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Just a little clearing up – I'll mainly be using the English DBZ's names and things – except in places where I can't stand the English (Ie: The Eternal Dragon will be Shenron, not Shenlong; Satan-san will be Mr. Satan, not 'Hurcule' - And who the hell came up with calling him 'Hurcule' anyway?!) or I detest the English spelling.

I won't use any silly attempts at Japanese unless I find I have no choice aaaaaaaaaaaaaand contrary to EVERY single Gokou X Vegeta fik I've seen (and most other DBZ Yaoi/Shounen-ai fiks) THIS fik has a PLOT. Yes, you heard me – a plot. And if anyone knows where some good GkXVXGk (Or GtXTXGt, GhXGtXGh etc) fiks with plot are, e-mail me with the URL! I want 'em! ^_^.V

And finally – The important stuff (If you skipped all above please read here). This fik is set four years after Cell was defeated but runs on the idea that Gokou didn't digh. In MY AU Kaio-sama was smart enough to realise what Gokou was up too and he was ready with Bubbles and Gregory so Gokou Teleported everyone to Earth as soon as he appeared on Kaio-sama's Planet.

Fik-ward ho!

Chapter one:

It was just another day. It had begun like any other, continued like hundreds before it had and was completely and utterly normal in every way.

At least it had been till around mid-morning.

To be truthful the irregularity that occurred was actually a vaguely normal occurrence – it happened every few years, disturbing the inhabitants of Earth from their everyday lives and ultimately resulting in the destruction of quite a lot of quiet country-side.

What had happened on that peaceful mid-morning was that an aura had appeared. And not just any aura; but a strong one - It reeked of bloodlust, bad intentions and probably the destruction of the world as it was known.

Krillin and Juuhachi-gou felt it as they trained idly on the shores near Kame house.

Piccilo, Dende and even Mr. Popo sensed it as they stood talking in the fresh air of the Lookout.

Deep inside a specially made gravity chamber Vegeta knew of it instantly and a moment later, after an odd look at the strange expression on his fathers face, Trunks felt it too.

And stretched out near a lake after a satisfying mornings fishing, Goten, Gohan and Gokou felt it, the latter two rising slowly to their feet and staring off into the distance.

It was coming from the desert.

Gokou and Gohan exchanged a look then changed the direction of their gazes, noticing the familiar Ki of their friends streaking through the air towards where this new power had arisen.

"Goten." Gohan said on an unspoken command from his father, "How 'bout you take all these fish back to Mum and then give her a hand with them?"

Goten looked at Gohan blankly for a moment then grinned, "Sure!"

Within seconds the miniature Saiyan was airborne, toting a giant fish over each shoulder.

As soon as the boy was out of sight, Gokou and Gohan took to the air themselves – heading to where an expanding web of power said their friends were gathering, near the dark power in the desert.

Time was on his side. Of course it was – he'd arranged it that way.

He leaned back against a small outcropping of rock and smiled at the incalculably valuable treasures at his feet - The Seven Dragonballs.

They lay perfectly in the sand glowing subtly at each other and waiting for his command to summon the Eternal Dragon – which he'd do as soon as all his guests arrived.

A quick focusing of his power, and a glance behind him showed that the main players in his plan were close to being in place. He smiled. Not just any smile, but a slow faint smile. If anybody else had have been there they would have scrambled to hide themselves from it.

It had been four years since he'd decided to make this planet his home and over the last four years he'd been doing nothing more then watching, planning, gaining information and learning how to use it to fix the one problem his new home had. It was occupied.

Not for long however; and ridding the planet of the pests that infested it and the markings of their 'civilization' was going to be fun. But he had one job to do first. The planet had, to his vast amusement, been occupied by a group of fighters. Saviours of the planet if you wanted to get romantic – he'd spent the last four years studying them and today he was going to begin his plan to eliminate them.

