to stay in bed all day and have people bring me gifts of chocolate."

"Well that must've been an amazing dream," Elsa chuckled as she rubbed her sister's back, "but I need you to come back to reality and get up, we have a big day ahead of us."

The girl with the crazy hair pulls the strands out of her mouth and glances at the clock before dropping her head down on the pillow in defiance and shutting her eyes again, "No way it's too early! Who gets up at five thirty three?!"

"I've been up for a half an hour now."

"Shhhhhhhh," Anna says as she puts her free hand up to Elsa's face in an attempt put her hand over her mouth as the song playing changes to Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are", "you're not supposed to talk about your supernatural abilities X-Man."

Elsa's shoulders dropped as a light laughter escaped her lips at the absurdity of that statement. But before she could respond there was a knock on the door.

"Anna," Her Aunt's voice called into the room, "Come on sweetheart you have to get up."

At this Anna did push her self into an upright position "What do you mean get up TT? I've been up for hours," she said the last part almost cut off by a yawn as she put her head on her hand and rested her elbow on her bent knees. After getting into this delicate set up she began snoring again to which Elsa knocked her elbow off of her knee causing her to jolt awake again. "Who is it?" she asked eyes still closed.

Their aunt pushes the door open and chuckles lightly at this and pushes the door open just as Anna begins rubbing her face, "Still me Anna, ah Elsa, good morning, I thought you would be getting breakfast by now?"

"No," Elsa smiled back, "Had to make sure this one got up, would hate for her to miss our first orientation day."

"Yeah, wouldn't want to miss orneriention day," Anna mumbled as she opens her eyes ever so slightly. It must have been enough, however, to see the pile of packed bags at the end of the bed and the clothes that were neatly laid out on top of the chest because she immediately woke up with a gasp, "It's orientation day!"

She sprang out of bed and started ripping off her t-shirt in the process, clearly anxious to get ready.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down!" Elsa commanded as she put both of her hands up in front of her and started backing towards the door, "Show some modesty and at least have the decency to wait until we get out the door!"

But Anna paid her no heed as she continued to strip so her sister and aunt simply left the room to let her get ready. No sooner had they closed the door then they heard a loud bang, presumably Anna tripping over her shorts as she tried to get them off in a timely manner. Elsa shook her head.

"Well, she's excited," her aunt chuckled as the two made their way down stairs to the kitchen/dining area they used for breakfast.

"Can you blame her? Rapunzel has been talking this place up for almost a year now, I think Anna is expecting it to be an actually magical experience."

"Well don't shoot the idea down right off the bat, magic can happen in all kinds of ways no one would expect."

Well of course you believe in magic, Elsa thought as she remembered back to a few years when her mother came into the room she and Anna were playing in with tears in her eyes.

"They found her," she said as the tears spilled over, "They found your cousin!"

Dad then had to catch her as she fell into his arms and sobbed which Anna didn't understand at the time, "Why is mom crying? Isn't it good they found her? Did we not want to find her?" but Elsa did and explained it to her young sister.

They then called and got the rest of the details. How she was kept inside the kidnappers house at all times, how an orphan boy broke in to check out the house and ended up rescuing her after a few more visits. They went on about how her parents were going to continue calling her Rapunzel, instead of the name they had given her at birth, because that's what she was used to despite the woman's clear insanity at picking the name. That was actually her decision to keep the name, she said that she was still the same girl and that she might not have a happy beginning but she would make sure to have a happy end.

Elsa tried to keep the smile on her face, you would have to believe in magic if such a miracle happened right before your eyes like that. Meanwhile, Anna and I have already live through the first ten minutes of a cheesy childrens movie. Although, nobody knows magic like this family so who knows.

Right before they walked into the kitchen area her aunt stopped her, "Elsa, are you OK?"

It was such a simple question but Elsa had really wished her aunt would stop asking it. She and her sister had been living in this house for about a half a year now and they still treated her like she was made of glass. Not so much Anna because she wore her emotions on her sleeves and always had a sound state of mind, a record I could never claim. But she pushed these thoughts out of her mind and immediately plastered a smile on her face, "I'm fine TT you don't need to worry about me as much as you do."

