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Prologue: Case of Mystery Game (Boredom)

My name is Shinichi Kudo. I was a case solving high school boy whose body was shrunk by a drug. I am living in secret as Conan Edogawa, a case solving elementary boy. The only people who knew my real identity are Professor Agasa, my parents, my rival, and the girl who made the drug named Shiho Miyano (who's body also shrunk and hiding from the Black Organization by acting as an elementary student named Ai Haibara).

But one day, something happened. I went to visit the professor at his home; but on the way, someone from behind put me to sleep by making me breath in a drug with a cloth. After that, my view of the world completely changed, forever…

When I woke up, I was in a white room. It had a mirror table for make-up, a cabinet with alcoholic drinks, and a table with a plate that had small pieces of chocolates, a small panel, and a big monitor. With me, several people were here with me. Among them were my friends. Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Haibara (also known as Miyano) were laying there unconscious on the ground; along with three other kids and many other high school students.

I began to panic when I saw my friends unconscious and here with me in this strange room. I woke up my friends first. When they woke up, they were surprised and confused as I am on what was happening. I told them to wake up the other people here before we can continue discussing this.

While Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta woke up the others, Haibara whispered to me, "Do you think 'they' are behind this?"

When she said 'they', she obviously means the Black Organization.

"No", I whispered back to her, "If it was them and they knew about us, they would have killed us and everyone we know; not kidnap us and our classmates along with many other people we don't know."

After confirming that, we help wake up the other people, starting with the teenagers.

When all the teenagers were awake, they looked at each other. When they did, some of them had their eyes widen in disbelief and shouted, "YOU'RE ALIVE?!"

When they said that, the ones who were shouted at looked at themselves, widen their eyes also in disbelief, and shouted "WE'RE ALIVE?!"

What are they talking about? Why would those guys be surprised that the other guys are alive? And more importantly, why would these guys be surprised to be alive? What is up with them?

Their shouting woke up two of the elementary kids. One was a foreign boy in London clothing. Another was a Japanese girl in unusual clothing, like from some sort of religious or superstitious place.

The foreign boy said in surprise, "What is going on? Where are we?"

The girl in strange clothing said in curiosity, "Forget that, who all you people are?"

The girl made a good point. I wondered who exactly these strangers are. And they what to know I am and who the other people they don't know are.

But Ayumi said all of a sudden, "Hey, wake up already!"

Everyone looked at her. She was trying to wake up the last person. He was an elementary boy with black, short hair. He wore a black robe that belongs to a judge, but it size fits his age. Near him was wooden gravel, like the ones judges uses in trials.

The judge boy finally wakes up. He looked at Ayumi. Then he got up and looked the teenagers. He starred at them with widen eyes of disbelief. Then, he finally shouted franticly, "YOU ARE ALIVE?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! AND WHY ARE YOU SURRIVERS DOING HERE?! AND WHY AM I HERE TOO?!"

Great, I said to myself, another person who doesn't make sense.

But the teenagers looked at the judge boy with a confused look. One of them, a brown haired boy with a hoodie, approached him and asked, "Um, do we know you kid?"

The judge boy jumped in raged and shouted angrily, "What are you talking about? Of course ALL of you high school students know me! And I'm not a kid! I AM MONOBEAR!"

Monobear, I thought, what a weird name for a kid.

But when I looked at the faces of the high school students, they looked pale and shocked. The hoodie boy said, "You're Monobear, that's not possible."

"What do you mean not possible Naegi?" asked Monobear.

"Well…" Naegi said awkwardly, "Monobear is a robotic black and white teddy bear, while you are just a plain elementary boy."

"I'm not some elementary boy; and I'm neither a teddy bear nor some other bear, I'm Monobear! You're headmaster of Hope Peak Academy!"

Hope Peak Academy, what's that supposes to be? The name is strangely familiar, but I don't know why. And what does he mean that Monobear is some robotic teddy bear?

"You sound like Monobear, but you don't look like him." said a mysterious high school girl with long hair and gloves on her hands.

"What do you mean, Kirigiri?!" Monobear asked her annoyingly.

