Why? Merida's thoughts were racing but the one thought that kept coming to the forefront was "Why?" Why would I sign up for intensive sign language? I don't even like different languages! With her bag on her back, she all but stumbled out of her classroom as she tried to leave as fast as possible. 45 minutes of getting stern looks and a shaking heads if you talk. The excited voices in the hallway assaulted Merida's ears but she gave a loud sigh of relief at the sound. Maybe it's not too late to switch into French. But, do I remember any of it?

The scottish girl was, Finally, pulled from her thoughts by someone lightly punching her in the shoulder, "Hey roomie!" a voice behind the hand greeted, "How was your last class? And… we have the next one together right?" Merida stopped walking and turned around to see Anna digging out her schedule from her bag, "I think we have English but I don't know where? Oh and I could totally be making up the fact that you have it too but didn't we say last night that you and I have the rest of the day together?"

"Yeah, I remember that," Merida replied, "But there's no rush, it's in the same hallway and we have fifteen minutes to get there." She glanced to her roommate only to see the same lost expression her scottish accent usually elicited from people who didn't know her, God damn it.

A polite smile began to stretch across Anna's face, "OK, what I got out of… what you just said, is that we are in the same class."

Merida sighed but nodded.

"Then we have to hurry! I don't want to be late on our first day!" Excitement filled Anna's eyes as she grabbed her roommate's arm, ready to drag her to their destination, "which way do we go?"

"Relax! It's right down the hall and we have fifteen minutes!" Merida tried to enunciate through her rising anger so her roommate would understand as she wrenched her arm from the girl's hand.

"Wait so it's like, right there?" Anna pointed, "And we have all that time?"

The scottish girl calmed down and leaned up against the wall, "Yeah, well, dragon bait is coming from the other wing."

"That reminds me, why do you-"

"Anna!" The redhead being called was cut off by a slightly familiar voice and easily recognized platinum blonde hair. The older sister pushed her way through the crowd until she was standing in front of the pair.

"Elsa?" Anna responded in confusion but the smile never left her face as she continued playfully, "What brings you over here?"

"I wanted to make sure you were OK, you seemed upset after breakfast."

I should give them some privacy.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine… That was just, you know, well…"


Aurora? Merida thought as she failed to stop listening to the conversation.

"Yeah, how did you know who she was?"

"Long story I'll tell you about later, but you're OK right?"

"Yeah," Anna repeated as she looked down in a sheepish manner, "I'm alright, she just said some things that got to me."

"Like wh-"

The younger sibling cut off her older sister in an impromptu hug that almost caused both of them to stumble back into the dwindling hallway traffic. "I'msosorryIignoredyouyesterday. And that I didn't text you goodnight, I know you're just looking out for me but you also don't have to. I mean, you do because you're my sister but you don't have to do it all the time. You need to worry about you too you know?"

Elsa's eyes were still wide with shock from the hug, but she got over it and embraced her sibling back, "It's my job to worry about you, you're my sister."

Ugh, a Hallmark moment.

"I know, but you don't have to do it so much." Anna replied as she pulled out of the hug, "I'm 14 I can take care of myself now."

Yeah right, you couldn't even remember your towel when going to the shower.

Elsa chuckled and responded, "That's debatable," to which Anna scowled before the elder sibling continued, "Anna, I do trust you, I'm just weary of other people which is why I worry about you. You can be too… well, trusting. But I believe in you, and if you say Hans is a 'prince charming,' I'll give him a shot. Even if I already don't like his friends."

"Thanks Elsa," the redhead responded with a warm smile that grew into a guilty grin as she she said, "I'm not entirely sure I like his friends either. I can't put my finger on it but I think there's something evil in Aurora, and did you see that one huge guy? He ate, like, 10 plates of eggs. Just eggs! And was it just me or was Tink less of a… terrible person… the last time we met her?"

Oh boy, "Che-hem," Merida cleared her throat to stop Anna from digging herself an even bigger hole, should the wrong people be listening. The hallways had started filling up with kids trying to find their next class as their break time dwindled, "I think you two should discuss this another time, we should get going to English."

"Oh," Anna responded, "is it almost time for English?"

"Yes!" An exasperated Merida responded.

"OK we should go then. Where is your next class Elsa?"

"Right where yours was," she pointed to a nearby door on the other side of the hallway, "French, Belle pointed it out before I came to talk to you. I think she's going to try and save me a seat but we should get going, I don't want you to be late."

