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This is fic is loosely inspired after reading "councils fooly" by "Agamemnon". I have changed it accordingly to suit my story.

I would like to give credit to the base plot to him.

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Darkness started to creep its way towards it, the celestial being even with all its power could not stop the darkness.

"My power its fading, my strength is weakening, why can't I help him? He needs my power" the tailed beast lashed out in its cage swinging its massive tail trashing its tail wildly.

As this was going on a light glow started come just outside its cage and a figured appeared erasing the darkness of the surrounding environment slowly.

IN The Outside world

"Please, just one more time for one last time let those words become true" a blonde women cried placing the necklace of her grandfather on his neck, she held the hands of the boy who reminded her of her little brother and her lover.

She couldn't save him, even after being the best medic Nin in the entire elemental nation. She felt helpless just as she felt when her love had died in front of her, she cried at the irony of the situation she cried for being helpless.

As she was crying a lone teardrop fell on the necklace which the boy had won from the women from the women. The necklace started to glow green and enveloped the boy.

After few seconds of glow died down and the boy had started to breathe again, she was shocked but she was happy and relieved to see the boy breathing.

She came near the boy and checked him once again; she was astonished to see the boy being physically fine. As she was checking the she saw her rogue teammate coming towards the boy with his sword.

She just moved by her instincts and protected the boy from the rogue Sannin by getting the sword shoved through her chest.

Inside The Mindscape

He lay there floating on the water, he woke up groggily and saw the place he was in, he didn't know where he was, the place looked like a large sewer with ankle deep water.

The last thing he remembered was shoving his completed rasengan into the stomach of kabuto and getting hit on his chest by his hand.

He made his way towards a large hall where he could see a faint figure sitting cross legged as if it was meditating and behind the figure he saw large bars.

He made his way to the person sitting so he could know where he was, as he went further he could see that the person sitting there was a male, the said male had spiky blonde hair his face was a bit angular he couldn't tell his eye color as it was closed, he recognized the person sitting there how could he not, the man sitting there was his idol the person he wanted to surpass and become the greatest hokage, sitting there was the Yondaime hokage.

"Ano Yondaime-sama why are you here? Or am I also dead" asked Naruto.

Yondaime opened his eyes and smiled at the boy

"No Naruto you are not dead, as to where you are right now, we are inside your mind"

"How-w do you know my name?" Naruto asked a bit surprised.

"Now why would I not know my own son's name?" said the Yondaime

Son! He didn't understand he was surprised, shocked but of all the things he felt was ANGER.

It had been 3 days and tsunade was starting to get worried, the boy was still asleep and showed no signs of waking up.

The fight between the three Sannin was over and the landscape had changed dominantly, Orochimaru had fled from the battle. Tsunade after recovering from her chakra exhaustion was by the side of the boy checking him constantly.

Naruto stirred from his sleep and opened his eyes slowly, he saw the room he was in and guessed he was in a hotel. The door opened to reveal tsunade coming inside the room.

"Ah it's good to see you are awake, you had me worried there for a while" tsunade said to Naruto giving him a smile.

"Ah, what happened to me and where am I?" Naruto asked stretching his body and yawing.

"You are in our hotel room; you lost consciousness after defeating kabuto so we brought you here after we finished our battle. You have been asleep for nearly 3 days"

Naruto was surprised to hear that, he usually healed up very quickly and then he remembered about Orochimaru.

"So did you guys kill the snake bastard" asked Naruto

"No gaki, he gave us the slip once again he is one slippery bastard" replied tsunade.

Naruto just nodded his head and tried to get out of his bed, as he got off he saw the green gemstone hanging on his neck.

"Congrats gaki on winning that bet from me and like I said I will return to the village and take up the position of the hokage" tsunade said to him.

"Thanks baa-chan! It means a lot to me" Naruto exclaimed loudly

A twitch developed on her left eye hearing him call her an old woman but she let it slide for now

"Oh and before I forget, I want to ask you something" she said to him a bit nervously.

Naruto saw that she was nervous; whatever she was going to ask him was important to her. He just nodded his head for her to ask him

"Gaki, I know this is sudden but I would like to adopt you into my family" she said a bit nervously hoping that he would accept her proposal.

Hearing this Naruto was shocked why anyone would want to adopt him, everyone thought he was a monster.