Close-by a faint serge of now familiar energy cued the completion of the first part of his plan and his smile grew marginally wider as he pushed a few locks of pale blonde hair out of his lavender eyes. It was time to begin part two.

He pushed himself away from the rock he'd been leaning against and lifted slim hands to hover over the orange orbs that rested on the ground and then, like a soft wind rustling through the arms of a tree, his voice called out firmly, "Arise Eternal Dragon, Shenron; I Summon you!"

A cool wind blew up, flattening his loose dark clothing against his body and pushing his thick fringe annoyingly into his eyes and whipping his long braid over his shoulder, then the sky darkened, the only light coming from the brightly shining Dragonballs. A moment later he was staring coolly up into the eyes of Shenron.

"I will grant you two wishes." The great Dragon boomed out, "Make your first wish!"

Once again that faint terrifying smile crept onto the blondes face and he opened his mouth, his first wish already on his lips.

"So what do you think it is?" Krillin asked anxiously, knowing full well he wouldn't like the answer.

"Well that's obvious." Yamcha said from where he stood, leaning against Bulma's Capsule plane and scratching the back of his head, "It's some Cell wannabe here to kill us all and take over the Earth."

Krillin glared at Yamcha, "Or maybe he's just passing through." He glanced at Gokou who, along with Vegeta, was staring off into the distance – in the direction of the aura they'd all felt. "Right Gokou?"

As the words left his lips a wind blew up, plastering their clothing to their backs for a moment then disappeared, being replaced by a well-known darkness and a large Dragon appearing in the distance.

"Why can't they ever be just passing through?" Krillin grumbled and Gohan, who'd been standing beside him, tried to console him, "He might not be doing anything bad. Not everyone wants to become immortal and rule the Universe."

Krillin looked hopeful, "That's true!"

"Yeah!" Yamcha added, "Maybe he's just dieing for a glass of water or something."

Krillin slumped.

"Would you guys stop that? This is serious! We have to find out who it is and what he's doing!" Bulma broke in and looked expectantly to Gokou. So did everyone else.

Gokou flashed a smile, "Lets get a closer look."

A few moments later found the troop walking silently through a near maze of sand coloured rocks trying to find where exactly the Dragon had been summoned from without being noticed. They weren't having much luck. While figuring out where the Dragon was from a distance was easily done, finding its origin when you were directly underneath it was turning out to be next to impossible.

"Why don't we just blast these ridiculous things out of our way?!" Vegeta demanded after a few moments. He'd never been the patient type and all this fruitless wandering around was beginning to get on his nerves.

"Are you crazy?" The voice was from Krillin, "What if he's dangerous?"

"Then we'll pound him into the ground!" Vegeta said forcefully then reluctantly shut his mouth as Kakorotto gestured for them all to keep the noise down and to stop walking – apparently they'd finally found the location of the person who'd summoned the Eternal Dragon.

Pushing forward, passed the others, Vegeta glared over the rock that concealed them all and took in the scene presented to him.

A man, about average height, dressed in loose black and dark purple clothing, with a long pale blonde braid reaching down his back stood, arms outstretched, staring up at the Dragon, an intense look of concentration on his face. The Dragon seemed to be talking but Vegeta couldn't hear him, and judging by the looks on everyone else's faces, they couldn't either.

"Why can't we hear him?" Krillin wondered quietly. Vegeta ignored him studying the area till his eyes found the telltale evidence he needed to figure out the puzzle.

"Wind." Kakorotto whispered back at Krillin at the same time Vegeta figured it out, "Either that man, or the Dragon, is controlling the wind around them so no noise will escape. It's like a tightly controlled tornado." Vegeta was sure it was the Blonde man who was doing it; no one would waste a wish on something as petty as preventing anyone from hearing what you were talking about.

"If we want to know what's going on we have to get closer." Vegeta snapped at everything in general, and Kakorotto in particular, then jumped over the rock into the clearing and walked over to the man who'd summoned the Dragon.

