This is honestly a random thought that passed through my head, not even a plot bunny. But I still hope you enjoy it. So this is a Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live crossover with Harry Potter. As both of these things have recently got a quick spot into my head that won't go away, I thought I'd make something with it. Well...*Types furiously*

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Dark Wings with Bright Futures Prologue: What started this madness...

A large boom echoed throughout the home of Godric's Hollow, home of The Potters. Following the boom was a sort of shine and sparkle covering everything inside the building. A child's laughter sounded through the home as a two people came running to baby room. The first was a beautiful woman with long, dark red hair with green distinctive eyes, This is Lily Potter Née Evans. The other was a thin man with hazel eyes and glasses with untidy black hair, who goes by the name James Potter. Inside the room was a crib with a baby. It's laughter lifted the parents worries before lily grabbed the baby.

The baby giggled as he was swung around by his mother. The baby was only a little over a year old, and yet it had this aura of purity and hope. The was still shining and sparkling as the baby squealed in his mothers arms. His pitch black hair, which seemed to have a red tint when the light hit it correctly, was only small and puffed up on top of his head. His abnormally bright green eyes sparkled in laughter as it was pulled into a hug from both parents. The child's name was Harry Potter, and had a big future ahead of him.

You see, the Potters were what you called wizards, well witch in lily's case. They all have the ability to produce magic from their magical core and use it for various needs and wants. They were born into a society for wizards, whom hide from the normal people, or muggles. James was a pureblood, meaning he was born from two people with magical abilities while lily was a muggleborn. She was born from two muggles. Harry is what they call a half-blood, meaning only one parent had magic while the other did not. That may be wrong in his case, but a muggleborn to other Wizards and Witches whom believe in blood purity meant that they were of a lower class and blood. But they did not care for their blood or their ancestry as they focused on the happy times of now.

Alas, this was not meant to be as a another explosion rocked the household. Lily and James shared a look before he ran toward the sound. The baby quickly lost it's laughter and was replaced with a small whimper. Lily instantly tried to sooth the baby and put him in the crib. A scream from downstairs alerted lily of her husbands death and held back a sob. She had to find a way. She ran to the closet next to the crib and grabbed a box from within. As she opened the box, a small spark came out of it as the item inside shined. Inside the box was a large egg, an egg decorated in different colored hearts. Lily brought the egg and set it right next to Harry. Lily knelt in front of the crib and held her hands together as the door to the room exploded into dust and covered the figure at the door. Everything froze as a light with the colors of the rainbow filtered through it as a voice spoke to Lily and her Child.

"Lily Potter, what is it do you wish from me?" A woman's voice echoed. Lily sobbed in hope as the voice asked her this question.

"Please, I beg of you, protect my son in my place. I know that I am going to die today, that I won't be able to see my baby boy grow. Please help him as he grows into his future." Lily begged. The voice seemed to stop and think after what lily had begged. A few moments passed before she came to a decision.

"Alright. I shall grant this child my blessing to the future. I will grant him with the ability to call on the Prism Sparkle. This shall help in the future, regarding whatever he may face. May the prism sparkle shine upon him!" She yelled as a bright glow went through the room and focused on the child. Time started flowing once more after lily stood back up, back against the crib.

"Stand aside, you silly girl! Stand aside!" The man in the cloak yelled as he raised his wand toward lily. She looked at him with determination in her eyes, knowing for a fact that something other than herself will keep harry safe. She raised her wand and fired a Expelliarmus toward the being. Said being erected a barrier with a quick whisper of Protego before lowering it and shouting his next spell.

"Avada Kedavra!" The man yelled as a bright green lightning left his wand and struck the center of Lily's chest. She fell to the floor of her home, leaving no traces of life in her eyes. The cloaked figure stepped over the corpse and headed toward harry and his egg. As he took a closer look at the child, he froze. The child's green eyes seemed to be filled with knowledge while quickly going through colors of pink,blue,purple,red,yellow, and silver with his hair seemed to have gained an almost angel like halo of silver around his head. The cloaked man shook his head before aiming his wand at the baby and yelling a charged blast of Avada Kedavra. As the lightning shaped spell headed toward the child, the egg beside it cracked and opened revealing a white penguin like bird with a star a top of it's head with a pale blue heart-shaped stomach.

