Title: The Fairy Tail Wedding.

Summary: Something old, something new, something borrowed… and something red and blue? Mirajane plans on throwing a wedding and no one can stop the demonic matchmaker from the wedding of the century.

Timeline : After the Movie and Tartarus arc.

Special appearances: Kagura and Milliana of Mermaid Heel, Ichiya and the Trimen of Blue Pegasus, The Twin Dragons (and cats) with Yukino of Sabretooth and a certain crone who played a big role in both bride and groom's life.

At the newly built Fairy Tail Guild

It all started when Mira heard about the battle of Veronica or more specifically the fight between Erza and Coordinator. The silver-haired beauty mused absently as Happy waxed on about how the coordinator was unable to dispel Erza's bridal dress, the exceed even made a sly dig about Erza burning desire to get married.

As Erza (who's cheek was as red as her hair) chased the naughty cat amidst the laughing guild, no one noticed the the scheming glint in the takeover mage's eyes.

It was then 'Operation : Erza's FairyTail Wedding' was conceived.

And she just had the perfect man for the queen of Fairies.

In an undisclosed location.

Jellal Fernandez, master of Crime Sorciere, was planning for another dark guild crushing mission with the new members of the independent guild, when a white pigeon entered their new hideout. Meredy, recognizing the pigeon as the bird Jellal gave to Erza, moved to grab the now-blind mage.

"Jellal! Isn't that the bird you gave Erza-san? There must be a message from her! It seems urgent!" Richard (codenamed Hoteye), unfurled the message and frowned.

"It's a message from Fairy Tail master, desu ne! They request a urgent joint mission between the two guilds. It seems it concerns Erza Scarlett desu ne!" Hoteye said in excitement as he passed the paper to the blunette. The mage frantically ran his fingers across the message, noting the quick, harried scrawl. There's a huge chance this could be trap (From who? The council were eradicated while other dark guilds refused to make a move on them ever since the former Oracon Seis had join the independent guild) but this could also be a genuine message from Fairy Tail.

"Crime Sorciere, move out!"

At south of Magnolia Forest

Jellal frowned as he agitatedly paced around the meeting place. Macbeth (formerly codenamed Midnight) drowsily watch his guildmaster (how Jellal had fought hard and failed to stop them from calling him that) make a fool of himself as others lazed under the thick foliage.

"Where are they? They're five minutes and four seconds late!" He muttered distractedly.

"He's actually counting?" Sorako (codenamed Angel) said incredulously at Meredy, who was braiding her hair.

"He has a impeccable sense of time. You'll get used to it." Meredy nodded, tying a silver ribbon around the braid.

"Hello Jellal." The sudden voice prompted everyone (except Macbeth, who kept on dozing) into their defensive stance as Master Makarov entered the small clearing, followed by Natsu and the others.

"Consider this an intervention Jellal." Gray said as others quickly surrounded the blind mage.

"What the?" Judging from Meredy's squeal of surprise and Erik's gasp of surprise, Juvia and Kinana must have followed the group of Fairy mages; most likely as a distraction as Meredy leave his side for the water mage.

"Um, what sort of intervention is it?" Jellal gripped the staff he was holding tightly (thank god he had the intuition of keeping Mystogan's staffs at arm reach).

"Erza wants to get married." Natsu suddenly said without any preamble, causing Jellal to almost keel over from shock. "W-Wha?!"

"Natsu, that's wasn't what we were supposed to said." Everyone sweatdropped as Meredy quickly moved to help Jellal up.

"Erza's not getting younger and I would like to see my granddaughter get married before I croaked." The old man nodded.

"No true man will leave Erza on the altar!" Elfman yelled, prompting Sawyer (Racer) to kick the shapeshifting mage. "Idiot, you're too loud." "Real men are loud!"

"Shut up Elfman!"

"Anyway..." Laxus glared at everyone before turning back to Jellal. "You're a nice guy Jellal. You're almost as badass as I am and Erza, the idiot, is clearly head over heel for you." He snorted, "so what the fuck hell are you waiting for?"

"What do you think of her?" Gajeel suddenly butted in.

"I-I can't. I'm sorry, but as much as I want to, she's too pure, too innocent for a man like me. She's beautiful, smart and courageous. She's the perfect epitome of light. We all know my record, all the crimes I have commit and the sins I'm carrying. By being with her, I am corrupting her with my darkness. I refuse to do that to her!"

"did you seriously think Erza cared about that?" Bixlow asked incredulously. Others snorting in mirth at the mere idea of Erza giving a damn of what people thought of her.

"Yes!" Jellal said, frustrated that no one see the big picture.

"So instead, you want Erza get married to someone else? Do you want her to get married to someone like Ichiya?!" As one, everyone shuddered at the unholy thought. "No man, that's like eternal punishment for her!" Gray yelled.

