DISCLAIMER: Pokemon is not my property, it's the property of GameFreak. The character 'Red' is going to be portrayed as the ex-champion of Kanto, AKA the man who disappeared to Mt. Silver. Cynthia is Cynthia.

Blue, the first champion of Kanto and current leader of the Viridian Gym, was standing backstage from the battle arena as he looked at the competitor who was about to step onto the stage.

"Nice to see you again."


"Still a man of few words?" chuckled Blue, "I guess it can't be helped. Some things don't change, huh?"

"...It's nice to see you haven't."

Blue chuckled at the sudden tone of nostalgia in his voice, "Well, after you're battle, you gotta tell me where you've been."

Red VS Cynthia

Full Battle: 6 VS 6

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! It's time for another battle of the Pokemon World Tournament! You can tell by the sound of my voice that I'm pretty excited! Well, that's because this is the battle of the century! As standing in the red corner is a man who went the distance! The trainer who defied all the odds! A Trainer who's known as the Master, the Champ, a Hero! Give it up for the one! The only! Red!"

The crowd screamed and roared their loudest they've ever been as Red calmly walked his way to the corner. He looked much shorter then people thought as the silent master walked to his corner, a Pikachu on his shoulder that seemed to be the most expressive, waving it's paw to the crowd as Red seemed to have the smallest smile.

"So I'm sure ALL of you are asking yourself 'who could we possibly bring in to battle the Pokemon Master'?! Well, get ready folks! For tonight, we're bringing in another Champion for this battle! She's got style! She's got grace! Men want her and women wanna be her! Give it up for Sinnoh League Champion, Cynthia!"

At Pine's words, people began to scream and cry out in pure excitement as Cynthia walked her way to the center stage. She seemed a bit more enthusiastic then her opponent. She was no different then other people, though. She heard the rumors and stories about Red and now she had the chance to see if these legends were fact or fiction.

"So, you really are Red..." mused Cynthia, a hand resting on her hip as she smiled at him, "I've heard a lot of stories about you while I was here. I heard you disappeared after you stepped down from your tittle as champion. Where have you been all this time?"

"...I'll tell you if you beat me." Red had said simply.

"A man of few words, people! A man of so little words! I don't have to tell you two what is what: this will be a full on 6 on 6 Pokemon battle and it'll be over when one trainer runs out of Pokemon. Red won the coin toss, but believe or not, Red WANTS to throw the first 'mon! Red, what is the strategy behind such a move?!"

"...I just wanna go first." Red grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, "It's been a while since I've battled anybody."

Cynthia giggled, "Well, somebody's anxious."

"...Snorlax." Red had released the large bear, the Sleeping Pokemon yawning loudly.

"What an interesting choice..." Cynthia looked at the Snorlax closely. She could tell that Snorlax was much better trained then most, but she couldn't put her finger on it. But the Sinnoh Champion had decided to play this tactically, (Snorlax is a much bigger Pokemon, so it must be slower and harder to move. It's a normal type, so using a Pokemon that can move swiftly, while at the same time not weak to a common move for a Snorlax like Earthquake or Return would be best.) "Spiritomb, go!" she released the Forbidden Pokemon, the Pokemon growling and howling. People in the audience shivered in fear at the sight of the spiritual entity. But Red's cold, poker face stayed perfectly aligned.

"What an odd Pokemon..." Red figured he'd see Pokemon that weren't in Kanto, but this was a Pokemon he's never seen before, his updated Pokedex scanning the Pokemon as Cynthia tried to stifle a chuckle at how the supposed 'Pokemon Master' was going to be looking back and forth from his Pokedex to the battle.

"Snorlax VS Spiritomb! Battle!"


"Sucker Punch, Spiritomb!" Spiritomb suddenly fired a black ball, hitting Snorlax directly as he stumbled back, but slammed his foot onto the ground as the seismic shockwave shook Spiritomb's keystone violently, "Now Seed Bomb." Snorlax's mouth glowed green before firing the seed-like explosives at Spiritomb.

"Protect, Spiritomb!" Spiritomb projected a force field, blocking the explosives upon contact, "Now, Dark Pulse!" Dark energy radiated around Spiritomb's mouth as the ghoulish creature fired a blast at Snorlax, hitting the large Pokemon directly as Snorlax stumbled back, taking a critical hit as the Pokemon panted. Cynthia, though was focused on Red, who didn't seem to flinch or look worried in the least.

