Chase was a super computer, state of the art bionic hero who was; let's face it, a genius. However, the thing about water was that computers broke when they touched it, computers exploded. So it was common sense to Chase, even though it escaped the minds of his family that he would never swim.

Mr Davenport had a swimming pool built into the house when the other one was taken out due to the bank owners coming and taking more or less everything after Mr Davenport got robbed by Douglas.

"Come on, Chase. The water's not even that cold!" Leo shouted from the pool as Chase worked on the computer pad, checking the blueprints for Leo's new invention.

"I'm okay, Leo!"

"Aw, Chase is just scared he won't be able to touch the bottom... of the shallow end" Adam contributed.

"Yep, that's it."

Tasha smiled at him from the sun bed. "If he doesn't want to go in, don't make him."

Donald sighed, "He has to get over his fear some time." All the kids' heads turned to him.

"What fear?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, Mr Davenport, what fear?" Chase asked, giving Davenport a glare that clearly said 'shut up!'

"I was talking to myself... about my friend Bill... Who is... getting over his fear... of... pineapples..." Davenport quickly and awfully lied.

Bree smiled, "Chase has a fear of water?"

Adam got out of the pool, soaking wet, "Chase-y, I'm doing this because we care." Without another word, he covered Chase's mouth and scooped him up in his arms. Chase squirmed and struggled, while Adam ignored the protests of Tasha and Davenport.


Chase panicked.

As soon as he hit the water he struggled to breathe. He was going to die. Someone touched him and he felt Spike start to engage. 'No, please, not now.'

He fought off Spike by thrashing and kicking about in the water. He heard Bree's voice, "Chase, its okay! Calm down!"

She didn't understand. He opened his mouth to try and tell her, but instantaneously had a mouth of pool water, he started gagging and coughing and again, he panicked.

Adam laughed; this was way more fun than Bionic Brother Toss! Then he saw the death glare that Tasha and Davenport gave him and he rolled his eyes. "But he swims so gracefully!"


"Fine..." Adam dived in the pool and swam over to his little brother and pushed him out of the pool, Chase was gasping for air and soaking wet, he coughed before he said anything.

"I did it..."

"No, Chase, I did it. I got you out of the pool!"

"Not that! Spike nearly activated and I stopped him." Chase sighed as he got up. "That was horrible."

Tasha gave him a towel and, much to Chase's dismay, got another towel and started to rub his hair dry. He was scared of water, but he wasn't a child!

"Tasha, I'm okay, really..." He tried to escape but Tasha kept trying to dry him off.

Then he felt, what he could only describe as an electric shock on the back of his neck.

"Uh oh..."