"Why?" he asked confused

Hearing this tsunade turned her head towards the boy and saw a various emotions on his face from confusion to happiness.

"It might be hard for you to believe but you remind me of my little brother and you have a very uncanny resemblance to him and to be honest you and I related t each other through our clan"

Before he could speak up she raised her hand and told him to let her finish

"Before you ask, yes I do know who your parents are, but it's not my place to tell you" she finished and waited for his answer

"Baa-chan I need some time to think about this, a lot has happened and I would like some rest but could you please bring some food for me" he asked sheepishly at the last rubbing the back of his neck.

"Sure gaki, I'll bring some food and by the way since you are awake we will be leaving early in the morning, so don't sleep too much"

As tsunade left he once again fell on his bed thinking about all the things his father had said and about the adoption thing. He was confused and he didn't like it, he was Uzumaki Naruto he was used to doing things on the fly. He waited for his food and thought he would decide all the decisions later.

One week ago

Konoha (Village hidden in the leaves)

Inside the council chamber

The two advisors of konoha came inside the council chamber and greeted all the members of the council. The council consisted of two parts, one was the shinobi part which consisted of all the shinobi clan heads of the village and the second was the civilian council which consisted of elected members of the merchant's guild, marketing district and some other civilian guilds.

"We are here to discuss the terms which have to be sent to Suna, they have sent a letter stating that they have surrendered and are waiting for our terms and conditions to be sent to them" the elder homura stated neutrally but everyone could see the smug feeling in his voice.

"We should ask for monetary compensation as well as some of their jutsu's" stated members of the council.

"We should ask them to send their jhinchuriki to our village as a hostage" stated a man sternly.

This man looked old and had bandages covered his right eye and his right hand also was bandaged up.

Some of the civilian council didn't like this suggestion as they thought that having one demon was more than enough.

"I would like to propose that we send a term stating that they have to send a strong kunoichi to our village in a marriage" hiashi suggested.

"Yes, seeing the low quality of this generation kunoichi's it would be a very good advantageous. But I suggest that we add the stipulation that it is non-negotiable".

"Yes that would be a good move on our part and it would benefit our village largely" koharu stated.

"So it's decided we will send these terms to them immediately".

Suna (Village Hidden In Sand)

Council chamber

"We have received the letter from konoha telling their terms for our surrender" baki told the council

"Please read the file which has been provided to each of you it contains all the details, but we shall discuss all the major terms in this session" one the councilmen spoke to the remaining members of the council

"If you see the file you can see the main terms are mostly what we expected, but one of the biggest problem is them asking for one of our kunoichi to their village in marriage"

This caused quite a lot of confusion in some of the members in the council, whereas some of other councilmen saw what was asked of them.

"Yes, they seem not to trust us and want no chance of us betraying them once again" one of the shinobi present told the council

"They are quiet clever, as everyone saw the standard of their kunoichi's in the chunnin exams, not one kunoichi of theirs made it to the finals".

"Hmmm, but even if we have to send our best kunoichi to them they haven't stated that they will choose the groom which could be an advantage an advantage to us" baki stated happily

"Baki you sound as if you already have an idea on whom we can choose" one councilman said

"Yes, but for my whole plan to work he we need the acceptance of Temari"

"Why do you need Temari's acceptance for this?"

"Because I propose that we send temari as our bride to the village and for the groom we shall choose Uchiha Sasuke"

"But why her, she is one of our most promising kunoichi and why the last Uchiha" the councilman asked

Baki just sighed at this he really didn't want to elaborate on this plan of his.

"Alright I will explain so listen carefully, Temari is still developing her skills and she won't reach her full potential since konoha doesn't have many wind users. This way we can keep our jonin ranked kunoichi out of their hands"

"Konoha can't blame our sincerity as we are giving up our Yondaime kazekage's daughter and as for why the last Uchiha, his name should be proof enough and more over that boy is very strong as proof from the match and once he has an offspring with temari we can manipulate the situation by having one boy of that clan marry into our village, this way we can gain the famed sharingan to our village"

"Yes that is a very good plan and it just needs the acceptance from temari let's hope that she accepts it, she can be very stubborn and the rumors surrounding gaara are very troubling" one of the councilman said.

"Don't worry I will talk to her and I will convince her" baki said


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