Ember tapped her foot as she waited by Charles' private jet, which could be flown by Scott or Jean. But really, she was in a hurry, she had to shop in Diagon Alley before school started. Maybe she should learn how to fly the plane?

Jean walked in to view wearing her flight gear "Ready to get going, Ember?"

"Two hours ago." Ember replied harshly, but her attitude went unnoticed by Jean.

Ember was about to board when she stopped and started sniffing. "What's he doing?"

Jean looked around "who are you talking about?"

"Logan, his scent is getting closer." Ember answered confused

Logan walked onto the runaway, Ember could not tell if his expression was disagreeable or if he was getting a mental earful from the Professor.

"Okay, everyone on the plane ain't got all day for this and I for one want this trip done." He snapped at the both of them.

"Look who's getting all paternal, I didn't know you cared so much about me, dad." Ember stated sarcastically.

"Look kid, if we wasn't on a schedule I would haul you butt to the danger room." Logan growled

"Please, you don't scare me." Ember responds before turning on her booted foot and climbing up into the jet. She sat down in a seat buckling up. "Seriously, Logan, why are you tagging along?"

"Simple, just felt like it." Logan grunted

Ember shook her head and began reading Hogwarts A History.

Many hours later, they land in England. Jean landed the jet in a private airstrip that belonged to Xavier. Ember got off the jet, carrying her trunk. "Are you following me all the way to London?"

Logan and Jean didn't respond they only joined her, you would suppose that to the outside world, they looked like a family on an outing, but not for the fact that Jean was engaged to Scott Summers, and Logan was infatuated with the woman, at least in Ember's opinion. She did not understand the draw that males had to females or the reverse.

As soon, as the two mutants and one female clone were on the streets of London, Ember was the one who was leading the group, she knew where to go, she would have taken out her wand and used the knight bus but Jean, and Logan would not be able to come.

Ember stopped in front of abandon building, which was really the Leaky Cauldron.

Logan knew the building was there but his senses were saying there was nothing there. Ember motioned with her head, as she opened the building's door. The scent of liquor filled her sense of smell. She had grip the doorframe until she got used to the smell.

"Ah, Ember. Nice to see you again." Tom the bartender called out, once the mutant got her bearings again. "Room's ready for ya."

"Thanks Tom." Ember replied as she caught the key that Tom tossed at her. She has a room always set up for her at the Cauldron.

The small group walked up the stairs to Ember's room as they settled in Logan looked out the window.

Ember followed Logan's gaze, "Not much but you haven't seen all this world has to offer." she went over to her trunk and got her money pouch out, checking its contents, she needed to withdraw some coins first.

Logan turned and looked at his "daughter" "Kid, I've seen more in this world than I even remember not too much gonna surprise me anymore." He smirked as he lit a cigar.

"That's about to change, you aren't cloned from your DNA and a witch's." Ember remarked as she left her room, sliding down the railing, landing on the floor.

As she landed she heard a pair of voices "Bravo, bravo, once more we bow to your greatness." the two red heads clapped.

Ember looked up, "What are you doing here?" then she muttered so low that only Logan could hear her, "Not as great as the original."

"The same as you getting our supplies for the year plus a few things for fun." They both smiled at her.

"Pull pranks on me this year and I will put all your uniforms into the Black Lake." Ember growled then added silently, 'in shreds."

"Hey kiddo, these jokers bothering ya?" The elder mutant asked while puffing on his cigar.

"No, these idiots are two of my friends." Ember answered, "Fred, George, meet Jean Gray and Logan."

Ember turned to Logan and a silent conversation passed between them, Ember was telling him to behave or she will contact the Professor.

Jean just smile and waved her hand while Logan gave a smile that looked more at home on a wolf.

Ember watched Logan, ready to defend her friends if he deemed them a threat.

"So you two friends of Ember?" he spoke with a low growl.

Ember punched Logan in the back, while growing out a threat of her own "Behave."

Logan just smiles and raised his hands as if saying 'what'

"See you on the train." Ember replied before grabbing Logan by his shirt and dragging him out the back door into an alley.

"Forge; remind me to pick up a change of boxers later." One twin said to the other.

Ember growled at Logan, "They don't know, I'm a mutant. If you went all Wolverine all them, I couldn't ever show my face at school again!"

"No worries there, kid, I was just havin a bit of fun." He stands and looks at the wall once more.

Ember turns to the wall and pulled out her wand, which she has put in her back pocket once, she got into the pub. "Honestly..." she tapped the password on the bricks.

As the doorway opened, Jean gave a small chuckle as the cigar fell from Logan's lips.

Ember reached out caught the cigar, burning side up. "What was that about you seeing everything the world has to offer, before losing your memories?" Ember grounded the cigar into her palm, putting it out. "Please refine from smoking in here, you might set off an explosion."

She looked at the burn mark, as her healing factor kicked in.

"Kid you better not let anybody see you pull that trick more than once." He quietly growled out as he grabbed his cigar back.

"No sweat, I don't get hurt at school unless it's on accident, no one has witnessed my claws except the creatures in the forest." Ember replied

Logan just huffed and stormed in to the alley.

Ember looked at her list of books and what ingredients she was missing from her potion kit. They walked down the alley, they saw all the shops there some sounds so weird that that they had to step in just to see what they sold.

Ember shook her head, she was glad that Jean was telepathic, so she went on to Slug & Jiggers Apothecary. Logan looked a bit green as the smell of the shop hit him for the first time.

"I think that's the same expression, I had the first time." Ember laughed as she sucked in more air through her teeth. The look on the feral's face was just promise one thing when she got back to the manor.

"I'm in trouble." Ember groaned but she hurried and gathered what she needed.

She heard Jean in her mind 'Don't I'll calm him down before you come back'

'Doesn't mean he's going to forget.' Ember thought back, as she went to the bookstore.

They all walked in to the shop and began gathering her books for the year. Jean found a book on mental magic while Logan found a book of beast of the American north.

"I take those two as well." Ember sighed as she placed her textbooks on the counter so the bookkeeper can mark them down as sold.

The two adults looked at her and gave a nod of thanks.

"Just don't except me to buy books for the whole school." Ember stated

"Of course, not that would be silly." Jean just smiled and Logan grunted then his head snapped up and he put a finger to his lips.

Three years of physical training, then her programming from her incubation chamber kicked in, her eyes swept the bookstore for danger.

He move to the far bookshelf and disappeared behind it. They both heard a yelp and a cry of pain from a voice she knew all too well.

Ember went over to Logan. She saw Logan holding the two red heads once more in his hands.

"Logan, drop them." Ember ordered

Logan gave them one last shake then let them drop "Don't try stalking till you know I won't hear ya now beat it."

"They are just pranksters; they always try to figure out my secrets." Ember reasoned "and I bet they're trying to figure out how we know each other."

Logan growled once more. "Don't care if you wanted them to know you would have told them."

"Where's the fun in that, I don't have my very own Sabertooth to knock around." Ember retorts. "They're just kids no matter magical or normal; they will try to get into something."

Jean stepped in "that's it behave the both of you its late and I'm hungry let go eat."

Ember nods, with silent thanks.