"Starn!" It yelled as a large force-field rebounded the curse and landed on the villain's body. He screamed in agony as his body disintegrated and a light flashed as a harry started to scream. A large mark was on the child's forehead as the penguin, now identified as Starn, worried over the baby. The penguin yelped as people entered the room before disappearing. A tall bespectacled old man entered the room wearing pale blue robes and a pale blue wizards hat. A crooked nose adorned his face with a long beard that reached his waist flowed. His startling blue eyes, which usually twinkle, now had a sad shine upon them. Albus Dumbledore approached the crib in a slow walk, stepping over the two corpses in the room, and grabbed harry into his arm.

"I am sorry." He said solemnly to the baby in his arms. The baby only gave him a blank stare before grabbing his beard in a tight hold. The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes returned for a small bit, only to disappear when he remembered what task he set himself. He turned around just in time to see an extremely tall man of 11 feet and 6 inches and almost three times as wide of a regular man. He had a long mane of shaggy black hair with a beard of the same kind to match. He also had a light complexion with black eyes that glinted like beetles. He wore a moleskin coat with multiple pockets, baggy pants, and boots. This was Rubeus Hagrid.

"Ello, Professor Dumbledore." Hagrid greeted, his eyes puffed up with tears. " that him?" Hagrid said as he walked closer over to young harry. The child giggled at the sight of the tall man, reaching out to grab his beard. Hagrid chuckled as Albus handed the child to him, before telling him more information.

"Hagrid, take harry to the Dursleys and I shall meet you there." Dumbledore said. Hagrid nodded and turned around and exited the house, wrapping baby harry in a pale blue blanket. Outside the once warm home was a black motorcycle with a sidecar. Hagrid climbed onto the motorcycle and activated its magical properties which took him into the sky. Inside the house, Albus Dumbledore simply apparated to the Dursleys home.

Albus appeared in a spiral of color as he appeared in front of the Dursley household. He sighed as he noticed the cat sitting on the brick wall, waving her tail around in a angry matter.

"Beautiful yet tragic night, right Minerva?" Albus said as he questioned the cat. The cat seemed to hiss a bit before jumping off the wall and transform into a tall, rather severe-looking woman wearing glasses with a cat design on the sides. She wore green robes of a tartan design and a witch hat tipped to the side. She glared at the man with a silent question.

"I've never seen a cat so stiff, Professor Mcgonagall." He simply gave, which caused her to sniff a bit before yelling at him. "Albus, you can't put the child here! I've watch these muggles and they're terrible. They spoil their child too much and are indifferent to anything else. They are the worst kind of people there are!" Minerva protested but albus just ignored her wishes for the greater good, a phrase that will later haunt him in the far future. Soon enough the sound of an engine drew close as a motorcycle descended from the sky. Hagrid got off the bike with harry in his arms, who was giggling the entire time for the ride which cheered up hagrid nicely. His mood was ruined, however, when he had to give the child to Albus so he can give them to the Dursleys. Albus held the baby in his arms, knowing this will be the last time he will see little harry for at least 11 years.

'If only I could do more...' Albus thought solemnly as he put the baby in a small basket and put in on the doorstep of Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. He put the letter into harry's hand before standing back up, backing away, and silently apparating away. Minerva silently followed before hagrid climbed back onto the bike and headed away, crying all the while. Minutes later the door opened to reveal a thin, blonde-haired woman with pale blue eyes. She looked down at the baby in confusion before grabbing the letter, opening it, and reading through it. She gave a cry of outrage as she grabbed the basket roughly and entered her home.

"Vernon!" She cried as Harry's giggles echoed throughout the household.

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