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Chapter 2: Trial in a Night Fantasy (Daily 'Night' VI)

My name is Conan Edogawa.

I am at the central plaza where we were supposed to meet before the firework show.

After some time, the others arrived. But Hagakure couldn't come because he sprained his ankle and had no choice but to remain in Sylvette's house, or so Chihiro explained.

"Okay guys, let's find a good spot to watch the fireworks!" said Ted.

We all soon found a spot to watch near the fountain. As we waited, many people gathered to watch the fireworks as well.

Soon, the fireworks began.

As we watched, Koizumi took pictures; Luke ate food with our other glutinous friends, and Unmei talked to Ted about his interest in fireworks.

When it ended, many of the people left. And as we were about to leave too, Dr. Thunderland Jr. and Mana approached us.

"That show was great, wasn't it?" said Dr. Thunderland Jr.

"You bet!" said Ayumi.

"Say, Conan, is your head feeling better?" asked Mana.

"Yeah," I said as I scratched my head.

"Good, but I think I should check it at the clinic just to be safe."


"Well come along too." said Hinata.

[Day 2]

[Place: Bee Hive – Clinic]

"Alright, it seems everything is okay." said Mana.

"Okay then," I said, "We should head back to Sylvette's place for now."

"I agree." said Nanami.

Sadly, that's when it happened.



"That's odd, did someone launch a late firework?" wondered Dr. Thunderland Jr.

"No… That was no firework," I said.

Then I dashed out of the room, much to everyone's surprise.

"What's wrong?" asked Luke.

"We have to find the origin of the sound, fast!"

"Mioda can help with that!" said Mioda, "With my super-special hearing, I can pinpoint where that bang sound came from. It's… this way!"

We all soon followed her to another part of the Bee Hive.

We soon arrived in front of a door.

"But… that's the achieve room." said Dr. Thunderland Jr.

"Let's go check inside," I said.

"But the achieve room is mostly locked!" said Dr. Thunderland Jr.

But I already tried to turn the handle.

And the door opened.

"…! But why is the door unlocked?" said Dr. Thunderland Jr, confused.

"…Brace yourselves." I said.

Then I opened the door…

The room was a mess…

Books and papers scattered around…


A dead Letter Bee lying at the wall on a pool of blood


Nearly everyone scream from the top of their lungs.

Mana was confused of what's happening, since she can't see (especially a dead body). Some calmer people like Haibara and Kirigiri were simply shocked. Fukawa fainted from the sight. And Unmei smiled in delight.

He then said, "DING-DANG-DONG-DUNG! Attention! Attention! A crime has been committed. A trial shall be held tomorrow at 12:30 pm sharp. By then, please have a defendant, a defender, an inquisitor, and some evidences."

What was the terrible ringing bell imitation for?

Then Monomo murmured, "My PIM-PAM-POM-POM sounds way better…"

Ignoring Monomo's words, Unmei brought out a forensic kit & gave it to Haibara.

He said to her, "Being a PL Scientist, you should be the one to handle this forensic kit. It has plastic bags for evidences, rubber gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, a fingerprint powder (scientifically called aluminum powder) & duster, poison-detecting chemical reagent, and blood-detecting chemical reagent (scientifically called luminal reagent). I also added special glasses for seeing the reactions of the reagents & a special fingerprint-data scanner that identifies the found fingerprints, though it's kind a slow."

"Thanks," said Haibara with interest.

"Well then, good luck… because you'll need it…" he added before leaving.

We were all silent for a moment, but Mana broke that silence by saying, "Um… Can someone tell me what is going on?"

I looked at the dead body one more time, and I said, "A Letter Bee was murdered…"

"WHAT?!" shouted Mana in horror, "Are you serious?"

"He is…" said Dr. Thunderland Jr., who regained his composure, "Seems like someone killed him recently in this very room."

"But… what are we going to do," Mana asked.

I took a deep breath, and then I said, "We need to isolate Yuusari immediately."

I turn to Dr. Thunderland Jr. and said, "I need you to write two letters, one for the Yodaka' Gate and another for Akatsuki's Gate, commanding their gatekeepers to keep the gates closed until the matter is over; don't let anyone, no matter who they are, in nor out. The killer must still be in Yuusaki, so we must cut the exits to prevent him from escaping. Got it?"

"…! You're right," said Dr. Thunderland Jr. with determination. He got some paper and a pencil from Luke and briefly wrote the commands and situation to the gatekeepers.

I got the papers from him and turned to the high school students and said, "Sakura, I need you to deliver this letter to the Signal and Signales. Owari, I need you to deliver the other letter to the gatekeepers of the Akatsuki Gate."

"Got it!" the two girls said before dashing out of the building in high speed.

"Mondo, Nidai, I need the two of you to guard the crime scene. Don't let anyone but us in, got it?"

Nidai complained, "Why are we taking orders from a ki-"


"Y-yes sir!" panicked Nidai as he went to the door.

"Yicks…" said Mondo as he followed Nidai.

"Dr. Thunderland Jr., Mana, and Tsumika, after we are finished with the crime scene, I need you all to perform an autopsy." I said.

"What's an autopsy?" asked Dr. Thunderland Jr.

"It's a report on the conditions of the body; like when he dead, how he dead, was his death fatal, any signs of poison, any signs of external or internal wounds, and anything else."

"So does that mean we will dissect the body!" he said with glee and excitement.

"As much as you want, but after we examine the body ourselves a bit."

"Task accepted!" he said immediately.

"Doctor… you're scaring everyone with your dissection obsession." signed Mana.

I turned to Koizumi and said, "For you, I need you to photograph every part of the crime scene, the body, and even the whole building if you have to."

"Why?" she asked.

"It's because we need them as evidence for the trial. And since you are the only photographer, you are put in charge in crime scene photography."

"But we didn't need to do that for the classroom trials."

"Well this isn't a classroom trial, this is a real trial. And for a real trial, we need those photos."

"But it will take time to develop all those photos."

"Don't worry, you can use this instant camera to produce photos automatically after taking one," said Unmei as he handed her the instant camera.

She took it and said, "Thanks, but… I thought you left."

"I can appear and disappear anywhere, anytime, like a ninja or an assassin, thanks to my teleporter," bragged Unmei.

"Okay then, it is settled," I said. Finally, I turned to everyone else and said, "Okay, the rest of us must find as much evidence as possible. Even if it just a feeling, or it is minor, or it might not appear to be connected to the case; just record and collect it."

"Right!" everyone said.

"We'll help too." said Ted, with Usami behind him, "Unmei didn't have any rules not allowing us to help investigate."

"That's because I don't mind," said Unmei with confidence.

They wore their gloves, prepare their evidence bags & Electro-Diary to collect & record evidence, and braced themselves mentally & emotionally.

"Okay!" I said, "Let's the investigation BEGIN!"


- 2 DEAD -


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