"Ahem," I said to get everyone's attention, "Monobear was it? I don't know about this whole robot teddy bear appearance; but if you want to check how you look, go look at that mirror there." Then I pointed at the mirror that I noticed earlier.

When Monobear looked at the mirror his face went pale as he starred in horror at his reflection.

"You're kidding me… YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!?" scream Monobear. "What has happened to me? Why am I a kid at the age of 10? What became of my charming black and white self?"

"Err… You aren't exactly charming…" said Naegi awkwardly.


Hey, being an elementary kid isn't embarrassing. I should know, being originally a high school student.

But suddenly, a voice said "TESTING… TESTING… ONE, TWO, THREE… DO YOU HEAR ME?" We were all shocked when we heard it. It sounded strangely joyful and it sounded like it came from everywhere. "JUDGING FROM YOU REACTION, YOU DEFINITELY HEARD ME. OKAY, NOW THAT ALL OF YOU ARE AWAKE AND READY, IT'S TIME FOR ME TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN A FLASHY MANNER!"

Then we heard a sound from a large television screen on the wall. When we all looked at it, a picture appeared. It was a young teenager boy with gray hair. He wore a brown school uniform over a white shirt. He appeared jolly and happy, and that what made me feel uncomfortable.


Wait a second; did he break the 4th wall just now?

"That's better, now let me introduce myself. My name is Maho Unmei (1), the Mystery Master. And welcome to the Mystery Game, where you'll will all participate in the game and find the TRUTH, or DIE trying!"

Then he said, "So everyone, I know what you're thinking. You are thinking 'What's Mystery Game?', 'Who is this Maho Unmei?', 'Where is this place?', 'Why did he kidnap us all?', 'How did those who were dead or asleep in a machine permanently are here and well?', 'How did he make Monomo from a robot bear to an elementary boy?', and 'Why is he talking so much?' Well, I'll answer them all one by one."

Well, I was DEFINITELY asking the last question.

"Hey!" Monobear shouted, "What do you mean 'Monomo'? My name is 'MONOBEAR'!"

"Well…" said Unmei, "Since I change your appearance, I should change your name too. After all, you did the same thing with Usami in the 'Killing Field Trip' event, kid."

"I'm not a kid, I'm Monomo!"

Everyone was silent just now.

"Um…" said the foreign boy with a confused face, "Do you or do you not like Monomo? Early you wanted to be Monobear, but now you are calling yourself Monomo. Well, which is it?"

"…I don't know anymore;" said Monobear with sweat of nervousness and awkwardness, "Just call Monomo for now."

Monomo it is. And it is better suited to you then Monobear.

"So…" said Unmei, "Can I now answer your question?"

"Yes" I said. But the questions are your own, not ours.

"Okay, 1st question: 'What's Mystery Game?' Well, it is a special game where a group of chosen representatives work together to find the 'TRUTH'. In the game, it is separated into a chain of 3 events. The first one is Reminisce Mood. It is where you find yourselves in a white room, which is the stage where you are now. It has a small panel which has a screen with a date & blanks for words, and a keyboard. In the panel, you must type the keyword that represents a case that happened on the date on the panel. And to further narrow it, the furniture & objects here will act as the objects that existed in the case. And don't worry the cases you remember are those that you personally encountered. And when you solve it, a door will open and you can enter into the next stage. There's no time limit; but you can't stay to long or you'll starve, be dehydrated, or need to the toilet badly. But don't worry about oxygen, there's a vent here. But it covered tightly with a vent cover so no one can enter through it. And its gap is too small for a mouse to go through. Further explanations will be given after the 1st event."

"Okay, okay, got it" said the foreign boy, who was writing it down, "Continue."

"The 2nd question is, 'Who is this Maho Unmei?' Well he is the mastermind behind this game. That person is ME. So remember that."

"Anything else about you?" asked Kirigiri curiously.

"No, that is invading privacy. Next question: 'Where is this place?' If you listened to my first answer, you would know that this is a white room for the 1st stage of the game."

Alright, I said to myself, move on.

