Chapter Ten: Awaken

Unknown Location

Normal POV:

Heels clicking on tile floors, walking with a purpose to a destination. Echo's within the long hallway as Juliana makes her way to an open door; where sounds of anguish is heard. Beaver stands frustrated at his now slowly developed body, decomposing at the lack of malice. The amount they obtain from Yuri was a healthy dose to gain back his body form and half the power. But without the remaining amount that he couldn't receive because of an emergency escape once the hideout was destroyed. Beaver walked around like a sad puppy. Well at Juliana point of view; he now looks like a pitbull without a leash.

Picking up another vase; he tossed it across the room hitting the another side of the wall. "Another vase, more money I have to spend to make this place look presentable." Juliana huffed; much to Beaver annoyance. "Listen I don't have to time to hear it! You let my one source of malice power slip away. I wouldn't have to worry if you just let me kill him when I had the chance to take all the power."

"What good would that do without my proper research? I told you before; we need him alive. Without him and his allies; I wont have a study group to test out upon. Besides we needed his blood sample. to figure out how he is able to fuse with... Beast, by being a mere human."

Beaver sat in the only lounge chair in the room. Glared at the woman standing in front of him. "He is no ordinary human" he stated.

"Yes you have a point. Normality seems to escape these strange people. But it seems they are not alone." Reaching inside her laptop carrier; Juliana opened a new folder file that was sent to her by one of there many lackeys. On the screen showed a photo of a platinum hair woman; wearing native tribe clothing and blue eyes. "This is a woman that was caught by one of our spy cameras."

Beaver rolled his eyes; "So? What does this human have anything to do with me?"

"Everything. She has been tailing a woman to said to have a tremendous power. It is said she is malice herself." Another photo of a woman with white gray hair, pervocative clothing and red eyes of chaos." Juliana finished peeking her partner interest. Taking a closer look at the screen, Beaver asked where he could find the red eye woman. "Location unknown. I will find out where she was last scene."

"Make sure you do. In order to set our plan in motion."


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Sarah POV:

Walking into the night, Moonlight shines on my only path. It was a ray of hope for me; something I haven't felt in a long time. As the ocean night breeze smoothly brush past my face; I felt contempt with my life. For a moment. It was the second day arriving in Rio; never have I felt so empty. I finally told my friends about Alexander. Not to my surprise Jacky reacted to the whole situation. I mean I knew it was going to happen, he is a bit of a hothead.

Jacky wouldn't let me get a single word out unless it was necessary. I felt empty because as I look around the room at everyone reaction. My eyes landed on my daughter. This is the second time I mention news of her father status. Every time I look at her face I see disappointment. I feel empty because I failed as a parent. I failed to protect my only child. I failed as her mother, someone who promised to keep her safe and love her eternally. I am just a woman who gave birth to her. No other meaning, no purpose. Not apart in her life but only for a short moment.

I should blame Alexander for all he has done to me and her. Reality, I blame myself. Because I knew what kind of man he was. I knew of the dangers that I would risk by still being with this monster. I only stayed because if anything he would try to harm my child. Now look where we are now. I missed out on her life, I missed out on everyone around me life. I rejected the only man I ever loved affection and protection.

I wish I could say I blame 'him'. I was empty because I blamed myself.


Normal POV:

Staring at the woman with glossy blond hair. Juliana admires her flawless skin. Envy at how there could be such a beautiful creature. Her mind wonders back to Alice and her platinum white hair. Her pale skin that glows within the moonlight. Oh how she misses her play toys. Watching the woman again she realized who she was. "So this is Daphne little test subject? She is a beautiful woman, I can tell she endure numerous training. I wonder how she would fair?"

Bring out her cell phone. Dialing a certain number that she knows would get the job done tonight. "Hello, its me. I'm chipping in that favor you owe me."


9:45pm/ He-Man Sushi

Sharleen explained everything to Hildegard about her mother situation at what she was willing to reveal. Hilda Valentine sips her fifth cup on herbal tea and sets the empty cup down. "So tell me where must we meet?"

"Back at the palace. It is of great urgency we make it there as soon as possible." Kohaku spoke for Sharleen. Getting up from her seat, Hilda walks over to her brother Keith. "Tell Joachim that I will be helping the queen if he needs me. God knows what he will do if he finds out I left without telling him."

"Of course dear sister. Give my best regards to the Queen and King." Keith gave her a slight nod.

Escorting them back outside; a flash of light struck down with force. A direct hit of lighting hits Keith as he yelled in pain. Falling to the ground. More lighting strikes hits the town, adverting the attack Hilda miss the strikes as the crashed the concrete into rubble. Making it up on the rooftops Hilda searches for the assalent with all the chaos; as men women and children leave there homes for safety.

