This one is a tad shorter than the others and switches views towards the end. I hope you all are excited! It's getting close to fluffy stuff!

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I love not getting sleep. Why did he have to text me? Why did I have to respond? I thought he hated me. God. SO. MUCH. PRESSURE. I tossed and turned until about 4 a.m, then slept, and then was rudely awaken to Bebe calling me over… and over… and over… until I answered and had to run down the stairs and into her car.

Hnngh… Hnng… Hnnggggggggh….

Why am I doing this?!

Why am I going with Bebe. To the mall. To help her pick out a dress?

It's so dumb!

I'm so dumb for agreeing to do this!

But I can't say no now… I'm in the fucking car with her!

'Sorry Bebe, drop me off here, I'll walk home. Can't do it today!'

She would slap me for sure.

Do I tell her about Craig and how he texted me? I think she should know…

"Hey Bebe…"

"We're here!" Bebe yelled as she put her car into park. I lurched forward as we came to a stop, lost in my thoughts and ignored. I blinked a few times before unclasping my seat belt. "C'mon, lets go!" Bebe shouted once more. I wrinkled my nose up as I stepped out of the car, making sure to stay a few steps behind her.

Why would she want to be seen near me in public anyways? It's too weird…

"I'm really -nngh- glad I'm not a girl… Sheesh…" I said absent-mindedly as I watched Bebe come out from the dressing room for at least the fiftieth time. Bebe giggled as she brushed the wrinkles on her dress away. "And isn't P-Prom the more important one anyways?" I questioned, my eyes glancing over to the still large pile of un-tried-on dresses.

"Prom is important, this year especially since it's our Senior prom. And I'm a girl, so of course I need to look my best Tweek!" Bebe cooed as she twirled in her dress. Her actions caught my attention and I felt my jaw drop. Although while she stood still, the dress seemed rather flat, but as she spun the bottom flared out giving her a mesmerizing appearance. Once Bebe stopped, she clapped her hands together. "I think this is the one!" She excitedly said, approaching the three-tier mirror again. I sighed, silently thanking the gods that I wouldn't have to be there another minute.

"Red r-really suits you anyways." I chimed in, getting a nod of agreement as a response. I leaned back in my chair, exhaling happily. Letting my eyes close for a moment, I didn't hear her approaching me. With a gentle poke in my shoulder, I was surprised I didn't punch her in the face. "GAAAAAAH." I screamed, quickly throwing my hand over my mouth. Bebe laughed loudly, stepping backwards.

"It's your turn now!" She plainly stated. After calming down, I blinked not once, but five times.

"M-M-M-My turn?"

"Yep. Now get your ass in the changing room."


"Now Tweek."

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. I shakily stood up and made my way into the changing room next to Bebe's. Tuxedo's of all different colors were already placed in the small room and were somehow already pretty close to my size. I mean… It wasn't hard since I was super fucking tiny. Oh god, which one do I put on first?!

"Tweek, just put one on and we can go from there!" Bebe cooed with slight attitude. I gulped, stripping myself of my clothes and fumbling with the nicer ones. After about ten minutes I sighed in frustration. I blinked as I looked at the mirror in the small room. It was a simple black tuxedo with a forest green vest and equally green tie.

"I can't put this tie on…" I hit my head against the wall, biting my bottom lip in frustration.

"Come out, I'll help you out." Bebe said. I inhaled sharply, trying to stable my breathing before exiting my small sanctuary. I unlocked the door and stepped out, expecting a shriek of terror. "Wow… You clean up nicely." I winced in preparation but was surprised when the words weren't more hurtful. After registering what she said, I blinked.

"D-D-Do I?" Bebe giggled and placed her hands on my shoulders, pushing me towards the three-tier mirror.

"You sure do. I think this will be the one you should get." I wasn't watching when walked in front of me and began to tie my mess of a tie. She giggled softly. "I'll have to make sure you have this tied correctly before the dance." She patted the tie down, smoothing out the wrinkles. Taking a step back she put her hands on her hips and whistled. "Lookin' good Tweek!" Bebe cooed, winking at me. I felt my cheeks turn a bright red. She whipped out her phone and began to take a bunch of different photos.

"S-Stop it Bebe…" She laughed louder, patting my shoulder.

"C'mon, get undressed we will pay for these and then get some lunch." I began to make my way towards the changing room before she spoke up. "Oh! What were you trying to ask me earlier in the car?" I froze in my spot. Blinking quickly I slowly turned around.

"Uuh… Well. Last n-n-night… C-Craig messaged me… And he uuh… Asked if I w-was going to g-go to Homecoming." I lowered my head, but not low enough because I saw Bebe's expression change, something was different about it. She smirked quickly before raising her eyebrows in surprise… Something was off.

"He did!? Oh my god that's soooooo weird!" She exclaimed, making sure to seem extra surprised. I felt my hands clench into a fist. I knew this was a bad idea… I knew it… I knew it.

"H-He did… yeah… It was p-pretty weird…" I commented, turning on my heel back towards the door. "W-Well I'm hungry so…" I started to say before closing the door. I shuffled in the room a bit, trying to calm myself down. That's when I heard her perfectly manicured nails typing away quickly on her phone.

I'm overreacting… Why would he care. Why would anyone care?

I placed my hand over my face and exhaled deeply. My body was visibly shaking, thankfully no one could see. I stayed in there for what seemed like hours until a light knock tapped on the door.

"Tweek sweetie? You okay in there?" I opened my eyes, sniffling slightly. Gathering my things I unlocked the door and opened it.

"Y-Yeah, sorry about that!" I flinched, walking past her and to the register. "L-Let's get going, I want some fo-food." She wrinkled her nose, but followed suit.

Once Tweek closed the door, I was on a mission. Quickly scrolling through my contacts, I found the number I was looking for. With fingers faster than lightening, I sent photo after photo to the contact named "RR". It didn't take him long to respond, eagerness in his texts.

'he looks good' I rolled my eyes.

'Of course he does. I'm here with him you fucker."

'make sure he dosnt figr out tha pln.' Another eye roll.

'He's suspicious of something, but I think we will be okay.'

'i'm countin on u bebez.'

'Don't worry, it'll work out.'

I played with my phone for a bit, shooting Wendy and Kenny a text in order to pass the time. After twenty minutes passed, I grew worried and knocked on the door. "Tweek sweetie? You okay in there?" I asked, hearing a few sniffles. My nose wrinkled up, he was upset… I needed to turn this day around and fast! He brushed past me towards the register, ready to get out of the building.

If plan A backfired I had a few more ideas up my sleeves.