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Anyway, Chapter Four Of Dark Wings And Bright Futures: Boy meets Girl! Harry's Soul!


It took awhile for Harry to calm down, and even longer for Naru to stop worrying over him. For some reason, he couldn't tell her who gave her the star and ribbon but he felt she knew the instant she saw the silver heart. Naru gave him a pouch and told him to always have it on him. He put the little silver star in the pouch and tied it to his waist.

Whatever Naru needed from the prism vault, she must have got it since they left quickly to go to Harry's trust vault. The vault wasn't as extravagant as the others, with a simple large bronze double doors. All they needed was some of the money, which was explained by Naru to be Galleons. The system was actually a lot more simpler than he thought. One Galleon was 17 sickles, which was 493 knuts. Oh, and a sickle is 29 knuts.

After all this, we went back to the main level of the bank where we received some unfortunate news.

"What do you mean we can't see the will?" Naru questioned Griphook. Griphook looked really annoyed with the situation himself. "Ms. Ayase, the will was sealed and can only be unsealed by Mr. Potter's magical guardian." "Than who is his magical guardian?" Naru questioned.

"Albus Dumbledore."

Naru stayed silent for a few moments before an unearthly scream penetrated everyone's ears.

"WHAT?!" she yelled. We had to wait for a bit for the answers since everyone's ears were ringing. Griphook sighed as he answered.

"Dumbledore was assigned Harry Potter's Magical Guardian until the age of 17. Until than, Dumbledore is in charge of Harry's welfare and education. Though we will have to look at this situation again since Mr. Potter doesn't even have any knowledge of the magical world." Griphook explained. Naru looked angry, but a lot less than she was a bit ago.

"Fine, but how will this be resolved. Harry needs to know what was in their will. Also, Dumbledore clearly hasn't been taking care of Harry. I found him in his relatives home, muggle relatives to! They don't take care of him either, Harry didn't even know Dumbledore until I explained who he was." Naru begged. "I understand your predicament Ms. Ayase, but we have no power over the Wizengamot. Though we will investigate this incident immediately and you will the first to know of any situational changes." Griphook promised. Naru sighed, but understood that you couldn't get all you want instantly. Harry was still in the background, absorbing everything.

"Well, I am sorry for my outburst. I guess my screaming can be a bit loud...anyway to repay the bank?" Naru said, as she took notice to the injured guests and broken glass laying about. Griphook contemplated the offer awhile before an almost evil grin spread across his face.

"The prism family are well known for their performances...are they not?" Griphook said as Naru simply sighed again. "I guess I put myself into this situation...I'll perform for the bank. But there isn't a stage!" Naru said. Griphook merely smirked but pressing a button on his desk. A rumble seemed to go through the bank as the ceiling of the bank seemed to split open, even though it was just windows. A small square was left in the center and seemed to grow and grow until a stage was put in the back of the bank. Harry also noticed the bank seemed to stretch and widen to accommodate the bank.

Naru looked shocked before smiling a ear to ear smile. "Harry! This is time to show you what prism is all about! Follow me!" Naru said as she grabbed Harry by the hand and pulled him behind the stage.

Behind the stage was a strange pink and white machine, on the top it said: "Prism Stone". Naru reached toward it and pressed a few buttons. Headphones popped out of the machine and floated toward Harry. He grabbed them and looked at Naru questionaly.

"Memorize that song in a few minutes. You're going on stage with me!" She said happily. Harry looked at her as if she was insane, but then the music started to play. He heard the music, the voices of the girls singing the song. He felt the soul of the music. Suddenly, Naru tapped him and he reluctantly took out the headphones. "Out of time, it's time to go on stage!" She yelled. "Use the prism memory pass and set it in." She told him. He followed and she did the same in another spot. A rainbow suddenly filled his vision as he and naru were taken to what seemed to be another dimension. The sky was pink and there was nothing to be seen other than racks and racks of clothing. Looking forward, there was a woman with orange hair and red glasses perched on her nose. For some reason, he couldn't tell what she was wearing but she wasn't naked.

"Hello, welcome to the Prism World!" She greeted them with a smile.

"Uhm...what is this place?" Harry asked.

"This is the Prism Space, a place where prism performers change into their clothes and get ready for their performance. Please set your prism stones." She said as two circles appeared before Naru and Harry.

"I...I don't have a prism stone! I don't even know what that is!" Harry panicked. Naru grabbed his shoulder gently. She grabbed something from her pocket, which was strange because dresses don't usually have pockets, and showed off a small pink crystal heart with a silver bow. Harry's eyes widened before grabbing his pouch and pulling the silver crystal out.

