Rena huffed as she dropped yet another empty box onto the dusty basement floor. A pile of organized antiques, clothes, and toys from her childhood laid in organized bunches.

"Two down," she mumbled as she scanned the other thirty more.

Carly and Nicole already left for the dance over an hour ago, dressed in skin tight, too short dresses. Brenda scheduled an all out spa night for herself and her friends. Rena shuddered at that thought.

All of a sudden, Rena heard something open and close upstairs. Quiet footsteps rumbled the basement ceiling above her. Rena tensed, already on alert for an intruder. Looking around, she hastily armed herself with a long stool. Rena stepped her way steadily up the stairs to the door. Heart pounding, hands shaking Rena never thought she would have to be in this position.

"Hello!" A familiar brunette with partially blue dyed hair popped into the doorway. Out of instinct, Rena jumped, squealed, and swung the stool for her life. Ever the nimble dancer, Jayne fluidly ducked under the imposing weapon.

After Rena realized who it was, she preceded to yell at her best friend, "What the hell, Jayne? Why were you sneaking into my house?"

"I didn't know if the wicked witch of the west and her flying monkeys were gone! I didn't want to chance it so I snuck through the window," she stumbled. Jayne would have failed her hands about her face as she usually does when she gets defensive, but her arms were constricted with two bags and boxes. "If this is the thanks I get for saving the night, then-"

"Saving? Are those dresses?" Rena lifted one of the clear bags off Jayne's right arm. "Wow. I…I'd never," she started. "I told you I wasn't going," she looked sharply at her hazel puppy-eyed best friend.

Jayne grinned devilishly, "I might have called in a favor." She turned to the door and let out a sharp whistle. In seconds, the white Dutch door flew open to reveal two men and two women. Jayne introduced the strangers as family friends who specialize in garage sales.

"They do a ton of garage sales every year. They even help others organize for fun, and they'll help you, too. I've already paid them," Jayne proudly presented them with not a trace of humor in her tone. All four of them nodded and added they will be done by the time everyone got back.

Rena's eyes grew hopeful as she gave threw herself into Jayne for a huge hug. The girl just laughed and pulled Rena off her. "Now let's get changed. The dance started an hour ago at 7:30 and it ends at 11. We've got no time to lose," she stated as she pushed Rena toward the back bedroom. "And don't worry about your step-sisters. I've got it covered," Jayne giggled.

"All done," Jayne exclaimed. She then turned Rena by the shoulders toward the mirror.

"Whoa," Rena exhaled. She stood in front of her full-length mirror dressed in a floor-length crimson red dress. The gown had a plunging neckline, modest enough not to show too much cleavage, three small parallel line cutouts on each side of her waist, and a slit up her left leg that stopped above the knee. Black high heels strapped to her feet added an extra inch or two to her height, and she made sure to add band-aids to the parts of her feet where she knew the heels would hurt. Her hair pulled into an updo with pieces of her side bangs framing her face. Neutral eye shadow, mascara, and bright red lipstick topped it off.

Silence followed, then Rena put her right hand on her hip and stuck a pose. "I look absolutely," she trailed off.

"Sexy?" Jayne jumped in, grinning evilly. Rena rolled her eyes.

"I was going to say gorgeous, but, yes, that works, too." Now, Rena was able to get a good look at her friend.

Jayne wore a floor length white dress that had a few blue flowers on the chest and grew more as the dress flowed down until the flowers completely encompassed the dress. She wore strappy white high heels with her brown, half-blue hair curled around her face. A heavier eye shadow applied on her eyes with a lighter pink lipstick.

They both turned to the mirror silently. A pause or two passed, then they burst out laughing holding their sides.

"Let's go." they said simultaneously.

A/N: Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't published anything for like almost four years now. Geez…Freshman year to Senior year glow up, am I right? Anyways, college next fall made me realize I should probably finish some stories before I head off. So, I've decided to finally finish this story.

I graduate high school on June 1st. Scary as hell. Gunna wake up the next morning and go "what now?"

The outfit Rena wears to the dance is my senior prom dress I'm wearing this next month. Jayne's dress is my best friend's prom dress. Some inspiration there.

Hope you guys enjoyed! There's more a comin'!