"Rest." Snorlax yawned as the larger Pokemon fell over on it's back, falling asleep immediately.

"Uh...well, folks, it looks like Snorlax will be resting. What could be the strategy behind this?"

Cynthia couldn't fathom using such a double-edged tactic, "Spiritomb, we'll end this before it wakes up. Dark Pulse!" Spiritomb fired the blast.

"Sleep Talk." Snorlax suddenly sat up and released a gust of cold air blast right at the Dark Pulse, countering Dark Pulse and overpowering Spiritomb as the phantom was knocked back.

"Look at that, folks! Snorlax's Sleep Talk landed on it's Blizzard attack!"

"Quite a gambit." Cynthia said, "Spiritomb, Dark Pulse once again!" Spiritomb began to fire a blast of dark energy at Snorlax.

"Sleep Talk." Snorlax got up again, firing Seed Bombs at Spiritomb, hitting the Dark Pulse, but not stopping it as it still hit Snorlax, the sleeping Pokemon waking back up, "Crunch." Snorlax jumped right for Spiritomb, it's teeth glowing black and sinking it's teeth right into Spiritomb, who howled.

"Will-O-Wisp!" Spiritomb glowed red before firing a ball of fire right in Snorlax's face, causing it to let go and become burned, stumbling back.


"Sucker Punch." Spiritomb quickly hit the Snorlax before it could use Earthquake, the Pokemon stumbling back before Snorlax slammed itself onto the ground, a shockwave hitting Spiritomb. Spiritomb had retreated into it's keystone as it fell over.

"What an opening round! Snorlax has won the round!"

Cynthia returned her Pokemon as she smiled, "How impressive. I certainly didn't expect you to make such a turn around."

"Thank you...I was expecting a Spiritomb." Red admitted as Cynthia grinned, selecting her next Pokemon.

"You won't expect this either. Togekiss, go!" The Jubilee Pokemon chirped gleefully as she flew across the stadium with excitement, hovering on her side of the field. She was right, though. Red didn't expect this.

"Snorlax VS Togekiss! Battle!"

"Blizzard." Snorlax opened his maw and released a powerful gust of arctic air. Togekiss avoided the blast of air as it flew upward into the air.

"Good job, Togekiss! Now Focus Blast!" Togekiss began to form the sphere in front of her, blasting the ball of concentrated force right towards Snorlax, who was to slow to dodge as he had to take the hit straight on, falling over.

"Wow, folks! That was a heavy hit, folks! Snorlax has fallen!"

The crowd was in ah as Red returned Snorlax. He smiled lightly as he said, "Nice."

"I could say the same to you." Cynthia said as Red looked to his Pikachu, who jumped off of his shoulder and sparks came off of his cheeks. "How odd...why haven't you evolved him into a Raichu?"

"He doesn't want to." Cynthia was a bit put off by the answer, but wasn't going to question the ex-champ of Kanto.

"Pikachu VS Togekiss! Battle!"

"Okay, Togekiss! Moon Blast!" Togekiss glowed a pale pink before firing the blast down onto the electric mouse, who was quick to jump out of the way and dodge the blast, incredibly fast for a Pikachu. "Keep firing, Togekiss!" Togekiss kept attacking as Pikachu seemed to swiftly dodge each one that came at him.

"Incredible, folks! Red's Pikachu is too fast for Togekiss to hit!"

"Not for long...Grass Knot." Blades of grass suddenly popped from the ground, wrapping around Pikachu's legs and body, holding him in place. "Now, use Moonblast once more!" Togekiss prepared the attack.

"Iron Tail." Pikachu's tail shined with a steel coating, slicing it's way free of the grass as he swung his tail at the moon blast, countering the attack with his tail. The entire area was stunned at the scene. Cynthia's usually calm look exterior was dumbfounded completely, "Now Volt Tackle." Pikachu coated itself in electricity, running right for Togekiss, jumping into the air and tackling the flying/fairy as an explosion of electricity erupted before the stage, both parties falling onto the ground, Togekiss twitching and seemed unconscious as Pikachu twitched and stumbled from the heavy recoil.

"That was incredible, folks! With such quick thinking, Red countered Cynthia's tactics and even took out Togekiss!"

