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Rosa VS Chuck!

Full Battle: 6 VS 6

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the first round of the World Tournament! I'm your announcer man, Pine! We're so excited to show you battles of the greatest trainers the world has to offer us! So hang onto your seat! Because this first battle is going to be packed with plenty of gusto! Our first competitor is an up and coming movie star! But don't let the glitz and glory fool ya, boys! She's a lean, mean, battling machine! Give it up for one of Unova's very own, Rosa!"

As the announcer called, Rosa began to walk down the isle to the red corner of the battle arena. She had an excited smile on her face and a peppy spring in her step as the people cheered. She waved to her many fans and called, "Thank you! You're all too kind to me!" That only got the crowd, especially the boys, to cheer even louder for her.

"And now for the blue corner! He's the keeper of the Storm Badge and his roaring fists do the talking for him! He hits hard and hits fast! Ladies and gentleman, Chuck!"

Chuck walked down to his side of the battle arena, the large man flexing his muscles and showing off to the crowd. His hammy behavior got the crowd to cheer even louder, despite the dismay to a certain woman in the audience.

"Alright, people! Listen up! This match is gonna be a 6-on-6 battle on a basic battle field! The first to have no more usable Pokemon will be the winner! Rosa won the coin toss, so Chuck will be tossing out his first Pokemon."

Chuck didn't seem to mind this as he grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, "Time to roar! Hitmonlee!" The kicking Pokemon materialized on the battle field, arms folded as he stared down Rosa. Rose faltered lightly from the stare his Hitmonlee was giving her, but she swallowed a gulp of air and grabbed a Pokemon from her bag.

"Go-go, Gothitelle!" she threw the ball as the Gothitelle appeared on the field. The Psychic type stood their gracefully. The crowd went wild at the psychic Pokemon, apparently having been used in plenty of her movies.

"Gothitelle VS Hitmonlee! Battle!"

"Gothitelle, Psychic!"

"Fake Out!"

The Gothitelle began to glow a light blue aura, but it was in vain as Hitmonlee suddenly dashed at the Gothitelle in a burst of speed, swinging his leg as he kicked Gothitelle, causing her to stumble backwards.

"Now, Bulldoze!" Hitmonlee brought his foot down onto the ground, the ground shaking intensely. Gothitelle gave a cry as she was sent flying backwards and landed on her back.

"Incredible, folks! Hitmonlee had struck Gothitelle while it was flinching from that Fake Out. What a carefully times move by Chuck!"

"S-shake it off, Gothitelle! Try another Psychic!" Gothitelle got up and tried to use Psychic, starting the glow.

"Don't give 'em the chance! Stone Edge!" Hitmonlee fiercely kicked the ground, stones erupting from the ground as they soared right towards Gothitelle, ruining her concentration as the stones seemed to do a high amount of damage before the she fell over onto the floor, unconscious.

"That looked lke a critical hit, folks, as Gothitelle is unable to battle! Hitmonlee wins this round!"

Chuck gave off a bellowing laugh as he applauded his Hitmonlee. Rosa looked astonished. She knew that battling a gym leader would be a huge step up from the Battle Subway, but this was just an entirely different league!

(His Hitmonlee was so fast! I've never seen one move like his does! He really must be a Gym Leader...) she thought nervously as she grabbed another Pokemon, "Go-go Scrafty!" The shed skin Pokemon appeared onto the field as he playfully hopped from foot to foot, too excited to stay still and wait for his trainer's command. Chuck looked on curiously at the trainer. He saw the look in her eyes, that look of nervousness and fear...

"Scrafty VS Hitmonlee! Battle!"

"Hitmonlee, Hi Jump Kick!"

"Dodge, Scrafty! Then use Bulk Up!"

Hitmonlee rushed right into Scrafty, too fast to dodge as that kick collided right into Scrafty's face, the lizard flying down the field and skidding across the field. Scrafty seemed to be out cold as he lied there, defeated.

"Oh my, folks! That was a super effective move, too! I could almost FEEL the pain that's going through poor Scrafty. And it looks like it's already over!"

"S-Scrafty!" Rosa gasped as she returned her Pokemon. She felt ashamed to have let this happen as she held his Pokeball tightly in her hand.

"Hey! Rosa!" Rose blinked as she looked up to see Chuck, "You're too tense!" Rose blinked, was he giving her advice? "When you tense up, you're Pokemon pick up on it and it hinders your judgement! You need to calm yourself!"

(H-he's right...I-I'm so scared of losing...) thought Rose miserably, (But that's what's making me lose...) she took a deep breath as she nodded, "Alright, thanks Chuck."