If he'd expected some sort of resistance when he marched out of hiding, his hands in the pockets of his black pants, and across the invisible wind barrier, he was sorely mistaken. One moment nothing reached his ears bar the sounds of the desert around him and the frantic whispers of the group behind him and then he could hear the tail end of the Eternal Dragon's speech.

"…Only then can your wish be granted."

A slight nod from the blonde man, "Those two?" He asked without looking around and Vegeta's eyes narrowed in immediate suspicion.

"Uhmm…excuse me…" Behind Vegeta, Kakorotto had entered the area around the Dragon and before he'd even finished his tentative greeting his voice was drowned out.

"Yes." The Dragon's eyes flashed, "Your wish has been granted." And then, in a blinding flash of light, the Dragon faded back into the seven Dragonballs and, as the sky lightened, lifted into the air; flying upwards to redistribute themselves over the Earth.

Vegeta ignored it completely. He felt odd. A kind of tingling sensation permeated his body and, as he focused on it, began to constrict till it was settled in his stomach. For a moment it was painful – then it eased into a dull sensation.

Vegeta glared at the smug looking blonde man, "What have you done?!" he demanded and the Blonde man's faint smile grew.

"I have made things easier." He stated, his lavender eyes sparkling with unholy amusement.

"Easier?" Kakorotto questioned, moving closer to where Vegeta and the Blonde stood.

"Yes, easier for me anyway. I think you will find, unfortunately, that things have become quite difficult for you." The man's voice sounded sympathetic but his expression was still smug and his eyes laughed.

Vegeta clenched his fists and ground his jaw slightly, "What did you do?" He demanded again, this time taking a threatening step forward.

The blonde's amusement grew and he stepped back slightly, lifting up into the air, "I have no doubts you will figure it out soon enough. Have fun, I know I will." And he was gone, streaking off into the air in a blur of rapidly lost colour.

Vegeta tried to go after him…

…And found himself doubled up on the ground clutching at his chest which suddenly felt as if he'd just tried to take to the air and leave it behind.

A moment later the pain eased and he lay on his back, panting with the after effects of the pain, then looked up at Kakorotto who was staring speculatively into the air where the blonde had disappeared.

What had just happened? What kind of wish had that man made that had rendered Vegeta unable to leave the ground? Was that the wish? Or was it part of something larger?

Grinding his teeth, Vegeta stood, "What is this?! What has he done?" he was about ready to attempt leaping into the air again when there was suddenly a hand on his shoulder.

Immediately he spun around and slapped Kakorotto's hand away, "Don't touch me!" he growled and for a moment Vegeta thought he saw a glimmer of hurt in the other Saiyan's eyes.

"You shouldn't do anything rash. We should…"

"Don't tell me what I should be doing!"

"GOKOU!" the cry was shortly joined by the former Buddhist monk who'd uttered it and the rest of the tall Saiyan's companions, "Are you alright? What happened?"

Gokou's hand immediately found it's way behind his head and he laughed, not quite sure how to respond.

"Kakorotto! We don't have time for ridiculous chitchat." Stepping away from the group Vegeta threw himself into the air then, with a slight hover to see what happened, flew upwards.

The pain hit him immediately and stunned him enough that he once again dropped out of the air – landing with a crash in the sand below. White spots flashed in front of his eyes and to his chagrin he realised he was moaning under his breath in pain.

And then it was gone. It didn't fade. It didn't ease. It just disappeared completely.

He gasped from the shock, blinking and then focused on the concerned face that was suddenly hovering above his own.

"Vegeta? Vegeta?! Are you alright? Vegeta?" Bulma brushed an errant strand of blue hair out of her face and reached out to shake the Saiyan prince's arm but stopped short when she was knocked off her feet as Vegeta roughly pushed her out of his way and sat up.

"Vegeta!" Bulma's squeal was indignant as she tried to keep from sprawling across the ground completely.

