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Chapter One: From The New World part 1

8:00pm Brooklyn

Normal POV:

In the outskirts of Brooklyn, police forces searches for an escaped criminal. Underneath the Brooklyn bridge. Wounded hiding out behind a crate. Getting up to escape the area, difficult as it was. He moved only a few steps. Before he landed on his knees, clenching his stomach. Seeing a shadow in front of him, lifting his head. He sees a woman in weird clothing. Walking past him towards the cops. He tried to stop her, but the pain held him back. "Wait...!"

"Damn..." He was in trouble. She was going to rat him out. Screaming wasn't something he expected. Taking a peek he saw that the woman was attacking the police. With some strange power. Of course he was shocked, he didn't expect to see what he saw. Her attention on the criminal now. He needed to get away, before he ends up like those cops. Dead.

Collapse again. As he looked back, she was inches away from him. Bringing her hands towards him, for the first time. He was afraid. Grasp his face, the woman leaned forward and kissed him. His eyes became wide, as something was pouring into his body. When her lips left his, he felt something inside. Overviewing his body, his wound is gone. No pain.

He looked at the woman and wonder. Who is she?


Zurich, Europe 10:00pm

Walking through a dark alley. A set of eyes follows a young woman from the shadows. She felt like she was being watched. Moving at a quick pace, lost her balance when she tripped. Landing hard on the ground she scrape her knee. Three guys came from behind with lustful eyes. Thinking of a way to escape as they talk how they were going to rape her. She dash to run, didn't get far until she was cornered on each side. One of the guys pinned her to the ground holding both her wrist. About to unbutton her shirt, grunting noises were behind the three.

Turning around, both his men were flat on their backs. Standing tall, was a single man. Not liking the smug look on his face. Pulling out a knife, he was ready to attack. Landing one solid kick to the guy face. Extending his hand to offer the young woman assistance. He smirks down at her. "I don't know how you survived? This long, without me."

Able to stand on her feet. Grateful for his help, she pouts that he still found time to tease her. "You don't have to tease me. It's not my fault, they followed me..." The young woman blushed.

"Oh come on baby. Don't be so upset." Embracing her. "I can't blame them, after all. You are very enticing... My little vixen." Nibbles on her earlobe.

She lets out a soft moan, "Please... Yuri... Now's not the time..." Pants out, feeling aroused.

"Your right... We'll finish this when we get home. So I can take you to wonderland." Carrying his Alice bridal style. Walking the rest of the way home.



Yuri POV:

The sound of the dripping water from the shower. Bringing Yuri thoughts to a time when he never felt so alive. Before he met the others at the warehouse. He felt so empty, missing's a very important piece in his life. Love of his life Alice Elliot was that piece. When our memories returned I felt complex. What if this feeling was something of the past and can never be let go. What if my love for Alice is the cause of old feelings of my past. Not really my own love. It was confusing to decipher the complex of the human heart. Alice is truly amazing.

Not only did she tell me that having our memories back shouldn't effect who we really our. But that she was able to love me all over again as a different Yuri. A different Yuri not like the past. She loved me again. As I loved her once more. I'm still the same old me, nothing has change. Alice didn't change much either.

The only thing has change is the period of time. Different set of flow on our little timeline. After having our memories back, we are closer than ever with everyone. Even three years later.

Even if our memories returned. I became distance at first. Alice again brought some common sense to me for the hundredth time. By getting to know each other again I was able to finally have Alice as my wife. A fresh start for everyone... Man I hate she makes me feel like this. I sound like a girl.

Out the shower. Wearing a fresh pair of boxers. Walking towards our balcony, feeling the night wind on my bare chiseled chest. I felt some bad vibes coming from far East. I don't like this feeling... Looking towards my sleeping angel, anger built up inside. I promise I will protect her, no matter from what or who. Closing the door, getting under the covers. Wrapping my arms around her waist. I felt her shift a bit to get comfortable. About to go into a deep sleep, I heard my phone vibrate. I wanted to ignore it. Who ever was calling kept ringing till I pick up.

Answering, I got some bad news. "Are you sure about this?"

"My resources never lie. Always reliable."

"If that's true... What is the outcome?"

"Started around... I'll say two years ago. Maybe even longer.

Damn it all! Why can't we live in a peaceful life!?