"You can thank me with this battle! Don't hold back and how me what you're made of!" Chuck ordered. Rosa nodded as she selected her next Pokemon.

"Go-Go, Mandibuzz!" called Rosa as the vulture Pokemon gave out a loud cry, flapping her wings and taking flight. Now Chuck had a wide smirk on his face as he saw the fierce look in her eyes now.

"Mandibuzz VS Hitmonlee! Battle!"

"Knock that bird out the sky with Stone Edge!" commanded Chuck, Hitmonlee kicking the ground as stones shot upward at Mandibuzz, the bone-clad Pokemon swiftly flying around and away from the impeding stones that would impale her.

"Alright, Mandibuzz! Air Slash!" Mandibuzz swung its wing as a slice of air swooshed down at Hitmonlee, who got hit with the move as he skid back, but managed to barely stay in the battle.

"Hi Jump Kick, Hitmonlee!" Hitmonlee jumped into the air, managing the nail a kick right into Mandibuzz's chest, but the Dark/Flying type managed to shake it off as she was ordered to use Air Slash again, sending the Hitmonlee to the ground, knocked out.

"That was quite the hustle, but Hitmonlee is unable to battle!"

Chuck laughed as he returned his Hitmonlee, "Can't win them all, bud." he said positively before grabbing his next Pokemon, "Time to roar! Machamp!" The armed Pokemon was released onto the field, cracking his four hands as Rosa kept up a brave face.

"Mandibuzz VS Machoke! Battle!"

"Alright, Machoke! Show her your Stone Edge!" Machope bent down and punched the ground, plucking up rocks and throwing them at a rapid pace as they flew right for Mandibuzz as the vulture flew around and dodged the stones.

"Nice work! Now use Nasty Plot!"

"Ice Punch NOW!"

Mandibuzz began to glow a dark-purplish color as she snickered evilly. But Chuck wore a smirk of his own as Machamp ran and leaped right at Mandibuzz, swinging an ice coated fist and hitting Mandibuzz's left wing, crippling the flying type as she fell onto the ground, crashing.

"Oh no! It looks like Mandibuzz has a frozen wing!"

"One more Ice Punch!" Machamp began to run right at Mandibuzz, his fist raised up ready to deliver the blow.

"Quick, use Flatter!" Mandibuzz gave a wink at Machamp. The heavy fighting type began to stumble around in confusion before throwing its punch at nothing.

"What quick thinking! It seems that Flatter has really saved Mandibuzz!"

Rosa sighed with relief, "Mandibuzz, Incinerate!"

"Dodge it, Machamp!"

It was a useless command, Machamp throwing more ice punches as Mandibuzz got itself up and shot a stream of flames from her beak, burning the larger Pokemon as he blinked, suddenly coming to from it's confusion.

"There you go! Stone Edge!" Machamp grabbed the stones from the ground and threw them, nailing Mandibuzz head on as the flying type fell onto the stadium's floor, weakly gasped and defeated.

"Despite her best efforts, Mandibuzz has been defeated! Rosa only has 3 Pokemon left, folks, compared to Chuck's 5."

"Way to inspire me..." mumbled Rosa as she returned Mandibuzz, "Good work, girl. Just rest easy..." she said before she selected her next Pokemon, "Come on, big boy. I need you...Go-Go, Accelgor!" The ninja-like insect Pokemon appeared onto the stage, having a serious look on its face as it eyed down Machamp, who leered right back.

"Accelgor VS Machamp! Battle!"

"Machamp, let's make this quick! Stone Edge!" Machamp didn't waste any time as began to scoop up stones.

"Focus Blast!" Accelgor was immediately right in front of Machamp, firing a blast of energy right onto Machamp, sending the bulkier Pokemon onto the floor, now unconscious.

"Incredible folks! Accelgor speedy movement made quick work of Machamp!"

Chuck blinked his eyes as he tried to calculate what he just saw. It looked so fast that he couldn't catch up, but returned Machoke.

"Time to roar! Conkeldurr!" Appearing before Accelgor was a fellow Unova Pokemon, the incredibly large Conkeldurr held its stone columns proudly.

"Accelgor VS Conkeldurr! Battle!

"Return!" Rosa immediately returned Accelgor, much to everyone's confusion. "Go-Go, Ferrothorn!" The Grass/Steel Pokemon came onto the battle field in it's place.

"Ferrothron VS Conkeldurr! Battle!"

"Mach Punch!" Cionkeldurr managed to rush at Ferrothron before swinging the cement pillar at the Pokemon. He was surprisingly sturdy, not moving an inch.