The crowd was going wild as Cynthia returned her Pokemon, "That...that was incredible." She was amazed. Cynthia, the champion, was amazed. She never saw somebody have their Pokemon maneuver like that, much less a Pikachu. She recovered her senses as she grabbed her next partner, "Roserade, I choose you!" she released the bouquet Pokemon, who gracefully spun onto the battlefield, bowing before getting into a battle stance.

"Pikachu VS Roserade! Battle!"

"Come back." Pikachu blinked, dashing back to Red as he picked up his partner and put him at his side.

"Smart..." smiled Cynthia. Red nodded as he grabbed another Pokeball. "Venasaur." He released the seed Pokemon, which seemed to roar loudly and stomp one of it's feet onto the ground. "What an interesting choice." Cynthia smiled as Red nodded, pulling a bit on his cap.

"Venasaur VS Roserade! Battle!"

"Roserade, use Sludge Bomb!" Roserade fired a toxic ball of grime at her fellow grass/poison type, Venasaur taking the hit head on without being too heavy and too slow to really dodge the attack.

"Earthquake." Venasaur shook off the attack, stomping the ground much harder as he used Earthquake, the seismic wave striking Roserade as she was knocked off her dainty feet, "Sludge Bomb." Venasaur fired it's own ball of grime at the downed Roserade, who was hit directly.

Cynthia groaned, "Return, Roserade." she said as the weakened Bouquet Pokemon. She wasn't going to keep battling without a clear shot of victory as she grabbed another Pokemon, "Go, Glaceon!" She released the ice eeveelution as she strutted onto the battle field.

"It looks like an Eevee..." mumbled Red at the familiarity.

"That's right." nodded Cynthia.

"Venasaur VS Glaceon! Battle!"


"Glaceon, jump! And use Ice Beam!"

Venasaur lifted it's foot and stomped again. Glaceon, however, was a very swift Pokemon and jumped right over the battlefield, not effected by the attack as she fired the blast of frosted furry at Venasaur, hitting him directly as Venasaur skid back.

"Now Signal Beam!" Glaceon began to fire a different beam, a beam of oddly colored lights was fired.

"Sludge Bomb." The toxic ball was shot at the beam, cancelling it, "Now, Sleep Powder!" Venasaur released a powdery mist. Glaceon, sadly, was helpless from the mist as she fell onto the ground, sleeping as Cynthia bit her lip. "Now Earthquake." And, once again, Glaceon used the attack as Glaceon's body was flung across the field, no longer just asleep.

"What an intense battle! Glaceon is down!"

Cynthia returned the tired Eeveelution as Cynthia looked over Venasaur. It was exhausted. This was her chance to take it out.

"Go, Lucario!" The aura Pokemon materialized onto the battle field, thrusting a palm forward to brace himself for the upcoming battle.

"Venasaur VS Lucario! Battle!"

"Extreme Speed." Lucario suddenly seemed to vanish. Venasaur and Red were confused as they looked around before Venasaur roared from a sudden palm to his face, Venasaur gasping in pain as the larger Pokemon gave in and collapsed.

"And with that, folks, Venasaur is unable to battle!"

Red returned his Venasaur, smiling lightly, "Good work." he said, grabbing a Pokeball, "Blastoise!" His voice sounded different. He sounded excited. Cynthia certainly noticed the change of his tone.

"Blastoise VS Lucario! Battle!"

"Extreme Speed, Lucario!"

"Hydro Pump!"

Lucario dashed around the battlefield, running left and right as he dodged Blastoise's cannons, ducking and swerving across the battle and managing to remain unharmed from the Hydro Pumps. Lucario ran right into Blastoise, looking face-to-face with the large shellfish Pokemon.

"Close Combat!" Lucario released a stream of punches and palm thrusts, knocking the large Pokemon back and nearly fell over.

"Incredible, folks! Blastoise managed to endure that Close Combat!"

"Focus Blast!" Instead of a torrent of water, Blastoise fired the concentrated blast of energy, nailing Lucario as he was sent flying and hit the ground.

"That was a critical hit! And it took it's toll on Lucario!"

Cynthia sighed as she returned her fallen Lucario as Red said, "I guess that was luck."

"Yes, luck." Cynthia struggled to contain her excitement, "This is such an intense battle."

"Yeah." smiled Red, Pikachu squeaking in excitement at how eager he was.

Cynthia had grabbed her next Pokemon, "But I'm not giving up yet." Cynthia threw out her Roserade once again.


