A/N Another Shadow immortality fic... I wrote it at, like, 11:00 P.M. at night...

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She said never to say never, except when you are giving that advice to someone. She was right.

They said never. They made me in hope that someday, they would have never too.

They trapped me.

I cannot age, nor die. Death would be the sweetest blessing.

Millions of years after my creation, the sun expanded, swallowing the solar system. Trillions of years after that, the universe could not hold itself anymore, and collapsed.

They said I could die from a physical cause. They were wrong.

What was left was simply nothing. An endless void. With no one here but me.

I cannot see, nor hear. My hand, not an inch from my face, is invisible. My screams are lost.

Isolated. Forever. Despair eats away at my heart.

I am left to wander the reaches of this darkness as it slowly consumes my soul.