"Take it as an advice from a married man," Alzack interjected, " We're living in a dangerous time right now. As mages, our lives put on the line every single day. There's isn't time to be hesitant about your feeling. one of you could die the very next day and you'll never have the chance to share your feeling for each other." Alzack shrugged, "at least that what Bisca and I thought. And I never, ever regret marrying her."

"Are you in love with her?" Laxus asked abruptly.


"Yes or no, Jellal?"


"Then why won't YOU MARRIED HER?!" Natsu finally bellowed, accidentally slipping into his lighting dragon mode.

"I'm unwilling to corrupt her light with my darkness!"

"ARE YOU AN IDIOT?!" Some of the Fairy boys had to dog-piled the angry slayer, a well-aimed punch from Makarov rendered the boy unconscious.

"That's it. We're wasting our time here. Its time for plan B." Makarov clapped his hand.

As one, the Fairy Tail mages surged forward as Meredy stepped aside, leaving Jellal alone. "You're our only hope and don't you dare tell us that you never thought of marrying her!"

"I..I can't marry her! I really want to, but I really can't." Jellal said helplessly. The boys ignored the blind mage as they quickly bundled the man, frogmarching the blind mage to a certain hideout in the forest. "Meredy, help!"

"Nu-huh, no can do." She said cheerfully. "I, for one, support this plan. And for the record, Ultear totally supports it too!"

Just outside Fairy Tail guild, Magnolia

Erza was tired. She just came back from a rare solo mission, (a solo mission of escorting an expert anthologist; Lucy and the others had weirdly declined the mission, telling the redhead that the mission was perfect for her) where she and her client had ran afoul of a group of bandits, which she had quickly subdued and bundled to the nearest authority.

Despite of the easy mission and the slight workout, she was bone tired. Eversince the incident from Tartarus and the mission in Veronica, it seems she had not taken a single day off just for herself, constantly pushing herself over the limits. Sighing, she wearily planned for a lazy day in bed when Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy appeared out of nowhere.

"Erza! We were just looking for you!" The celestial mage said cheerfully, rather too cheerfully. "Let's hangout! At my house!" The cheerful blonde quickly grabbed the exhausted mage.

"Are you sure?" Erza asked; it was rare the girl invite people into her house, they usually had to break in first. But since she wasn't running on full, the redhead ignored the nagging seed of suspicion and instead enjoyed the sensation of the afternoon sun as she was dragged halfway across Magnolia.

Lucy's House

Erza sat down, munching on a strawberry cheesecake as she watched her teammates squirming in front of her.

"Ok, I give up." She, reluctantly, put away her beloved cake and glared at them. "What's going on? Did Natsu and Gray misbehave again?"

The three mages (and one cat) sweat-dropped at Erza's one-tracked mind. "Uh, can't we just hang out?" Lucy winced, even she could tell how lame the line was.

"Did you guys destroy a building again? Burn some historic piece? Oh, god, don't tell me you guys burn down the church down!"


"You sure? Cos I grew up with these two numbskulls and as much I hate to admit it, they're idiots with the tendency to destroy."

"Glad to know that's how you thought of me objectively, Erza." Gray muttered. "Well, at least you got Natsu right."

"What was that, Ice queen?!"

"You wanna go, flamebrain?!"

The two quickly punched each other, Gray's pants landed on Erza's face while Natsu accidentally destroyed her precious cake. Erza bellowed in anger as she dove for the two idiots, Happy happily (pardon my pun) eggs them on.

Lucy, meanwhile, edged away from the rowdy scene, discreetly pulling out a paper charm. (They stole the idea from Ivan Dreyar, though they remodified the charm so it can carry a set of runic writing.)

Why was Lucy signaling frantically behind Erza like that? Oh. Oh, right, operation : Abduct Erza for her own good is finally a go.

"NATSU, MOVE!" The dragon slayer quickly slipped out of Erza's headlock, the redhead reared back in surprise as runic writings float into the air, creating a cage, literally freezing her in the small space. The girl yelled in surprise as clung onto her clothes and skin, locking her movement. "Wha?"

"Next time Lucy can play bait." Natsu grumbled mutinously as he rubbed his bruised head.

"Whatever. Now, quick!"

"You'll thank us for this, Erza!" Lucy yelled as she watched the two boys happily wrapped the poor mage in her blanket. "well, hopefully." She said lamely; shuddering to think the possible punishments she going to unleash onto the three of them.

At south Magnolia Park, more accurately a bench near the lake.

Jellal could barely resist the urge to scratch the bandages around his eyes. "I didn't even want to marry her in the first place." He said half-heartedly as others snorted in disbelief.

"Now, remember Jellal, you don't want to fail now, do you?" Mirajane asked sweetly. The bluenette gulped as he nodded furiously, clearly still remember Mirajane's fight with Jenny at the Daimon Enbu. "Good, it's nice when we understand each other, ne~"

"Quick, hide. Erza's coming!"

Everyone dived into their assigned hiding places, Juvia even dragged Gray and Meredy into the lake with her water lock.