"Shut up, Woman!" Vegeta growled absently, his narrowed eyes picking out his surroundings.

He was almost five feet away from the rest of the group but he was sure he had flown further then that, and the tracks in the sand proved his suspicion correct; the group had moved closer to him, but it hadn't been him they had rushed from their positions to see too.

"Gokou, what on earth is going on? What just happened? Are you sure you're alright now?"

"Yeah, what was that? You looked like you were in real pain, man!"

Kakorotto had been in pain too? Did he attempt to fly after me?

Vegeta pushed himself to his feet and walked over to the small group, pushing passed the fools in his way, "Kakorotto!"

The taller Saiyan looked up immediately from where he knelt in the sand, his eyes concerned, "Vegeta! Are you okay?"

Vegeta ignored the question, "What the hell is going on here, Kakorotto?"

Gokou spread his hands before him as he moved to his feet, "I don't know, but I think we should find out. Bulma?" Gokou's gaze moved to the girl hovering behind Vegeta, "Can you fly us back to capsule corp.? We need to get to the bottom of this."


"She doesn't need to fly us!" Vegeta stated as Bulma dug around in her pocket for her capsule plane.

Gokou just looked at him and Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the rocks across the clearing from him, trying to resist his instinct to growl.

"There!" Bulma chirped and a rush of air and a muffled 'whoomp' announced the arrival of Bulma's Capsule plane.

His mouth set in a firm line, Vegeta followed Kakorotto onto the vehicle and suffered riding the trip back to Capsule corp. in silence, having no choice but to listen to the insane, incessant babbling of the weak fools Kakorotto called friends.

Gokou was suspiciously quiet on the trip to Capsule corp. and Krillin found himself imitating him. What was going on? What kind of wish had been cast that left not just Vegeta in pain when he tried to fly, but Gokou also? The pain was connected somehow and Krillin sincerely hoped whatever it was could be cured.

A slight bump was the only indication that Bulma had landed the capsule plane but Vegeta was standing and heading for the exit before the engine was even switched off. Always the impatient one…

As Vegeta reached the door however, Krillin watched as the short Saiyan froze in his tracks, and odd expression on his face that cleared as Gokou joined him at the door.

"Vegeta…" Gokou started but Vegeta pushed the door open and headed straight for the main building.

Krillin climbed out of the plane after Gokou and was surprised to see that Vegeta, instead of going into the building as he had thought the Saiyan would, was standing stock still in the centre of the yard, his hands balled at his sides and his breath coming in pained gasps. Krillin glanced sharply at Gokou and realised his friend was having much the same problem.


The taller man was staring over at Vegeta and barely cast Krillin a glance, "It's okay, Krillin. I think I figured out what's wrong." And he was gone – a few long strides taking him to Vegeta's side.

Krillin's eye's narrowed in speculation as he realised that the tension drained out of both the Saiyan's instantly.

"You WHAT?!"

Everyone stood, or sat, crowded around in Bulma's living room staring at the man who'd left the group in complete silence except for Bulma's shocked exclamation.

"I said," Gokou wore one of his rare serious expressions and everyone in the room was glued to it as he explained his theory again, "that the wish made it so Vegeta and I can't get further then about ten to twelve feet of each other; and if we try we'll probably end up in agony again."

The room erupted.

"No way!" Yamcha exclaimed as Gohan took a few quick strides, closing the gap between he and his father, and stared up at him in concern.

Bulma and Piccilo joined Yamcha in his vocal denial, and Krillin sat frowning.

Everyone crowded around Gokou – and everyone ignored Vegeta.

This was nonsense. Vegeta sneered at Kakorotto through the group obscuring him then turned on his heel. There was one way to test this theory – Vegeta walked out of the room.

It only hurt a little bit at first, but as soon as he was more then a few feet passed the door the slight pain turned into blinding agony, just like it had when he'd stalked out of the Capsule Plane.

