Chapter 11: Departure& New Teams

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At Konoha:

It had been two days since the engagement and the couples were having a peaceful breakfast, Temari had somber look on her face as her brothers would leave for Suna today even Naruto looked a bit sad as one of his best friend was going back to his home.

Naruto broke the silence between them as he asked

"Hey Temari-chan atwhat time will the Suna envoy leave today?"

"They'll leave in a couple of hours." Replied Temari

"Ano Temari-chan I can see that you are sad with your brothers going back to Suna and I'm sorry for that but I'll take good care of you here and try my best to make you happy, so please don't be sad." Naruto said.

A small smile formed on Temari's face as she heard Naruto's words, she could see that even Naruto was sad about Gaara's departure but he always tried to make everyone around him happy.

"Arigato Naruto that means a lot to me, can I ask you a favor though?" Temari asked

Naruto just nodded his head gesturing her to ask.

"Can you come with me to see off my brothers" Temari asked a bit hesitantly.

"You dint need to ask for it Temari-chan I would have come either way to see off my friend." Naruto declared loudly.

Temari once again smiled and continued to eat her breakfast.

"Ne, Naruto do you have any plans for today after seeing off Gaara." Temari questioned Naruto.

"I have to meet up with my team in our training ground around noon after that I'm free for the day." Naruto answered

"Oh so can we go out for dinner tonight." Temari asked trying not to sound like she was asking him out on a DATE.

"Sure Temari-chan." Naruto replied

Soon both of them finished their breakfast and made their way towards the Suna envoy.


Temari and Naruto reached the Suna envoy and made their way towards Gaara and Kankuro.

"Hey Gaara, Kankuro" Naruto called out

Gaara and Kankuro saw Temari and Naruto make their way towards them.

"Hey Naruto, Temari" Kankuro greetd the engaged couple

"Hey Kankuro, Gaara how are you guys today?" Temari asked her brothers.

"We are fine Temari, we just finished breakfast and were planning on visiting you and your fiancé before we left today." Kankuro said to Temari with a snicker in his tone.

Temari's eyebrow twitched at her brothers teasing "Atleast I have a fiancé unlike you Kankuro who can't even have a date because every girl thinks you play for the other side since you started wearing makeup!" Temari replied with mirth in her tone.

Hearing his sisters words Kankuro just crouched into a fetal position with a dark rain cloud howering hover his head and drawing ciricles with his hand and muttering something along the line "It's war paint".

Naruto just sweat dropped watching the scene playout between Temari and Kankuro, Gaara looked confused about the other team comment.

"Naruto what did Temari mean by playing for the other team?" Gaara asked with a hint of curiosity in his tone.

Naruto looked at Gaara with clear surprise on his face, while Temari laughed at Naruto's situation.

"Umm Gaarawhat Temari meant was a joke I think, she was teasing Kankuro by telling everyone in Suna thinks that he likes boys instead of girls."

"So what does that mean; is there something wrong about Kankuro liking boys" Gaara asked with still some confusion on his face.

"Gaara there is nothing wrong with it, I was just teasing Kankuro you will understand the joke in future, don't worry about it for now." Temari said to Gaara.

"Come on Kankuro let's go I would like to spend some time with you both before you guys leave." Temari said to Kankuro who was still depressed with a rain cloud howering over him.

The Sand sibllingsaong with Naruto made their way outside the guest house and were going on their way towards towards a park nearby.

"Hey Naruto not that I mind, but I didn't expect you to visit us today along with Temari, do miss Temari that much that you can't stay away from her for a few hours."Kankuro asked bluntly with a teasing tone at the end.

Naruto though blushed at the words replied clamly "Nothing like that Kankuro, I wanted to spend some time with my new family since you guys are brother's to me now and I will miss Gaara and you very much."

Kankuro and Gaara were surprised at those words but as the words sunk in a small smile formed on Gaara's lips aas he too considered Naruto his brother in all but blood.

Kankuro also gave a small smile at Naruto "Same here Naruto."

The group arrived at the park, thepark didn't have anyone in it as most of the children were at the academy and it was still very early for them to be brought to the park.

Kankuro and Temari sat on the bench to relax just as Gaara was about sit he was dragged by his hand to the swing by Naruto.

"Hey Gaara how about we spend some time on the swing." Naruto asked Gaara.

Gaara just nodded and went to stand beside Naruto.

"Come on sit on the swing I'll push you it'll be fun"

Gaara looked at the swing once and asked "Are you sure it's safe."

"Of course its safe come on get on, even I still have to go at it once."

As Gaara made his way to sit on the swing, "Hey remove your gourd I can't push you higher with that much weight." Naruto told Gaara.

As Gaara sat down on the swing, Naruto began pushing Gaara higher, at first Gaara got panicked by the movement but after a few seconds he felt something new something he liked, he felt as though he was flying as he went higher and faster. Unknown to him a small laugh escaped from his mouth.

Kankuro and Temari were happy seeing Gaara smile and enjoy his time on the swing.

"Temari you don't have worry about Gaara while being here, I will take care of him." Kankuro said with a serious tone.