The lone mage grumbled; there's no way the plan's going to work...

Erza screamed in frustration as she tries to overload the runes around her body. Lucy and Natsu, who were elected to drag the girl to the park quickly ran for their decisively short life as the runes shattered into pieces, Erza bellowed in fury as she gave chase.

Running out of a grove of trees, the redhead blinked in surprise when Lucy and Natsu disappeared out of thin air (more dragged around the waist by Racer). She wandered along the path, muttering the things she would do to her team when she gets her hands on them (the sharp-hearing dragon slayers shivered in terror) when she suddenly stopped, couldn't believe her eyes (both the real and the enchanted eye).

There, sitting on a bench under the cherry blossom trees that Magnolia cherished, was a young, tall man, his face tilted upward, facing the warm afternoon, a piece of bandage wrapped around his crushed eyes.

And yet, Erza had never seen a more beautiful scene in her life.


Jellal was enjoying the warm afternoon sun hitting his face, using his imaginative mind to paint the beautiful spring scenery around him. it was nice of Fairytail to book the entire park for the afternoon and both Freed and Levy had laid a triple-layered rune to repel any intruder from coming into the park.


The man turned instinctively toward the voice, smiling brightly at the mere thought of her. No matter how much he was against this horrible plan, Jellal was glad that he was granted an afternoon with his beloved light goddess. A strong, yet subtle scent of strawberry and metal wafted over as he can feel someone shifted beside him.

"I-Uh...How did you get here?" Jellal's smile turned brighter at the flustered tone, "isn't it dangerous for you to be here?"

His soft chuckles grew into loud laughter of mirth as Erza gets even more flustered. "Jellal, this isn't a laughing matter!" The redhead stilled when the blunette rest his fingers on her cheeks, slowly turning her face toward his. "I see you're as beautiful as ever, Erza." She shivered under his touch, the unseen spectators cooed in delight.

He slowly unwrapped the bandages around his eyes to reveal the once blank eyes shone with love and hope for the red-head beauty in front of him.

"H-How?" Erza couldn't help herself and touched his tattooed cheek, gazing into his eyes.

"You can blame your friends for that." He said wryly, still remembering the incident. "Natsu and co. kidnapped me and Wendy begged for Porlyusica to heal my eyes." Jellal drank in the wondrous sight in front of him. The truth was, when he first being told that it was possible he might never get his eye-sight back, the blunette grieved at the idea of never to see Erza's face ever again.

"Erza, there's something I need to tell you." Erza dumbly nodded, her eyes were still focused on those brown orbs.

"I like you."

The redhead's brain skittered into a stop."Wha?" Her eyes grew big in shock as she accidentally pulled away from his grasp. "W-What are y-you saying..."

"I like you." Jellal repeated again, couldn't help but smiled at the flustered mage in front of him. "Ever since I've got back my memories, I always thought myself of unworthy of your affections. My sins were too heavy, too dark for someone as Light as you. I used to think that I was better for me to just disappear."

"N-No! Don't say that!" Erza moved forward, grasping the man in front of her, "You're not that person anymore! You've trying soo hard to absolve those sins, so don't think like that!"

"See?" He said softly, " this is why I like you; your courage, your beauty, your light, simply everything that make you, you."

"I'm sorry I lied to you about having a fiancee, I'm sorry for hiding my feelings and I'm sorry for ignoring your feelings. So that's why, today I'm going to tell you the truth. I, Jellal Fernandez, that young, slave boy from that dark tower is deeply and always in love of that little girl slave from that tower, Titania of Fairy Tail, the spectre of Tenroujima, the saviour and winner of Dai Mato Enbu, and you, Erza Scarlett, light to my darkness."

"I know it's all sudden and you might not be ready for this,"He kneel-ed before the now crying knight-mage, pulling out a simple ring of white gold, with small rubies and sapphires and etched with runes of protection. "I have no riches, no fame and not even honor to give you, Erza. I can only give you my filial devotions,my promise to always love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us."

"Will you marry me?" The words were so soft that she could have sworn she missed the words, and yet reverberate across the (seemingly) empty park, echoing through the huge roar of her pounding heart.


"Say yes!" Someone suddenly hissed out of nowhere, loud sounds of hushing and warning hisses accompanied the loud slap and the howl of pain. The two however, ignored the commotions around them, two pairs of eyes stared deeply into each others.

"I-" Erza choked, "Yes."

The soft "yes" was drowned under the thunderous applause and cheers of delight and joy as fellow Fairy Tail and Crime Sorciere mages came out of their hiding spots, their closest friends surged forward to congratulate the new couple.

"I'm soo happy!" Mirajane sobbed into a handkerchief Freed lent her. She then quickly pulled herself together. "Now, let's get ready for the hugest, grandest wedding of the year!" She announced loudly, quickly seconded by the joyous mages, ignoring the new couple's protests.

Something tells me the next few days going to be extremely exciting in Magnolia.