"We won't be," Merida replied and pointed to another near by door in the other direction and a few doors down, "we only have to go right there."

"Then I won't hold you," Elsa responded as her eyes drifted back to her own destination, "besides, I see Rapunzel so I'm going to meet her." She turned to Anna to say, "see you at dinner," before heading to her own class while Merida, nudged her roommate in the opposite direction.

"So how was French?" Merida asked as they neared their destination.

"Hmm? Oh, I think it's good. The teacher, Mr. Linguini was really nervous and disorganized. It took him almost five minutes to find the skills test for us, and I don't remember much but it doesn't seem like it's going to be a problem with him. I mean, he gave us all gold stars for turning the test in." Anna shrugged, "I just hope he gets better. What about you? How was your last class?"

"Boring, and quiet, but at least I'm learning right?"

"I guess. Why did you choose to take- Whoa."

Oh yeah, this is her first time in here. Pacha, as their English teacher asked everyone to call him, often won the annual, "best decorated room" award. His class was brightly lit, warm, welcoming, and more colorful than a summer festival. There were hand crocheted drapes hanging from the ceiling, paintings of exotic animals on the walls with descriptions written by students, and pictures of his family lining the edge of his hand carved and painted desk. Every eighth grader and freshman passed through this room and their smiling faces showed in class pictures lining the top of the walls. If the school allowed a teacher to win the award multiple years in a row, Pacha would surely be undefeated.

"Hey, Merida, good to see you again," he greeted warmly from just inside the doorway, "I see you've found one of our new students." He extended his hand to her before saying, "You must be Anna, you can call me Pacha."

"OK, you can call me Anna. This is a really nice room," she responded as she shook his hand vigorously.

Pacha laughed a bit, "Thank you, my kids helped me decorate most of it, and nice grip. Feel free to sit anywhere you want."

"OK," Anna repeated and turned to Merida, "where should we sit?"

The girl being questioned turned to the room, "Wait a minute, I remember this exercise…" she looked around the room until she found a desk with a black card and a gray outline of a jungle cat on it and fast walked to the seat. "Dibs on the panther!" she claimed as she held up the card, "Or is it a black jaguar?"

"Same thing," Pacha answered before greeting another student.

Anna chose the seat to the left of Merida, "I've got, some kind of bird? Or fish?" she indicated as she turned her picture clockwise.

"WOAHWOAHWOAH. No touchy." A pretentious voice yelled from the hallway.

"Oh my apologies, don't worry, I won't touch you." Pacha responded as he backed away with his hands up. "You must be Kuzco, as I said to everyone else, you can call me Pacha. Please feel free to sit wherever you want."

A twiggy boy sauntered into the room with his hands on his hips and an eyebrow cocked. "Riiiight," he said as he strolled over to his chosen desk and sat down, shoulder length hair and earrings swaying as he leaned back. He plopped his feet on the desk before noticing the animal card. He slides it out from under his gladiator style sandals as his eyebrow shot up in disgust, "A llama? Oh no, llama's are lame somebody switch with me!"

"Uh-uh," Pacha tisks as the bell rings and he makes his way to the front and center of the room, "No switching. Now then, it looks like everyone is accounted for except Hiccup, has anyone seen him?"


"Hello? Is anyone out there?" Hiccup paused his banging on the inside of the locker door just long enough to scratch his ear and see if he could hear anyone. To his dismay, the sound of people walking by the gym had died after the start second period bell rang. "Great," he mumbled to himself, "I was expecting this to happen tomorrow, why do they even have these rooms open right now? No one has gym today and sports don't start 'till later." The scrawny boy had no trouble shifting so both his hands could be used to find a way out, "They couldn't have just trashed my stuff, or turtled my bag, no they had to lock me away on the first day of school. Even a swirly would be preferable to-"

Hiccup ceased in his mumbling when he heard footsteps from outside the locker room. "Hey, is someone there? I could really use your help," He yelled as loud as he could (though he knew Merida would find that pathetic) and banged both fists against the locker. He held his breath when he heard the footsteps pause then let out a sigh of relief when they appeared to move closer to him.

"Who's in here?" Hiccup's heart dropped when he heard the voice of Vice Principal Yzma and, for a half a second, considered not answering her.

"Hiccup Haddock the third?" he answered with a wince.

"Oh well if that's the case, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE GIRL'S LOCKER ROOM."

The trapped boy winced again, Of course, "Um, I would but, I, Uh. I'm a little stuck."