Her aunt smiled kindly and put an arm around her as they proceeded into the kitchen, "the same way you don't have to worry about Anna as much as you do?"

Elsa was about to respond when her uncle her relieved of the burden of coming up with an excuse, "Speaking of Anna is she up? UP up, not just saying she's up."

"Oh don't worry, she's not falling back to sleep any time soon," her aunt replied as she released Elsa to kiss her husband on the cheek before sitting down and helping herself to scrambled eggs.

"Well good, we still need to get the rest of her stuff in the car."

Elsa sat down and took a sip of the tea that was waiting for her before helping herself to a chocolate chip pancake. Digging into it, she allowed herself to savor the delicacy before answering her uncle, "We should giver her a few minutes, then I'll help her move everything."

They then sat in silence, as they mourned their lack of sleep, that was momentarily interrupted by Rapunzel coming into the kitchen where she greeted her parents with a cheerfulness that should be illegal at the ungodly hour. She looked very nice in her pink shirt and purple balzer completed with an indigo miniskirt, lavender leggings and matching purple accented sneakers. She accentuated with golden earrings in the shape of the sun and a matching necklace. She poured herself a glass of orange juice before filling her plate with pancakes, bacon and toast before sitting down next to her father.

Although it didn't take her too long, her uncle was tutting about the how late it was getting by the time Anna burst into the kitchen and attached herself to Elsa's back. The older girl stiffened initially but the impromptu hug wasn't all that unexpected for the first day of being at a new school, and the next question was completely predictable, "El-sA!" She sang out, "could the best sister in the whole world do my hair all fancy for the first day? I want to make a good first impression."

Elsa rolls her eyes and chuckles a bit as she pats her sister's arm, "Sure I'll do it in the car, what kind style do you want?"

"YES!" She pumped her fist before sitting down between Elsa and their aunt. Her hair already looks fine, now that she tamed it a bit but it didn't really match the rest of the outfit. She was wearing a very nice, dark green blouse with a black cami underneath and a lighter green skirt with white tights under it and black flats on her feet. "I don't know something like yours although not exactly like yours because I couldn't pull it off like you and we don't want to look like those weird kids who have to get dressed by their parents but yours just looks so pretty with the twisty bit in the front behind your bangs and how it twists into the low bun," She rambles while stacking her plate full of chocolate chip pancakes. "Actually," she says pausing as she starts cutting up her syrup drenched pancake, "it kind of looks like moms..."

Elsa pauses with the tea cup halfway to her mouth. She tries to not show much of a reaction but it must not work because Anna immediately trails off and starts shoveling pancakes into her mouth. Her heart starts racing. She can hear it pumping hard in ears. It's the only thing she can hear. She can feel everyone's (with the exclusion of Anna) eye's on her. A sudden lump in her throat makes her breath hitch. Conceal it. Don't feel it. She tries to finish her lukewarm tea but can't pass it beyond the lump in her throat. Don't let it show. Repeating the mantra in her head, she keeps the cup to her lips, pretending to drink it. Please just don't let it show. I don't want them to worry.

When she can breathe, she stands up and brings her dishes to the sink, "Anna you could pull off anything you want to, you're beautiful, but I will come up with something similar and different."

She is about to leave when she hears the muffled sounds of protest from her sister and her aunt probably voicing her thoughts, "Where are you going sweetheart?"

She sounds worried. Act natural, conceal it. She puts on as big a smile as she thinks she can manage without looking fake, so she can feel the corners of her mouth barely pull up, "We have to leave soon, so I'm going to start bringing Anna's stuff down." Her uncle moves to get up so she adds, "no, no. It's fine, I can at least bring it to the front door, you finish your coffee and can bring the stuff to the car after." And with that she flees before anyone can protest.

