The day of the Christmas party came, Ember blinked owlishly at the sudden sunlight that entered into her room, she growled as she buried her head under her pillows, and pulled the covers over her head. She heard the normal chaos that was the school.

"Ember, time to get up; Logan said you got to get Harry ready for his workout." A girl's voice called to her room.

"It's the holidays, I'm not getting up." Ember growled out, as she pressed herself further into the mattress.

"Fine, you get to deal with him. I just take him to breakfast and leave him there." The girl walked off.

Ember tried her best to return to sleep, but she couldn't. She groaned and got up. Grabbing a pair of sweats pants and sweatshirt, the feral teen dressed. She found Harry eating a bowl of coco puffs. He looked about as happy to be up as she is.

Ember went over and checked the fridge before going over and grabbing a plate and filling up at the buffet that was set up.

"Morning, Ember." Harry groaned out as he played with his cereal. "This is too early to be awake right now. If I could I would have hexed who ever woke me."

"I wouldn't suggest it." Ember replied as she got biscuits and gravy, and sat down at the table just as the rush came in.

Harry tensed for a minute as the group gathered and started eating as well most of the talk was of the holidays and the party tonight.

Ember ate a few bites of her biscuits and gravy, before standing up and going over to the sink. Washing her dishes, she put them into the dish rack.

Harry just sat and continued his breakfast. He seemed to be thinking of something else as well.

Ember went back to her room; put on socks and her snow boots, her coat and gloves and went out into the garage. She spent most of her morning working on the bike just concentrating on getting that bike to work once more.

Ember frowns at a part, of ruined metal. "Junk yard or part store?"

Just then, she heard a yell of a certain blue fur ball crashed in to the side of the garage.

Ember stood up and went out the door; she looked at Kurt. "Do I even want to know?"

"Harry, that's not funny." Kurt moaned. "Your little brother just pranked me with a wizard trick."

"What?" Ember questioned sharply

"Yeah he offers me a chocolate and it jumped at me." Kurt explains

Ember's anger smothered, "He offered you chocolate frog?"

Kurt just nodded still ticked that the kid tricked him.

"You almost got him in trouble with me!" Ember exclaims, "Merlin's saggy left…" she cut off her sentence when she seen Logan walking down the path to the garage.

"He may look innocent but he's a tricky one." Logan states

"Duh. The elf has a sweet tooth; he shouldn't trust anything that comes from the Wizarding world." Ember remarked

Logan stopped at the door and looked at the bike "Ready to give up yet Em?"

"Nope, I just might take apart yours to get the parts, I need." Ember answers

"Well save it for later it's time for Harry's first Danger room session." Logan states

"No." Ember replied

Logan tilted his head "Got something else planned for him, because the kid needs to get some meat on him."

"Yes, him being a child, not a weapon." Ember snarled, "Danger Room sessions are meant for mutants not magical children."

Logan thought for bit taking a drag of his cigar "Your right but I do want him in better shape but I'll leave that to you." He turned to leave "Oh and touch my bike and you'll be doing laps till your my age."

"You don't even know your age." Ember muttered as she went back into the garage and put away her tools.

As she got back to the manor, she found Harry sitting outside looking distracted and chewing a licorice wand.

"You're sitting out here in December, are you insane?" Ember asks

Harry looked up and smiled "It's not so bad and I just wanted some fresh air to think that's all."

Ember blinked "There's snow on the ground, and you say it not so bad."

"I been out in worst at least here I can go back in when I want to and not when they say so." Harry replies

"Get your butt back inside, before I pick you up and do so for you." Ember replies

Harry quickly ran back inside and went to his room.

Ember nods and kicked off the snow from her boots before she entered into the mansion.

"Oh Em, if you see Kurt tell him if he wants more chocolate I got plenty." Harry laughs as he went up the stairs.

"What's next? Fred and George showing up?" Ember questions, as she rubbed her temples.

She went into the library and sat in a chair.

Kitty was there reading a book with a smile on her face and every once in a while she would chuckle.

"That better be 'How clones can deal with annoying magical brothers'" Ember states

"Like sorry Ember I don't think they made that one yet." Kitty looked up "Why, what did he do?"

"Played a prank on Kurt, not that the fuzzy dude doesn't deserve it." Ember answered

"Well I think that's great he's acting like a normal kid isn't that what you wanted?" Kitty asked as she closed the book.

"You walk through walls, and you call playing pranks normal? Harry will be lucky not to find his bed on the roof." Ember replies

"I really don't think anybody gonna do that to him we know he had it rough but Kurt will prank him back." Kitty replies, "I just hope those two don't drag anyone else in to their little prank war."

"My first month here, Kurt put my clothes on the trees, do you know how it felt to see every hormonal teenage male on campus drooling over someone's bra and panties?" Ember questions

Kitty smiled "Don't worry I'll talk to Kurt and make him behave or at the least not to prank Harry to hard."

Ember shook her head, "So who's staying this time? Same ones, just Scott and Rogue?"

"No, I'm staying and some of the x-babies are to." Kitty answers

Ember blinked "But don't you have some Jewish holiday celebration with your family?" she looked away, Logan's only holiday tradition was going to the local bar.

"Not this year my family's going to Israel and I don't want to go."

"Afraid you'll phase though the plane and end up in the ocean?" Ember teases

"Oh haha, very funny Em." Kitty responds

"You can't say, I don't try my best to blend in as it were." Ember comments, before standing up. "I'm gonna make me a cup of hot chocolate, maybe steal some of Harry's chocolate frogs."

"I don't know how you can eat them their still moving till you bite them." Kitty replied

Ember allowed one of her claws to slide out, "Answer enough for you, I 'kill' them."

She made her way to her room and found Hedwig sitting on her dresser looking very annoyed.

"What's your problem, feather head?" Ember questions.

The owl just looks over to Harry's room and gives an angry hoot.

"So he's not paying attention to you." Ember guessed

Hedwig flared her wings as if in agreement then turned her back to the door.

Ember rolled her eyes, before leaving. She tracked Harry down. She found him quickly as he sat with a small group of boys talking about a game they saw away.

"Anyone who is not named Potter better find something to do real fast before I march all of you to the danger room for a round of Ember's combat and survival session." Ember announced

The room was emptied in record time "Ummm Hi Ember what can I do for you, if its about the prank I did try to warn Kurt first really."

"Nope, it's about a certain owl in my room that is dying of lack of attention from her wizard." Ember replies, "So you better start with the apologizing to her, before you're disowned and I'm adopted by her."

Harry's eyes went wide and then he jumped up, shot out of the room, and ran to Ember's room.

"Ember, would you please join me in the study?" professor Xavier's voice sounded in Ember's mind.

"Sure Professor be there in a minute." She left and walked over to the study.

Professor Xavier was staring broodingly at two of the students of his school. Who decided to have some fun would have to include dismantling Ember's motorcycle and hiding the pieces?

"Yes, Professor Xavier, you wanted to see me." She said in a neutral tone.

"These two have decided to play a game with your motorcycle." Professor Xavier responded

She turned her head to the students "Oh really well in that case I guessing have to give them some extra time in the danger room this week."

"Starting now, along with detailing the blackbird and extra chores." Professor Xavier comments, "You will find that all your hard work on your motorcycle is dismantled and hidden in the garage and on the grounds."