Okay, I am so sorry about my awful upload schedule, my life has been a bit all over at the moment, so I hope you can forgive me. But anyway, today in Photography I decided I got bored of talking about the photos I took to write this.

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It was all a blur from the boat to the shore again, Davenport had figured out that, despite him trying to cover it up, Chase had been Spike for the past few days. Not that Davenport had anything against Spike, but it was a bit suspicious that Chase hadn't been his usual self lately… Was it a glitch on his system? Maybe something wrong with the Commando App itself?

But, despite all of his mumbled thoughts, the one persistent one was that Spike had never shown any emotional attachment to anyone. Let alone him. But desperate times he supposed.

Speaking of desperate times, having a half bionic half Tasmanian devil creature stuck to his middle in the centre of a lake was not his ideal situation, so he started the boat up and got them back to shore. But Spike wasn't letting go.

Now, Davenport would consider himself a fit and healthy man, you'd have to be if you wanted to raise ONE bionic human, let alone three, but that was a long time ago and as small as Chase was, he is a lot bigger now than he was ten years ago… Also, there was the fact he was scared Spike would kill him via hug if he moved too much.

"Spike, buddy? It's okay, we're back on shore, no water or evil fish…"

Spike didn't react at all, keeping his vice grip onto Donald.


He gently wrapped his arms around Spike and awkwardly hugged him back. It seemed to work, because although his face was red with embarrassment, he had stopped shaking.

So, all the things Spike was scared of, water and fish. Great programming, Douglas.

The man from before came over, looking confused as to why his customers were back not ten minutes after they had left, Davenport handed him well over the amount needed, which was enough for the stout man to shrug and leave, while he gently prised Chase/Spike's fingers from around his stomach.

"Right, Cha- Spike, we're going to get out of the boat now, and then we're going back to the car, yeah?"

He nodded, keeping his eyes closed, Donald took his hand and led him out and towards the car, he helped him in and fastened his seatbelt for him. He sighed when Spike said nothing and got into his side of the car and started it.

Time to go home and figure out what happened.