When she gets to Anna's room, she shuts the door and puts her index and middle finger to each of her temples. Don't feel it. She spends a minute breathing the way she had practiced, in for seven seconds and out for eleven. Walking over to the pile of things she catches herself in the mirror. Her hair is still just as Anna had described it; and she was absolutely right, the style was something their mother had worn many times, but that was the only aspect of Elsa that matched her mother perfectly. Her eye's while the same cerulean blue were bigger than her mother's; her face ever so slightly more angular and thinner, her chin not as soft. Even her hair only resembled the late woman's in style, the mirror reflecting platinum blond as the girl remembered her mother's brunette head. Although we do have the same nose, she thought as she bit her bottom lip, My lips are bigger though, and some would say, less expressive. While her mother's smile could light up her face or break someone's heart, Elsa was often told her feelings were shown entirely through her eyes, unless it was an extreme case.

Being a full length mirror, she also sees her outfit wasn't too skewed, which doesn't particularly surprise her since she was able to control her last attack. She straightens out her purple blazer, with rolled up cuffs, to better see the green design on her black dress shirt, with half sleeves. She also has to fix her gold chain necklace and adjust her matching belt but she wasn't quite sure she put those on right in the first place.

Sighing she turns away from herself and grabs the plastic bin, giving out a light "oof" when it ends up being heavier than expected. What did she put in here, rocks? She was able to lift it with a greater effort and moved toward the hall in short, quick steps before realizing her dilemma, the door was still shut.

Normally Elsa was a very logical person, it was one of the reasons the few people who she allowed to get close came to her for relationship advice despite never having been in a serious relationship herself. And while logically speaking she should have put the bin down to open the door, she didn't want to have to lift it again. So instead she put the bin against the wall and tried to balance it on her hip as she grabbed at the handle. Her downfall came when the handle turned under her hand and the door opened by someone else. The bin clattered to the floor as she gasped and recoiled her right hand to her heart as if simultaneously trying to pull it away from danger and stop her heart from bursting out of her chest.

"Oh my gosh Elsa! I wasn't expecting to see you there, I mean right there at the door, I kind of figured you were in here although you could have been in your room. Are you OK?" Anna rambled staring at her sister with huge eyes full of concern and sprinkled with surprise.

It took Elsa a moment to realize the pounding in her ears was just the adrenaline in her system before she answered, "Yeah - yes, I'm fine, I was just moving your stuf-" and she motions to the fallen bin on the floor "Oh shit! I'm so sorry please tell me there wasn't anything important in there!"

Anna laughs, "Of course silly, everything I bring is important! But no there is nothing fragile if that's what you meant." She bends down to help her sister throw the clothes back into the bin and notices Elsa trying to fold them, "Oh no you don't have to do that! I didn't even do that the when I packed it!"

"You know you would have had more room if you did."

"I think that's an experiment we should send to the Myth Busters. Besides, I fit a ton of stuff in here."

"Oh trust me, I noticed."

"Well jeez you didn't have to go for the second biggest one, I could have helped you!"

"Anna if you help you're going to fall down the stairs."

"No I won't!" She said as she sat on the top to close it again, "OK maybe I would, but I would try not to!" Elsa laughs and goes to grab both handles again when she gets up, "No! I already told you, I'm helping you carry this."

"Anna we don't have time for this, and we certainly don't have time to drive you to the emergency room."

"Then I'll be extra careful!" She said as she grabbed one of the handles.

Elsa could only sigh and turn back to the pile of stuff, "alright but if you help I can carry something else."

She grabbed a backpack and turned back to grab a handle only to find Anna carrying the plastic bin by herself out the door, "Well I hope you can grab more than that, meet you downstairs!"

Elsa chuckled and grabbed the suitcase and a duffle bag before following her sister out. They met again when Elsa was halfway down the stairs, "why so slow sis?"

She merely shook her head and continued her descent, dropping the bags off at the door when she got their before racing after her sister. When she got back to the room she was mildly surprised to see Anna waddling towards the door with the heaviest item, the chest.

"Oh no, give me one of those handles before you break something."

Anna rolled her eyes, "I've got it Elsa."

"You can't even walk right with that thing how are you going to make it down the stairs?"

"Alright," she replied in defeat, dropping the chest, "you win grab a handle."