"Oh! You have a star prism stone!" The woman yelled in shock and...awe? "Those are very rare stones, and the clothes inside are even more rare!" She said. Harry looked at the stone in shock before grinning. He quickly put the stone in the circle, as did Naru.

"Yosh, good luck you two!" The woman said as the circles next to her hands glowed and rainbows shot out of the circles in front of the two. Suddenly, Harry was naked and the clothes racked seemed to cover his body. A flash of white light and fancy clothes were on him.

"The Seventh Coordinate Star Suit, A white jacket and dress shirt with black sleeves and a silver musical note pinned to the corner of the chest. The belt was a red ribbon with a section of black in the middle and a big red star in the center-front with tiny white spots and a big white rose in the upper right corner. Attached to the center of the back of the jacket were two long red ribbon "tails" that go down and curl around the suit, with black lining beneath it following the pattern and connecting to the front of his waist. He wore tight white pants that ended just above the knee, allowing white boots with black lines on the top and red coloring underneath. Going down the center is a thin black line. At the top of the boot is a single red star. The boots were also ice skates. Harry noticed the same stone settled next to the silver musical note on his chest. He looked toward white double doors and realized he had to jump through the doors. Jumping up, he twirled and giggled as he flew toward the slowly opening doors.

A flash of white later, he appeared on the stage in the bank. He looked around and noticed Naru wearing the dress she wore when they first met. They glanced at each other, ignoring the announcer introducing them. Even ignoring him when he called Harry, Harry Prism. The music started and...Harry stood there like an idiot.

'I don't know the dance!' Harry thought while smiling and sweating.

"Listen to the music!" Naru yelled.

"Huh…?" Harry replied.

Boy Meets Girl Sorezore no Afureru omoi ni kirameki to

Shunkan wo mitsuketeru Hoshi furu yo no deai ga aru youni

"Listen to the music! Feel it!" Naru yelled as she continued dancing. Harry nodded and closed his eyes. He felt the soul again. The souls of the singers of the music, the soul of the song. A song of love at first sight. He started moving to the music.

Boy meets Girl Ano koro wa Ikutsu mo no DOA wo NOKKU shita

Azayaka ni egakareta Niji no DOA wo kitto mitsuke dashitakute

He matched Naru, beat for beat. It even seemed like he was doing better than her. He saw her smiling her blinding smile as he took center stage and danced his heart out.

Suddenly, the music seemed to fade as he noticed the prism stone and his and Naru's chest float away into the distance.

"Lovelin!" He heard a pink penguin with a hat yell at Naru as a pink guitar flew toward her. He turned quickly in front of him to see his own penguin.

"STARN!" A white penguin with a pale blue heart on his chest and a golden star on his head appeared in front of him. The penguin flew away and returned as a Black guitar and white designs all over. His name was imprinted in white at the base. (AN: Rinne's guitar with his name)

"PRISM LIVE!" Both Harry and Naru said as they struck a card. Both quickly began to play a song with their guitars, matching each other perfectly. Harry felt a sensation in his feet and chest as they started to...jump?

"Lovely and Star Splash!" A giant star and heart flashed behind them, both had mini stars and hearts behind those.

"Keep up with me Harry!" Naru yelled as they landed. Harry smirked, not letting himself be beaten. They both jumped again.

"Second one!" They jumped higher into the air and stopped midair. Suddenly, bows with heart designs appeared in their hands. They took aim as a ring of hearts started to close around the bows.

"100% Pure Pure Arrow!" They shot the arrows leaving a trail of shining pink hearts behind. Harry felt powerful and fulfilled while doing this. Naru and Harry shared a look before striking a pose. Back down, they skated down the runway while playing the guitars. They jumped again.

"Third one!" Harry felt stronger as they did this one. Jumping higher, he pushed his feet down as a large blue orbs appeared under him. He raced Naru downward until they hit the stage, yelling out the jump.

"Stardust Shower!" He yelled with passion. Racing down the stage, he felt an itch at his back. Jumping again at what felt like his last one.

"Fourth One!" He yelled as he gained what seemed to be black butterfly wings. He noticed Naru gained strange heart wings. A rainbow ribbon spilled out of the tip of his guitar. He and Naru flew around while Naru recited some words to the move.

"Rainbow Arc Fantasy!" They both yelled, finishing their performance. They landed a distance apart on the stage. Harry was breathing hard while Naru kept giving him worrying looks. Harry really didn't care, that was so fun!


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