"My 4th question is: 'Why did he kidnap us all?' So you can participate in the game. You were all chosen by lottery to 'join the game unwillingly'."

Very funny, next question please.

"5th question: 'How did those who were dead or asleep in a machine permanently are here and well?' I can't explain it. It is not something you will understand and you'll think it is unbelievable."

"EVERYTHING HERE IS UNBELIEVABLE!" said Monomo, franticly.

"6th question: 'How did he make Monomo from a robot bear to an elementary boy?' Well, it went like this. First, I got the information of the Despair Game involving Naegi and his 15 classmates. Then, I got the data from the Despair Field Trip from the future. After that, I took one of the Monobear's brain chips and edited it with the data I collected. Then, I connected it to a REAL BRAIN of some random deceased boy who recently died from lung cancer; after I took his body from his coffin from his grave after his funeral and burial. After that, I transplanted a new set of lungs to replace the one with cancer. And finally, I simply sent a bit of electricity through body to work again. He was still unconscious, so I left him in the room with you guys. It's impressive, right?"

"…" Everyone else was silent. But I know that everyone, including me, was thinking the same thing. "This is SO WRONG in every direction."

"And the last question is, 'Why is he talking so much?' Well, it just a habit. I like talking a lot."

I can see that VERY clearly after all that explaining.

"So that about it. Now it's about time that you introduce yourselves. Wait, in second thought, I'll do that for you.


Conan Edogawa – Prodigy Level Soccer Detective

Ai Haibara – Prodigy Level Scientist

Ayumi Yoshida – Prodigy Level Social Expert

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya – Prodigy Level Quick Thinker

Genta Kojima – Prodigy Level Fast Eater

Luke Triton – Prodigy Level Apprentice

Pearl Fey – Prodigy Level Strong Medium

Naegi Makoto – Prodigy Level Hope

Kirigiri Kyouko – Prodigy Level Serious Detective

Togami Byakuya – Prodigy Level Heir

Maizono Sayaka – Prodigy Level Idol

Kuwata Leon – Prodigy Level Baseball Player

Fujisaki Chihiro – Prodigy Level Programmer

Oowada Mondo – Prodigy Level Gang Leader

Ishimaru Kiyotaka – Prodigy Level Hall Monitor

Yamada Hifumi – Prodigy Level Doujin Author

Celestia Lundenberg – Prodigy Level Gambler

Oogami Sakura – Prodigy Level Fighter

Asahina Aoi – Prodigy Level Swimmer

Fukawa Touko – Prodigy Level Literary Girl

Hagakure Yasuhiro – Prodigy Level Fortune Teller

Mukuro Ikusaba – Prodigy Level Soldier

Enoshima Junko – Prodigy Level Fashion Girl

Hinata Hajime – Prodigy Level Normal Person

Komaeda Nagito – Prodigy Level Luck Balancer

Nanami Chiaki – Prodigy Level Gamer

Hanamura Teruteru – Prodigy Level Chef

Nise Kopikyatto – Prodigy Level Imposter

Koizumi Mahiru – Prodigy Level Photographer

Pekoyama Peko – Prodigy Level Swordswoman

Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko – Prodigy Level Gangster

Mioda Ibuki – Prodigy Level Light Musician

Saionji Hiyoko – Prodigy Level Traditional Dancer

Tsumiki Mikashi – Prodigy Level Nurse

Nidai Nekomaru – Prodigy Level Coach

Tanaka Gundam – Prodigy Level Animal Breeder

Sonia Nevermind – Prodigy Level Princess

Souda Kazuichi – Prodigy Level Mechanic

Owari Akane – Prodigy Level Gymnast

Monomo – Prodigy Level Executer

"And that ends your introduction!" said Unmei with a happy tone.

"Umm, what is the reason with the 'Prodigy Level Something' after telling each of our names?" asked Haibara.

"Oh, that's your Prodigy Level Title" said Unmei, "Very contestant gets one, based on the person's abilities and personality. Not only you guys get one; but also the other people who will be involved get one too, even me. I got the idea from the Despair Game, which gave the 'Super Duper High School Something' Titles."