"Ugh, why do we even have this door open," she grumbled but, thankfully, came to his aid, "Why didn't you just break it down?"

"Break it down? This is solid metal," he mumbled, half hoping she wouldn't hear him.

She opened the door as he finished his sentence and dragged him out of the locker, depositing him onto the floor, where he promptly began gathering his scattered things. She then takes out her ever present pink pad and pen. "Well then, that will be two detentions for being in the girl's locker room, one for being late to class, one for being cheeky, and one for making me come and get you out, and it's not even third period." She must have seen that he is about to object because she continued immediately, "And you will get two more if you say anything besides, 'thank you Ms. Yzma'."

He barely repressed a sigh before replying, "Thank you, Ms. Yzma."

"Good, detention starts today, don't be late. Now get out and don't let me catch you in these halls during class again!"

"Yes, Ms. Yzma," he sighed and started fast walking to class. Behind him he could hear Yzma yelling into a walkie talkie to her assistant, Kronk, to make sure the gym gots locked.


"OK then, I would like to start things off by saying welcome back to everyone returning and greetings to those who are new; I hope you all had great summer vacations." Pacha starts the class with a warm smile, "We will do introductions later, for now, as I'm sure you've noticed, each of you has a picture of an animal on your desk. I would like everyone to pair off with the person who has the same image."

For a moment, the scraping of chairs and bumping desks was all that could be heard as people moved around, attempting to find their partner. Anna was still trying to make heads or tails of her card when a familiar Scottish voice cut through the air, "OI, who else has a panther?!"

A card with the same jaguar on it shot into the air followed by a lower male voice, "I have the Panthera pardus!"

"Alrigh, git over here ya lill show off," she responds with a smile that shows she didn't mean any harm. A short boy with blonde hair, a massive cowlick, a blue t-shirt, and cargo shorts pushed through the small crowd over to the fiery Scot.

Anna reverted her attention back to her own card until there was only one voice meekly calling out, "Great Tinamou? Does anyone have a the great tinamou?" She turned to the owner of the voice and found a blonde girl in a blue and white dress with black Mary Janes and headband. Anna caught her eye and raised her picture, to see if they matched. "Oh excellent," the quiet girl said, "I get the new girl!" She sat down behind Anna's chosen seat and the latter turned her desk around to start work.

"Good job everyone. Now I know most of you know what to do but I'm going to-" Pacha was cut off by the arrival of Hiccup who was panting slightly and trying to keep his things together as he spouted many apologies about being late.

"I'm really sorry Pacha, it was… Snoutlout… and friends… I was… locker… girls changing room… and Yzma had to… again, I'm really sorry."

"Hmm, still having trouble with them huh? Don't worry about being late, let's focus on keeping you safe. What class are you coming from?"

"Uh, pre-physics?" Hiccup said, still trying to gain control of his loose paperwork.

Pacha turned to the rest of the class, "is anyone in pre-physics with Hiccup? Or in the science wing first period Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and could walk with him to class?"

Aww I wish I was Anna thought as she gave Hiccup a reassuring smile, I would kick those bullies-

"I am Pacha," Merida's partner said, raising his hand into the air and giving a short wave "Although I'm not sure how much help I can be at deterring Snoutlout and his friends."

"Thank you Lewis, walking together should help, two heads and all that. If not we'll find another way and I'll talk to the administration in the mean time," he said with a kind smile that told Anna he wouldn't stop until everyone of his students made it to class safely, even if it wasn't on time. I bet he would even go to the science wing to escort them here himself. "Anyway," Pacha continued, pulling Anna from her thoughts as he picked up yet another card from his desk, "Hiccup, because you're late, and the odd man out, you get the Wild card." The teacher handed his student a black card with a white question mark on it, "you can choose any group to join, although do I have to ask which one?"

Hiccup shrugged and dropped his things in a nearby desk before dragging it to Merida's group, "Well, I should probably talk to Lewis about how we're going to get past the Ruff Riders right?"

"Oh yeah, sure, sure," he said with a knowing smile, Yeah, he knows they're best friends. It's nice that he remembered that over the summer, I don't think a lot of teachers take that kind of interest in their students. "Alright, as I was saying," Pacha continued, "I want each group to come up with a story for their animal. Work together to figure out what each character is like then write down a story that explains your character's traits to the rest of the class when you present it later today." He looked around at the class expectantly and people start to turn back toward their groups. Anna briefly watched Hiccup as he finished settling in, before turning back to her own partner.