"Ferrothorn! Curse!" Rosa ordered as the spiked Pokemon began to glow a faint black color, "Now, Gyro Ball!" Ferrothorn began to stir and spin from his spot, suddenly ramming itself into Conkeldurr and sending the concrete Pokemon skidding back, much to the shock of everyone in the audience and Chuck.

Chuck growled, "Come on, Earthquake!" Conkeldurr raised his cement column to summon the Earthquake. Once it slammed and hit the ground, the violent wave rippled across the field, much more potent then the Bulldoze move from Hitmonlee.

"Pawback." Ferrothrorn managed to endure, not seeming to spin itself ina ratation as it collided itself right into Conkeldurr, now with double the power thanks to Payback, as the Fighting Type collapsed.

"What amazing power that Ferrothorn is packing! Able to take the pain and dish it out all the same!"

Chuck bellowed with laughter as he returned his Conkeldurr, "I gotta say, Rosa! You're really making me work for this win!"

"Well, you wouldn't want me to just give you it, would you?" Rosa asked playfully.

Chuck erupted with laughter as the ham said, "Sure wouldn't! Would hardly be worth my training!" he nodded, "Now, it's time to roar! Hitmonchan!" Chuck tossed the Pokemon as the punching Pokemon appeared holding up his dukes menacingly.

"Ferrorthron VS Hitmonchan! Battle!"

"Ferrorthorn, Thunder Wave!" sparks flew off of Ferrothrorn as an electric shot was fired at Hitmonchan, hitting him directly as his body stiffened up.

"Uh oh, folks! Hitmonchan won't be going anywhere! It's paralyzed!"

"Come on, Hitmonchan! Drain Punch!" Hitmonchan ran at Ferrothrorn.

He was slow, so Ferrothorn has enough to follow Rosa's command, "Ferrothorn, Gyro Ball!" It began to spin around before shooting itself at Hitmonchan, hitting him directly. Hitmonchan groaned as he stumbled, but threw a right hook as Drain Punch began to sap the Pokemon's strength as Hitmonchan recovered-recovered to its best since the spikes of punching hurt as well.

"Wrap it up with Ice Punch." Hitmonchan prepared the frozen attack, twitching from paralysis that kept him from moving. "Damn!"

"Now! Gyro Ball!" Repeating the previous move, Ferrothorn hit Hitmonchan directly as the boxer Pokemon fell over and was unable to battle.

"Wow, folks! What an intense battle! But Hitmonchan has been defeated!" Chuck groaned as he returned his Hitmonchan, quickly grabbing his 5th Pokemon, "Hitmontop! Time to Roar!" He sent out the dancing fighting type as he prepared himself to battle, the giddy fighting type hopping from foot to foot.

Ferrothron VS Hitmontop! Battle!

(Ferrothron can't take much more abuse...it I switch him out for Accelgor, he can end this quickly. Just need to paralyze him first!) "Ferrothrorn, Thunder Wave!"

"Mach Punch!" Hitmontop dashed right for Ferrothorn in a dash of speed and punched the spiked Pokemon. Despite the pain resonating in his fist, Ferrothron was clearly carrying some serious damage. "Now Triple Kick!" Hitmontop leapt onto the floor, spinning on i't thorn like a top as




Ferrothrorn was sent flying and hit the ground hard after getting kicked around like that, the shelled spike Pokemon now defeated.

"Incredible speed proofed to be too much for Ferrothorn! It's out!"

With a heavy sigh, Rosa returned the Pokemon, "You were incredible out there." She put the Pokeball in her bag before, "Go-Go, Accelgor!" Accelgor was re-released back onto the battle field.

"Accelgor VS Hitmontop! Battle!"

"Mach Punch! Get in close!"

"Protect, Accelgor!"

Accelgor's produced a forcefield before himself as Hitmontop's Mach Punch hit it with possibly all its might, but it wasn't enough,

"Now use Focus Blast!" The shell had to be dropped so Accelgor could fire right onto Hitmontop, sending Hitmontop flying, but he was quick enough to catch himself and recover.

"Not yet, Hitmontop! Bullet Punch!" Hitmontop rushed at Accelgor, fists ready to strike, but it was useless as Accelgor was quick to dodge every punch.

"Let him have it! Bug Buzz!" At the close range, Hitmontop stumbled back from the soundwave at such a close range, "Now Focus Blast!"

