Set in trouble with the troubles, except Audrey didn't end up going back to normal Haven.

The bullet pierced Cliff's temple, and he was dead in an instant.

"Well… I guess it's safe to say this isn't a magic gun…" William said peering at his gun curiously, but still in the same cocky tone he always used, well not always, recently, for sure.

"You son of a bitch!" Audrey all but spat, "How the hell are we meant to be getting back to the real Haven now that you've put a bullet through the troubled guy's head."

"M-miss Parker… be careful… he seems pretty dangerous." Nathan stuttered worriedly.

She held up a hand thanking him, "It's alright Nathan I'll be okay on this one."

Nodding slightly he took a small step backward, only now lowering his gun after all of the commotion. He watched the other two talk silently to each other over in the corner, with Miss Parker making exasperated facial expressions to the man whom she had called 'William' earlier on. After kicking that last of the dust on the floor into a neat pile beneath his feet, he looked up only to discover that William had left and Audrey now stood alone in the corner, her face in her hands.

"Hey, uh… Audrey, was it? I don't mean to um… but are you, are you alright." Asked Nathan, awkwardly stepping towards the distressed woman.

Running a hand over her face, she sighed loudly, "Yeah, I think so; I just don't know what I'm going to do now I'm stuck here. I just really want to go home, you know?" she replied, her voice wavering slightly as she looked up to meet his strong, confused gaze.

"Do you have anywhere to stay?"

"No, I suppose I could see if there was anyone else in town that might let me bunk in their place for a while. Maybe Vince and Dave..." she went off rambling.

"Hey, you can maybe stay at my place for a while if you want?"

"Oh no, I, I couldn't just impose like that, you have your wife and- and your daughter."

"I'm sure they'd—how did you know I have a daughter?"

Looking down at her hands guiltily, Audrey half whispered, "I just um, saw them with you at the hospital."

Suspiciously Nathan continued, "Well they've gone to visit my mother in law, I could always call her and ask if it would be okay, for, for you to stay with us?"

"You mean it?"


"Thank you so much Nathan." She replied. Overly grateful for his offer, she hugged him tightly, but quickly pulled back, understanding what this meant. Sure she would get to spend time with Nathan, her Nathan, and yet not her Nathan, but she couldn't treat him like she would in normal Haven, she would just have to find another way to be close to him.