He stood stock still in the centre of the hallway his breath coming in hard gasps, just as he had earlier, until the pain eased and he felt eyes boring into the back of his neck. He didn't have to turn around to know that Kakorotto and his friends were standing in the doorway watching him.


Vegeta spun on his heel; glaring, "How do we reverse this?"

"With the Dragonballs." Bulma piped up, "We just have to reverse the wish!"

"Yeah that's right!" Krillin said cheerfully.

Vegeta paled and Gokou frowned.

"I will not spend the next year grafted to the side of this third class moron!" Vegeta growled and watched the lights of comprehension dawn on the faces of the others.

"Th…the next year?"

"There's no other way." Gokou said, frowning still.

"There has to be another way!" Vegeta stabbed out a finger, prodding Kakorotto hard in the chest, "I refuse to spend my time ar…" Vegeta broke off his speech as his finger connected with Gokou's chest and he felt as if he'd been hit with a hundred watt bolt of lightning.

The Saiyan prince immediately snatched his hand back and stared at the taller man who was looking startled and staring back. They had both felt it.

"Gokou? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Krillin. Bulma," Gokou rubbed his chest absently where Vegeta had poked him and turned slightly to look at the blue haired woman, "maybe you could figure out what's causing this...this bond? Maybe it can be reversed without the Dragonballs."

Bulma stared at the two Saiyan men for a moment then nodded, "I'll see what I can do, but you'll need to stay here Gokou, so I can do some tests."

"Sure," One hand suddenly found its way behind his head and he grinned sheepishly, "I'll have to borrow your Vid-phone though. I'll need to tell Chichi what's happened."

Bulma gestured behind her and Gokou began to walk into the room, freezing after only a moment and looking back at Vegeta apologetically.

Vegeta glared at the taller Saiyan and, crossing his arms over his chest, followed him into the room, doing his best to remain as far from him as he could handle.

There were dishes everywhere.

Bulma put her hands on her hips and stared in despair at the mess that had been made of her kitchen. How could Chichi stand it; having so many large eaters in her house?

Reluctantly the woman rolled up her sleeves and began to carefully stack dishes, her mind already fleeing the menial task to focus on the bigger problem that had presented itself. Where was she to even start to figure out how Gokou and Vegeta had been bonded together? Was it a physical connection, or a mental one? Or both?

How could she even begin to test it? She supposed she should get her father to start with a physical evaluation to see if anything had been added to their bodies, and maybe-


The room suddenly shook and most of the dishes Bulma had carefully stacked crashed to the floor, smashing into hundreds of scattered fragments. Bulma just sighed – she was used to the unusual explosions that Vegeta caused around the place with his training and she guessed it would only get worse now Gokou was here. Bending down she began to clean up the mess.

"Whoa…!" Trunks stood staring at the crater that had, moments before, been a makeshift target and then turned his eyes to his disgruntled father; then repeated himself, "Whoa!"

Gokou was standing a few feet away, his hand once again behind his head, and laughing.

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!" Vegeta snarled, blocking out Kakorotto's annoying laughter and glaring down at his son, "If you're going to blast it, then blast it."

Trunks nodded, his mouth still open from the shock he'd gotten when Vegeta had blown the target up.

"We were just playing, Vegeta;" Gokou had managed to stop laughing, but his eyes still sparkled with amusement, "you didn't have to blow up our target."

Vegeta glared at the taller man, "He shouldn't be playing he should be training. Playing won't make him stronger."

"He's already really strong for his age, Vegeta. He should be out having fun."

Vegeta sneered, "Like your youngest, Kakorotto? I'm surprised he can fight at all considering how lax you are with his training."

Gokou smiled faintly, "Goten can keep up with Trunks just fine even if he doesn't train as much."

Vegeta glowered at Kakorotto then looked down at his son, "How much stronger then Kakorotto's youngest are you?"

