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Bellatrix was nervous. She was seven and a half months pregnant and had not told the father yet. She also wanted to inform her sister that she was going to be an aunt soon but that could wait until Christmas. She had to tell the father very soon and had requested a private meeting with him in a couple of hours. He would be angry that she had not told him sooner.

No one could know who the father was because of the danger that knowledge would put the child in. Bellatrix was planning on having another dark family raise the child so they would be safer. That meant the chosen family had to be one that was not in the middle of the fighting in the war so the infant would not be harmed to get to the parents. The power levels the baby had were amazing and could put the child in danger in the future.

About an hour before the scheduled time Bellatrix walked to the room that the father was meeting her in. She was glad that they choose one of the lesser utilized personal meeting rooms because she was still early and could think without being disturbed. She thought more about how he was going to take the news of the baby.

"Soon your father will know about you and how powerful you are. Hopefully when he is told of your power he will not be as upset with me about not telling him sooner. I don't care how upset he is at me or what he does to me as long as you are not harmed. We are going to be using Slytherin qualities so that we manipulate the situation in our favor by using your power levels to calm him. His temper is much like my own; he gets angry easily and takes it out on others in severe ways."

She spoke to the baby for a while longer so she could think things out more. Anytime she said something about the negative possible actions of the father that would cause harm to her or the child it would kick her hard. Finally she decided how she was going to tell the father about their child.

Narcissa was in Malfoy Manor working on the plans for Christmas because it would be the first time she would see her sister since she found out the news. Narcissa was pregnant and due in seven weeks. She had not told Bellatrix she would be an aunt so Christmas would be the perfect time. She was already finishing the nursery and making sure they had everything. She had found out the gender months ago but would not tell Lucius or let him anywhere near the nursery because she wanted him to love it as their child instead of loving it more or less because of the gender.

If she had a child later of the opposite gender they would either be loved more or less by him based on gender alone. The chances of this happening would decrease as long as she did not tell him the child's gender until after they arrived. She let him touch and talk to the baby as much as he wanted but would leave the room if he began to try to name the child and remind him that it was not born yet so he could not name him or her now. That did not mean she could not think of names she wanted to give the child. She had a name picked out that she loved for it.

Narcissa was also going to use Christmas to ask the people she wanted to be her child's godparents. It was a hard decision to make but she was confident that both of them would love the child and their relation with it would be positive. She went to the nursery just so she could speak to the baby without having to worry about Lucius finding out the gender.

Voldemort was not in the best mood. Every meeting he had so far that day were about something that had failed to help him achieve his goal in this war. He hoped that his lover had good news to give him. It had been about seven months since he saw her last because they both were busy trying to win this war for the first couple of months until she became ill and then was injured on a mission which she had been recovering from. When he walked in the meeting room he saw her sitting on the couch stroking her enlarged stomach.