The room filled with the sounds of partners discussing their animals but Anna stuck out her hand first, "Hi, my name's Anna."

"I'm Alice," the blonde said with an airy british accent and a flimsy handshake.

"Hi," the redhead repeated. There was a moment of silence between the partners, Oh god this is awkward isn't it… I should say something… Something smart. "So…. we have a tinahmoo?"

Alice nodded, "the Great Tinamou," she said and wrote it down in her notebook So that's how it's spelled!

"Well this bird sounds… great?" Stupidstupidstupidstupid.

The blonde nodded again, "Maybe it's some sort of leader? Like Alexander the Great."

"Yeah, that sounds like fun," Anna waited as her partner jotted the one note down on the piece of paper before continuing, "But why do you think it got the title?"

"I don't know, why do you think it's the greatest leader of Tinamou kind?"

Anna shrugged, "Heck if I know."

Alice stared at her for a moment, a long one that Anna felt her dragged on, and sighed internally with relief when her partner decided to speak up. "You know, we are supposed to be making a story up. It can be as crazy as we want, so long as we have fun. That's all Pacha cares about. He doesn't mind if it isn't any good. It's even better if it is a little bad because we're going to rewrite the story at the end of the year. Trust me, we did the same thing last year."

The redhead let out a breath she didn't know she was holding, "OK well, maybe she's called the Greatest Tinamou because she united all the other birds against a common enemy?"

"That sounds good to me, and she's a girl now!" Alice smiled and added it to her notes, "OK my turn, I think the common enemy was… a chaotic neutral chesher cat and his army of punctuation marks."

Anna laughed, "That sounds perfect! But a chaotic neutral? I think there should be an evil force too so the cheshire cat can fight against both sides and just be annoying."

"Like what?"

"Hmmmm, how about, giant playing cards with hedgehog spike bombs?"

"Yes and the bird army can use it's flamingo brethren to counter them back to enemy lines."

"Or towards the cheshire cat army who uses their quills to make growth potions."

"Which they drink in the form of tea and only works for people when it's not their birthday!" The two girls got louder as their excitement grew and Alice scribbled all of their ideas furiously onto the page.

Anna waited for her writing to catch up with all of their ideas before continuing the discussion, "So we have the world, we should probably characterize our leader now. What do you think her name is?"

Alice put her finger to her chin in thought before saying "How about Dinah, after my cat?"

"Sounds good to me… You really like cats huh?"

"Oh yes, I like a lot of cute animals but I think cats are my favorite. My parents got me Dinah after I got lost chasing a white rabbit through the yard. At least if I chase a cat, he will eventually go home."

"I guess that makes sense… Hey maybe we can incorporate a white rabbit into the story too, like as a friend to Dinah?"

"Yes, I like that. He should be her right hand but he's terrible at his job because he's always late."

"And Dinah threatens that it's 'off with his head' the next time he's late, but she never means it."

Alice nodded in agreement and scribbled the ideas down furiously. Anna started doodling the scene between the bird queen and her rabbit underling when her mind was pulled to the further side of the room. The other new kid was getting very loud. "Absolutely not. That is the dumbest idea I've ever heard! Why would the emperor ever agree to let a peasant tell him what to do?"

"Well they're making a deal, the bear peasant will help the llama emperor get back to his castle in exchange for not destroying the watering hole his family has lived near for centuries."

The new kid scoffed at the black haired girl he was partnered with, "No, the bear peasant should help the llama emperor because he's royalty, anything less is treason and he would be put to death. And do bears and llama's even live in the same place? This is stupid, the peasant should be a flea that will get crushed as soon as the llama gets back home for even thinking about leaving his emperor."

It was at this point that Pacha spoke up, "Remember, there's no such thing as a bad idea here. Just be creative and have fun."

Anna watched the boy roll his eyes before returning back to her own world, "Your turn to come up with an idea."

"Alright, so Dinah and the white rabbit united to the birds to defeat the playing card and cheshire cat armies… I think they should also have a secret weapon… Like a map to a garden of wisdom where they can find out the weaknesses of their enemies."

"Yeah, and the garden is full of singing flowers that are afraid of birds and thinks the rabbit is a weed."

"But they have to fight their way to the center of the garden to meet up with a smoking caterpillar who will give them the answers."

"No!" The new boy shouted from across the room again, "There is no way the llama would follow the bear after he kissed him! Cut off his head!"