"Blastoise VS Roserade! Battle!"

"Leaf Storm!" Roserade began to conjure leaves around herself, shooting the glowing green leaves right for Blastoise.

"Counter with Blizzard!" Blastoise took a deep breath before releasing a strong blast of ice air right at the leaves, freezing them solid. They were practically at a standstill. "Return." Red recalled back the larger Pokemon as he grabbed another Pokeball, "Charizard!" he then released the Flame Pokemon, who roared loudly.

"How intimidating..." mumbled Cynthia.

"He's been waiting for a battle." Red said simply.

"Charizard VS Roserade! Battle!"

"Roserade, quick! Use Sleep Powder!" Roserade twirled, releasing the sleeping cloud of mist towards Charizard.

"Charizard, take flight!" Charizard immediately flew into the air, dodging the cloud of sleeping powder, "Now, Air Slash!" Charizard flapped his wings, sending blades of air at Roserade, who twirled and jumped in order to dodge.

"Roserade, Sludge Bomb!" Roserade fired the ball of toxins at Charizard, who flew around to dodge it.

"Neither Pokemon seems to be able to connect a blow!"

"Charizard...Blast Burn!" Charizard took in a deep breath, roaring as he glowed a bright red before releasing an explosion of fire from his jaws, covering the entire battlefield in a roaring blaze. When the fires died down...

"And Roserade is down and out!"

Clearly, she was, the bouquet Pokemon covered in burns as Cynthia returned her, Charizard landing on the ground, panting heavilly as Cynthia returned Roserade. Cynthia, though, looked rather amused.

"Why are you smiling?" Red asked.

"Because. You used such a powerful and I still have one Pokemon left." she said, grabbing the Pokeball.

"Yeah. But I still have 4." Though Red knew that 3 of them were tired from battle before.

"Still anyone's game." she smiled, "My dearest friend. It's time for you to rise up and race into battle. Garchomp, go!" The Mach Pokemon growled and roared incredibly loud as the land-shark growled at Charizard, who snarled back.

"Charizard Vs Garchomp! Battle!"

Red was holding a Pokeball, "...You wanna battle, don't you?" Charizard turned to his trainer, growling as he nodded. "...Alright, Charizard." he nodded.

"Stone Edge!" Cynthia commanded, stones beginning to appear around Garchomp as they fired right at Charizard, who had no choice but to endure the quadruple effective attack, howling in pain as Charizard barely hung on.

"Charizard, Dragon Pulse!" Charizard fired a purple blast at Garchomp, who launched itself into the air at a mindboggling speed.

"Now Dragon Rush!" Garchomp rushed right for Charizard with all that speed.

"Come on, Charizard! Fire Blast!" Charizard blew a star-shaped blast of fire at the incoming Garchomp, engulfing him in the flames. That didn't stop Garchomp from rushing at Charizard and hitting directly, the dragon though wincing as they both hit the ground.

"Uh oh, folks! Garchomp has a serious burn!"

That didn't stop it from getting up as both he and Charizard stared the other down as the flame and mach Pokemon looked into the other eyes with a desire to keep fighting.

"Garchomp, Dragon Rush!" Glowing a bright purple hue, Garchomp rushed at Charizard.

"Charizard, Flare Blitz!" Charizard was coated in fire, rushing right at Charizard as the two Pokemon collided in a burst of dragonic energy and flames.

"Oh my Arceus, ladies and gentleman! This was the collision of the sentry! Red's Charizard and Cynthia's Garchomp have truly given it all their might. But...but the winner is...is..."

Both trainers chuckled as they saw how both of their Pokemon were unable to battle.

"It's a tie! But since Red has three Pokemon and Cynthia has none, the round goes to Red!"

The crowd cheered with excitement as Cynthia chuckled lightly, returning Garchomp, smiling as she smiled, "You did very well, old friend. Rest easy." she then turned to Red, who had returned his Charizard, "You really are a Pokemon Master."

Red nodded, "Yes...now come with me." he said, leading her out of the cheering crowd room.


"So, Red, what gives?" asked Blue, he and Cynthia outside as the sky was dark as night came over the area, "Are you going to tell us where you've been all this time?"

"And why exactly did you come back now of all times?" Cynthia asked.

"..." Red sighed, "Alright. But sit down first. It's going to be a pretty long story."

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