She moved around her sister and grabbed the second duffle bag before doing as she was bid, and the two of them lifted the chest and proceeded out the door towards the stairs, "Alright we have to turn around."

"Why?" Anna said looking up at Elsa instead of where she was going.

"Because if you think I'm going to let you go down the stairs backwards you are out of your mind."

She rolled her eyes, "I can do it Elsa, nothing is going to happen."

"You know I have nightmares about those being your final last words…they sound like the famous last words."

Anna laughed, "Fine but only so you can sleep easier."

"Thank you."

After turning around they continued down the stairs and deposited the bin at the door where her uncle was waiting for them, "two to one box?"

"And bag," Anna said pulling the backpack off of Elsa, "don't underestimate that thing!"

Their uncle just grabbed the bag, "Alright, go get the rest of it."

The girls raced up the stairs and grabbed the rest of the stuff, mainly small knick knacks that were forgotten in last nights packing and had to be haphazardly thrown into random unused bags. It all ended with Anna standing in the doorway looking in and holding the full length mirror. "I can't believe we're leaving already."

"I can't believe you didn't pack a single thing into the car last night," Elsa said as she put her arm around her sister's shoulders, "you OK?"

"Yeah," she responded sounding a bit dejected before perking back up to her usual self, "but it's not like we're never going to see this place again right? We'll be back before we know it for breaks and stuff. And until then, a new chapter in our lives awaits!" She had shrugged Elsa off by the last sentence and was practically skipping down the hall with the next one, "Come on I'm so excited and I don't want to be late so we really have to move!"

"Careful, if you break the mirror your four years at this school and three of your college ones will be cursed!" But the warning probably fell on deaf ears too far away to hear let alone listen. She let out a sigh, a small smile on her face, eyes bright as she turned back to look into the room quickly scanning to make sure her sister didn't forget anything important. Just as she was about to leave she saw a slight white bump peaking out of the covers that were still draped over the bed. Moving towards it and lifting the blankets she reveals a familiar stuffed animal, or snowman to be more accurate.

"Olaf?" Elsa said, eyebrows furrowing in confusion as she kneeled down to pick him up. Why would Anna leave him here? It was just last night she was telling me about how she needs to sleep with him because he likes warm hugs. She gasped remembering last night, Oh no, did she leave him here because I made fun of her for sleeping with him? No, that can't be… she knew I was joking, she had to. Right? Elsa looked out the door where she knew everyone was waiting for her before glancing back down at the fabric snowman, Well if she doesn't want him I'll keep him, though I can't promise I'll give him warm hugs every night…

And with that, Elsa made her way to the car, making sure to shut the door behind her. When she got outside she saw the trailer attached to the Nissan Pathfinder completely filled with worldly possessions and covered in a tarp. Her aunt and cousin were waiting outside the open door of the passenger and back right seat respectively.

As she approached, her aunt got into the car with a sad smile on her face while her cousin called out to her, "Anna wants to remind you to get in the back so you can do her hair, she already got the hair things out and ready."

"Ah, well then, I guess I better get to work, huh?" She responded, climbing into the back seat before her cousin readjusted her it, buckled up and shut the door.

"Everyone all set?" Their uncle asked looking back at the three girls in the rearview mirror, when we all nodded he nodded back and we were on our way.

Anna turned in her seat to hand her sister the various elastics, pins and a brush, "OK, are you sure you can do this on a bumpy car ride?"

"Don't worry, I won't let you look horrible," she said, chuckling a bit as she took the equipment in one hand and reached down next to her to lift Olaf with the other, "Although, I have to know, did you forget someone or decide not to bring him?"

"Olaf! Oh my god I can't believe I forgot him! Thank you so much!" She gives the toy a warm hug before trying to turn and hug her sister, but it is the most awkward hug Elsa had ever received. Though it probably wasn't the most gawky one Anna had ever given. "Man I would have been devastated without him, thank you so much!"

Elsa smiles, her eyes clearly showing relief, "No problem, now turn around so I can work some magic."

"Hey, I did at least tame the beast this morning, that's half the battle."

"I'll tell my cramped fingers that when I'm done," She says as her hands dive into the red hair in front of her.