"The bear was doing CPR he thought the llama was dead!"

"Well that's stupid because the llama is the best character so there is no way he would be die! He's smarter and stronger than the bear so he should have survived the waterfall and left the bear alone to die for committing treason."

"Treason? He saved the llama's life. Twice now!"

"Yeah, there is no way that happened either. The emperor wouldn't get in any trouble, he knows his kingdom."

"He's never been out of the castle before."

"But he's born with an innate sense of direction! All leaders are, it's how they lead their countries in the right direction."

"There are several historic and fictitious examples of that not being true!"

"Those leaders were probably illegitimate then. All properly born leaders have an innate sense of direction, that's common knowledge!"

"So let me get this straight, our llama is handsome, charming, smart, strong, never left the castle but has a natural sense of direction, and doesn't encounter any form of strife because he never leaves home. He is loved by all despite destroying his subjects homes at will, firing his underlings for no reason, and being a misogynistic pig by degrading women?"

"Hey, it's not his fault the only women his servants bring him are ugly cows."

"Oi Baw! Yer bum's oot the windae. Theresso mooch wrong wit everrythang youv said, I don evan know where to begen!" Merida interjected, glaring daggers at the new kid.

But the look was lost on him as he rolled his eyes, "Look Red, if you're going to come to school in America, learn how to speak English."

"Tha was Anglish ya lil roaster! Or as your lavvy heid so far up yer arse you collehct yer own jobby?"

"OK now you're trying to be vague, even I didn't get most of that," Hiccup said with a wide eyed expression.

"Alright settle down everyone. Merida, please focus on your own work. Kuzco, maybe having some character flaws will add to the story. Wouldn't it be boring if the main character was perfect in every way?"

"Um no," Kuzco responded with a perfectly arched eyebrow and a look of disgust on his face, "I'm perfect and my life is anything but boring."

His partner looked at him as if he had grown a second head while Merida didn't even try to hide her contempt and burst into a fit of laughter and repeated, "Yer aff yer heid!"

Pacha responded to both, looking first at Merida then Kuzco, "Keep working on your panther. Everyone has flaws it's part of what makes us human. All good characters have flaws that make them realistic, it's how we relate to them. Besides, how can you have a story if everything is perfect all the time? Haven't you had struggles in your life? With homework or learning a new skill perhaps?"

"I mean I have this one big… infestation right now, but I can take care of it. Having a roommate for a few days is nothing more than a bump on an otherwise smooth ride!" He finished the sentence with his feet on the desk in front of him as he leaned back in his chair.

"Well having a roommate as a freshman is mandatory if you're living on campus. But if you don't get along, that could be a struggle you could talk about through your character. Just work the story out with Violet and don't be afraid if it takes unexpected turns. It doesn't have to make sense it just has to be collaborative and creative. And everyone, try to get a story down in the next ten minutes, we have to start presenting soon!"

Wow, what is that guy's problem?! He can't really think like that, right? Anna looked over at Merida's group to see Hiccup questioning what she said and her responding she would tell him later. Well, at least I'm not the only one who didn't understand that.

Alice cleared her throat to get Anna's attention, "I think we have enough for a story now, unless you want to add something from your life? We already have my cat and white rabbit, is there any part of you you want to add?"

"Hmmm… Maybe they ask the caterpillar for a way to win the war and he gives them a…" Crap, I don't have any pets! Alright come on Anna think. If not that, maybe something random like… cards? No, you said that already and this isn't Yu-Gi-Oh. We already have singing flowers, god, what more could we possibly add? Oh wait- "How about he gives them a singing snowman with the power to control bees which ruins everyone's finger sandwiches forcing them to surrender?" She ended with a questioning look, as if she was still processing the words that came out of her mouth after she said them.

"Sounds good, does it connect to your life like my part did? Are you personal friends with Frosty?"

"Yeah sure, I have uh- have a love of sandwiches?"

"Oh ok."

"Yep, they're my favorite… Although I think finger sandwiches aren't real sandwiches… They're too small you know? It's like-"

"Look, if you aren't going to take my ideas why don't you just write your own stupid story?" Kuzco suddenly shouted.

"I have taken your ideas… Almost all of them, but I need to get some of mine in there too!"

"There is no way they are going to work together to get out of the canyon! The llama would sooner let his dung beetle roommate get eaten by the crocodiles!"

"But then he would die to! The only way out of this is for the roommates to learn to live and work together."

