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Chapter Four

James smelt smoke from a fire and cooking fish just before they could see the smoke. James and Lucius decided that they would approach whoever was near the fire and ask about the children. As they got closer they heard toddler voices so they picked up the pace to get to the children before they could get hurt. Both men clearly had forgotten how magically skilled their girls were and the girls' intelligence levels.

When they came to the clearing they saw the children sitting around the fire and Amanda was turning a fish over with magic so she would not burn herself. The children were talking about what they enjoyed while eating berries. Occasionally Samantha would stop the boys from eating certain berries because they were poisonous. Both men were relieved that the children were safe and unharmed. Together they stepped closer to the children and cleared their throats.

All four children looked up at James and Lucius. Fred and George had jumped when the adults had cleared their throats and thought that they were all in trouble. Amanda and Samantha were both unfazed.

"Would either of you like some of our fish and berries?" Amanda asked in a calm voice. This startled both men.

The men looked at each other. After a moment Lucius said, "Samantha, your mother and I have been worried about you. She and Mrs. Potter went to the Aurors for help finding all of you." Lucius looked at all of the children as he finished his statement.

Samantha opened her mouth to respond but Amanda began speaking first. "The Aurors will not take action because we have not been missing long enough. If you had tried to use a locator spell you would not have to have searched for us. It was a simple case of we went too far and were having too much fun to stay at the playground. We were able to find food when we were hungry. I do believe that you Mr. Malfoy, Dad, and the other adults overreacted. I know that three of the adult who were at the party are trained Aurors and should have known better and what spells to cast. Two of those adults do not have missing children. Now, do you want some fish or not?"

The two men looked at each other for a moment and then James began laughing. Once he caught his breath he sent a Patronous to the others to inform them that the children were safe and their location. He looked at little Amanda who had crossed her little arms and was giving the men a look that showed she was mad and would not deal with more irritations.

"I would love some sweetie." James said before Amanda's magic began attacking him because of her anger. Suddenly the fish that had been cooking appeared in front of him. Once this had happened he asked, "Why don't you make some fish for the others as well?"

Amanda began cooking the next fish as he spoke using her magic. Samantha and the boys went to get some more fish and berries. While the children were working on this a large dog Patronous approached James and said, in Sirius' voice, "Where exactly are you? Can you send up some blue sparks so that we can locate you?"

James did just that and then went over closer to Amanda. "You do know that what you said to Mr. Malfoy was not nice. I think you hurt his feelings. Why don't I finish cooking this fish while you go apologize to Mr. Malfoy?"