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Test your Little Sister Power!(Birdway's Ultimate Challenge!)

Though the busy and joyous streets, not all stands were manned. Some were just automated distractions to enjoy. One such thing was a small machine akin to an ATM with a yellow and green color scheme. Above this strange machine read the words 'Little Sisters Only'. While the title sounds like something from an obvious kidnapping plot, the bright colors and open placement of the machine suggested otherwise. And in front of it was a girl who was quite curious of it.

Tatsugami Otohime had arrived in Academy City along with her aunt and uncle. Unlike those two however, she had no booth to man and was free to explore the scientific wonderland. Of course her main objective was to surprise a certain resident of Academy City.

"What's this?" But like any kid in a highly advanced city wonderland, her curiosity got the better of her and distractions arose on her way to her destination. She inspected the machine before scanning the area for any person who might be in charge of it. Since no one approached her, she began patting down the machine, looking for a switch or something to interact with. "So how do I turn this on?"

As if activated by her voice, the whizzing of electricity began and the screen displayed a chibi face of a blonde with sunglasses. "Nyah! Welcome to my booth, Little Sister-chan! Place your hand on the screen and get your Little Sister power rated!"

Otohime was completely enthralled by the machine. She had no idea that Academy city had developed technology to quantify someone's ability as a Little Sister.

Fortunately for the human race, that technology did not exist. Even if it were possible, there would only be a handful of perverts interested in that sort of thing.

Naive Otohime excitedly placed her hand on the screen and eagerly awaited her score.

"Nyah! Your Little Sister power is… 65!" And just like that her dreams deflated. "While you do possess a number of good Sister points, even the ever rare 'assertive skinship' skill you lack a certain something that prevents you from being a 'Perfect Little Sister!"

"What's that?"

"Screentime!" It ultimately came down to that very important factor. With only one appearance during Angel fall and only to be replaced by the visage of Misaka Mikoto, her Little Sister power was deducted due to her status as a minor character.

"Unfair!" She began childishly flaining on the machine, hoping her tantrum would somehow change the machines ranking of her. "How can you deduct points based on an attribute I can't control!"

"Oi." A voice called to Otohime and she stopped to see who it was. It was a girl with blonde hair and around the same height as Otohime though she seemed to carry herself with pride. "What are you doing, beating up on one of the machine booths?"

"B-but the machine!" Otohime desperately tried to explain how the machine utterly destroyed her image but no coherent sentences came out.

"What are you blabbering about?" as the blonde approached, she noticed the sign along with the face on said machine's screen. "Tsuchimikado! Tch!" In a matter of seconds, she had managed to fully grasp the situation. "Look. Don't worry about what the machine says. Since I know the person who made this, it's probably rigged to give everybody a bad score."


Yeah… Just watch." The blonde placed her hand on the machine to prove a point. "Though I am an older sister so I'm bound to get a low score…"

"85!" the machine bellowed out.

"Ehhh?" Cried out a girl in bewilderment.

"Ehhh!" Cried out a girl feeling ultimately betrayed.

"Though at first glance one might call you a generic 'tsundere', you are very cary and even understanding. Though you can be quite abrasive with your words you would rather be hated than see your Big Brother hurt. Even after an argument, you can go back to them as if nothing happened!"

"Shut up!" With a violent motion, the blonde summoned a rapier and began slashing at the machine but to no avail. "You don't have to say all of that you stupid machine!?" Birdway was visibly embarrassed by what the machine had said though it was durable enough not to be destroyed by her rapier. "What the hell is this thing made of?"

"What the hell? How did I lose track of those two so quickly?" among the sea of people, another outlandish character approached the duo of broken sister characters. "Huh? Birdway? What are you doing here?"

"Salome?" At first surprised by the girl's appearance, Birdway thought of a good idea. "Perfect timing Salome! I need you for something!"

"What? I'm a bit busy here." Salome tried to escape but Birdway and Otohime had already grabbed her arms and was dragging her to the machine.

"Destroy this." she stated flatly.

Salome read the sign and quickly gathered what was going on. "Oh? Is the great leader of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight embarrassed about her low score?" Salome teased.

"No! This stupid machine Tsuchimikado made is broken! See for yourself!" Birdway grabbed Salome's hand and placed it on the machine. "It'll probably give you a low score!"

"100 points." Instead of the normal jovial tone, it used Tsuchimikado's serious voice.

"Why!?" Birdway's frustration with the machine was ever increasing.

"There's no need to explain a perfect score. As any Little Sister with a perfect score understands why." It seemed there was an understanding of sorts between the machine and Salome as she only nodded her head in agreement before disappearing into the crowd once again. The two Little Sister characters remained in silence, sorting their own thoughts about the machine. One was devastated, her sole character trait, overshadowed greatly by two other characters and one didn't even want it! The second, embarrassed by the overly exaggerated but ultimately true trait and description of her did not want a certain someone to know any of said information.

"What are you doing? Says Misaka as she makes an inquiry of the depressed girls." Another titular Sister character has appeared! The two girls weakly pointed to the yellow machine.

"Is this machine the cause of your depression? Says Misaka asking for confirmation." With a nod, Misaka Sister proceeded to inspect the seemingly harmless machine. She noticed the screen message prompting her to place her hand on it. She then experienced the true power of Tsuchimikado's Sister Machine.

"Nyah, 50 points." The words didn't process at first. "While you are indeed a Little Sister,your actions prove more of an older sister when compared her. Calm, collected, and very mature for your age, there's an air of cool beauty. And because of that very lack of visible affection toward your big sister, you lose some major Little Sister points."

None of those points the machine brought up were negative. In fact most would call them positive. However the Misaka Sister didn't feel like she was complimented at all! With a small grunt, she released an electrical current in hopes of hacking the terminal.

"Nyaha! Sorry but this thing here is immune to such shocks and damage. If you want to change your score that badly, I suggest you start acting like a little sister~" The machine teased.

With those words, a disturbance echoed throughout Academy City. Not everyone felt it but some did.

This included an AIM thought being who was friends with a gluttonous nun.

This included a Little Sister character who was a bit too much into American action movies.

This included a certain Little Sister with a dark look in her eyes.

"Understand. Accepting new mission parameters. Says Misaka as she prepares to hunt for her new victim." Tsuchimikado's machine had disturbed thousands of girls in Academy City. Misaka Sister had originally planned to participate in another 'certain' event but knew she couldn't allow such an atrocity to go by unpunished. Of course she wasn't alone in her pursuit of justice. Levianna Birdway. Tatsugami Otohime. No words were said between the three but they all shared a damaged maiden heart caused by one mischievous spy.

Strangely enough, there was one other girl who used it before the others. She was happily serving customers in a certain cafe. And rather than some numbered score, she received a strange symbol similar to an eight on its side. While she was by no means a perfect character, to the skewed and strange taste of Tsuchimikado Motoharu, she was the perfect Little Sister.

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