/* Author's Note - I've edited this chapter to flesh out Elsa and add Olaf. After all, he would be around the castle somewhere! */

Anna knew that Elsa would find her. She hadn't entirely done it on purpose, but leaving the ball room and balcony doors cracked open ensured that Elsa would investigate when she did her evening walk through the castle after she was done with her duties for the day. Anna had only been sitting on the railing for half an hour when she saw the door open wider in her peripheral vision. Disappointingly, it wasn't Elsa.

"Hi Anna!" said Olaf's bright and cheerful voice. Anna sighed, she wasn't in the mood for Olaf. Seeming not to notice, Olaf bounced across the balcony and jumped up to sit on the railing. He wiggled his feet back and forth, "So… how's it going?" he asked.

"Not now Olaf," said Anna looking away, "I'm waiting for Elsa."

"Oh," said Olaf sadly. He brightened, "I could wait with you!"

"No thank you," said Anna, trying hard to be polite. She really wanted to be left alone, but Olaf didn't show any signs of leaving. "Why don't you go find Marshmallow?" she suggested.

Olaf jumped down excitedly, "Oooh! That's a great idea! I bet he'd love play with me!"

Anna couldn't help but smile slightly: Olaf reminded her forcibly of herself when she was younger. She watched him skip back through the door and her smile faded, she really hoped Elsa's meeting would be over soon.

The sun had started to set when Anna heard Elsa's voice from the ballroom, "Anna? Are you in here?" Elsa's footsteps echoed as she crossed the room and pushed the balcony door open wide, "What are you doing out here? Is everything alright?"

Anna sighed, "I was hoping you would come out after your advisor meeting. Can we talk?"

Elsa crossed the balcony to stand beside Anna. Her concern for Anna was clearly expressed on her face, "Of course. What's on your mind?"

"It's Kristoff," said Anna. She turned to look out over the castle grounds. The water fountains were still frozen into beautiful statues from earlier in the day. Anna followed the gentle curves of the statues with her eyes, admiring their graceful sweep. Elsa waited patiently without saying anything. Finally, knowing she couldn't continue to delay talking about it, Anna turned back to Elsa and met her eyes, "He's really been getting on my nerves."

"Has he been taking advantage of your clumsiness again?" Elsa teased, trying to lighten the mood.

Anna threw her hands up in exasperation, "It's not funny Elsa!"

Elsa was instantly contrite. She sat on the railing facing Anna and reached out to squeeze her hand, "I'm sorry Anna. What has he been doing?"

"While, there's Sven. Don't get me wrong, he's an incredibly smart and friendly reindeer, but Kristoff can't seem to go two minutes without seeing him. And the sharing carrots that they always do – It's disgusting." Anna pulled her hand away from Elsa, jumped down from the railing and started to pace, "And speaking of disgusting, did I ever tell you what he said when we first met?"

Elsa tried to suppress her smile, "You've told me many things that he's said. Which one?"

Anna pivoted sharply on her heel and stopped pacing, "About guys and nose picking? He said all men do it, and eat it." She threw her hands out to her sides, "I thought he was trying to make a point. Wow was I wrong!" Anna accentuated her words with her hands, "He meant it. He does it. Yuck!" She shivered in revulsion.

Elsa's brow furrowed, "Is that all?" she asked.

Anna looked at Elsa in disbelief, "Is that all? Isn't that enough?" she turned away and walked back to the railing which she clenched in frustration, "But no, that's not all. He's awkward in public, I used to think it was cute, but I love being out among people, and he can't stand it. He never wants to walk through Arendelle, he always wants to go out into the forrest or the mountains to get away from 'the noise'. I feel like we don't have a single thing in common."

Anna was tensed and gripping the railing so hard that her hands were turning white. She jumped when Elsa came up behind her and slipped an arm around her waist. After a stiff moment, she relaxed and leaned on her sister's shoulder. "Have you tried talking to him?" Elsa asked. She took Anna by the shoulders and turned her so they were face to face, "I'm not saying that you shouldn't be bothered by those things, but they really are minor. If they bother you that much, then you need to deal with it with Kristoff. I'm sure he'll listen to you."

Anna turned away again and slumped in defeat, "Or maybe I was just crazy to think that we would get along. Maybe it's Hans all over again and I just don't know Kristoff at all."

Elsa flinched at the mention of Hans, but kept her voice steady when she replied, "Of course you don't know Kristoff that well, you've only known each other for a year now." She nudged Anna and gave her a sidelong look, "You and I still don't know everything about each other and we at least had our early childhood together."

Anna finally smiled, "That's true. Like last week when you came into the gallery and I was talking to Joan. I don't think you saw that one coming, but really, who else was I supposed to talk to for all those years?" They laughed and Anna felt her mood lighten a bit. Then she scowled, "But a year is a long time."

Elsa squeezed Anna's waist and spoke gently, "Not really. Between Kristoff's ice cutting expeditions and your royal training, you haven't spent that much time together. Talk to Kristoff Anna. You have all the time in the world now, and you don't have to choose the first person that you met once the gate was opened. There's no hurry. Make sure that you can work together and be happy."

Anna turned and hugged Elsa tightly, "Thank you Elsa. You're right. I'll talk to him tomorrow."