Temari just smiled at Kankuro and said "How can I not worry, I just got back my younger brother and I have to part with him so soon."

Kankuro just nodded his head in understanding.

"You know we owe so much to Naruto for bringing back our brother to us and helping us to get to know him." Temari said to Kankuro as she saw Naruto trying to get Gaara down from the swingso that he could swing on it as it was his turn.

"Yeah that's true and I'm glad that Gaara chose him as your husband because I can trust him to keep you safe." replied Kankuro.

Time went by a bit too quickly for Temari as she spent her time along with Kankuro, Gaara and Naruto.

After a couple of hours the group made their way towards the gates of Konoha, Gaara along with Temari were going in front whereas Naruto and Kankuro .

"Naruto I know that you are a good guy and will take good care of my nee-chan but if you ever hurt my nee-chan Gaara will be the last person whom you have to be scared off." Kankuro said to Naruto with a tone which promised untold amounts of pain.

Naruto just gulped and nodded his head not trusting his voice, Naruto had heard about over protective fathers but he had never seen or heard about over protective brothers.

The group finally reached the gates where they saw the whole of Suna envoy waiting for them and ready to leave along with Hokage and Shizune to see them off.

The Hokage and Shizune were surprised to see Naruto with the Gaara and Kankuro.

"Since everyone is here we shall take our leave." Baki said to the Hokage.

The Suna envoy made their way towards Suna, a few tear drops made themselves known to Temari as they fell from her eyes. With the departure of her brothers it started to sink in for Temari that this is her new life now, Konoha was her new home and she would spend her life here from now on.

"Hey Temari-chan its going to be fine, I'm here for you always."Naruto said to Temari as he saw the tears in her eyes.

Temari turned towards Naruto as she heard his words to her and a small smile formed on her lips.

"Arigato Naruto."

Tsuande and Shizune saw the whole scene play out and were happy as they saw that both Temari and Naruto were warming up to eachother.

"As much as I hate to break up your moment Naruto don't you have to meet your sensei at your training ground" Tsuande said to Temari and Naruto.

Naruto and Temari blushed at Tsuande's words, Naruto nodded his head towards Tsuande "Hai Kaa-chan I'll lleave now."

"Temari-chan after my meeting with my team lets go out to eat."

"Hai Naruto" Temari replied.

As he received his answer Naruto made his way towards training ground 7 to meet his team.


At Training ground 7:

As Naruto made his way towards the training ground as he was greeted with the sight of his teammates along with team 8, team Gai and team 10 standing and waiting.

Sasuke as usual was brooding sitting near the post as both Sakura and Ino were fighting over whose love for Sasuke was true, Kiba was playing with Akamaru, Shino was standing quietly leaning against a tree whereas Hinata was standing next to Neji watching Lee doing push up's, Tenten was playing with her kunai twirling it and attacking invisible opponents. Lastly Shikamaru was sleeping and choji sat beside him eating his chips.

"Hey guys" Naruto greeted everyone as he made his way towards his comrades.

"Hey Naruto" Choji greeted him, Shin gave a curt nod, Shikamaru looked up and gave his greeting as did Tenten. Sasuke didn't even acknowledge his greeting whereas both Sakura and Ino greeted him back.

Lee stopped his push up's and greeted him in his style, Kiba galred at Naruto. Neji made his way towards Naruto along with Hinata "Naruto I wanted to thank you for the battle we had during the chunnin finals."

Naruto looked at Neji with a confusing look "Why are you thanking me I beat you aren't you supposed to be mad at me"

Neji gave a smile at Naruto and said "No your victory and words changed my prespective of life and I want to thank you for that but I still want a rematch with you."

Naruto looked at Neji with a face splitting smile and told him "No need to thank me just treat Hinata with the same amount of respect as she does you, as for the rematch I'm ready whenever you are."

Neji nodded his head at the blonde's request and left to stand near his teammates.

Hinata looked at Naruto nervously and greeted him in her usual stutter and shy blush on her face.

"Hey Hinata-chan any idea why everyone is gathered here"

As soon as Naruto asked his question all the jonin sensei's arrived at the training ground together.

The Konoha 12 recognised their respective sensei's but didn't recognize some of them, though Hinata paled as she saw the Snake mistress of Konoha giving a sadistic grin at her.

"Good everyone is here, now everyone gathere around we have an important announcement to make." Kakashi said to the genin's.

All the genin's made their way towards the jonin's and gathered along standing with their respective teammates.

"Now the important decision is regarding the team formations, Hokage-Sama has reformed the teams to improve the overall skills of the genin." Asuma said to the genin's.

The announcement was met with a loud denial from most of the genin's.

"You can't do that how can we just move from one team to another."Kiba asked with a bit of anger in his voice.

Sakura was dreading that she might be removed and be far away from her Sasuke-kun. Ino's hopes were rising as he thought she might be paired with Sasuke though she was sad at the chance of leaving her teammates.

Team Gai didn't let the news affect them as a team with a year's experience knew they would be moved around with different teams.

"Your personal feelings can't be considered, you all are soldiers of Konoha you are required to obey whatever your superior commands you." Kurenai said with an irritated tone.