Trunks shifted his feet uncomfortably, "Goten's dad's right, I'm only a little bit stronger then him, probably because I'm a year older."

Vegeta's eye's narrowed but whatever he was about to say next was forestalled by the appearance of Bulma's mother.

"Oh hello there, I've just come to fetch Trunks for bed." She paused, noticing the smoking crater in the middle of the lawn, "Oh my! I'll have to get some people in to fix that in the morning. Come along Trunks dear."

Reluctantly Trunks followed his grandmother back into the house, leaving Vegeta and Gokou alone.

The atmosphere was explosive but Gokou didn't seem to notice it. He clapped his hands together, "So what are you normally doing about now?"

Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest, "Training."

"Ahhh… Isn't it a bit late for training?"

A sneer, "It's never to late for training, an enemy won't stop fighting just because it gets dark."

"Well yeah… That's true." Gokou scratched behind his head again trying to think of a way to convince Vegeta to get an early night – this whole bond thing was getting to be a real drag, and it hadn't even been in place for 12 hours yet.

"Is there something else you'd far sooner do, Kakorotto? Eat again perhaps? Or maybe go to sleep?" Vegeta said sarcastically.

Gokou perked up, "Well actually more food and sleep would be..."

Vegeta snorted and walked away, heading straight for his gravity chamber; if Kakorotto wanted to sleep then he could do it at 500 times Earth's normal gravity.

Sighing, Gokou trailed along behind Vegeta and realised he sorta did hope Bulma could find some kind of cure before a year was up.


"Gokou! Stay still!"

"No! Ahhhhh! No! Can't we do something else? Bulma!"

"Gokou, come down from there!"


Gokou, Vegeta and Bulma had been gathered together all morning as Bulma began various tests on the two Saiyan's. Already they had discovered that the 'bond' had a limit of exactly twelve feet before either felt any pain and now Bulma wanted to do blood tests.

The one problem with that idea, Bulma had discovered as soon as she'd begun preparations to gather the samples, was that Gokou had a complete horror of needles. The blue haired girl had tried everything from sweetly cajoling the man, to attempted bribery. Now she had resorted to attempting to restrain him and get it over with – except that Gokou was now hanging upside-down from the ceiling, his eyes screwed shut and remaining completely out of Bulma's reach.

"Vegeta, do something!"

Smirking, Vegeta stood leaning against the wall, near the door, with his arms folded over his chest. "And what should I do, woman?"

"Fly up and pull him down!" Bulma growled forcefully.

"What for? You don't need samples from both of us right now." Vegeta looked up at Kakorotto contemptuously then smirked at Bulma again, "Any anomaly would be in both of our blood streams."

Bulma paused in her search of a way to get to Gokou and blinked at Vegeta, "You're right."

Vegeta smirked then moved to stand near the table that held the needles, rolling his sleeve up as he walked. He would show Kakorotto how a real Saiyan handled something as ridiculous as a needle.

From above came a low moan as Bulma poked the small piece of metal into Vegeta's arm and the tube began to fill with blood.

"Oh, be quiet you big baby." Bulma muttered in the direction of the roof, "You don't have to worry about this at the moment."

Extracting the needle from Vegeta's arm, Bulma began the job of sealing the tube and moved out of the way of Vegeta as he pulled his sleeve down, casting his gaze upwards.

"You can come down now Kakorotto. We're leaving."

"Hey! I'm not done with you yet!"

Vegeta didn't even look at Bulma as he turned and moved to leave, "You've had us in this ridiculous room all morning; I have training to do."

Bulma glared and Vegeta swung the door open and stalked out. A moment later Gokou dropped to the floor and sprinted out after him, obviously still in fear of Bulma's needles.


"…Of course Oolong recognised Puar from when they were younger…"


"…I really wasn't sure I could beat him cause he was really strong back then…"


"…He'd got me stuck under a tree, I had to hold it up to stop from being squashed…"


"…Then he began to use this great move, Ryouga fufu-ken, and I thought I was a goner…"


"…But then, luckily, Bulma woke up..."


