Chapter 1- Introduction

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Chapter 1


I groan loudly as I roll over to silence my alarm clock. Another day at school, I thought, as I forced my body up from my bed and got dressed. I lazily threw on a plain royal blue tee-shirt, dark wash jeans, and purple converse. I brushed my teeth and tried to brush my unruly hair. Tried to. As soon as I got my backpack all ready, I heard the communicator on the wall beep.

"Rena! Get your lazy butt up here and make our breakfast," screamed my horrible stepmother.

"Yes. stepmother Be right there," I replied back.

"You better, you ungrateful little child," she grumbled.

With that, I shoved the art project I worked on the whole night into my purple backpack and hurried to the kitchen. My room is in the very back of the house. Like literally the very back, so I practically have to run. Lucky me, right?

I think I should explain a bit here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rena Carlson. I'm seventeen years old. I'm a junior at Henman High. I live in a two-story house with my stepmom and my two stepsisters. Or as I call them the witch and her flying monkeys. Not to their face, of course. I wish though. My mother died when I was four due to a car accident. My father married my stepmom, Brenda, when I was nine. He died a year later from lung cancer when I was ten.

My dad taught me how to draw. I inherited his talent to draw. He also taught me to be strong and to stand up for myself. He's the reason I won't back down to anyone, especially Brenda and my two stepsisters, Carly and Nicole. I also have a best friend, Jayne. She's like me in every way possible. That's why we are so good for each other.

Brenda, my stepmom, wears way too much makeup and in my opinion, it makes her look like a clown. She has platinum blonde hair, and always wears the latest fashion clothes. She used to be in the modeling and actressing business and now thinks she can run this world. She is always pushing Carly and Nicole to follow in her footsteps and looks in disdain at me because I'm an artist. Onto the stepsisters. Nicole is the oldest. She has platinum wavy blonde hair, wears way too much makeup (like mother like daughter), and acts just like her mother. Carly is the youngest of the two. She has big straight brown hair and always wears the trashiest clothes on planet Earth. And, oh yah, she's just like her mother, too. I guess I'm the odd one out. Together, they rule the school. Their considered the "popular ones" and are the trend makers and everyone worships them. Pftt, whatever.

I was interrupted from my thoughts to see Nicole standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

"Thank God, You're here. I'm starving!" That's Nicole, for ya. Always whining her butt off.

"Why don't you make your own breakfast," I asked.

"Because, that's your job. Now, go."

"I will once you move out-of-the-way. you're kinda blocking the doorway with that big head of yours. You should really get that looked at. I think your brain is swelling. Oh, wait you don't have a brain. My bad," I said sarcastically. She gaped at me and her eyes widened, but didn't say a word and moved. I pushed past her. I put three pieces of toast in the toaster, got out the peanut butter and jam, got milk out of the fridge, and put out three cups and plates out of the cabinet. I put their toast, one with jam, and two with peanut butter, on the pates. and poured the milk in the glasses as soon as Brenda, Carly, and Nicole walked in.

"There you are! Good, you have breakfast ready." Brenda said. She didn't say anything about me insulting Nicole, which was weird.

"Finally! I've been waited all morning," Carly whined. I just rolled my eyes and got out a granola bar and some apple juice.

"Come along, girls, you'll be late," Brenda sweetly. They walked out of the house and got in the car. They wouldn't let me ride in the car with them so, I had to ride my skateboard to school everyday. Oh, ya. One thing I forgot to mention, Jayne and I, we're pretty much the victims of Nicole's and Carly's bullying. Which means slushes and sodas dumped on our head. Relentless insults and petty comments. From everyone that's in the cheerleading squad and the football players. Nicole's and Carly's minions as we like to call them.

Lets just hope I don't make a fool of myself today.

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