"Um…" said a fat boy name Nise, "You do know that my real name isn't Nise. In fact, I don't have a real name."

"I know that! That's what helped make it possible for you to get your PL Imposter title and imposter skills." said Unmei, "But we have to call you something. And not some name you got from someone else. So I made you a name. Nise in Japanese means false. And Kopikyatto in Japanese means copycat."

"So…" asked Conan, "What's YOUR Prodigy Level Title anyway?"

"My Prodigy Level Title?" said Unmei, "Okay, I'll tell you. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Hahahahaha. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA!"

Then, he gave all of us an evil grin and said, "I am Maho UnmeiProdigy Level Despair!"

D… Despair? I was confused from the title. I looked at everyone's faces. The elementary students were confused too. Monomo was pale as a sheet of paper from hearing that, and so were most of the high school students. While one, who was a girl, was completely enraged from it.

Unmei noticed her rage too "Something wrong Junko? You look like someone who had lost in a game of rock-paper-scissors a 100 times in a row to a kid."

Junko then shouted angrily, "That's because Despair is MY TITLE! I am after all Super Duper High School Level Despair! Why is my title taken away by some weirdo like you?"

"WEIRDO, did you call me a weirdo?!" Reacted Unmei angrily, "That's it, no one, and I mean NO ONE can dare call me that! I'll show you what position that ALL OF YOU ARE IN! You'll regret it; ALL OF YOU WILL REGRET IT!"

Then, he typed on a keyboard a bunch of times. And then suddenly, a box on a pole rises with a big red button on it. He pulled out wooden gravel and pressed the button with it. I was engulfed in panic; I sensed something bad was about to happen. Then suddenly, Naegi wobbled. His skin became pale and sweaty. "I… feel… numb…" was what he said before he fell down and lost consciousness.

For a few seconds, we watched silently in shock from what we saw. But it felt like hours before we finally reacted to what happened.

"N-Naegi!" shouted Kirigiri. She was panicing, and so was everyone else.

"Naegi-chi, speak to us!" said a strange – hair styled guy named Hagakure.

"Naegi, please pull yourself together!" said a girl in gym clothes named Asahina.

"What are we going to do…? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?" panicking a girl with glasses named Fukawa.

"Hey! What did you do to him, Unmei?" asked angrily by a boy with glasses named Togami.

"Why don't you all figure it out?" said Unmei, filled with excitement.

Then, I noticed something on Naegi's pants. It was a small dart that seems to have been shot at his pants and inject something in Naegi's leg. I removed it, and everyone else noticed me holding it.

Unmei said, "It's a poison dart, a classic murder weapon. But don't worry, it doesn't cause instant death. It will kill him slowly, and that's my warning; my ONLY warning. But since I am a generous man, I allowed you a way to save him."

Then, the small panel light up. It had a date of the crime and a blank for an eight-lettered word. But above it, there's a timer that is already counting down.

"See that timer, that's how long Naegi got to live. If you enter the right password for the case presented; not only will the door open, but a small hidden compartment will open with the antidote for the poison inside. If you give it to Naegi on time, he will live. But if you fail to give it to him before the timer hit zero, then Naegi is GONE FOR GOOD!"

We were all shocked, and then I asked "Why are you doing this?"

Unmei replied with a smile, "Because it's fun; I was bored, so I did this to entertain myself. After all, watching people fight for their lives to find the truth is fun, very FUN. And the fun is not over yet; after all, this is only the BEGINNING!"

Then he laughed a happy laugh, like one you hear joy but feel angry & fear. And that was where everything began, no, it ALREADY began. The clock of fate already started, and this is isn't over. There was no turn back. This is our first turnabout, our first case, our first mystery, and our first trip to this horrible game of life and death, of trust and betrayal, of hope and despair, of the past and the future, & of justice and truth.


- 0 DEAD -


(You won the trophy, "Gravel of Judgment", for completing the prologue. Please stay tune for the next chapter)


Maho means 'full sail', which refers to him being open to others. Unmei mean 'fate' or 'destiny', which refers that the things involve with him are meant to be or fated.

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