Gokou stopped talking abruptly and stared at the heavily breathing Vegeta, startled.

"I don't care how you met those useless humans or anything about your pathetic past. Just. Be. Quiet!"

Gokou's expression turned injured then he nodded slightly and dropped into a sitting position to watch Vegeta as the man went back to training.

Even though neither man could move far from the other, Vegeta still gave the impression that he was everywhere in the large Capsule Corp. ship he used to train. It was as if he were driven, Gokou reflected as his eyes moved swiftly to watch Vegeta's rapid movement, the man pushed himself as if he were fighting for his life every moment; each movement he made was precise and carried the weight of his resolve to grow stronger, faster, better then any other that crossed his path.

Gokou was hypnotised now that he'd actually started paying attention. Vegeta was nearly dancing as he optimised the small space available to him, barely causing even small twinges in Gokou's chest from the inconvenient bond as he skirted the invisible parameter.

When Vegeta's momentum finally brought him to a stop, barely two feet from Gokou's sprawled form, Gokou had to blink rapidly to bring himself from the near trance he'd fallen into.

"What are you staring at?" Vegeta demanded irritably a few moments after he'd slowed to a stop and remembered, belatedly, that he had an audience.

Gokou blinked again then rose to his feet, "We should spar." He stated and then, not giving Vegeta much of a choice, launched his first attack.


"Well it's your own fault!" Bulma snapped as she finished tying off the short length of bandage that was wrapped around Gokou's upper arm then stormed over to where Vegeta lay, scraped, bleeding and completely unconscious, "Honestly! Of all the stupid things the two of you could have done!"

Gokou began to raise his hand, to place it behind his head, but stopped abruptly as a blinding pain raced along his arm, reminding him of why it was bandaged, "It was an accident, Bulma. Is he going to be alright?"

As he spoke the last, Gokou crawled carefully across the floor of the Capsule ship to Vegeta's prone form and peered over Bulma's shoulder.

"He will be if you give me some room to move."

Gokou pushed himself back a bit but still hovered close, feeling guilty and wishing he could help.

"Explain to me exactly what happened." Bulma demanded after a moment of tense silence and Gokou pulled one leg up, tucking his knee under his chin and wrapping his good arm around it.

"Well… We were only sparring, Bulma. I figure that we'll need to learn to fight inside the Bond's limitations so we were testing it out." He shook his head, "I misaimed one of my energy blasts though and when it exploded we got thrown too far apart." Gokou winced and held his leg tighter to his chest as his entire body tingled from the memory of the intense pain that had assaulted him.

"It's a bit of a blur after that. All I really remember is the pain and trying to get to Vegeta… I thought we were going to die." He added honestly.

"Well you very well might have!" Bulma's gruff tone gave way to reflect the worry she'd felt when she'd first realised there had been an accident in the training Capsule. "We still don't know what kind of bond this is. What if it's not limited to physical distance?! If one of you died; the other one might as well!"

Gokou stared at the floor, a light blush darkening his cheeks. The same thoughts had been spinning around in his head ever since the pain had receded and he'd realised what had happened. What would he do if something happened to one of them, or both of them? They still didn't even know who had made the wish that had created the bond in the first place, much less why he had done it. It was very likely that the two Saiyan's would be needed, and soon at that.

"We have to learn to fight like this, Bulma." Gokou said slowly, looking up at the girl as he spoke, "We don't know when we'll be needed and we can't afford to be caught unprepared."

Bulma sighed and began wrapping bandages around Vegeta's various wounds, "I'll find a cure for this, Gokou." She said firmly, "As soon as I know what's causing it I will figure out how to fix it."

Gokou remained silent and sat staring at Vegeta's relaxed face and wondering what they'd do if Bulma failed.

End Chapter One