Massive magical energy surrounds Hilda as she summons a spell. "I call upon the great witch of Jester Ruse. I call upon-thy PUM-PUM-PUMPKIN TIME! Do the trick and find your TREAT!" Four pumpkins in witch hats fly over to there destinated target. 10 Kilometers to her right; from the shadows the attacker dodge the bombs one by one. Unknown Hilda was right behind the cloaked figure with another spell cast. "THORN WHIPS!" Vines covered in thorns burst into action attacking its target to the ground. "HAAAH!" Crashing above the assailant, attack after attack with her magic wand. Taking out her twin swords still on the rooftop. Sharleen waits for an opening to assist Hilda in the fight. An opening appeared, with her weapons; Hilda and Sharleen gracefully attempt to catch the culprit.

Kohaku aiding to Keith awoke with a strange scent. "That smells repulsive."

"No time for that we have to help the girls." Kohaku stated ready to fight.

"Look behind you first!" A voce spoke as it landed another flash of lighting. Keith pushed himself and Kohaku out of harms way.

"That sound light a woman?" A closer look the figure was of a woman. She wasn't much of hiding. Unlike her partner she was wearing all white assassin uniform that covered up her face. Keith concentrated on his next form of attack. "Earth that roots the trees, summer that makes the sun shine bright, rock's that fall from the moon, blood that cripples the soul, stop those that seek harm and capture thy enemy"

Coming up fast behind Keith was the masked white assailant holding a mideviel axe; "... MONTRO BIDALAS!" Vines come from the ground, wrapped themselves around the masked woman.

"DAMMIT" she cursed trying to untangle herself.

"LIGHT!?" The black masked figure shouted in a deep manly voice. Sounded like he was calling her name.

"Don't get too distracted boy" Hilda said confidently as she side kicked his face.

"AGH" landing hard to the ground. More of Keith vines wrapped him tight. Sharleen came from above his head, crossed her twin swords toward his neck. Making an X. "One more move and I slice your neck off." Sharleen stated with a death glare.

"AAAH" Hilda struck from behind a clear slash of a sword behind her back. As she limps away and collapse in Kohaku arms. Hilda curses at her misfortune. "Damn, where surrounded"

More white and black figures come into view. Keith and Hilda looked at each other having the same mindset. Taking out his fence sword. Keith leaps into action to his first target, a black masked figure on the rooftop; "Drain Touch" He places a mark on the back as a pulse leaves the man breathless. Healing his body by stealing the man lifeforce, Keith moves forward in attacking more on the rooftops.

"BRIGHT RAGE" A burst of light appears on a few targets on the ground level. Hilda moves fast as a man in white tries to escape. Even injured Hilda was fast to catch him. As she pinned him to the ground, removing the mask, her fangs extend as she bites for healing.

A woman tries to help her comrade but was stopped by Kohaku who land a hard punch breaking the woman jaw. Removing his cloak Kohaku takes a stance in fighting. With his quick movenments in martial arts and sword fighting. It was overwhelming to stop the assault. More and more seem to be coming from the shadows.

"No end to them... We have to move now!" Kohaku kick landing on another figure in black, you can hear his ribs break.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Screaming at the top of her lungs as she watches her right hand being cut clean off by a twin sword. Sharleen not faced with the appearance of blood. Finish the woman off by ending her pain. As she makes her way to help Hilda as she was surrounded. Sharleen looks up to see an arrow pierced Keith what seems to be his heart.



Margret and Keith Condo/ Fullerton, California

Alice POV:

I don't know how much I can take. He refuses to wake up. Does he not know how bad I need him. How much he worries me. If he doesn't wake up soon I will divorce him for putting me through this pain again. How many times will I have to suffer. "You are something else Mr. Hyuga." Feeling a tap on her shoulder, looking back she see Margret holding two glass cups of hot cocoa with three marshmallow's on top. Alice thanks Margret with a bow. Looking back at her sleeping husband. Alice felt a pain in her chest that wont go away.

"Its tough seeing a love one like this?"

"You have no idea." Making small talk. We went through alot together; in our past lives and previous. Regaining our memory after an accident that happen years before out reincarnation. My life felt empty, a piece missing. "I don't know what to do anymore. I mean we faced way worse than this. I mean come on? Overcame two world ending events. Brick of death more times I can count. Scars and bruises of battle all over our bodies. Yet I cant handle when this idiot gets injured."

"Funny. Pretty sure demon-boy will say the same thing about you." Contemplating what to say next, sip the warm hot chocolate going down my throat. "Listen Alice. We all didn't have the perfect life. God knows I didn't. But I regret nothing of my life. I wouldn't have met any of you guys. As much as Keith irks my soul. I do love him. Will we marry in future. Only god knows that plan. Will you and Yuri find peace. Of course. But you two our prone to danger."

"So your saying its hopeless?"

"Not hopeless. Just an uncoordinated adventure. Only you decided is it worth to go along for the journey. Already committed to a marriage. Now you just have to continue to fight."

I couldn't help but laugh at Margret words. Not that it was anything funny. Just how sincere and kind her words melt into my heart. Like hot cocoa. "When did you became so wise?"

"Heh, learned it from a fossil vampire." We talk more and laugh. I really miss this. No worries. For a short moment my mind was elsewhere. so much so I didn't notice that Yuri woke up


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