"I'm sorry Yuri... I need your help. If you want to protect my niece, than come with me to America."

"It's not like I have a choice on the matter Karin. I'll go, but im not leaving Alice here alone. She's coming with us."

"I figure as much. Good thing I brought 3 tickets... Be ready in two days."


Elsewhere Brooklyn, New York 2:27pm

Normal POV:

Under the Brooklyn bridge. A woman in strange clothing sat in silence. Coming next to her was the criminal she saved, nights ago. "What did you do?" He asked her.

"I'm talkin' about to me..." He clarified.

The woman said nothing. In both his hands where something they can snack on. Two plain hot dogs. Handing her one of them "I'll bet you're starving... Here." Said plainly. Receiving it, she held on to it, staring at it. Like it was an alien, strange object. Like the man she tried to put the object in her mouth. Holding on to it, she didn't bite it yet.

"People... Call me Killer..." He introduce. He looked at her. "And you?" With the hot dog in her mouth, he almost laughed. Seeing she didn't respond to his question he thought of a name. "Huh... Lady. That's what I'll call you." He said. Thinking about it, she agreed with a nod. Killer was surprised, the hot dog didn't fall from her mouth yet.

Looking at her, he notice she is really beautiful. If you didn't know any better, you would thought she was innocent goody, goody. He had to smirk at his little conclusion. A small laugh came from him... Weird... He hasn't done that in a long time... Not a ministering laugh... A normal genuine laugh, even a smile. He just met the woman! Already she was changing him, bit by bit.

His new life... With her... Will change for the better, a new destiny.

Unknown to both of them; they was being watched by a woman dressed in all black with tinted tailored made sunglasses. In her right hand holding a inside her coat pocket; was a spy pen. Taking photos of the two of them. She smiled and walked away without her being notice.


Five Days Later 9:02am

At New York City, Yuri and Alice meets up with Karin Uzamaki. Karin is the resurrection of Karin Koenig, Alice aunt. Karin needed them with her to confront a friend of theres in the past. Lenny Curtis. Even though he has been resurrected, he wasn't with them when they was at the warehouse meeting. Turns out that Roger went to get him, but Lenny turned him down.

He can't avoid them forever, they'll make sure of that. The only person who might know what is going on around the states is Lenny. Arriving at a New York apartment with a sign on the side of the building that reads Garland Detective Agency. Going inside, ringing the doorbell, Lenny answers the door. Seeing their faces put him in utter shock.

"Y-you!? Why are you guys here!?" He asked them.

"We came in hopes you might know what is going on? There have been reports of monsters being around New York and other places. I know you want the peaceful life. This cannot be avoided any longer. We want to stop the source. Since your somehow in the middle of all this... We figured you might got some information" Karin told him.

A deep sigh, he opens the door wider; "Come inside. But please don't mention anything about knowing me... If you will." Confused by this request, they agreed fully.

Inside the apartment, sitting in the small office was a boy. No younger than a teenager. Sitting up from his chair he walks over to the guest. "I'm sorry. I am not taking on any jobs at the moment. Lenny you mind escorting them out?" He turned to Lenny.

"Whoa their kid. We're not here to see you... Lenny who the hell is this brat?" Yuri asked arm crossed.

"Don't disrespect my master!" Lenny yelled.

"Master!? To this-OW!" Yuri rub his stomach, the place Alice hit.

"Sorry to disturb you. But we are friends of Lenny" Alice smiled.

"Lenny? Friends?"

"Yes... Master, I didn't want to tell you. Since you brought in Miss Shania." Hearing her name Johnny felled from a sad expression. It has been a week since there trip to the Grand Canyon; around that time Shania has been unconscious due to a major battle she fought by herself. In a way her power is just like Yuri's. Only difference she connects with elemental spirits. He fuse's with demon monsters.

Alice notice and her heart broke for the young man. She can tell that he is falling in love with the young woman. The way he looks at her reminds Alice of her first meeting with her husband and how he stole her heart.

As their conversation went on Karin, Yuri and Alice learned some valid information. Malice broke out again. It seems that Lenny employer is some how involved in the outcome. Agreeing to let them handle the situation, Alice and Yuri made a deal with Lenny. Saying they will keep in eye on the kids, just in case they might need some help. Not only that they will ask a couple of there friends to help surveillance them.

Lenny agreed whole heartedly.

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