"Now listen carefully, the new team 7 will consist of Uchiha Sasuke, Higurashi Tenten and Nara Shikamaru . Team 8 will consist of Hyuga Hinata, Uzumaki Naruto and Aburame Shino. Team 9 will consist of Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuga Neji and Yamanaka Ino. Tema 10 will consist of Akimichi Choji, Haruno Sakura and Rock Lee."

The Genin's hearing this were shocked, most of them had to work with someone they didn't know much about. Before the Genin's could act on their shock of the news Kakashi continued "Team 7 Sensei will be myself and Genma for team 8 Yuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko, for team 9 Sarutobi Asuma and Uzuki Yugao and finally team 10 will have Maito Gai and Yamato."

Sakura, Ino paled hearing about their sensei and teammate whereas Hinata paled and blushed at same time which in itself was quite a feat.

Sakura paled because of her sensei as she remembered Lee's word about their sensei's training regime.

Ino paled because of her teammate Neji as she had seen his battle with Hinata and she was downright scared of his ruthlessness.

Hinata blushed for the obvious of the reason and paled because she knew was just plain sadistic.

"May I ask why have the team been chosen in such way Kakashi sensei." asked Tenten.

Kakashi looked at Tenten and gave his trademark eye smile and explained the reason the Hokage had given them.

"Ok then Team 8 report to me at training ground 8." Kurenai said as she left via shuishin Naruto looked at Shino and Hinata aand followed them as they made their way towards their Training ground.

Each team followed their respective sensei's towards their training ground.

As the newly formed Team 8 made their way towards their training ground, different thoughts were going through their heads.

Naruto was happy about this new chance of learning, after the revelation about his parents and his talk with his mother and sister he knew what was there in his team, it was neither friendship nor comradeship, there was only favoritism by his sensei towards his teammate and physical abuse from his other teammate.

Shino was a bit doubtful about Naruto's role in his team and how his presence might affect the overall team dynamics of the team.

Hinata thoughts were full of nervous energy and self doubt she thought to herself 'This is my chance to prove Naruto-kun that I'm worthy to walk beside him and he might see me as more than a friend But what if I fail what will he do he might not even want to be my friend what do I do whatIdoIdo.'

Soon team8 reached the training ground and were greeted with the sight of Kureani and Anko talking with eachother where Anko was telling about something which was making Kurenai blush.

The two jonin's saw their students arrive, kurenai spoke to them "Team 8 this is Mitarashi Anko you might already know her from Chunin exams" as she gestured at Anko.

"Naruto since you are new to the team everyone will introduce ourselves to you and later you introduce yourself to them." Spoke kurenai.

"Ok I'll go first my name is Yuhi Kurenai I'm recently promoted jonin my likes are training, hanging out with my friends my dislikes are perverts and people who discriminate against women and cake as for my future goal I would like one of my students gain the title of Genjutsu master or mistress."

Shino went next "My name is Aburame Shino and I like insects my dislikes are people harming insects and being ignored my goal is to find a new species of Insects."

Hinata came forward shyly she saw Naruto's face and blushed "My nam-ee is H-Hinata-a Hyuga-a my likes are reading, pressing flowers my dislikes are mean people and bullies my goal is to become a powerful clan head and start a family in the future." Hinata said the last part with a huge blush as she saw Naruto from the side of her eyes and before anyone could see her action her eyes were back to looking at the ground.

"My name is Mitarashi Anko and i'm a tokebetsu jonin my likes are DANGO, my summons, tea parties and a certain man my dislikes are my former sensei and anyone who mess with my DANGO as for goals killing my former sensei and to start a family with my special person." Anko finished with a faraway look in her eyes.

The Genin's looked at Anko with a confused face as they saw a new side of her, though she acted a bit sadistic there was something more to her than what met the eye.

Naruto walked forward "My name is Uzumaki Naruto my likes are RAMEN, my new Kaa-chan and nee-chan my friends, my dislikes are perverts, people who judge others without knowing them my dream for the future is to protect all my precious people and revive the Uzumaki clan back to it's former glory." Naruto finished with a grin on his face.

Everyone present their were shocked from Naruto's introduction, everyone knew of his proclamation of becoming Hokage but the blonde had not mentioned it and he told about his new mother and sister.

"Naruto what about becoming Hokage everyone in the village thought your goal was becoming Hokage and who are your new mother and sister." Kurenai asked Naruto.

"No Kurenai sensei I don't want to become Hokage, some things were revealed to me recently and it opened my eyes and I don't think the village would like me becoming Hokage, as for my new mother and sister they are Tsunade Kaa-chan and Shizune-nee-chan they are my mother and sister in all but blood."

As soon as Naruto finished his explanation everyone were once again shocked at his announcement. Their Shocl was justified as not everyday someone tells them that they have Senju Tsunade as their mother.

Recovering from the shock Kurenai asked everyone to demonstrate their skills, after a few minutes when everyone was finished Kurenai and Anko dismissed the genin's informing them to arrive tomorrow at 7 in the morning for new training regimes.

The team left from the gound towards their houses, Naruto hurried home as he had told her that he would take her out for dinner.


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