Quick chapter sorry, school's been hectic! So excited Haven is back filming yay!

Waking up entangled in each other arms had never felt so good. Audrey could feel Nathan's hot breath in the crook of her neck which made her smile lightly, this she could get used to, now if only they could make it home again.

Nathan sighed, and held Audrey tighter in his arms as he started to wake slowly.

"This feels so good this can't be wrong, can it?" Nathan whispered huskily into her skin, eyes still shut tightly.

"What d'you mean?" Audrey giggled as his whispers gave her goose bumps in the cool morning air. Nathan sat up slightly, so she was now lying on her stomach on his chest and they were nose to nose.

"I mean that, this, it should feel completely forbidden, I should be feeling guilty as hell. But it's you, it makes it feel so incredibly right, like I could be by your side forever, you know?" he looked her straight in the eyes, her mouth a mere inch away from his.

"I know." Audrey smiled and pecked his lips, then laid her head upon his chest. Considering she had fallen for him in more than one lifetime, she knew it was meant to be, their stars formed constellations at great lengths. He was her straight line, when everything else had obstacles in the way, the path to him would always be clear and simple.

His fingers traced circles at the small of her back as they lay together basking in the few rays of morning sun that peered through the velvet curtains.

"Today, we're taking you shopping. You're in serious need of something to change out of."

"Well you've got me there, cant argue with that."

Walking hand in hand down the familiar Haven walkways was a risky business, she couldn't help but notice the disapproving looks from people she knew and enjoyed talking to back in real Haven, but to hell if they knew it, because they sure were judging the new town harlot, who stole men away from their wives and children. Nathan however, could not seem more oblivious to the other people's sceptic opinions; he just strolled down the street nonchalantly and entered Haven's best clothes store.

"You go 'head, get whatever you need, I'll just be sat right over her in this chair, with a newspaper of course." He winked at her.

"Oh and buy something nice for tonight!"

"And what would tonight be?"

"We're going to dinner." He smirked cockily, like William would, but minus the evil. He watched her as she walked off further into the store blushing at his openness with witnesses in the store.

Frustratingly, she must have tried on over six dresses and nothing seemed right, nothing seemed…special enough for him. Until she came across a stunning grey number, which clung to her body magnificently, in all the right places.

Nathan looked up to see Audrey beaming, standing looking down at him, her arms laden with a couple of shopping bags.

"I think you'll like what I have to wear for tonight."

"Oh will I? Sure it will be beautiful as always."

"Hope so." Audrey replied and linked his arms with her as they walked back down the street, her not so anxiously as before. Let the town think what they want to think it's not like they have a big part to play in their relationship anyway.