"Well, you're clearly just too stupid to know how the real world works. You can do anything with power, including getting your roommate thrown into a river full of crocodiles while you go on to live in the palace."

"Um, I'm starting to fear for my personal safety now," Hiccup said with his hand raised slightly.

Wait, Kuzco isn't Hiccup's roommate… Right?

"Of course I wouldn't expect you to know how even basic things work, you don't even realize that headbands are so elementary school. What, do you have to use it to hide a botched bang job?"

"Kuzco!" Pacha said with a sterner voice that Anna thought he was capable of, "Go in the hallway, we need to talk."

"What, rewarding me for my observant nature? It's a gift."

"Hallway!" He said even louder with one hand pointing to the door and the other balling his shirt into his fist. All eyes followed the student as he got up and strut out the door. They then moved back to his partner when a small whimper rang out from that side of the room, breaking the silence. Pacha's face softened again as he grabbed the box of tissues off of his desk and knelt down next to Violet, "Are you OK?" She took the tissue and shook her head. "Do you want to go to the ladies room or the nurse?"

Again, she shook her head but followed it with a muffled, "I don't want to walk by him."

Pacha nodded and Anna had had enough. Before she could convince herself otherwise, or think at all really, she stood up and walked toward the two. Oh my god, what if she thinks I'm like Kuzco? What if she takes what I say the wrong way? What am I even going to say? What was I thinking, she's not Elsa, what makes me think I can help her? Well, I'm already almost there. Can't turn back now. Maybe I should just start with, "Hey, headbands are awesome, don't let anyone tell you otherwise… Especially not someone who thinks they're perfect and entitled."

Violet continued to hold back her sobs so Anna looked to Pacha for support. He smiled, nodded, and stood to relinquish the job of comforting to her. "People used to say the same thing about my pigtails, but I love them! It's the easiest way of keeping hair out of my face, which is probably the same for you too. It's not that our hair looks bad down because it doesn't. It's just more convenient to keep back. Not that it doesn't look good kept back because it does! And I like how your headband matches your sweater. Not that what I like matters, it's what you like. Just know that he's not the only one in the room with an opinion.

"Also, I'm not sure his opinion should matter as much as someone else's. Your story sounded really cool! I could already see the plot forming in yours while I was just having fun spouting random ideas. You were really listening to what we were supposed to be doing, Alice and I were only just getting around to making the story." Anna looked back to Alice for support and found her nodding solemnly while looking at her pencil as if it were a work of art. It was then the redhead noticed Pacha had gone into the hallway to talk to Kuzco.

Feeling a blush creeping onto her face, Anna turned back to Violet who had a small smile on her face, "I don't know, an army of punctuation marks and hedgehog bombs is probably more creative than someone getting eaten by crocodiles."

Anna blushed even harder at that but her smile grew wider as well, "Yeah but a bear performing CPR on a llama is comedy gold."

Violet chuckled and wiped her nose with the tissue. Anna handed her another one as her back was slapped hard. "Yea, lisen ta meh roommae. Tha boy is ah nyaff! Tayk wha he sais wih a grain a salteh."

"Are you just making up words now?" Anna said, her smile faltering a bit.

"Course not, lern ta speck Anglish wood ya?"

"Nothing. I understand nothing that you say!" Anna said, to which Merida simply rolled her eyes as Violet hid her chuckles behind her right hand. "Hey, I have an idea, why don't you join our group? Merida's group has an extra person and we can combine the two of our stories! Instead of a magical singing snowman who controls bees we could have a magical singing snowman who leads a hoard of llamas into battle, destroying all of the fake sandwiches!"

"But the llamas actually like finger sandwiches, so they eat them before the snowman can throw them to the crocodiles?"

"Sure, but you have to add a portion of your life, like Alice and I did." Anna responded as she helped Violet move her stuff to where her group had set up.

"Alright, how about, the llama's are all really annoying and pretentious so the other armies have to surrender and beg the great tinamou to take them back."

This broke Alice from her trance, "Let me guess who the llama is based off of?"

Violet smiled looking up and awy, "I don't know what you're talking about."

With their world built, the three ladies started jotting down their story. When Pacha and Kuzco came back into the room, the teacher seemed mildly surprised but didn't force them to separate. The student was enthralled that he was able to work alone. No one finished their stories by the time the bell rang but Pacha said they could present on Wednesday and that he was looking forward to hearing about the Great Llanamou War, the Panther Who Invented a Robot Dragon, and the Perfect Perfect Llama.

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