"Mach Punch!" Hitmontop dashed up to Accelgor, hitting it in it's face and causing it to loose focus, "Now Triple Kick!" Hitmontop got itself into a spin, proceeding to kick Accelgor with his powerful legs and send Accelgor skidding across the field, but he quickly caught and adjusted himself, firing off the Focus Blast at Hitmontop as he got back onto his feet, knocking him to the ground and knocking him out.

"Outstanding, folks! This battle has completely turned around! Chuck, who had a solid lead during the start of the battle, is now down to his final Pokemon!"

Chuck returned Hitmontop as he smirked, "Hey, Rosa!" he called, "I gotta hand it to ya! You've done pretty well for yourself during this battle! I'm real impressed with how you turned the tables on me!"

"R-really?" Rosa beamed excitedly, "T-thanks, Chuck. Coming from you, that means a lot."

"Yeah." he nodded, "But don't think I'm gonna just let you walk away with the win." Chuck grabbed his final Pokeball, "Time to bring down the Storm! Poliwrath!" Chuck threw his final Pokemon, Poliwrath, A twinge of fear shot up Rosa's spine. Something about Poliwrath felt more dangerous then the rest of Chuck's Pokemon.

(This is going to be the real battle.) she thought nervously, getting a look from Accelgor, (No, no. I gotta calm down. My Pokemon can feel my nervousness. I can't lose faith in myself now.)

"Accelgor VS Poliwrath! Battle!"

"Accelgor, Focus Blast!" Accelgor began to focus on the attack and fired it at Poliwrath.

"Bulk-Up!" Poliwrath's muscles began to expand itself as he put up a guard, taking the Focus Blast attack head on as he stood tall.

"Uh-oh..." Rosa gulped.

"Now use Hypnosis!" Poliwrath shot a ring from its spiraled chest. Accelgor was quick to jump into the air in order to dodge the move.

"Quick! Try another Focus Blast!"

"Use Waterfall!" Poliwrath ran itself to under Accelgor, jumping up and surrounding itself in water as he collided with the ninja-like insect, knocking him onto the ground as he fainted upon impact.

"Poliwrath made quick worth with that speedy Pokemon! And now Rosa has only one Pokemon to match with Chuck!"

Rosa returned Accelgor as she sighed, "You did your best, Accelgor. Thanks." he dug through her bag and grabbed her Pokeball, "It's all or nothing now. Go-go, Serperior!" The elegant snake Pokemon appeared itself on the field, raising it's body up high as if to intimidate Poliwrath as the two Pokemon stared each other down.

"Final Round! Serperior VS Poliwrath! Battle!"

"Poliwrath, use Dynamic Punch!" Poliwrath began to run right at Serperior, it's fist giving an intense glow as he jumped right at the snake, prepared to throw the powerful punch.

"Serperior, Glare!" Serperior stood his ground as he stared right into Poliwrath's eyes, Poliwrath's body got stiff and heavy, but still managed to land the punch as Serperior faltered back from the heavy hit.

"Incredible, folks! Rosa was willing to let that Dynamic Punch connect for the chance to paralyze Poliwrath!"

"You got guts, kid! Poliwrath, another Dynamic Punch!"

"Now's your chance, Serperior! Leaf Blade!"

Serperior's tail glowed a sharp green as Poliwrath charged right for it, its body much slower and giving Serperior the perfect opening as it swung it's tail as the sharp leaves cut across his body, sending it tumbling back, but managed to roll onto it's feet and get back up.

"Come on, Poliwrath! Show some hustle! Dynamic Punch!" Poliwrath's fist glowed and rushed at Serperior once again.

"Leaf Blade!" The scene seemed to repeat itself as Serperior swung his tail.

"Now! Circle Throw!" This time, Poliwrath grabbed Serperior by the tail and swung, slamming the snake into the ground as it hissed out in pain. "Now, follow it up with that Dynamit Punch!" Poliwrath raised his fist to finish the battle, but twitched and seemed to pause. It was the paralysis kicking in.

"Quick! Frenzy Plant, Serperior!" Serperior's entire body started to glow green as it gave off a loud cry, large thorned vines began to erupt from the ground and slam themselves into Poliwrath, knocking the Pokemon on its back and out.

"Poliwrath is down for the count! Rosa wins!"

The crowd broke out in cheers as Rosa blinked. Did this really happen? Did she...did she really win? "Oh my...oh my Arceus! We won! We won!" she cheered as she ran over to her Serperior and hugged him tightly, who squealed in delight, "We did it! We actually won!"

"Congratulations!" laughed Chuck, walking over to Rosa after he returned his Poliwrath, "You really gave me a battle to remember, Rosa. But now I'm gonna train nonstop so I won't lose so easily in my next match! AH HAHAHA!"